Trey Gowdy sent Nancy Pelosi running for her life with this reality check

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are desperate.

The impeachment witch hunt is backfiring and Pelosi just made things worse.

And now Trey Gowdy sent Nancy Pelosi running for her life with this reality check.

Nancy Pelosi is withholding the articles of impeachment from the Senate to prevent the start of a trial in a last ditch effort to pressure Senate Republicans to allow the Democrats to run the trial by dictating the witness list.

But in an interview on Fox News, Gowdy revealed Pelosi’s true motives for this maneuver.

Gowdy explained that Pelosi knew the outcome of a Senate trial wasn’t in doubt – a bipartisan majority will exonerate the President – but that Pelosi wanted to put pressure on swing state Republicans running for re-election in 2020.

Fox News reports:

Gowdy also commented on the impeachment trial and the argument for a fair trial, saying for the most part Democrats have made up their minds on how they will vote.

“I can think of maybe six, maybe six that a full-blown trial with witnesses and exhibits might move one way or the other,” Gowdy said. “But the other 94 there are going to vote the same way, whether the trials today or whether it’s a year from now.”

The former congressman also criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi holding onto the articles of impeachment and theorized it was an effort to hurt a group of Republican senators.

“This is about putting a handful of Republican senators in tight spots in November, Cory Gardner and Thom Tillis and Susan Collins and Martha McSally. Put them in tight spots, make them cast difficult votes,” he said.

But Pelosi’s strategy will backfire.

Polls show impeachment is less popular in swing states than in American overall.

Republicans running in purple states are more than safe voting with the President and against Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s partisan witch hunt.

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140 Responses

  1. Buck Merrimac says:

    ALL politicians are lazy, lying, thievei

    ng bottom feeders.

  2. Judi says:

    They the opportunity and do then, so now you are out of luck & time.

  3. Don Juan says:

    All I can say is vote these scumbag Democrats out of office in November so we can start bringing harmony and normalcy back to our country. You good people must realize if the Democrats win the house and Senate in November, but Trump wins his second term as president, nothing will ever get done for the American people for the next four years. I mean nothing. I say it again, nothing will get done. Is this what you want? Please don’t let it happen. Our livelihood depends upon the way you vote in November.

  4. thomas robinson says:

    The last(and only time) I would have voted for a democrook, was in 1963, But he was assassinated the day before I turned 18, and eligible to vote. they’ve been going downhill ever since. CAN”T TRUST A DAMNED ONE OF THEM.!

  5. Sue Rich says:

    They’ve had years to call their witnesses but they held off, hoping the ‘supposed’ witnesses would, by some miracle, convict Trump of something he didn’t do. We’re onto you, Dems.

  6. Lebo says:

    The demoncraps need to take their whinny sniveling asses home before the purge begins.

  7. douglas smith says:

    no need. I will pray for Nancy everyday! I do not hate anyone I am a Catholic. lol

  8. JCF says:

    And, it was not Trump who dodged the draft.
    If you remember correctly, it was Bill Clinton who fled the country, to avoid the draft.
    Once the war was over, he returned to his home state.

  9. R M says:

    I would care less if I picked up the morning newspaper and read that some drunk/drugged illegal alien driver ran over Nancy Pelosi like ordinary road kill….

  10. William Rook says:

    As I’m not right in the field, so to speak, I use a source that comes to my computer every day. When democrat are ahead, I am told. when Republicans are ahead. Those I follow my heart and mind. Don’t listen to this media where there are questionable characters. NONE of your mainstream media can be trusted by me. I watch, I read, I think, I put together what I believe. I AM a registered voter, Republican for personal reasons. Party is just a name, at least to me. The PEOPLE in the party are who I watch. Even when Trump was running, I watched him hard too. I figured he was the right choice In my lifetime I don’t remember a President who ever kept the promises on Campaign Trail. President Trump was the first. Other Presidents would fulfill a couple, for re-election it was always the same: I didn’t have time to keep all but re-elect me and I will finish”, but they don’t!. That would be my advice. Instead of party look at people. The people are the ones you are supposed to elect. If you don’t like either, vote for who would be most likely. When you don’t vote, you ARE voting for whoever gets in. If they don’t do a good, you threw away your right to complain. Let that sink in y’all

  11. Emma says:

    Oh,but you have no problem with CNN ?

  12. ship says:

    She will be “Chancellor of Northern Ireland university”.
    Go figure.

  13. Uncle Hoppy says:

    TOM, you’re a LIAR. You know damn well that the unemployment did not drop before Trump took office. The unemployment dropped after Trump rolled back all the job killing EPA regulations for climate change.
    Obama was the corporate welfare president. He gave out more money to cronny businesses with his stimulus package (in exchange for special favors) than any other president in history.
    Not to mention Obama put more people on food stamps than any other president.
    Obama was trying to out do Carter for being the worst president in American history.

  14. RMS says:

    Much like CNN, ABC, MSNBC and the rest of fake news, get a clue.

  15. Patsy Autry says:

    You are close David, but I saw the real reason Nancy Bell is holding everything up. She wants to DAMAGE the Republicans running for office in 2020. She is a bitter witch. They have done HUGE damage to the Democrat Party. Their goal is to damage Trump’s re-election. The public’s money they have spent would have finished the wall or cleaned up California. They have been so against Trump’s policies, theirs are terrible. They have no regard for their voters, and they will lose everything they sponsor. Is a joke when hypocrite Nancy claims there is damage to the country, to our Constitution. She & her co-workers want to get rid of our Constitution, and the Electoral Vote !!! Nothing GOOD ever for Americans. She is a true witch traitor, should be impeached, as well as Schiff, and all the Democrats contributing to the “Fake Impeachment” She has run the show, by her rules all the way. The END IS NEAR for all of them…THE SHOW IS OVER !!!

  16. TOM says:

    Thanks for showing me how brainwashed you are.
    William only stated word for word everything he heard on Fake Fox News.
    When you believe every lie that’s told from the radical right you’re brainwashed.
    When you think for a fraction of a second that a moron draft doing coward cares anything about any veteran or service members willing to defend America you’re brainwashed.
    When you think for a fraction of a second that the economy and unemployment numbers just magically got better even before he took the oath of office you’re brainwashed.
    If you deny the fact that under Obama the stock market went up by 166% you’re brainwashed.
    If you deny the fact that under Obama unemployment numbers dropped 6.7% you’re brainwashed.
    You hate Democrats I get it I understand, I hate RETARDicans just as much actually I hate RETARDicans more then you can imagine, but I’ll gladly admit the economy is still growing under Trumpzilla that’s great for some of us mostly the rich and corporate America, but I can see a draft dodging coward when I see one, I can tell when he flat out lies everyday, I hate when you brainwashed idiots think he didn’t inherit a great economy from Obama, when it all comes crashing down just like it did under Reagen, again under Bush Sr. Bush jr. as it will from trumpzilla’s reckless spending and free money to the filthy rich AKA TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH ONLY AKA SOC—;IAL—ISM who are you going to blame.
    Clinton grew us out of the Reagen/ Bush recessions that’s a fact.
    Obama grew us out of Bush jr. recession that’s a fact.
    The fact is how much longer can Trumpzilla ride on Obama’s coat tails before he destroy’s the economy, and will you be willing to blame him or will that also be Clinton Obama’s fault like you always do, blame the wrong people for the mistakes your party creates.
    Why is it when Greg gave true facts you’re blind.

  17. Eileen Trent says:



    Is that what they’re calling Gitmo, now?!!

    That’s the only place the ‘Queen of Darkness’ is going…..and then the way of McCain…..

    Do they execute females 4 treason???

    Oh, well!! Off with her head!!!

  18. Dave says:

    Greg, you must live in a shell. Everything Williams said is true. You don’t need to take his word, just do a little research, and you would be much smarter for it

  19. CALEDONIA says:


  20. Jimmie Chesser says:


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