Trey Gowdy said something unbelievable about the Deep State

Trump supporters are seething about the Deep State’s cover up of the FBI’s crimes against Donald Trump.

Under former Director James Comey, the FBI deployed spies, obtained FISA warrants and launched an investigation based on fake news.

But Trey Gowdy had something unbelievable to say about efforts to hold the Deep State accountable.

Republicans in Congress are fed up with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein stonewalling their investigation into the FBI’s wrongdoing during the 2016 campaign.

But Trey Gowdy threw cold water on those efforts by saying he would oppose impeaching Rosenstein.

The Daily Caller reports:

“No. For what? Impeach him for what?” Gowdy told Margaret Brennan on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “No.”

“I’m not convinced there is a movement,” Gowdy said, referring to a report from Politico that Reps. Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, and others are preparing impeachment documents to oust the deputy attorney general.

Rosenstein has been the focus of intense criticism by Republicans frustrated by his handling of both the Russia investigation and his reluctance to turn over information related to FBI agent bias against President Trump, and Gowdy has also been a critic.

“I’ve had my differences with Rod Rosenstein,” the South Carolina congressman said. “I talk to him quite often privately, which again is a lot more constructive than the public hearings we have.”

Gowdy stated that if Rosenstein should be removed then Trump should fire him.

But Trump can’t fire Rosenstein.

Congress would move to impeach him since Rosenstein is overseeing the Mueller investigation.

The only recourse to hold Rosenstein accountable is impeachment.


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141 Responses

  1. Stan Lee says:

    Trey Gowdy did advise the federal government and all citizens interested in Gowdy’s future, that he will not run for reelection, and will return to his home in So. Carolina to be a private citizen anf family man. If anyone has heard of him running for reelection, please inform all of us who believed he would decline running for congressional relection.

    • brenda says:


      • Cindy says:

        Absolutely! The Lord God will NOT ALLOW corruption in office again! He will stop them , He is revealing all corruption & He’s cleaning house! Thank You Holy Father! Hallelujah

  2. zee says:

    Gowdy at this Point, IS ‘struggling’ Between
    Walking 2 Lines. Public/Personal. &
    Difficult at best.

    • Angelica says:

      Don’t know what his problem is…maybe the deep state has something on him. But even at that he should stand up for what is RIGHT not defend the evil!!!

  3. Original Anna says:

    Well, I don’t get Gowdy. If President Trump hired Rosenstein why can’t wait, I mean why cannot Rosenstein be fired by President Trump. I have read so many articles on the internet that have connected nefarious activities by Rosenstein, Mueller , Comey and another person in high places working together for Hillary and Clinton through the years at various times and doing questionable activity against Tea Party, non establishment republicans, etc. These guys may be registered as Republicans but they sure do not act like Republicans, they have a history of working together acting like Democrats. Since when Can Rosenstein and Sessions and Comey cannot be fired by President Trump. Somebody explain this for us all.

    • Ron says:

      Trump did NOT hire Rosenstein. He is an Obama holdover.

      • Rodger Shull says:

        well and obama hold over, that explanes his traitorous behavior, why was he left in place after 1-20-17. ?? and he and ZOMBIE mueller are probably sleeping together , so that explanes why he selected the ZOMBIE to head up the investigation/WITCH HUNT.

      • Rose says:

        He has gotten rid of Obama holdovers before so that cannot be why President Trump cannot get rid of him!This is Trumps administration, but maybe he cannot fire him for another reason,does anyone else know why he cannot?

    • Doris says:

      Gowdy said that there isn’t any evidence that would support impeaching Rosenstein. But The President can fire anyone he hired without explanation to any one. He could actually fire Mueller too, but it would be political suicide to do that.

    • Don says:

      dems will have base for impeachment , wake up

      • Rose says:

        No they would not have a bases for impeachment if President fires someone and they do not agree, they would have gotten rid of Trump by now if they actually could. They can try but it won’t work.

    • Dave says:

      His departure will be a great loss for conservatism in America. His experience as a federal prosecutor has made him tenacious when it comes to getting after wrongdoers!

  4. Van says:

    Trey Gowdy needs to get his butt in gear and hold these Democrat and Rhino devils accountable or he too is going to feel the wrath of “We The People”. come Election Day.

    • Rose says:

      All Gowdy can do in congress is investigate, he can suggest but has no power to bring anyone to justice. Maybe that is part of the reason he wants to leave. It probably is very frustrating for him because of that.

  5. MJ says:


  6. jerry bishop says:

    Don’t think Trey has been bought !! More like threatened!! There you have to make your choices !!Not too sure how much protection he could get !!?? with the FBI, and all!!

    • bruno says:

      Rosenstein needs to be impeached. Then he needs to be arrested, indicted and tried for treason and then hung in public for his misdeeds. Thats exactly what that smug, smarmy asshole needs

  7. Hal Lemoyne says:


    george soros and his obamaian deep state has finally corrupt trey gowdy’s TRUMP support

    trey gowdy has finally allowed himself to be politically bought

    I wonder what his met price was??

    this is my TRUMPing Truth!!!

  8. N says:

    Gowdy has always been deep state!!! Remember, he always talked a good game but accomplished nothing!!!!! Check his track record and see for yourself. Benghazi, Hillary, Deep state, need I go on!!!!! Wake up patriots! And anybody recommended by Ryan should not be speaker of the house!

    • David Taylor says:

      N — – I don’t agree with you that he has accomplished nothing. I will, however, admit that he has said “strange” things several times. During the 2016 GOP primaries, Trey enthusiastically endorsed Marco Rubio and praised his action as a member of the “eight”. He did not seem enthusiastic about going after Hildebeast for her various criminal activities. He praised – first – Comey and then Mueller for “following proper procedures” and applying “acceptable” investigative techniques. Now, he poo-poos taking action against Rosenstein. I cannot claim he has always been deep state, BUT I am finding it harder and harder to maintain confidence and trust in him. Perhaps his establishment GOP support is catching up to him. You know the syndrome! Talk tough, declare devotion to the Constitution, then do the opposite.

      • David Taylor says:

        N – – – by the way, I completely agree with your assessment concerning Ryan. I am of the opinion that ANYONE Ryan and the other RINOs endorse has got to be a bird-of-the-feather.
        Actually, THAT is the reason I have strong reservations concerning the nomination of Kevanaugh for SCOTUS. McConnell just absolutely bubbles with cheer and enthusiasm over that as do ALL of the establishment GOPers. None of them showed that much delight over the nomination and confirmation of Gorsuch, and THAT really bothers me.

  9. Shadow of the Moon says:

    Why is Gowdy talking privately with Rosenstein? What does he hope to accomplish? Another cover-up?

  10. Pete Dosado says:

    Nobody is perfect and Trey Gowdy is definitely not perfect! He is wrong on this point about Rosenstein because this fellow was responsible for appointing Mueller(that Mueller that Trump rejected for FBI Director) to the Special Counsel! Fortunately, Gowdy has one lone vote and cannot block all the other Conservatives that want Rosenstein gone!

  11. Carlos says:

    Gowdy’s all bark and no bite and this latest betrayal illustrates why he needs to retire. Trey’s the House version of useless, do nothing Jug Ears Jeffy Sessions.

  12. Proud vet says:

    Are used to have respect for Mr. Gowdy but I do not anymore. Even in idiot knows that the agencies report to Congress ,And Congress has the right to demand anything they want from these agencies as they work for Congress which works for the American people as representative of the people. The only time people refuse to give evidence if they are obstructing justice and are guilty of much much skin that will incriminate him possibly to the electric chair.

  13. Ron says:

    Gowdy has pretty well shot his credibility. However, impeachment of Rosenstein is a red herring! Even if the House did bring forth articles of impeachment there is no way the current Demorat and Rino controlled Senate would ever vote to remove the jerk!

    • Carlos says:

      But it would force them to expose themselves as the establishment toadies they truly are! Look how fast the House Dems pu$$ied out when forced to vote for the bill to dismantle ICE.

    • Diane says:

      Gowdy may not be the only one facing impeachment! Support for Donald Trump’s impeachment is higher than his approval rating, poll indicates

      • Jhn says:

        Why don’t you take a long walk on a short pier Diane? Your ignorance is nauseating , and your inability to understand what is fact from what is fiction is beyond words. Trump is the best thing that happened to this country since Reagan. Since then we had a incompetent Clinton who couldn’t keep his pants on around young women, (Look up LOLITA EXPRESS), and a lying muslim who hates America and wants to destroy our country. Then there is you spewing your idiocy.

        • Joann says:

          I totally agree with your statements on your post.

        • Diane says:

          I think I’d be careful with “Clinton who couldn’t keep his pants on “ when your hero has 16 women who have accused him of sexual assault, has cheated on all 3 wives and has had sex with multiple adult “movie” stars. Your guy is a disgusting pervert! Speaking of….Reagan wasn’t anything to speak about either. He ruined the middle class but probably did have a higher IQ than the current moron residing there (but not by much. He wasn’t very bright either.) which bring us back to you! Very low IQ. Obviously you need to turn off Faux AlmostNews……your ignorance is showing! Hahahahaha

      • Joann says:

        Impeachment does not happen because of approval or non-approval ratings. There must be proof of wrongdoing. Just because you don’t like Trump does not mean impeachment will happen.
        Besides that, how do you know that poll is legitimate? Newsweek is one of the MSM fake news media!

        • Diane says:

          So you’ve fallen for the “Fake News” mantra that 45 spouts everytime he doesn’t like news that’s critical of him? Doesn’t surprise me one bit. Cult members just swallow the garbage and don’t even question it. What’s it like to live on fantasy island? Sad.

          • Diane says:

            Hey, what happened to MAGA????? Hahahaha! Trump flags and hats made in China are reportedly being held up at customs as trade war heats up via @businessinsider

          • Rose says:

            The MSM has been terrible for many, many ,many years. I stopped watching it years ago. They have not been reporting the real news for a very long time.

      • Mary says:

        Diane your 1st comment. Nothing was said about Trey Gowdy being impeached. You can’t even understand what actually is being discussed.

    • David Taylor says:

      Trey Gowdy announced last year he is retiring. Far as I am concerned, the first blemish on his credibility was his enthusiastic endorsement of Marco Rubio and the Gang of Eight during the 2016 GOP primaries. The next blemish was when he refused to go after Hildebeast. The next was when he supported Comey and then Mueller. The final straw is his recent defense of Rosenstein.
      I don’t know enough about law procedures to comment on impeaching Rosenstein, BUT he CAN be found in contempt of Congress for “failure to comply” and THAT can lead to his being FIRED by Sessions. I know, I know – Sessions won’t do it unless he is threatened to be fired by POTUS.

    • Gary says:

      I have a lot of faith in Gowdy as a man who has a deep respect for the law and don’t see him as being bought nor worried. I think he finds it problematic when people he sits with have no respect for the law or whats right and try to play their own agenda at the expense of this country,

  14. Marlene says:

    Just when I think Trey Gowdy is a honest and upright person he pulls another stunt like this. What are you afraid of???? There is proof enough that Rosenstein is guilty of going against the constitution now grow a pair and impeach him. Or is there a reason for you acting like a demonazi.

    • MSPS says:

      As much as I have admired Gowdy he is beginning to act like a man who is conflicted. The Bible tells us that a double minded man is unstable in all of his ways and Gowdy certainly appears to be double minded. He is beginning to reveal his underside or leanings to the left. Having close frequent conversations with Rosenstein certainly signals there is something suspicious about his leanings.
      Gowdy has perpetuated the image of a prosecutor with a flaming sword of justice for the righteous. At times he portrays an almost naive view of the FBI and Justice system which is nearly indefensible given what has been unmasked to date, particularly after the Benghazi investigation and killary’s corrupt acts.
      It is very difficult for a man who appears to be a sword for justice, an avid prosecutor and avenging angel for those who dare violate the law he finds so precious, to remain a staunch advocate of institutions and people who are so corrupt! I hate to proffer this opinion about Gowdy, I really do and I hope I am wrong, but as time passes it is evident that Trey Gowdy is indeed a double minded man who never intended to hold true to the blindfolded lady he so admires!

    • Jhn says:

      Whoever put that piece up should be forced to put up the WHOLE conversation. Goudy clarified what he said and he was right. There are not enough senators who would even allow an impeachment hearing but he went on that we must get to the facts surrounding the case and dig the truth up. Then there could be prosecutions for criminal acts. I believe Goudy is waiting to put an end to all the BS and he does not want to show his hand.

  15. Kara Wright says:

    If we do not get rid of the Deep State then this country will never move forward. There are many bad players in the whole mess and as the voters gave our votes to President Trump then he needs to call everything out and over with at this time. We the taxpayers have been paying the bills for all these people wasting time and going no where. We made 2017 the time for change so quit making excuses for not doing what will give this President his job to do. The DEMS are only there to obstruct and their vote mean nothing. How can people support the DEMS when they got votes to do the peoples work. This country is changing with what President Trump has put on the table thus far. But time is up and other nations are looking at us as the Country that will let one party(the DEMS) do nothing just in case they take the Mid Terms and since their are MORE RNC voters that is never going to happen. We as a party who should move forward and let Chuck, Nancy, Maxine and Kamala make their trouble and waste their voters votes. They let Hillary drive them into the ground and just can’t accept it. Lets hope we can give them another disappoint and this time the meltdowns will be much worst for their health. I for one look to God to guide our President and our party to Make This Country Good Again. If we don’t ask it want come. Gol Bless Us All.

  16. Diana says:

    Time to convict all these TREASONOUS PPL!! They are all deep in the sewer, at the very bottom!! They need to scrape the sewer rats off the bottom of the s###!! They all need to be in prison for TREASON along withbozo, killery, comey, rosenstein, clapper, Brennan, Lynch, bill, mueller, fisa judges, demonRATS, wasserman, Lerner, Michelle, McCain and all the other sewer rats who are committing TREASON every day of their lives!! The deep state is controlling msm, they all should have their licenses revoked because all they do is spew lies out of their slimy mouths!!

  17. Oh, I forgot they all have to becareful because of the Clinton crime family.

  18. We are tired of them protecting someone or more. The paperwork that has been withheld is the cover up. I’m sorry but Obama and Hillary are both involved up to their eye rows, and they both will do anything to stay out of this spotlight. Crying out loud the 2 of them sold the guns to the terrorists in Benghazi, and then wouldn’t help our Ambassador and the other that were there. the both already belong in prison.

  19. thoughtful one says:

    I had a hard time picking “yes” or “no” for the survey, because any attempt to mess with Rosenstein, a person picked by the Trump people, a Republican, would definitely turn independents and some Republicans into impeachment against Trump. Gowdy is correct about that – – many Republicans would side with impeaching and removing Trump. If you have been watching carefully, it has been set up so that firing of Mueller or Rosenstein will not stop this investigation – – most of the Mueller team are in the status of carrying on without Mueller as head. Mueller has also farmed out some of the charges to state AGs, which means Trump’s power to pardon does not apply to the states – – only for federal crimes. Let the investigation play out, or Dems will always just go claim “conspiracy” and have political fuel for several elections.

  20. Craig Murphy says:

    I agree to some extent with Gowdy and disagree with the conclusion that firing Rosenstein would lead to impeachment of the President. Gowdy is trying to do things behind the scenes that public displays won’t get done. Congress won’t impeach Trump over Rosenstein and the impeachment of Rosenstein will fail. I think Trump will fire him after the elections. At this juncture, with the air slowly leaking out of the Democrats’ balloon, why give them any fuel.

    • Mary says:

      Very good comment. You make a lot of sense!

    • Bob L says:

      Rosenstein is a F’n scum bag and Comey and Brennan and Mcabe and , and AND!!!!! They need to pay for their crimes

    • Bob Hunt says:

      I like what you’re saying Craig but I believe Rosenstein is by far the biggest agitator against the President, even worse that Clapper and that bunch and I would like to see him fade away!

    • brenda says:

      COMEY DID A COVER-UP FOUND IN IG REPORT AND ON WEINERS LAPTOP of hillarys CHILD CRIMINAL CRIMES and a long list of names of Washington government officials names involved with these child crimes and child traffcing, clear COMEY ‘S NAME WAS ONE OF THEM along with john mccain clapper,brennan eric holder rosenstein mueller, COMEY USED THE RUSSIANS TO COVER-UP THESE CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN



    • PatrioTEA says:

      Sure hope that you are correct about after the election. But,will Trump survive the remaining time, and will he get reelected? Lots of time for drastic Deep State Action to occur. Unless there is slack rope, we need to hang them ASAP.

    • C L Regini says:

      Our great Prez shld have replaced
      JEFF Sessions and replaced him
      with Rudy Giuliani! Then Rudy can replace/fire who the hell he
      wants including ending movie star
      Mueller & end this horrible movie
      and stop all our taxpayer $$’s!!

  21. Gail Davis says:

    Jug: I am getting to believe you are right. I am losing respect each day on Trey Gowdy.

    • Junius says:

      Trey Gowdy is from my state, and I supported him for a long time. I do not trust him anymore. We have a very Great Talk Radio Station in this area, during Trey’s last election cycle, they invited Trey to answer some questions about his standings. He refused to come on the Station and discuss the issues.
      The Station is WYRD 106.3 in the Greenville, SC area.

    • Judy Stavropoulos says:


  22. R.S. Helms says:

    Mr Gowdy missed the cause of impeachment … one of which is when he said he oversees Mueller, which he has testified he has not, yet chose him for the investigation as a subordinate giving him unrestrained powers which is against the constitution … and has not supervised Mueller in exercising those powers.

  23. Michael says:

    I have said many times Rosenstien who signed the FISA warrents is covering his own ass…And Gowdy is giving him a pass….”Corruption” at its finest”

  24. James Evans says:

    Trey Gowdy, what in hell is wrong with you? Rosenstein has lied to you, denied, deceived, deflected, and done everything else in his power to stonewall the production of documents to your own committee!!! Don’t you think he should be held accountable for that and told to produce the documents or get the hell out of the way? As a Congressman from my state I am very disappointed in you. I and millions like me think it is long past time that some charges are filed and people are put in handcuffs.

  25. Cheh Low says:

    This guy Trey Gowdy keeps talking tough. Mr Gowdy do you know that all talks and no action make Jack a dull boy?

    • KJHanover says:

      that’s right. He rants and raves and talks a good game, like he’s for the people. But I have YET to see him take any action against one of these corrupt criminals!

  26. Joyce says:

    Trey Gowdy, you are displaying your treason for all to see by trying to persuade We the People that blocking investigation of a crime and obstructing JUSTICE is not a crime. Hang up your efforts to prevent Sessions, Rosenstein, Mueller and Wray from being held accountable for the obvious and still ongoing breaking the law to cover up; their crimes. We the People rest our case on the fact that you traitors were gleeful with the prospect of trying to impeach President Trump on interfering with investigation of President Trump in firing James Comey – another one of your fellow traitors.

  27. Joyce says:

    Trey Gowdy’s flip comment is classic proof positive that he is a deep state establishment traitor, still working to destroy this nation from within. He makes this statement hoping to persuade We the People that obstructing congressional investigation and obstructing JUSTICE is not a crime. Do not believe this liar, as he is still working to prevent any of the traitors working from within to destroy this nation, being prosecuted for anything whatever, because they all are mortally terrified of the domino effect it would trigger and destroy the new world order they have been working for while accepting a salary paid by taxes from We the People. This traitor knows exactly what he is and has been doing in working against this nation and now Trump! Not because they hate him – but they know that he is an outsider and not working to destroy the USA, but to MAGA, which means the end of the new world order and all the criminally insane elitists behind it.

  28. Trish says:

    Trey, what does he do for you? You did well at Strozk’s open display of “ha ha” aimed at us the American people and President Trump. Who can be trusted in government? Our President is a human being! Support him!!

  29. marco says:

    fire both Session and Rosenstein,,,,,,,

    • Angelica says:

      Again, Gowdy has shown his true colors! Talks in private, huh? What about? “The grandchildren”??? Yeah, right! You know as well as anyone that ALL involved should be FIRED! You have really disappointed me and a whole lot of others Mr. Gowdy!!!

    • Bob Hunt says:

      There’s an idea whose time has come Marco!

    • C L Regini says:

      Yep!! Fire or replace Sessions
      with a strong leader and you’ll
      automatically get “Rosie” and
      all the others????

  30. Susan Dix says:

    How can you be investigating someone one minute, and talking in private with him the next?
    Can a prosecuting attorney be bffs with the defendant? Is everyone in bed with the deep
    state? Extremely disappointing, Mr. Gowdy! I wonder if he holds private conversations with
    Mr. Strzok? Why even bother with this “entertainment” because we all know nobody will go
    to prison. You just told on yourself. This is one big show. Our country is doomed. No wonder
    they are all smirking and wiggling in their seats.

    • john dobbs says:

      Susan Dix, I am in agreement with you! Our Country IS doomed* I think our nation has been infiltrated with so many Muslims for so long, they have indoctrinated our younger generation to feel Shari Law is the way to go! So, I don’t see anyway to pull back the reigns now! Of course us True Americans will fight to our death, but the Muslims don’t mind cutting our heads off after we run out of food and ammo!!

  31. H Gene Lawrence says:

    We, the American citizens are the ones who need and can drain the Swamp. Go vote out the corrupt and lazy idiots on both sides of the aisle.

  32. jerry says:

    Congress hasn’t done their job in quite a few years. Why should they step up to the plate now. Trump has exposed our corrupt government on both sides of the aisle, and need I say the career politicians don’t like it. They are fighting for their corrupt little lives and hate the fact they are all being exposed. They want to make sure we never have another non-politician run for President, as they can make life very miserable for not only the President but for the American people that being sacrificed to achieve this.

  33. B Taylor says:

    Our country is sinking into anarchy and it is caused by the liberal, progressive , Bolsheviks who call their selves the Democratic party. If any group is familiar with treason it is the Democratic party. If, they want a full blown civil war just try impeachment of the President. And we also have the backstabbers such as Flake and McCain. McCain is not a hero. Like me he is a Vietnam vet who did his duty , no more, no less. I spent a year in the Boonies, while he dropped bombs.

  34. OlCrustyVet says:

    Rosenstein MUST go and MUST go NOW..

  35. catherine says:

    roenstein is NOT honorable and I have my doubts about trey.

  36. Lee Cross says:

    President needs our continued support against the destructive campaign of the democrats and even some RINOs. President trump should have all the FBI investigative documents declassified and then studies by Whitehouse-appointed lawyers.

    • thoughtful one says:

      Are you sure you would want those documents declassified? I mean the Trump lawyers declassified and released the Cohen conversation with Trump (It was ruled privileged and the prosecution could not see it) until Trump lawyers released that again Trump LIED about another affair during his marriage and now they have EVIDENCE of Trump’s own words of an illegal payoff. You declassify those documents and you open them up for everyone – – news media and our enemies to use as they wish. Some may not like this, but two groups no president wants to mess with: the Intelligence Community and the Press. When Nixon did, they worked until he was GONE.

  37. Jack says:

    Trey Gowdy seems to have mood swings….

  38. bagster53 says:

    who cares anymore , listening to congress is like watching the view , a waste of time , like orca windbag all thewy do ius run their mouths and no one ever gets held accountable , i can name a dozen people who should be sitting behind bars right now , instead they are free to continue their criminal activities

    • PtbaS says:

      You’re right bagster53 . I’m almost back to the hopeless feeling I had when Obama was president. I have a serious question I want someone to answer please. Why is everyone wanting to “Impeach” everybody when impeachment never amounts to anything. Why can these guys just be fired ? Just fire all the guys who are committing treason (most if not all of the people mentioned on here). The President should have the power to fire these people because they all report to him ultimately. Get them out of the way by firing them so President Trump can continue improving the country without them in the way. There is justification for their firing. Impeachment does nothing.

  39. Pat says:

    45 needs to be impeached.

  40. chaz zelch says:

    time to flush Obama down the toilet – thanks Trey

  41. The wolves won’t eat their own!!! The deep state is so entrenched in our political system, it is being witnessed by all of us who care to see it. President Trump has a monumental job ahead of him to “drain the swamp”!!! I for one will stand behind President Trump the whole way in hopes of seeing his promises to the American people come to fruition!!!

  42. Bob says:

    Mr. Gowdy, like most others in Congress, likes to pontificate about President Trump and what he should do while ignoring the lack of response by the FBI regarding subpoenaed documents. Congress and Mr. Gowdy need to do their job and impose the appropriate action on FBI members who fail to respond to subpoenas or stop talking about it: i.e., Congress – DO YOUR JOB.

  43. GERARD HARKIN says:


    • Herb Hackbarth says:

      My Suggestion: Since the investigation no longer is about
      Russian /Trump collusion, Sessions should unrecuse himself.
      Then he can fire Rosenstein and Mueller to close the entire
      witch hunt.
      If Sessions refuses, then Trump should fire him, and appoint
      someone else.
      Any Comments ???

      • thoughtful one says:

        Herb, #1. it is still about collusion, and while little is coming out about that is going on inside, we see signs it has Trump people who have already plead guilty and are testifying on collusion with the Trump campaign, possibly Trump included. #2. Sessions will NOT recuse himself, he wants OUT of it to protect himself. #3. Any firing of Rosenstein or Mueller will lead to more obstruction of justice charges. #4. Trump cannot fire Sessions or he would by now. Sessions has too many friends in the Senate and a few would side with Sessions, giving the Dems a major victory.

        • John Hickman says:

          It not about collusion he been getting them on other things way before 2016 to try to get them to say they did it is a witch hunt but unless somebody take a bat an beat you to know the truth you believe Hillary lies. Mucllucer carry th urnamin over to Russia an he shouldn’t be head of this witch hunt investigation of him being a witness dumbass

      • Gary says:

        Sounds good to me. I don’t understand why we hear nothing from Sessions on the matter, or why people who have been fired and hired by the media still have security clearances,

  44. Carrol Mooney says:

    Get out of the way Mr. Gouda. The people want creep Ronenstein impeached. He is another person filled with demons

  45. Pete Dosado says:

    Trey Gowdy is a good guy who enjoys investigating and he is very good at it, but he lacks something required of a Good Attorney General: The will to pull the trigger and indict and bring criminals to trial for their misdeeds! So goodbye Trey Gowdy and enjoy your future pursuits!

    • James Johnson says:

      You said it Pete! i’ve always liked Gowdy, but it’s time for Rosenstein to feel the Heat!!!

      • Joyce says:

        Do you still like Gowdy after this classic demonstration that he is another deep state establishment traitor, by trying to use his knowledge of the law to make us think the blocking congressional investigation and obstruction of Justice we are still watching the FBI and DOJ both doing daily is not a crime. They are blocking to cover up their treason which definitely is a CRIME and working to cover up a crime is aiding and abetting that crime, which makes them guilty of that same crime.
        Let Gowdy know we are not buying into his misusing his knowledge of the law to throw us off fhe track of forcing the prosecution of these blocking leaders of both the FBI & DOJ to prevent triggering that domino effect.
        PAST TIME TO BRING THESE TRAITORS to JUSTICE by holding them accountable for their crimes.

  46. Stephen says:

    If Trump can’t fire Rosenstein for obvious reasons related to the Mueller Witch Hunt, then it is left to Congress to Impeach Rosenstein for GROSS DERILICTION OF DUTY.

    • James Johnson says:

      SPOT ON!!!

    • Joyce says:

      Believe blocking congressional investigation of their corruption and obstructing justice would get a harsher sentence than gross dereliction of duty – as it would also get them removed from blocking JUSTICE and reveal more serious charges of HIGH TREASON and crimes against humanity for them and thousands more of the fellow traitors!

  47. Joanna says:


  48. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Rosenstein should be impeached/fired whichever is quickest; his job was to oversee Mueller’s investigation, among other things; and he has NOT done that. Mueller was tasked with finding evidence of a collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, NOTHING more; and he’s found evidence of collusion with Russia to influence the campaign, but with the Hillary campaign, not Trump’s, so indict there and SHUT DOWN is what he should have done long since! Rosenstein should have insured that was what was done; but since he’s clearly part of the conspiracy to bring Trump down by any means, he hasn’t! Ergo, he hasn’t done his JOB!

    • Jhn says:

      Rosenstein has the balls of a gnat and he knows that if Muller or any of the other crooks in the DOJ/FBI get charged he is third in line, so he will do anything to cover his ass. It will take an absolute undeniable case to get him. Wish he and the rest were gone.

  49. Rodney says:

    There’s no doubt a strong message needs to be sent that the DOJ and FBI are answerable to congress, who holds legal oversight. If impeachment is what it takes to wake their asses up, so be it. Could very well start with Sessions however. Aside from toiling away at unlicensed dogs roaming the streets, what is Sessions doing? Sessions doesn’t seem to have the management skills to run his department.

  50. Navy Vet 67 says:

    For sure, Strock should be fired. Secondly, every case he has worked on since this crap all came down should be re-opened and re-investigated

  51. Jug says:

    Talks big, does nothing!

  52. Jug says:

    Trey Gowdy is all hat and no cattle!

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