Trey Gowdy revealed the one lethal mistake Democrats made

Trey Gowdy is calling out the Left.

The former South Carolina Congressman had something to get off his chest.

And Trey Gowdy revealed the one lethal mistake Democrats made.

Trey Gowdy took aim at the “defund the police” movement during the latest broadcast of his Sunday night Fox News program.

Gowdy described the idea of sending social workers – and not police officers – on 9/11 calls was the dumbest thing he’s ever heard, and described the predictably disastrous consequences for residents in America’s biggest cities as murders soared.

“Now, you knew that was a dumb idea when you heard it,” Gowdy stated. “You knew we really don’t want social workers showing up when someone is breaking into our homes or shooting up the neighborhood. Unfortunately, there some did not understand the idiocy of defunding law enforcement. And tragically, many of those people serve in city government in some of America’s largest cities. New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Austin, Seattle are just some of the cities which decided to cut funding for law enforcement. And in what should be a surprise to absolutely no one, violent crime is going up.”

The night Gowdy delivered this monologue was the culmination of a weekend where 40 people were shot and 11 killed in Chicago.

Gowdy continued on, stating that when politicians cut the budget for law enforcement, it led to less policing and more killings.

“So, the Left wanted less money for law enforcement, they got what they wanted — dramatic cuts were made to law enforcement,” Gowdy added. “How did that turn out, you ask? Crime is spiraling out of control in many of these same cities. Violent crime is up. People are being assaulted, robbed, shot, stabbed, killed in tragically high numbers in this summer and spring of criminal carnage. Crime hits the poorest communities the hardest. Crime is the most insidious tax of all on the poor. These communities were told that police were so bad. We need to either get rid of the police or slash their funding. These communities were told they would be safer with less police.”

Gowdy described this as a “lethal mistake,” but that “it’s really hard to hear apologies from the grave.”

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