Trey Gowdy pointed out the one fact missing from impeachment that could change everything

All hell is breaking loose in the Senate’s impeachment trial of Donald Trump.

Democrats are out for vengeance and one Republican Senator already changed their vote.

And Trey Gowdy pointed out the one fact missing from impeachment that could change everything.

Democrats deployed video images from the January Capitol riot to make their case that Donald Trump incited an insurrection.

Using video allows Democrats to avoid arguing the facts of what Donald Trump did and said by focusing on the words and actions of the rioters, as well as the Constitutional questions involved with the Senate holding an impeachment trial for a President who is now a private citizen.

But Democrats’ real goal is not to convict Donald Trump, but to brand the GOP as the party of insurrection ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

Trey Gowdy recognized this reality and explained in an appearance on Fox News that Trump’s lawyers should provide a factual defense of what Donald Trump said and did on January 6.

“The president’s lawyers need to come up with a factual defense for what was he doing once he learned the siege began. You can act like you were shocked it happened. But once it happened, you can’t claim that defense anymore. So why the tweets afterward, why not get more involved, more engaged. And I need to hear a factual defense, and I didn’t hear one yesterday,” Gowdy told viewers.

Impeachment has always been a political and not legal process.

Democrats understand that.

And while the President’s lawyers have already won the case with the argument the trial is unconstitutional based on the fact 44 Republican Senators voted to dismiss the article of impeachment, Trey Gowdy is imploring Trump’s legal defense shift to tackle the political implications of the case.

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