Trey Gowdy just dropped a truth bomb on FBI anti-Trump “secret society”

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  1. Gwyllm says:

    Hang ’em ALL! And Martha is a stone-cold BABE!

    • Anne Latella says:

      Obama is a total Muslim intent on bring down the U.S. However God is more powerful than Allah & he will assist Trump in pulling us out of the mess created by Obama and his motley crew.

  2. Judy S. says:

    Within the past two weeks, we saw the former president declare that he was going to “remove Trump from office and install Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office. ” In other words, ex-president Obama declared, in so many words, that he, and he alone, has the choice of who should be president. Obama publically stated this several times. When I first heard him say this, was the morning of the of NYC Subway bombing; thereafter, he said this several times. Some people just “yawned”, or said I was making this up; however, as we all know, he actually tried to accomplish this within the past few days. Ultimately, Obama’s plan went down in flames but that does not mean we are “safe”. I put nothing past the former president and fully expect he will continue his plot to put “his preferred candidate, aka, Clinton in the Oval Office. ” Perhaps he is having mental issues; however, that does not excuse his treasonous behavior; We must keep our eyes “WIDE OPEN”!

  3. Charlton Kaneff says:

    I agree wholeheartedly that we The People need to be sure the Real News gets heard!!!
    Unfortunately, I’m afraid that the only way that everyday Americans will get this news or any real news will be to,first and foremost, remove the lamestream media from its roost in American lives and culture!!!
    It is a cancer and will have to be surgically removed!!!
    Then maybe we can get GOOD reporters who can actually think for themselves and who have actual spines and the desire to use those spines to tell their publisher, editor, or whomever it is that wants reporters to spin the story away from reality that they believe in reporting the truth in an unbiased manner!!!

  4. H G Euritt says:

    Obama, Lynch, Comey, Strzok, Page, Clapper and all of the other Top Officials of the CIA, NSA, Top Management Lawyers at the DOJ and Top Management of the FBI Andrew McCabe, should all be arrested and prosecuted for trying to overthrow the Trump Presidency do a CORRUPT coup through what is called The Deep State Society… This is absolutely a black eye on the American Political system. Now, this begs to an investigation into amount of fraudulent voting by people who voted repeatedly in where there is many doubts of legal votes cast in the Presidential Election…. Corruption appears to run rampant in the Democratic Party and the DNC….

  5. David Jefferson says:

    No, because millions of real Americans with guns say so……

  6. Bob Hunt says:

    I expect the other Nations of the world are getting a big laugh from reading and listening to all the liberal crap that the Democrats are spewing about the President! I also expect the laugh will be on the liberals when many of them are in prison!

  7. Ronald Struthers says:

    I view the Deep state and those involved with it as being an attempted coup.
    In fact when they are discovered they should be removed from any position of authority and imprisoned or executed.

    • ch says:

      that is the description of treason and these treasonous people NEED to be EXECUTED with obama the muslime liar in chief fake being the first

      • Charlton Kaneff says:

        Well, in my opinion, Obama committed treason from the point in time that he announced his bid to run for the office of president!!!
        From his forged birth certificate to his connections to Al-Queada and his extended family in ISIS!!!
        His speeches of apology to enemies of America for defeating them in battle during wars, and his desire to sell America out and sell off the entire country by piece mail to the lowest bidders, that individual is the very definition of treason!!!
        His entire presidential tenure ABSOLUTELY should be expunged from all records, except records of High Treason!!!!

  8. James Cooper says:

    It’s time for “We the People” to hold the lame stream media and the Deep State Secret Society accountable for sabotaging President Trump’s Agenda to “Make America Great Again”.

  9. Janet says:

    God bless Trey Gowdy!

  10. James says:

    As more and more info concerning the ‘deep state’ and now the ‘secret society’ unfolds, these leftists are digging their grave ever deeper. It is now up to us; WE THE PEOPLE to push this ‘real news’ forward, for the lamestream media surely wont do it!

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