Trey Gowdy just asked the one question that every Republican must answer in 2022

Republicans appear ready to score a big win this November.

But there is a stumbling block ahead of them.

And Trey Gowdy just asked the one question that every Republican must answer in 2022.

During his demented and deranged press conference, Joe Biden ranted and raved asking what Republicans actually stood for.

Trey Gowdy tried to answer that question on his Sunday night show on Fox News Channel.

Gowdy said Republicans used to argue for a smaller government, where any power not specifically authorized under the Constitution was left to the states under the Tenth Amendment.

“Republicans used to make the argument that the Constitution sets out the powers of the federal government and whatever was not listed was left to the states or the people or the individual. It’s an age-old question: is this the responsibility of the federal government, the state government, the community, the church, the private sector, the family, or the individual?” Gowdy began.

Gowdy noted that Republicans used to propose closing down cabinet agencies like the Department of Education.

“We don’t hear the argument for conservatism made much anymore,” he continued. “The argument is now centered toward size and scope. Republicans don’t talk about closing government departments as much as they do making them smaller. Republicans don’t talk about ending government programs as much as they do making those programs more efficient,” Gowdy added.

Now – Gowdy explained – RINOs like South Carolina Senator Tim Scott are demanding federal control over local police forces and trillion-dollar COVID bailout bills to reward Blue states for locking down their economy.

“This time last year, prominent Republicans were advocating for even larger COVID relief payments to qualifying Americans,” Gowdy stated. “Republicans themselves now offer federal legislation on school curriculum, tort reform, state, and local police departments.”

Gowdy concluded by saying that Republicans needed to figure out what argument they want to make and settle on basic questions of Democrat incompetence, such as soft-on-crime policies, sending COVID checks to violent prisoners, and the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“A government that doesn’t send COVID relief funds to the wrong people, a government that can actually keep people in jail on bond that have lengthy criminal records, a government that can drone the right car in Afghanistan, a government that can secure the border, fix the supply chain, and crack down on violent crime. We shall see what arguments are made this fall,” he told viewers, “but first we need to know precisely where those arguments will be made.”

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