Trey Gowdy hit Robert Mueller with this rude awakening that sent him running for his life

Robert Mueller is set to testify next week.

The fake news media and Democrats think this will be the beginning of the end for President Trump.

But Trey Gowdy hit Robert Mueller with this rude awakening that sent him running for his life.

Democrats and so-called “journalists” are hoping against hope that Mueller is holding an ace up his sleeve.

Anti-Trump forces in Washington are counting on Mueller revealing new evidence of Russian collusion or obstruction of justice that will lead to Donald Trump’s swift impeachment.

But Trey Gowdy crushed those hopes during an appearance on “Hannity.”

Gowdy told Hannity that no one would learn anything new from Mueller’s testimony and that it would be a “freak show.”

RealClearPolitics reports:

Former Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) said it will be a “freak show” when former special Robert Mueller testifies to Congress later in July. In an interview Monday night with FNC’s Sean Hannity, Gowdy predicted Mueller really doesn’t want to come to testify because he won’t deviate from the report, that there will be incendiary questions from the left, and that people won’t learn anything that you don’t already know.

“His out on when did you go there was no collusion, when we interview the last witness. So Mueller does not want to come. He does not want to come because he does not want to deviate from his report. What you’re going to get our these incendiary questions about obstruction and impeachment. You are not going to learn anything that you don’t already know.

The Mueller testimony will surely be a spectacle.

There is no other reason the Democrats are staging it.

But as Trey Gowdy pointed out, it is as likely to be a dud as the Mueller report itself.


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93 Responses

  1. Fred says:

    Say, Mr. Trey Gowdy, Sir, One Of Those True Conservative Republicans Will Ask Mr. Mueller All About The US Uranium One Deal, Because Mr. Mueller Was A FBI Agent During That Transaction, With His Idol Mrs. HRC, During #44’s First Term As The US President! This Is One Major Reason Why The Progressive Liberal Democratic Party Owned MSM Will Never Cover All Or Any Of Their Illegal Actions, And They Very Rarely Follow The US Constitution And All Of Those Amendments That Previous US Administrations Added During The USA’s History!!!

    • Maxx says:

      The Left is still salivating over Mueller because he did not give them “anything” to work with. Did the Left forget that when Mueller comes before the committee there will be other members of Congress that can ask questions? Granted, it will be a circus but the Left will be the clowns. I suspect Mueller will be using a lot of “I don’t recall” statements. Or I am not able to comment on this or that due to Grand Jury secrecy rules.

    • FRanco says:


      • Jo says:

        Because they’re DEM lovers and Dems protect their own. Mueller has let the fools down and they’re in a tizzy. Hopefully the GOP on this deal will make the low down jerk squirm.

  2. Linda Abernathy says:

    Nothing burgers for sale after the horse and pony show!

    • steve earle says:

      Disagree, Mueller and the Dem’s will be made to look like fools and corrupt idiots. The swamp will be exposed in all it’s putrid gory. Might even provide evidence against some dem’s. to get them impeached.

      • Bob says:

        steve earle, I hope you are correct. However, I believe the Democrats are working right now with Mueller to tell lies about what he left out of his report. Why else would they delay Mueller’s testimony for another week; until July 24th versus the original date of July 17th? No doubt the very corrupt and crooked Democrats are working on what Mueller will say and are coaching him on answering Republicans. This event will be a huge, but typical Democrat condemnation of President Trump and will not do anything but help them in their impeachment efforts. I expect Mueller to lie through his teeth because he know the Democrats have his back.

        • Robert Glade says:

          Whatever one thinks of Mueller, he is not stupid and he knows there is way to much truth out there with factual evidence behind it that lying about it could be disastrous for him.

  3. Linda Abernathy says:

    Nothing burgers for sale after the horse and pony show…………

  4. tomjiggy says:

    That is also coming to an end. With a Convention of States we can impose term limits, make it where any law written is applicable to anyone in Congress(or the Executive and Judicial branches)as well as the People, and I’d throw in things like to be a member of any of the above is completely voluntary and is only deserving of minimum wages with no travel or special benefits other than being a reference(with maybe 6 months maximum of unemployment wages after end of term). I’d also have members of either branch be held accountable and audited for fraud, bribery, or any other form of coercion to commit treason during their term of service. They should not be able to vote in pay raises for themselves, period! They make on average $170k per year AND PAY NO TAXES, plus their retirement and medical benefits are unheard of! How do they make millions on $170k per year? From bribes from special interest lobbyers! The corruption has saturated Congress in particular, so much that they ignore the very People that voted them into office.

    • SadieWinn4321 says:

      All of these low life b–tards should be imprisoned for all of their vile, disgusting acts against our great country! The majority of them in both parties are traitors to America and all Americans! They are the most corrupt, nasty, greedy hungry group of people on the planet Earth! Self-centered, power driven trash who deserve to be in the depth of HELL, in my opinion!

  5. Independent says:

    You guys sure talk about Mueller a lot for people who obviously never read his report!!!!
    (This is why you look stupid.)

    • Mary Johnson says:

      Independent if you are a real person should know more people have read the report than you think but would be nice to get it unredacted .

      • Mama says:

        No 0ne HERE, as ‘smart’? as you may think you are-
        DESERVES To READ ‘Redacted’ info. (for
        jerk-off comm’s) OK? hate to be rude. ALSO,
        AGAINST THE LAW. (get ‘that’ thru your
        ‘thick skulls’) geez. Ps ‘Curiosity’ Doesn’t get it.

    • Hurley Henson says:

      But how nearly as stupid as any trashy liberal though huh?

  6. Independent and a REAL patriot says:

    The Democrats seem to be on the correct side when I think about rights for people or animals. I think Jesus would agree. Not that religion has any place in government. You guys DO realize we are SUPPOSED to have separation of church and state, right? The Dems are also more closely aligned with the Constitution, which is as necessary to our country as water to a fish. Trump keeps trying to go against the Constitution; by pretending he’s the Emperor and can do whatever he wants, as though we didn’t have 3 branches of government for a reason! That’s why he’s losing most of his court cases, because what he wants is plain unconstitutional.

    All this religious stuff you’re vomiting up is making me sick. It’s clear you don’t like anyone who is not like you, by religion, color, sex, what have you. But that’s not the way our country became great (all this HATE!), and it’s not the way we’ll be great again. I sure wish you’d get smarter- it must be the steroids in the food or something. I just had a right-wing email sent to me saying the Dems CREATED Cancer! Ha! Bet you clowns would even believe that!

    • tomjiggy says:

      Want to talk about religion? How about the sanctity of human life(aka abortion). You talk about religious people spewing hate, lets talk about the calls for bodily harm against conservatives or Christiansby Democrats lately?
      Want to talk about trying to circumvent the Constitution? Our “representatives” in the House led by Pelosi are trying to view classified material by demanding Meuller’s unredacted investigation when they know it is not legal to do so. And if Trump loses a court battle the system is working! You apparently are trying to sound like you are smart, not so much. Try again.

    • Jim Tierney says:

      Dear independant, it is certainly of no surprise that “religious stuff” makes you sick. If I were a betting man I would be all in on a bet that you don’t even know what true religion is. As a true supporter of the party of death and the alphabet people, you are in true form. You call truth hate, good evil, and evil good. One has to start with truth before they can make any real assessment of any given subject. I am really curious about your starting point. Where or what is your source of absolutes?

      • Stephanie Thorburn says:

        Religion?? Geez. Show me in the bible where it mentions a certain religion? Religions are man made just like every other failure. Religious factions hinder Gods true purpose of loving your neighbor and your enemies. Divisivness is what man always does because of it’s need for power & money. You can be sure Gods hand was in this election as our very own leadership falls under the heavy exposure of corruption the likes of what we have ever seen and still is. One thing for sure, it wasn’t God’s idea to be extradited from his people, beginning with separation of Church and State. Government takeover in the home of “how” to raise our children, and do’s and don’ts of child rearing. Slowly taking away the peoples ability to govern our very own corrupt government. Ie example; the congress’s inability to do their jobs and get paid thousands of dollars every week for spending thousands/millions of dollars to create an agends built on lies, falsehoods, thievery and blatant treason. Another obvious failure just by seeing the turmoil in the world today! Man…..has done this in his need for all that our Father stands against. Every single commandment broken, and twisted without the bat of an eyelash! SMH. Geez

    • Mary Johnson says:

      You think Democrats are on the right side. They took an oath to protect the American people not the illegals. They want to take your tax monies to pay for those illegals. That is not just people saying that it is themselves standing up and rising their hands to the fact. The Democrats do not want to secure the borders to the country another thing they took an oath to do. As for cancer everyone is born with cancer cells just some become active and some don’t. Cancer does not care what race you are or whether you are Democrat or Republican or independent. Does not care if you are here or in another country.

    • Hurley Henson says:

      You are the most stupid person that I have ever seen comment on any subject. Democrats are right and Jesus would agree. Must be some good dope you’re on. Democrats hate and despise anything to do with God and /or Jesus. Idiots like you are too stupid to know right from wrong. Show me in the bible where God condones killing innocent babies and agreeing with same sex marriage you lunatic. You can’t but I can show you where God says it is an abomination against him for homosexuality and where it is better to tie a millstone around someone’s neck and be cast into the sea than to harm one of his little ones. What a hypocrite you are.

    • George Barnhouse says:

      Speaking of clowns look in the mirror !!!

    • Independent patriot ? You are nothing more than a confused ,disgruntled loser, all our elected democrats
      in the last 3 years have done nothing. They must now put aside their spiteful attitudes and attend to the
      problems of our largest cities. These cities are in the care of Democrats and are disgusting , Instead of
      BITCHING about what the PRESIDENT is “doing or not doing” they should address the problems at their
      hands, and you sir are part of the problem for supporting these selfish bloodsuckers

  7. david says:

    AS the democrap ‘clown show’ continues. If Mueller deviates from his report he is going to prison.

  8. Moses says:

    Trey Gowdy thought 7 Benghazi investigations weren’t enough but one of the Russian’s invading our elections was one too many. He is a freaky guy, former prosecutor yet he had to cover for all the Republican mobsters, especially Trump. but Trumps gang that has been convicted. The G.O.P. is ruthless in their gerrymandering, in their total opposition to Obama, to their birtherism, to allowing Trump to insult McCain and our allies while he kisses the asses of dictator commies Kim and the Putin. All three of them are evil, Trump no better than the others as he is also ruthless, greedy, an egomaniacal mobster with the morals of an alley cat sexually assaulting numerous women and who knows what with Epstein and George Nader. Yes Clinton is probably involved too but at least Clinton never sexually talked about his daughter like Trump has many times. He cares nothing about America or its people, just his own glory, lust, greed and vengeance against anyone who might even disagree slightly with him. As the ghost writer of his book, The Art of the Deal, Tony Schwartz said, Trump is a sociopath. Think about it, he cheated on all three of his wives with groupies, prostitutes and assault victims. You must be proud for voting for him.

    • Jacob Mandelblum says:


      • Moses says:

        For someone who is Jewish to vote for Trump who is supported by all the white supremacists you have to be the stupidest person of all. Don’t you even remember Charlotteville Jacob. You’re just a stupid punk.

        • Hurley Henson says:

          Poor ole Moses, that dope surely didn’t help did it? You are dumber than a box of rocks and as stupid as Forrest Gump.

      • Stephanie Thorburn says:

        Well said

    • Bill says:

      I disagree with every word in your post. Period. I am proud of Trump and anyone who approves of Obama must be a foreign troll. Good luck with that Moses. Hey, with a name like Moses you must walk on water, or was it part the waters or was is pass gas. In any event, you must have been sleeping for the last 10 years. We have a great president. MAGA and KAG, Donald. Bye troll

      • Moses says:

        Trump is the anti-Christ if such a being exists. There are a few of them Trump and his good friends and dictators, Kim and Putin. You like him mainly because you are a racist, you know that is true. Trump is a life long criminal since he smacked a teacher as a teenager and was sent off it military high school. He still became a cowardly draft dodger.

        • tomjiggy says:

          You are the one mentioning racism. I didn’t see one comment before you said it. Look in the mirror before you comment! You are just another brainwashed soul who watches MSNBC and CNN like there is no other source of news. I watch them all and look for the lies, throw them out and see clearly what is real. If there’s a scandal going on what is it drawing our attention away from? Most of it draws away from what backdoor politics and deals that Congress is making. Trump has been fighting it all and pointing the finger in the direction of who is trying to pull a fast one over on the American public. You sound as if you believe that Pelosi is actually going to give you free stuff…..someone has to make it and that in itself makes it NOT free.

          • Mama says:

            Moses. YOU!, Have No Clue, the
            meaning of Anti-Christ.
            Not Wise to display Ignorance.
            Keep it to yourself. Dems WILL Turn
            0n YOU. (just trying to help – U )

    • Shirley says:

      I thought you were talking about Obama who really did HATE this Country and made sure he let every Country he visited know he did. He is the reason TRUMP was elected and will gladly vote for him again.

      • Moses says:

        Obama is rated the 14th best President already, probably will go up surrounded by the failure of George Bush and the corruption and failure of Trump. You are an ignorant old redneck who loves Trump’s racist policies which are against American. If you don’t get it by now Shirley your brain and soul are fried.

    • Jenny says:

      Moses are you just plain stupid???? or do you have a screw lose? You might as well crawl back in your hole as Trump will be elected again. While Trump has his history and its not all good he has done more in his 2 1/2 years in office for the American people than under the desk Billy and looser, against USA Obummer. Obummer was against USA from day 1 and has been since leaving. He is not who he likes people to think he is. He is a liar, cheat, disgrace, stupid, anti American, Muslim terrorist who did nothing for USA citizens as he is only concerned with his Muslim buddies. Shame, Disgrace to USA

      • Moses says:

        91 American historians already rank Obama the 14th best President, almost all rank Trump at the bottom in every criterion, cabinet, ethics, bringing Americans together, effectiveness in both foreign and domestic. He is lucky he inherited a seven good economy during the Obama years who saved us from a great depression, don’t you remember the fear the last months of Bush?

        • Randall Hart says:

          Where do you get your fake news from? You have been high on drugs and your thought process shows no evidence to reality.

        • Stephanie Thorburn says:

          91 historians? It it wasn’t so funny, it would be laughable. Who were they in bed with? Surely not the brave patriots and commoners in Bengazi. Surely not the ones laying in their graves because they knew too much. Surely not with all the pedophiles, racketeers, treasonist selling out America to the highest bidder? Surely not in bed with the Dems who have very blatantly shown Americans that their loyalties lie with the “illegal” ( key word) immigrants and who they will covet for that almighty (whatever it takes) vote!

      • Three Gowdys says:

        Jenny, you are an ignorant bitch, don’t you know Trump is the anti-Christ, America’s Hitler, who insults war heroes and POW’s like McCain while Trump was a cowardly draft dodger. All the white supremacy groups like him because he is a hater, of all people not white, he actually would despise you too because you are sadly white trash. Trump is a lifelong thief, braggart and serial sexual assaulter and you are proud to support him? You’re pathetic.

        • Stephanie Thorburn says:

          Yes, yes I will again! You sir, (using that term lightly) I do not have to lower myself to name calling, swearing ignorant rants to prove my point. Obama was the biggest hoax brought to American people to try to prove that Dems supported the ” black” communities. Now that the “black communities have proven they are proud people, not stupid, and exposed Hilliary and Obama for what they are, dispicable low life One World Order teasonist! So now that Dems have been exposed to those Americans, they will move on to the (laugh at this) “illegal Americans.” They will cast them away as soon as their “illegal” vote is not needed. Geez. See where this is going? We claim to be a nation built on laws, that even our own government cannot follow becuz Dems are above all that!!

    • Billy Clouse says:

      Your a liberal freaking pea brain. You just can’t stand it that your pathetic loser Clinton lost. We have a man in office that isn’t afraid to get things done for this country. Also Trey Gowdy has it going for him. Get a life loser.

      • Moses says:

        Nazi or Commie?

        • tomjiggy says:

          Look in the mirror and figure out which one you are.

          • Moses says:

            I’m an American, served five in the army, and you thug? Go ahead lie. My father was a Torretta flier and flew 50 missions, and my only uncle was killed in a B-17 over Europe. My family sacrificed more that your white trash folks.

          • tomjiggy says:

            I’m a 21 year Army veteran, just retired in 2015. Highest rank achieved E-6. Had 3 MOS’s. 19D Cav Scout, 63T Bradley Mechanic, and 25B Computer Technician. My Dad did 20, mostly in Finance and Accounting, and my Grandfather was part of the Red Ball Express(supply line in Europe). When Grandpa got home he couldn’t associate with people without flipping out. While in Germany his unit was cut off and surrounded for 3 days before Patton pushed back to recapture some ground they had lost. He watched several friends die and couldn’t get past it. Want me to go on?

    • Hurley Henson says:

      The Russian collusion hoax and fantasy was started by a fake dossier, dope head Moses. Boy is your brain good and fried.

      • Moses says:

        Nothing in the dossier has been disproven. Many things have been proven like Russia’s involvement in invading our election system and also Trump’s business ties in Moscow. Go back and read a book.

    • Jim Tierney says:

      Moses, most people know that name from the Old Testament of the Bible. However did you know that you and like minded people were also discussed in the New Testment? You may find it very interesting to read about yourself in something written almost 2 thousand years ago. Independent, you may want to do the same. You can read this description in the book of Roman’s chapter 1, verses 18,-32

  9. Jo says:

    As I have said many times…no one on this earth is going to get away with anything, no one. We are all subject to Gods judgment. God knows all of the things we have said and done, be they good or bad. Humans may get away with some things while on this earth under man’s laws, but never under Gods laws.

  10. Nancy says:

    The shout of a king is in the camp! Consider how impossible it is physically to shout at the end of life after being crucified; is there anything too hard for God? The cup of evil is filling up. We who walk with God have been given the keys to the kingdom and the blood of Jesus is the most powerful force in the universe and will change the world system. There is strength in unity and the Holy Spirit wants to hover over the blood of Jesus

  11. God, is giving us, one last chance, to straighten up, & fly right, just like Noah, Lot, & others in the Bible. Everything evil, & dark, will be brought into the light for us to see, & it will be up to us, to take care of it. We must be part of God’s Army, & prepare to do his will now! When the 2020 election is over, & the Right has won control of the Senate, & the House, the Left will really go off the deep end. But this is all God’s Plan, & he is in control, have no Fear, just have Faith.

    • Pathfinder0100 says:

      Ya know Becky, I have said for awhile now that God said”turn your back on Me and I shall turn My back on you”. America (God’s Country founded on Christian-Judao(sp) principals) turned it’s back so He sent us Obama. Now He is givin’ us a second chance by sending us Trump and we had better NOT blow it!! What cha think??

    • Jim Tierney says:

      And arm yourselves. AMEN.

    • Stephanie Thorburn says:


  12. N says:

    ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  13. teegee says:

    It appears that the headwaters of the swamp is Georgetown university. Check it out.

  14. George Denti says:

    Mueller face has scumbag written all over it.

  15. BECKY says:


  16. tomjiggy says:

    Unfortunately I believe that the Democrats & Congress will find a way of sweeping this along with a ton of other illicit stuff under the table. I seriously think we will have to go to actual war within our nation to set things straight. I know that no one wants to hear this, and I don’t either, but seriously…who has been held accountable that actually orchestrated any of this? Bill or Hillary? Loretta Lynch? Obama? Anyone else who is guilty of treason besides Assange or Snowden (who I don’t think are really guilty)?

    • Jim says:

      Amen you are so right. I believe that all this started in the coup of November of 1963. Look at the crap that has happened in that time, it is and has been planned for a long time. A civil war is coming, God help us all if it does. But the Republic and our Constitution must survive.

    • robert says:

      The Military and Noncompromised LEOs should run the USA in Tandem or a Convenor Group with a duly Elected Individual and start with this current Prez and obey and follow the Constitution and Laws of America and not any Political Party

      • Scott27 says:

        Robert and Jim… all this talk of a civil war to preserve the Constitution, and your approach to it is really telling. Unfortunately, you are on the wrong side of this. Do you even know what’s in the Constitution? It is under serious assault, more than any other time in our history, by this current administration. This nation cannot survive another four years of this assault. And military and LEOs running the country???? Do you even realize what you’re asking for…. certainly not a free and proud nation.

        • D.A.N. says:

          Scott, it is your side that is attacking the Constitution at every turn. That is proven every day by the Dems in the House. They got their report from Mueller like they asked for. Just it didn’t convict Trump nor was it able to. It didn’t go far enough because it was a coverup job for those in power at the time this unconstitutional mess started. Obama was the President at the time. He was in the loop. It involved false testimony by top people in the FBI and DOJ. So don’t even think that it is Trump who is trying to destroy the Constitution until all those in the Obama administration are hanging from the gallows for treason.

  17. Joseph Salazar says:

    Robert Muller is going to get caught in his own trap he cannot change his report and we all know that . Robert Muller part of the plot to take President Trump down.

  18. Fidel says:

    Ask him about his trip on the Lolita express? He’s lower than dirt

  19. T. Bell says:

    I hope while Muller is running for his life he trips and breaks his “Fing” neck !

  20. Vasu Murti says:

    “The Mueller testimony will surely be a spectacle. There is no other reason the Democrats are staging it. But as Trey Gowdy pointed out, it is as likely to be a dud as the Mueller report itself.”

    Is the Mueller report a “dud” ? The American people have yet to see the unredacted Mueller report. All we’ve gotten is Barr’s “…nothing to see here, folks” reassurance.

    What is Trump hiding, besides his tax returns?

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

    • Steve says:

      You pitiful thing….!

    • tomjiggy says:

      This is where Congress is trying to circumvent the legal system, by demanding an un-redacted version of the Meuller investigation. They can’t legally do that, and if they manage to can put operatives that were involved in serious jeopardy. No branch of our government has complete and utter access or oversight to things that happen concerning the other branches or government agencies. That’s why the investigation was conducted by a special team of lawyers and investigators. And that team can only divulge what isn’t considered classified.

      • D.A.N. says:

        They are lucky that AG Barr even gave them as much as he did. Nothing had to be given to Nadler and his gang of thieves. Funny thing is, the Dems did it to themselves. Because they were so mad about Ken Starr releasing his report as the law required. That isn’t the case now so they can pound sand. If they take it to court, the DOJ would not have to turn it over as while they don’t like it it is the law. As the Dems in CONgress did write it. Just like with Nadler saying everyone on the committee is not going to get 5 minutes to question Mueller, the House rules say otherwise. I’d trust a Rattlesnake before I’d trust Nadler or Shiff.

        • tomjiggy says:

          Yes, AG Barr didn’t even have to give them what he did. Legally all he HAD to give them was his written statement that after consideration of the facts shown in the investigation, it was apparent that Mr Meuller’s investigation came up with nothing that tied President Trump to ANY collusion….but I bet it would point fingers back at some Democrats in Congress and President Obama! Matter of fact several people in Congress including Hillary.

    • Jim Tierney says:

      Dear Vasu , your deception is nothing short of Biblical.

    • Mary says:

      you must truly believe all that fake trash put out by the libtards in this country. There is no consensus on Global Warming, do you not realize that God is in charge of this earth and its surroundings, Not mankind, there have been many geological changes in the millions of years of this earth’s existence, and you really believe that the small amount of time that mankind has existed on this earth that mankind’s scientific advancement is going to destroy this earth, REALLY???? By the way are the persons running for 2020 for the demorats willing to give all their tax records to the Press for print so all of us can see how they have cheated, stolen $$ for the last several years?

    • Gary says:

      I’m so sick of hearing this gun control crap. Take all the guns then only the (criminal) Democrats will have them.

    • robert says:

      TAX RETURNS ARE BETWEEN THE INDIVIDUAL AND THE IRS x You support Animal Rights but Kill Human Life as in Abortion x Guns don’t KILL ? Go Ahead and Raise the Minimum Wage and see if Companies can Afford same – Guess what- Layoffs and Global Warming – Are you going to enforce this Ruling on the Whole World – You’re Kidding- Right ?

  21. Milton K. LaDue says:

    Both you and I wish that the vast majority of demonrats will permanently get to the truth….which starts with them doing their own investigations for themselves. I am afraid that will never happen. I believe what they will do is get mentally locked up, do a reset and get back to their communist ways. Sure we are seeing demonrats bailing out through #exitdemorats and even less by using their brain power to wake themselves up.

  22. Jim Tierney says:

    L.S. I can’t agree with you. Members of the party of death and homosexuals are not able to recognize, much less tell, the truth. They are morally bankrupt. Why do you think there is such an attack on Christians and even the mention of God? This is spiritual warfare, was prophesied, and will only get worse. The alphabet people are even trying to make it illegal for churches to call homosexuality a sin! Unless you are spiritually blinded, everyone knows who wins this fight in the end, and that end is much closer than the vast majority thinks.

    • Steven Hill says:

      Jim, I couldn’t agree more. You hit the nail on the head. Time is close and it seems that time is moving faster and faster every day.

    • Moses says:

      Tierney is a raving lunatic, evil with his hatred and lies. No one is attacking Christians, there is criticism of evangelic people who can support a mobster and serial sexual assaulter.

  23. Carl says:

    Every thing the democrats do is a freak show, nothing they say or do ever shows any proof.

  24. T. Bell says:

    I really hope Muller trips while running for his life and breaks his Fing neck !

  25. L.S. says:

    Oops!!!! It’s not judicial It’s .org,, Sorry .

  26. L.S. says:

    I can’t wait!!!!!!! The DUMOCRAPS are gonna feel so stupid and embarrassed when this is all over. No body will believe them or their lying news media again. Everyone then, will see what idiots and rotten jerks they all are. Maybe so dems will turn Republican when they realize that this was all fabricated and Trump is as honest as the day is long!!! Wake up dems and come the honest side!!! They are not going to win. If you really want true honest news that is unbiased, join, you get straight forward emails and a monthly publication mailed to you. It’s nobody’s opinions, just true news, bad or good.

    • Scott27 says:

      LS, you must be a graduate of Trump University. You’ve been so defrauded and still you believe in nonsense, and apparently have no ability for critical thinking.

      • D.A.N. says:

        Scott27, were you a grad of Clinton U? Because you really should ask to get the money back from wherever you claim your learning came from. You got taken big time. Remember the BLUE WAVE that was going to hit Congress. Well it was the first time that the party in the WH gained seats in the Senate. And the only, only, reason the Dems made gains in the House was because 40 incumbent GOP members stepped down. Too bad we can’t term limit out people like Pelosi, Shiff, Cummings, etc……. But they are too ingrained to see the writing on the wall that the Dems are a party of losers and only stay in due to redistricting by them.

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