Trey Gowdy hit Robert Mueller with this rude awakening that sent him running for his life

Robert Mueller is set to testify next week.

The fake news media and Democrats think this will be the beginning of the end for President Trump.

But Trey Gowdy hit Robert Mueller with this rude awakening that sent him running for his life.

Democrats and so-called “journalists” are hoping against hope that Mueller is holding an ace up his sleeve.

Anti-Trump forces in Washington are counting on Mueller revealing new evidence of Russian collusion or obstruction of justice that will lead to Donald Trump’s swift impeachment.

But Trey Gowdy crushed those hopes during an appearance on “Hannity.”

Gowdy told Hannity that no one would learn anything new from Mueller’s testimony and that it would be a “freak show.”

RealClearPolitics reports:

Former Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) said it will be a “freak show” when former special Robert Mueller testifies to Congress later in July. In an interview Monday night with FNC’s Sean Hannity, Gowdy predicted Mueller really doesn’t want to come to testify because he won’t deviate from the report, that there will be incendiary questions from the left, and that people won’t learn anything that you don’t already know.

“His out on when did you go there was no collusion, when we interview the last witness. So Mueller does not want to come. He does not want to come because he does not want to deviate from his report. What you’re going to get our these incendiary questions about obstruction and impeachment. You are not going to learn anything that you don’t already know.

The Mueller testimony will surely be a spectacle.

There is no other reason the Democrats are staging it.

But as Trey Gowdy pointed out, it is as likely to be a dud as the Mueller report itself.

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91 Responses

  1. Robert Glade says:

    Whatever one thinks of Mueller, he is not stupid and he knows there is way to much truth out there with factual evidence behind it that lying about it could be disastrous for him.

  2. Stephanie Thorburn says:


  3. Stephanie Thorburn says:

    Yes, yes I will again! You sir, (using that term lightly) I do not have to lower myself to name calling, swearing ignorant rants to prove my point. Obama was the biggest hoax brought to American people to try to prove that Dems supported the ” black” communities. Now that the “black communities have proven they are proud people, not stupid, and exposed Hilliary and Obama for what they are, dispicable low life One World Order teasonist! So now that Dems have been exposed to those Americans, they will move on to the (laugh at this) “illegal Americans.” They will cast them away as soon as their “illegal” vote is not needed. Geez. See where this is going? We claim to be a nation built on laws, that even our own government cannot follow becuz Dems are above all that!!

  4. Stephanie Thorburn says:

    91 historians? It it wasn’t so funny, it would be laughable. Who were they in bed with? Surely not the brave patriots and commoners in Bengazi. Surely not the ones laying in their graves because they knew too much. Surely not with all the pedophiles, racketeers, treasonist selling out America to the highest bidder? Surely not in bed with the Dems who have very blatantly shown Americans that their loyalties lie with the “illegal” ( key word) immigrants and who they will covet for that almighty (whatever it takes) vote!

  5. Stephanie Thorburn says:

    Well said

  6. Stephanie Thorburn says:

    Religion?? Geez. Show me in the bible where it mentions a certain religion? Religions are man made just like every other failure. Religious factions hinder Gods true purpose of loving your neighbor and your enemies. Divisivness is what man always does because of it’s need for power & money. You can be sure Gods hand was in this election as our very own leadership falls under the heavy exposure of corruption the likes of what we have ever seen and still is. One thing for sure, it wasn’t God’s idea to be extradited from his people, beginning with separation of Church and State. Government takeover in the home of “how” to raise our children, and do’s and don’ts of child rearing. Slowly taking away the peoples ability to govern our very own corrupt government. Ie example; the congress’s inability to do their jobs and get paid thousands of dollars every week for spending thousands/millions of dollars to create an agends built on lies, falsehoods, thievery and blatant treason. Another obvious failure just by seeing the turmoil in the world today! Man…..has done this in his need for all that our Father stands against. Every single commandment broken, and twisted without the bat of an eyelash! SMH. Geez

  7. Jo says:

    Because they’re DEM lovers and Dems protect their own. Mueller has let the fools down and they’re in a tizzy. Hopefully the GOP on this deal will make the low down jerk squirm.

  8. FRanco says:


  9. Randall Hart says:

    Where do you get your fake news from? You have been high on drugs and your thought process shows no evidence to reality.

  10. Moses says:

    Tierney is a raving lunatic, evil with his hatred and lies. No one is attacking Christians, there is criticism of evangelic people who can support a mobster and serial sexual assaulter.

  11. Moses says:

    Nothing in the dossier has been disproven. Many things have been proven like Russia’s involvement in invading our election system and also Trump’s business ties in Moscow. Go back and read a book.

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