Trey Gowdy hit Nancy Pelosi with some bad news that left her shaken

Nancy Pelosi is the unquestioned leader of the Democrat Party.

Pelosi thinks her grip on power is unshakeable.

But Trey Gowdy hit Nancy Pelosi with some bad news that left her shaken.

On CBS This Morning, Nancy Pelosi dismissed any chance that Republicans could win back the House of Representatives next November.

Pelosi banked her optimism on the fact Republicans gained fewer seats in the census reapportionment than they were expecting.

“[E]lections are always a contest, and you see what happens in them,” Pelosi told CBS. “But I feel very confident that the Democrats will hold the majority after the next election. I think that we’re — for all the huffing and puffing the Republicans are doing, these numbers were not as good for them as they had hoped. They wanted three in Texas, two in Florida and the rest. But many of the — much of the growth in many of these places that picked up more numbers, more — more members in Congress, the growth was from Hispanics, African-Americans and the rest, so we’ll see where those votes go.”

On Fox News, Trey Gowdy communicated a different message.

Gowdy listed all of the massively unpopular bills Democrats are moving through the House to create a massive socialist welfare state, legislation to rig elections in the Democrats’ favor, and court packing as evidence the public backlash to the Left’s radical agenda would cost Democrats their majority in 2022.

“Because of court packing, and because of this social infrastructure , and because of other initiatives like H.R. 1, he [Biden] is going to lose the House,” Gowdy declared.

Gowdy added that Democrats could not bank on Joe Biden’s slightly above average approval numbers to protect their majorities in a midterm election.

“So congratulations, people really like you, but they don’t like the House and you are going to lose the House and whatever you want to do you aren’t going to be able to do for the remainder of your time as President,” Gowdy continued.

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