Trey Gowdy hit Democrats with one fact about impeachment that left them a broken mess

The Democrats worst nightmare is coming true.

The public soured on their witch hunt to remove Donald Trump from office.

And now Trey Gowdy hit Democrats with one fact about impeachment that left them a broken mess.

Appearing on Fox News, Trey Gowdy told host Martha MacCallum that the American people were turning against the Democrats impeachment witch hunt.

Gowdy believes the American people see through the Democrats clear double standard.

The former South Carolina Congressman pointed to Democrats shrugging off text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page that showed a clear anti-Trump bias but that did not matter because in the end they were unsuccessful in framing Donald Trump for Russian collusion but refused to extend the same courtesy to Donald Trump in the Ukraine case.

The Blaze reports:

“Now the Democrats are saying even though there were no investigations of the server or the Bidens, and even though the aid was released, they’re now hyper-focused on the process!” Gowdy continued.

“It’s the phone call! That’s all that matters!” he exclaimed.

“So to Democrats, all’s well that end’s well if it’s Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, but if you get the aid and there’s no investigation, that’s not enough, it still may be impeachable just because we didn’t like your process,” Gowdy said.

“That’s duplicity, it’s a double standard, and that’s why the American people, I think, are completely unmoved thus far by the impeachment hearings of Chairman [Rep. Adam] Schiff (D-Calif.),” he concluded.

Trump supporters were glad to see Gowdy back in public making the case for the President.

Gowdy was initially supposed to takeover as one of Donald Trump’s attorneys in the impeachment witch hunt, but lobbying rules for ex-members of Congress prevented that.

But even from his perch as a television commentator Gowdy still has the ability to shape public debate by pointing out the ridiculously hypocritical and partisan nature of the Democrats impeachment witch hunt.

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