Trey Gowdy had eight words for Kamala Harris that she does not want to hear

Kamala Harris is finally visiting the southern border.

But that announcement is not stopping the political bleeding.

And Trey Gowdy had eight words for Kamala Harris that she does not want to hear.

During his Sunday night show, former Congressman Trey Gowdy hammered Kamala Harris for her failure to stem the flow of illegal immigration into the country.

Gowdy noted that border security was not only a matter of national security and economic prosperity, but it was also a moral imperative.

“Most Americans believe a sovereign country should have border security because a sovereign country is entitled to know who is coming into the country and going out. Yes, it’s national security. Yes, it makes economic sense. But even more fundamentally, a country has a right to meaningful borders and to have those borders respected and honored,” Gowdy stated.

Gowdy continued blasting Harris and other administration officials for claiming the border was secure.

In the month of May, the Border Patrol intercepted the highest number of illegal aliens entering the country in 20 years.

Gowdy said the situation was spiraling so far out of control that law enforcement feared the worst.

In fact, some experts predict as many as two million illegal aliens could get stopped at the border.

“We do not have border security. So there will be no movement until that indispensable prerequisite is met. In fact, not only do we not have border security, law enforcement believes we may actually be headed in the opposite and wrong direction. We have seen reporting on men showing up at the southern border with criminal histories including sexually assaulting children, producing an increase in certain drugs crossing the border just as we are finally beginning to see some light at the end of the opioid struggle,” Gowdy declared.

“Border security is not only a country’s right,” Gowdy concluded. “It is your right to know who and what is coming and going from this sovereign nation so we can keep it safe.”

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