Trey Gowdy gave one interview about Robert Mueller that left jaws on the ground

Trey Gowdy has led some of the most important investigations in Washington.

So when he speaks about the Mueller probe, it carries weight.

That’s why his latest interview about the investigation left Americans speechless.

Gowdy appeared on Fox News Sunday and was asked about Trump Attorney John Dowd’s statement that the Mueller probe should be shut down.

Dowd asserted that the investigation was based on the fake news Steele dossier and that no evidence of collusion exists.

Gowdy reacted by stabbing Trump in the back.

He shouted that if Trump is innocent his lawyer should act like it.

However, Dowd was doing his job.

Other Twitter uses pointed out that Dowd has every right to advocate for an investigation into his client be shut down if he is innocent.

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70 Responses

  1. Anastasia says:

    Yes yes well said. This has been going on too long. This is an obstruction of the President’s administration from handling constructive business for the nation and a waste of taxpapyer’s money. Let’s work together in Making America Grest again.

  2. Erich Von Glahn says:

    Come on, now. With the amount of illegal aliens voting, and with dead Republicans voting dem forget keeping house or Senate. We are going to get shellacked. Why? Because they will NEVER make that mistake again. Look at these last two elections in clearly red districts. There is no way these guys could win. There were a boatload of complaints of voting R and it switched to D. There were boatloads of videos of Hispanics and blacks being bussed around to vote D. Also had several others say they watched as the “officials” looked on, while a guy stood there stuffing ballots in the box. When he was questioned by this onlooker, the guy told him he better mind his own business. The whole voting thing is nothing but a joke. Absolutely no way these last two lost, and when the wonderful GOP was shown the evidence, they shrugged there shoulders and said to move on. You see. These guys that are in house and Senate, are already guaranteed there millions. They really don’t care if they win or lose, cuz they got there’s. When will we wake up? And the dems are mad at Trump for congratulating Putin, since he won by putting opponent in jail. It’s the same here, just without the jail. They know they are going to win, because they fixed it. I mean, Soros owns most electronic voting machines in the USA. So I ask you, how fair is that? If Trump owned all the voting booths, do you really think the left would allow it to go forward? I’ll save you some time. NO! They would not. But we on the right are stupid. We know they’re cheating, and do absolutely nothing. So when we lose house and Senate this year, I hope you remember this, and maybe say something to someone. I do, but I’m one person. And they look at me like I’m nuts.

  3. Erich Von Glahn says:

    I’m glad gowdy is leaving. He talks a great game, but accomplishes nothing. He’d be an excellent professor of law, tho

  4. Erich Von Glahn says:

    Ok. That’s fine. But the entire investigation is about if Trump colluded with the Russians to help him get elected. Mueller has not found “even a smidgen” of evidence suggesting that this occurred. He is no longer even investigating collusion. He is now investigating his company. Now, I’m sorry, but that is not what this is supposed to be about. It’s no longer even in the ballpark of Russian collusion. So when he finds nothing with his business, are we supposed to let the creep Mueller keep going until he finds something, anything, to nail him on? I think Trump stole a classmates lunch money in second grade. Oh, better hang. Impeach. I guess what I’m asking is, when will we say enough money and time is wasted? The way Mueller has gone after him, if there was any shred of evidence, he would have leaked it out by now. And last thing. Are you gonna cry and “march on Washington” when we finally get an AG with half a backbone to go after people that actually committed crimes, like Obama, Holder, and Hillary. Are you going to burn down police cars because it’s so unfair? These scumbags committed actual, provable, crimes, and should be held accountable.

  5. Bwa Ha says:

    My comment should say “the guilty man is actually guilty and is wrongfully exonerated.” Rather than “isn’t actually guilty”. I couldn’t find the “edit” button for my comment.

  6. Bwa Ha says:

    Trey Gowdy’s right. If Trump’s exonerated properly, beyond any reasonable doubt then he’s exonerated! If he isn’t, if the investigation is simply shut down because of politics or money or ??? then the question(s) are still there, the (perhaps) innocent man isn’t innocent in everyone’s eyes or (perhaps) the guilty man isn’t actually guilty and is wrongfully exonerated. Let the investigation run its course.

  7. Bwa Ha says:

    If Trump is innocent then let the investigation establish that he is. There will be no doubt if the investigation is allowed to run its course. Just don’t milk nor ignore the facts that suggest otherwise. If you’re the defense attorney and truly believe your client isn’t guilty then complete exoneration should be the goal. Let the investigation continue until a true answer is arrived at.

  8. Michael says:

    Shut it down.. The tax payer is getting screwed again. Paying for another political side show because the libs are grasping at straws again

  9. Alan says:

    The Mueller Investigation keeps going on;because, the Democrats do not want to accept the fact that Trump won the Democrats anti-Trump rigged election.

  10. Peter Klopfenstein says:

    Donald Trump may be guilty of something but its not what he has been accused of so far. The Democrats have habit of accusing the opposition of things they are already guilty of .

  11. tgw says:

    Not sure why Gowdy is slipping

  12. Gadaround says:

    It appears the swamp is getting to gowdy. I am sure that he doesn’t believe guilty of anything. He is naive if he doesn’t think mueller is the wrong guy because muellar is part of the swamp. He is poisonous! Not to say how arrogant that creep is!

  13. Usually I like Gowdy. But I am not sure where he is going with his comment. This Mueller investigation has been a waste of time. And there is no reason that the President should bother about it or allow himself to be distracted by it.

  14. kaz says:

    Gowdy’s claim to fame was the inept Benghazi investigation. The Foreign “Fast and Furious” Deal. With a major loss of Americans. All because of a so-called video.

    And he thinks anyone complaining that this Mueller investigation is fraudulent, makes President Trump look guilty? Even President Trump? I wonder what you are connected to now Gowdy? Shame, such high hopes in 2010, but fizzled out when it came to going after the Deep State Military business, of starting chaos, making BIG money for Clinton, Obama and the rest of the Deep State.


  15. It would be great if that is all Mueller is doing but as anyone with both eyes open can see the collusion part was never the intent of this investigation. Also if Gowdy is worried about the Russians then where was all this worry when it was actually going on ????? Notice who is cutting and running now when he could get something done. Just get out Gowdy and do something were you won’t have to try and put your government partners in jail.

  16. Jayne Cox says:

    Exactly right.
    IF ANYONE HAS NOT LISTENED TO THE PROPHETIC WORD BY MARK TAYLOR I SUGGEST YOU DO THAT ASAP. It will give you answers you do not have and bring enlightenment to everyone.
    I am not a person who believed in prophecy, until I heard Mark. He definitely has 100% track record.
    You don’t see that in most people that say they have the gift of prophecy.
    Listen to his 1st one in 2011.
    Then the latest one just the 18th of March.
    I think anyone will be amazed and enlightened .

  17. Mary Murphy says:

    Trey Gowdy, explain to me why you think President Trump should have to be distracted by more Mueller investigations. Do you have information that you haven’t shared with the rest of us about President Trump and his connection to the Russians? If you do, PLEASE SHARE IT with the rest of us. If not, please don’t suggest we spend more money on this Democrat led and stacked committee, or whatever we call this witch hunt.

  18. Nancy Bernard says:

    I agree Conservative Voter! We cannot allow the majority of Democrats to win in Mid Election. Most of what is going on is to sway people from voting for Republicans. The Demoncraps are HELL BENT on taking over the country with their corrupt and wicked politicians. We came this far, we showed the Marxist Media, the Demoncraps, Soros, and all those that hate our Republic and want God out of our country in 2016. Don’t stop now! Unfortunately, the only thing Dems are better at than Conservatives is rigging elections, like they did Killary’s and BO’s, and I am sure Lamb’s. They are not Constitutional Americans, the enemy will do what ever it takes to elect every Demoncrap in America. For one thing, do NOT use the voting machines, ask for a paper ballot. The voting machines are made by a Soros company, and many are rigged to register for Demoncraps only, even if you vote for the Conservative.

  19. Nancy Bernard says:

    I was shocked when I heard Trey Gowdy tell Doud to let Mueller investigate after President Trump was found to have NO COLLUSION with Russia. What happened here? Trey didn’t say one thing about the memo clearly pointing to the Clinton Campaign for buying information from a Trump hating Russian Spy from England to use against President Trump’s Campaign. BO was also found guilty of collusion, yet, the only person being investigated is President Trump. I thought Trey was one of the good guys, the Patriots against the NWO, looks like I was wrong. So highly disappointed in Trey, I thought for sure he would want answers from Killary’s Campaign and BO’s people, but still, harping on President Trump after he was found innocent.

  20. GySgt Lew says:

    Mueller does need to be Fired, but not by Trump. I think that Soros has something to do with Mueller. Also I think that Trey Gowdy is a traitor to the White House – he should stay loyal to Trump…

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