Trey Gowdy gave one interview about Robert Mueller that left jaws on the ground

Trey Gowdy has led some of the most important investigations in Washington.

So when he speaks about the Mueller probe, it carries weight.

That’s why his latest interview about the investigation left Americans speechless.

Gowdy appeared on Fox News Sunday and was asked about Trump Attorney John Dowd’s statement that the Mueller probe should be shut down.

Dowd asserted that the investigation was based on the fake news Steele dossier and that no evidence of collusion exists.

Gowdy reacted by stabbing Trump in the back.

He shouted that if Trump is innocent his lawyer should act like it.

However, Dowd was doing his job.

Other Twitter uses pointed out that Dowd has every right to advocate for an investigation into his client be shut down if he is innocent.

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70 Responses

  1. Gene says:

    Tax payers money they need to pay it back

  2. Owen Wolf ,Jr. says:

    I agree 100%. Just a smokescreen for the criminals to hide in hoping for a statute of limitations to run out, and they are still spreading poison to the public.This country could achieve a lot more pulling together as Citizens.

  3. Don says:

    While I like Gowdy, I have a question for him. Is it not Congess’s job to control spending? This has nothing to do with Trumps innocence, it has to do with a witch hunt that’s costing us millions of dollars for nothing, but after the last 9+ years it’s apparent Congress has no interest in saving our money or they’d have shut Obozo down.

  4. Tom Martin says:

    Mr Gowdy is a hard hitting prosecutor. I support his slick attacks on people that come before the Congress. But, I do not think if he faced any kind of charges he would be eager to go against another hard nose attorney if he was guilty or not. Talk is cheap. I am sure in his carry he has made a few innocent people look guilty to win a case. I am also sure like all if us he has some skeletons in his closet.

  5. Francisco Machado says:

    There are a few benefits to the Mueller investigation. It has brought to the fore what a farce the Steele dossier is, how false and manufactured it was and who paid for it. It has motivated investigations by others exposing the criminals in the FBI who used it to get a FISA warrant and the covert association between them and a judge on the FISA court. It has resulted in criminals, participants in the Hillary/Obama cartel, being fired from the FBI. Perhaps of greatest significance, it has set the pattern for the Independent Council investigations into the Clinton foundation, the Clinton lies before Congress, the Clinton mishandling of classified documents, the Clinton evidence destruction, Uranium one, the implication of Obama… And, when the Democrats complain about “Overreach” by the investigation, the Mueller model can be thrown at them. They want an unlimited investigation now? They’ll get one when it’s their turn.

  6. Kathy says:

    That’s right Erich. They just want this bogus investigation to go on and on and Mueller will stop at nothing to find something to get Trump with. Look at the case with the 4 Merrill Lynch executives that they jailed for lying. Years later a judge said they withheld information that would have exonerated them. This whole thing is phony and ridiculous. Hillary committed actual crimes and they wrote her exoneration BEFORE they interviewed her or 17 others. She obstructed Justice, sent and received Top Secret and Classified information on a private server, destroyed evidence with bleach it and hammers, paid for the Steele dossier that is being used against Trump and is basically the biggest criminal among the criminal politicians. A young Navy man was jailed for a year because he took 6 photos of the ship where he worked but never sent them to anyone. That is not equal justice under the law!

  7. Anastasia says:

    I wish I had added some of your comments in my comments above, especially about Durbin and the illegal immigrants in this nation. I’m not against immigrants I’m against illegality and people ignoring the laws and Constitution of this nation which has always stood above the others. And most of all a nation who offers the fulfillment of dreams like no other place in this
    world. The left needs to wake up and support the President and his administration and work together to make this an even greater nation

  8. Leonard Collings says:

    Exactly. There is nothing to be gained here. The Russians attempt to disturb elections all over the world. Appears they held Trump boosting events as well as Hilliary boosting events.. Hilliary did way more collusion with the Uranium deal then Trump ever will. Investigate and jail her.

  9. Leonard Collings says:

    Not one smidgen of evidence of collusion with the Russians in over a year of investigation with an estimated 12,000,000 dollars spent. It appears without any evidence this case has run it’s course.

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