Trey Gowdy gave one answer about impeachment that Trump couldn’t believe

Donald Trump is for all the help he can get as the Democrats stage an impeachment witch hunt.

The President thought he could count on former South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy.

And Trey Gowdy gave one answer about impeachment that Trump couldn’t believe.

In recent weeks, rumors swirled that Trey Gowdy would join Donald Trump’s legal team to help with the public relations battle over impeachment.

But then, Gowdy said rules governing lobbying efforts by former members of Congress would prevent him from joining the President’s legal team until January.

That rendered Gowdy’s status up in the air.

In an appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan pressed Gowdy to clarify if he would be representing the President.

Gowdy simply said he had “no idea.”

Politico reports:

Former Rep. Trey Gowdy on Sunday said he has “no idea” if he would ever join President Donald Trump’s legal team, despite Trump saying the South Carolina Republican would be free to do so next year.

Gowdy was first floated earlier this month as a new outside lawyer to help the president fight impeachment — an announcement that Trump quickly walked back, citing “lobbying rules and regulations.”

In an appearance on CBS on Sunday, Gowdy cast doubt on whether he would ever represent the president.

“I have no idea,” he said on “Face the Nation.“ “I don’t represent the president as of today. I don’t know what if anything will exist in January. It may be over.”

Democrats are racing against time to wrap up their impeachment inquiry before the calendar turns to 2020 and the Presidential race takes over.

But there is no guarantee they will be able to stick to that timeline.

Gowdy is expected to be the “TV lawyer” for Donald Trump.

A Senate trial on articles of impeachment is expected to take weeks.

A lawyer with Gowdy’s political and communication skills will serve the President well to rally the public to come to the conclusion that the articles of impeachment the Democrats draw up to remove the President from office are a scam.


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80 Responses

  1. N says:

    Trey Gowdy has always been deep state!!! Remember, he always talked a good game but accomplished nothing!!!!! Check his track record and see for yourself. Benghazi, Hillary, Deep state, need I go on! Big mistake President Trump!

    • Rani says:

      I agree and Gowdy is all talk. I don’t believe Gowdy can be trusted because he was always all over the place and seemed to side with the Dems and then would side with the Republicans. He claims he’s a Republican Conservative, but talks a lot and accomplishes nothing. He’s a mistake to be put on the President’s legal team. Gowdy just can’t be trusted IMO.

    • DENNIS says:


      • Linda Abernathy says:

        I agree, I’m a little confused as I have always loved Trey Gowdy but I will say only thins, he made Hillary look like an idiot when she was drilled by Trey regarding Benghazi and the email scandel and yet nothing was done then. She should have never passed go!

      • Dena says:

        Hes right, Trey Gowdy has always called the iduots out with common sense. Trey Gowdy puts them in there place and he cant get anything accomplished due to to many idiots in Congress. It’s sad that we lost him, and I didnt even vote for him because I dont live in his state. He doesnt twist words like most of them do, to fit there agendas.

  2. N says:

    Mutt Romney and the Deep State traitors are everywhere! The evil corrupted to the core liberal demonrat Commie Nazi’s party, minions, useful idiots and worst of all, the RINOs(Mutt Romney, Bolton, McConnell, Lee, Moran, Murkowski, Portman, Toomey, Wicker, Blunt, Graham, Collins, Gowdy, Rubio and you know the rest of the traitors ) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested swamp, President Trump! Prevent the coup from happening and prosecute to the full extent of the law all these treasonous rats of the deep state! Protect the President and the country patriots like your life depended on it!!

  3. John J Leach says:

    I think the house republicans should have asked the house democrats one question before todays vote. If the shoe was on the other foot and there was a republican controlled house and a democratic president, would you accept these articles of impeachment rules as presented by Pelosi and Schiff for your democratic president ? These set of rules now set a precedence for future impeachments of democratic presidents as well as the current republican president. You cannot accept these rules for President Trump and argue against them if these rules are proposed for a potential future sitting democratic president.

  4. Deb says:

    Trey took money was supported by Tony Podesta,John Podesta campaign money.So does Lindsey Graham.TRAITOR PAUL RYAN.At Fox News. Trey is compromised that’s why he left. Rudy Gillian all the way for my taste.The Obama,Clinton Ricco Ricco Ricco for 8yrs.

    • Mama says:

      What ??? Gowdy Takes $$$ . supported by ‘Podestas’ ??? !!!
      > & Graham etc ‘IN’ w/ Podestas ??? 0MG. that’s it = NO MORE
      support for Gowdy/ Graham etc.
      > Is ‘pizza’ ALL they Know ??? Besides Tearing down USA ___
      PLEASE. STOP. NOW ___

  5. Pamela Holt says:

    My paste tool has been hi-jacked so I am unable to send a very important article to you! THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR YEARS, I am allowed to paste to family!

  6. John J says:

    They don’t belong in the military AND they don’t belong on the president’s legal team

  7. Lewell says:

    Please stop sending me any emails, etc.
    I do not find a place to tell you to unsubscribe me.

  8. 82nd airborne vet says:

    I remember clearly during the Reagan administration. Because I was in the military at that time. We had one national hero that took on the deep state Democrats when they tried this crap on then President Ronald Reagan. It was at that time called the Iran/Contra scandal. Our national hero was at that time, Colonel Oliver North. He went to the democratic which hunt impeachment hearing because he was Subpoenaed. He made them all look so stupid by pleading the 5th. God bless him for his patriotism. However he was almost instantly discharged from the military and his military career was impeccable. There is no lengths those horrible demon Democrats won’t go to. Time to Lock and load.

    • Jonathan Conover says:

      82nd, Thanks for your military service. Colonel North was called before Congress which was an investigation of Iran -Contra affair, not an impeachment. I noticed that you have posted several times that you have 3 years left before you retire from the military. Are you a Staff Sergeant pushing 60? That’s quite a career!!

  9. Pandora says:

    The President should not trust Trey Gowdy. He seems to be very two faced.

  10. WILL VICTORY says:

    like Trey BUT truly wonder if he may be a bit too deep stated like most of these rino’s that draw back when demorats stick out their chest. We need a new bunch with big sets of heuvo’s to match our Pres.
    Shameful ,talking head dems rant n rave show up @ Mitch’s crib screamin’ and what do we see in response??? zilch,dang man thats some weak ass crap.
    Guess and damn sure hoping its because were not used to gettin’ down but my brothers , REAL patriots when will those of us shut their d-suckers once and that’ll shut ’em to hell up for good. COME ON MAN!!

  11. Mama says:

    Gowdy ‘squirms’ / & struggling (for what?) To ‘save face?
    . Sorry, but seems like the Truth.
    >Gowdy better 0ff, to write a book, i guess ___
    > He is a ‘liability’ at this Point___
    >Time for him to ‘move on’. To what ???

    • Pamela Holt says:

      My paste tool has been hi-jacked so I am unable to send a very important article to you! THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR YEARS, I am allowed to paste to family!

  12. TexanForever says:

    Why are all the political questions on this site so simplistic and stupidly one sided? … We all know how everyone is going to “vote.” … a waste of time. … Ask some challenging questions that will yield useful data.

  13. junius says:

    As a South Carolinian, I am not sure you can Trust, Trey Gowdy, he scored Zero on The Hillary investigation.. He just maybe a closet RINO, or doesn’t have what it takes to represent our President, in this critical matter!

    • Ruth C Costea says:

      I respect Mr. Trey Howdy. He has given unfailing & needed time defending the U.S. l wish him well and hope he can enjoy his family & his life. Thank you for your service to the U.S., Mr Howdy.

      This is a time when heroes will stand up to defend this people – they will come & defend freedom & family and the unalienable, God-given rights our country was founded on. There are homeless Vets & Vets next door, neighbors & friends, trained & seasoned for such a time as this.

  14. Mark says:

    Get in there Trey. Trump needs you. Lying liberal Democrats are trying to destroy this country. Get your mitt and get in the game as soon as you can. America needs you and I and many other Americans will be eternally grateful.

  15. Tony says:

    Must be a slow news day for Patriot Pulse. This wasn’t worth the time to read it. Shame.

  16. Don says:

    I think Trey was being honest on the question, that this whole thing might be over come January 2020 and he might not be needed by President Trump, It is entirely possible that with the 2 investigations coming out soon that everyone involved could be arrested, put in jail, and be awaiting trials for TREASON by January 2020. I think as “dumb” as these people are they all might just plead quilty to lesser charges to escape worse punishment and embarassment. I know Obama and Hillary would take the deal.


      Yes but she is a crooked lawyer and believes she is above all of this, also with the trials in DC, the jurors are all Democrats and true believers so she might get away with it all even if the evidence is very good against her, unless she starts talking,then all bets are off.

  17. Richard Tryon says:

    How can Trey Gowdy bed expected “have an idea” of his potential employment by the President of the U.S. next year? Is it possible that he thinks it would be presumptious for him to expect to know? Or does the media look for those with unfailing ‘crystal balls’?

    • Joe says:

      They will throwing one another under the bus. What else can they give us in return?! All we want is their corrupt asses in prison for a very long time!!


        I would settle for out of office, and out of the press.

      • Wondering Woman says:

        Believe Clapper has already thrown Obama under the bus with there would have been no spying or investigation of Trump without a request from Obama.
        So has Susan Rice with the memo to herself that Obama wanted to be kept up to date on all & sure that everything went by the book!

  18. Myron says:


  19. ABC says:

    Trey Gowdy is the one who explained how hearings at this stage of impeachment inquiry need to remain behind closed doors, to keep from the political sideshows, and to gather evidence that is not known by other witnesses that could alter their testimony to either “back up” or “oppose” the testimony of others. It is set to take a vote on the next phase on Thursday. At that point they will become public .

    • Z.R.French says:

      Trey Gowdy should help our president if he is not part of the problem he should be a part of the healing…he is a smart man…but if he chooses not to help I will be thinking he is not going to back up on his speeches he has made….I will be totally disappointed in him if he doesn’t fight to help this madness stop..

      • ABC says:

        my guess is that he will join the Trump team after the legal limit for his work ends.

      • SandyT says:

        From my reading of this article, I think all Gowdy is saying is that since he cannot represent Trump until January because of the rules, he doesn’t have an answer as to whether or not he will be representing the president. It all depends on the Democrats and if and when they do decide to impeach. By January, the whole thing might be over with, so there would be no need for Gowdy by then.
        “I have no idea,” he said on “Face the Nation.“ “I don’t represent the president as of today. I don’t know what if anything will exist in January. It may be over.”
        That’s pretty plain language!

        • VGF says:

          Sandy T ! I Don`t see how TREY could have Given any other Answer than the ONE HE Gave. After all, even TREY has no Way of SEEIng Ahead To January ! He Knows He can Not”DO”anything..Until He is FREE to DO Or Act. HE Is too Smart A Lawyer to “”Tell ANYONE IN THIS SO Called NEWS Media ANYTHING AT ALL. SO>>What ??If THey TRY TO Put words in his MOUTH ! They BEST NOT..Trey is A Pretty SAVVY Man..AND I would NOT BE Trying TO PUSH HIM OR SAY He SAID ANYTHING HE did NOT SAY !!! TREY IS Not Going to be ”Goaded or Allow ANYONE TRY to SECOND GUESS HIM. I HAVE All Confidence in TREY>>HE IS A TRUE And BRAVE MAN WHO Can Back up ANYTHING HE SAYS..( SO>>DON’T TRY NOTHING WITH HIM !!!

          • Charlie says:

            Right on!! Mr. Goudy is a great speaker and has his full attention on whatever the current subject is. He would be a great asset to Pres. Trump and already is.

      • Jonathan Conover says:

        Are you calling for his hanging yet?

  20. If Trey Gowdy doesn’t represent our President, he isn’t my guy anymore. Why are the liars trying to impeach Trump behind closed doors, without asking the Republican’s to be there. Doesn’t Gowdy know what is going on in front of his nose?He has his nerve to say the Democrat’s should do this, and keep the Republican’s out. Maybe he has decided to change from a Republican to a hard nose Democrat.

    • Scott27 says:

      Betty, a few of things you should be aware of: 1) the dems are operating, in part, on rules set up by Gowdy when he was investigating Benghazi who said at the time that such closed-door hearings are far more propductive; 2) the federal court has said the dem’s process is by the book according to the Constitution; 3) Republicans on the committees are in those depositions and given equal time to ask questions (in fact many who stormed the room last week are actually on the committees and welcome in the room); there will be public hearings after the depositions have been done. So, please don’t continue to spread misinformation.

      • Dr. J. D. says:

        That is exactly what I was going to say, and what Taylor made indicated too. Most of this comes from the news sources and should be known by all, unless you listen to right wing propaganda sites.

        • Chenz says:

          Dr. J.D. What is old is the GET out of jail
          NO INTENT CARD !! Soon to EXPIRE!!
          So why not let the people decide who they want? Because that’s not how communist do it, RIGHT!!oh and the world being flat was propaganda theory

        • Mama says:

          To jd. You like ‘prefer’ Left propaganda.
          ‘WE’ ‘prefer’ Right.
          > Get out of here & ‘speak’ to your 0wn.
          Thank you.

      • Wondering Woman says:

        Think Benghazi hearings involved both democrat & republican congrressional memers.
        The House’s fishing expedition excludes all republicans – which SCREAMS – SLEAZY. ILLEGA:< UNETHICAL & IMMORAL

    • Aileene E Fields says:

      I really. Want Trey Gowdy to Lawyer up with Our President! Especially if Hillary Decides to Run 2020 against Him!!

    • Taylor made says:

      If you see my comment just above yours (ABC), then you should see they are following the same procedure as outlined and used by Gowdy in previous hearings. REPUBLICANS ARE ALREADY IN THESE MEETINGS, THAT IS A FALSE STATEMENT. All the members of the committee are there, including Nunes who was chair of the committee before the House changed to the control of the Democrats. You either heard it incorrectly or heard the lies and false statements of those trying to create right-wing spin. Trump tried numerous excuses for his actions, and when those continued to be disproven ( no “quid pro quo” which has been shown numerous state dept. people saw and knew of it), then Trump turned on trying to fault the process, and trying to say he would not cooperate because the house had not taken a full vote on impeachment. A federal judge ruled against Trump and his team on Friday, saying the impeachment inquiry was valid without the vote, AND, more importantly, TRUMP was wrong in not given the materials to Congress as requested – – and they were ordered to do so by end of October. Trump’s BS is being shot down by the courts.

      • chief 1937 says:

        Regardless of what procedure they are following I have never trusted either party which has to hold their meetings in secret. Always wonder just what are they trying to hide. Their Russian deal did not produce any fruit so lets try something else this time and continue until we can find something terribly wrong. Not really supporting either but all this dragging around is getting old. If he committed an impeachable offence then impeach him if not then shut up and get to work on this nations problems enough stalling already.

    • Z.R.French says:

      I feel the same about Trey Gowdy ….he needs to back up the statements he has made about Schiff and all the other bizarre Dem’s…if not he will be a great disappointment to me and many others….

    • mzaz says:

      Our president is exposing the corruption in the demonRATS and RINOS. LMFAO

  21. Rani says:

    This is another illegal impeachment coup to try and overthrow this President. Trey Gowdy has some crazy ideas and I sure as hell wouldn’t want him representing me or the President. I think he’s been built up too much with nothing behind him. I’m hoping this stupid illegal impeachment comes back and hits the pencil neck crazy eyes Schiff in his ugly face. He’s a joke and Pelosi is a loser who’s afraid to come out from where she’s hiding. They’ve got to be voted out and Trump/Pence should win by a landslide in 2020.

  22. Kenny Reynolds says:

    This is the worst thing i ever seen happen to a president in my time. The fact is that this man is exposing all the atrocities that are being committed by the left.

  23. Michael G Warren says:

    “Impeachment” is a joke by liberal democrat losers. They know they must impeach the Prez BEFORE the election or lose again like they did in 2016. I have never seen such liars and losers in
    my 72 years. Also, every positive comment that I write about President Trump on AOL gets deleted. More liars and losers! TRUMP 2020!!!

    • Mysty says:

      I’m with you, Michael!!!! Aol is a dem network. Don’t even keep trying, it just frustrates you. Only paste to SITES that have intelligent & meaningful things to say.

    • VGF says:

      M.G.W. The Lefties are Going to LOSE..No matter What They do. SO These antics Have accomplished nothing Good for the ‘ DONE_FOR DEMOS.’ How DUMB can they BE???To line up 20+ wannabes on that Lineup >>Is Totally Ridiculous ! Think of this ”Dumb tactic as Their WAY OF Thinking to be “”The more the Merrier’..OR is it ” Safety in numbers ??? NO Worry. All you TRUMP Lovers out here ! HE WILL WIN< It does not matter What worn our TActics They USE. TRUMP IS our Chosen Leader..AND HE is Doing a wonderful job…in spite of these Running scared lefties.

  24. an says:

    THIS IS AN “ILLEGITIMATE” ATTEMPT TO IMPEACH. DEMS, particularly Pissy Pelosi & Little neck are “advertising” impeach, BUT CAN’T FIND THE GROUNDS TO DO SO. So they ficticiously SLANDER, LIE, “CHEAT”, while they search for a crime to attach to the work impeach………………….they should croak! SICK OF THESE ANTICS! America needs to revolt against everything Democrat…………………THESE WACKJOBS are not after the President, they are after the AMERICAN CITIZEN………………….they want us at their mercy==Enslaved!

  25. Mysty says:

    Don’t anyone respond to rumdum red man. He just loves to try & stir up trouble. He’s a bigot, a racist, a nothing in this world. He has ZERO value on this planet.

  26. ME says:

    the democrats started the kkk

    • GHD says:

      the KKK picked Trump as their chosen one, a fellow racist!

      • SandyT says:

        If he is such a “racist” why is it he has helped blacks and Hispanics more than Barack ever did? When the KKK/David Duke or anyone endorses someone, it is not the “someone’s” fault, unless they asked for the endorsement, which Trump did not do. Go peddle your BS elsewhere! You lefties can push that racism all you want, but it doesn’t make it true. It’s all you’ve got and it’s been pushed to the point where it’s meaningless now. The fact is that the Dems are losing more of the black vote than in decades and that worries them, so they have to keep saying it, so maybe someone LIKE YOU, will believe it.

      • chief 1937 says:

        GHD; You have just admitted your racism by your post besides that it is evident you have no idea as to the KKK which started out doing good just as the democrats did but somewhere along the line they both strayed off course and have not been able to get back on.

  27. jj says:

    dems = scumbags

  28. Leeroy F Ybarra says:

    It really is just another empty democrat witch hunt that they feel that if they keep shoving into the publics throats, the public will all buy it, but as you can see the democrats and the liberals are just getting crazier by the day.

  29. Austin says:

    i hope that the impeachment will stop and trump will not be impeacht any more

  30. The RedMan says:

    Why are so many blacks in poverty?
    Because racist white folks keep them on the government plantation

    • Brian says:

      ……..and those are Democrat plantations.

    • Brian Fisher says:

      ……..and those are Democrat plantations.

    • SandyT says:

      No, the Democrats keep them on the government plantation and have since Lyndon Johnson (and he call them n****r’s behind their backs). Sorry bastard, he was! The Dems want them to be perpetual victims, just like they treat the Native Americans. How can YOU be a part of that?

    • Ms. Munchkin says:

      REDMAN, Why are YOU such a racist? And don’t give me that “I can’t be a racist, I’m a native American” bullcrap either. We all know the definition of the word Racist. Nowhere in the definition does it say A “White” person. It says “A” person who shows or feel discrimination or prejudice against people of “other” races, or believes one race is superior to another. Guess what? White is still considered a race! Hence a person CAN be racist against whites! These are FACTS!

      • Will Penny says:

        RedIdoit hasn’t a country , he likes no white people period , even the far left Liberal Looney Tunes . Now a Simpleton, he is that for a fact !!?

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