Trey Gowdy found one way to shut down Adam Schiff from committing this crime

Allegations that Adam Schiff illegally leaks classified information are beginning to catch up to him.

The House Intelligence Committee Chairman is on the hot seat after one illegal leak just blew up in his face.

And Trey Gowdy found one way to shut down Adam Schiff from committing this crime.

Last week fake news CNN, the Washington Post, and The New York Times ran wild with a story about an election security expert from the office of the Director of National Intelligence briefing the House Intelligence Committee on classified information concerning a plot by the Russian government to help re-elect Donald Trump.

As it turns out, the story was false as the official misstated the intelligence and the Democrats ran wild with their own interpretation of the facts.

This story fit the pattern of an Adam Schiff leak.

Other fake stories such as Donald Trump, Jr. receiving advance notice of the WikiLeaks email releases also originated as leaks from Schiff’s committee so many Americans – including President Trump – suspected that Schiff was behind this illegal leak of classified information that fueled a blatantly false story.

Appearing on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program, Trey Gowdy said there was one simple way the intelligence community could put a stop to Schiff’s illegal leak campaign against the President.

And that was to stop briefing him.

“No one is above the law, apparently except whoever leaks classified information out of Adam Schiff’s committee,” Gowdy told Sean Hannity.

“What the intelligence community needs to give some thought to is [to] stop briefing someone who has a history and is an epidemic leaker,” Gowdy added. “Quit briefing him.”

Cutting off Schiff from briefings would represent a drastic step.

Schiff is the House Intelligence Committee Chairman.

But Schiff proved he cannot be trusted with classified information.

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30 Responses

  1. Jeff Layton says:

    I like the plan to trap him leaking intel. Give hime the disinformation and watch when and where it comes out
    to the public. This is the proof you will need to prosecute the bug eyed B++++++!

  2. Wayne Capurro says:

    How about indicting him for leaking classified material along with the people in the intelligence community who provided the material to him? Might that not stop him/them? Is leaking classified material to the press illegal or not?

  3. Keith says:

    Set him up with some fake Intel. Then see if the Intel is leaked to the msm.

  4. Shari G says:

    I can only hope and pray that he loses his reelection this year in California, along with Pelosi !

  5. gerald s sanford says:


  6. paul says:


  7. Jim says:

    Just cancel his security clearance.

  8. Ralph says:

    all of these government officials need to have their clearances taken away and not be allowed at briefings very easy fix

  9. mark says:

    He should also lose his security clearance. In fact, he should have lost it back when he said he had incontrovertible evidence that Pres Trump colluded with russian assets. It also really bothers me that congress can put people in jail for lying to them yet they can lie to the people they work for with impunity. Equal justice? sure unless your in congress or you lie trying to keep Pres Trump from being elected. Then its no harm, no foul. If your anyone else, its a very expensive trial ending in jail.

  10. Wicked Woman says:

    1) Annabel, I wholeheartedly agree with you.
    2) Yes, stop giving Shifty Schiff ANY information.
    3) Get rid of Acosta.

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