Trey Gowdy dropped one truth bomb that had James Comey running for his life

James Comey’s conduct as FBI Director is once again under the microscope.

Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report shocked many Americans and led to calls for Comey’s imprisonment.

And now Trey Gowdy dropped one truth bomb that had James Comey running for his life.

Trey Gowdy took on Comey’s corrupt and unethical conduct as FBI Director head on during an interview on Fox News.

Gowdy noted that three different Inspector General reports into Comey’s handling of investigations in the 2015 election showed him to be lawless and insubordinate.

Newsmax reports:

Blasting fired FBI Director James Comey’s claim of vindication of wrongfully spying on the Trump campaign, former Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., said Comey should stop writing “books on ethics.”

“I don’t know what report Comey read,” Gowdy, now a legal analyst, told Fox News’ “The Story” Martha MacCallum. “This is the third IG report that has found his conduct to be substandard, if that’s a victory lap, if he wants to take a victory lap because he’s not indicted, more power to him.

“Don’t write any more books on ethics, though. Don’t tell me what the ethical standard is if you think this report vindicates you.”

Inspector General Michael Horowitz admitted in testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that his report vindicates no one, including Comey.

Comey outrageously claimed the Horowitz report vindicated him.

The level of wrongdoing and corrupt actions taken by FBI agents on Comey’s watch led Horowitz to directly say in his testimony that no one at the FBI that touched this case in any way should feel vindicated.

The next step now is accountability.

And with United States Attorney John Durham conducting a criminal investigation into the FBI’s manufacturing of the Russian collusion hoax calls are only growing louder for Comey to face criminal charges.

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107 Responses

  1. Esther says:

    Trey Gowdy should change his name to Truth Gowdy. He sure is in favor of it. Good job Mr Gowdy. Get down with your bad self and give the liars hell.

  2. L. Shamus McQuade says:

    Gowdy is an EXCEPTION than the RULE…The RULE being all career politicians like Comey ( and he IS a politician or a wanna be one) are all DUMB BA$TARDS……walking around like their $HIT doesn’t stink… arrogant LAWYER. Comey continuing to vindicate himself only typifies the LIBERAL behavior of they can never do any wrong and will NEVER take responsibility for their actions. Another career politician that should be slated for the GULAG

  3. Hey Comey :
    IT is TIME.
    oh YEAH !

  4. John says:

    I will repeat an earlier comment I made. Trey Goudy for Supreme Court.

  5. Joe says:

    Tom you are the demtard bozo asskisser here. You talk about nothing. Lib asshole!

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