Trey Gowdy devastated Joe Biden with one truth about Donald Trump

Joe Biden’s border crisis just became a nightmare.

And that is thanks to Trey Gowdy.

Now Trey Gowdy devastated Joe Biden with one truth about Donald Trump.

The border patrol recorded the highest number of arrests in American history during the fiscal year of 2021.

Former Congressman Gowdy invited Texas Congressman Mike McCaul on his Fox News show to explain to viewers how the border crisis was even worse than the corporate media let on.

McCaul explained that as a former federal prosecutor and Chair of Homeland Security committee, McCaul had never seen the border in such dire straits, describing cartels and caravans “going to war” with the border patrol.

The Texas Congressman warned that thanks to Joe Biden’s open borders policies, the crisis was “going to get worse.”

“You look at this caravan, you’re talking about tens of thousands of people coming up, people without borders threatening the border patrol that they’re going to go to war with them. I have lived in this state all my life. And I was a federal prosecutor, chairing Homeland Security as you know, and this is the worst I have seen it. It is going to get worse, Trey, not better, before it ends,” McCaul stated.

McCaul explained that one of the first things Joe Biden did upon taking office was eliminate the Remain in Mexico protocols – which forced illegal aliens to remain in Mexico while their asylum cases worked their way through the immigration courts.

Congressman McCaul told Gowdy the only reason Biden got rid of the Remain in Mexico protocols was because they were Donald Trump’s idea.

McCaul added that doing away with Trump’s policies was the culmination of Biden’s plan to open the border.

“I think it’s been the plan all along. Going back to the campaign, that’s when you started seeing the traffickers realizing the law is going to change. And that’s when they started moving these kids up through the border. And it became a real problem, a self-fulfilling prophecy. I don’t think they realized rescinding this on day one, just because it had Trump’s name on it, what the consequences were really going to be,” McCaul added.

If Republicans take over Congress in 2022, there will be investigations into Joe Biden purposefully allowing an invasion of illegal aliens into America.

And some GOP voters would like to see that result in impeachment.

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