Trey Gowdy destroyed the Democrats with one truth bomb about the riots

Americans cannot believe what they are seeing on their TV sets every night.

Looters, rioters, and vandals are taking over American streets.

And now Trey Gowdy destroyed the Democrats with one truth bomb about the riots.

In an interview with Dana Perino on Fox News, former Congressman Trey Gowdy expressed his disgust the lawless environment Democrats fostered in cities across America.

“When you cultivate or tolerate an environment of lawlessness, that’s what you get,” Gowdy explained. “You’re going to get arson and looting and the defacing of public property.

Democrats in cities like Seattle allowed Black Lives Matter activists to seize control of a six city block area now known as the Capitol Hill Occupied Zone (CHOP).

Other Democrat mayors in cities like New York and Los Angeles are taking funding away from law enforcement and disbanding police units that help maintain order.

Gowdy said this surrender by Democrat elected officials across the country explained viral videos of thugs shoving a 92-year-old woman to the ground or trying to light a sleeping homeless man on fire with fireworks.

“And how far of a walk is it from that to saying, ‘If I can do all of that, why don’t I just push down an elderly woman and put fireworks on a homeless man?’” Gowdy added.

Gowdy told Perino that this culture of violence and anarchy can only take over America’s streets when politicians make law enforcement and not the criminals the villains in society.

“I’m a big law enforcement person,” Gowdy told Perino. “Law is the most unifying, equalizing force we have in our culture and once you begin to ignore certain laws, good luck when it’s your turn to want one enforced.”

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50 Responses

  1. Wayne says:

    It is coming!! Many may choose to ignore the storm brewing but they choose to remain blind until it is too late. The lawless nature the Democrats are approving from liberal groups like Antifa and BLM are going to increase to a point where the opposite groups like Oathkeepers, 2nd Amendment Rights, and Patriot Militias begin to end the lawlessness. You may say no that will never happen but to a point it has already started. BLM members starting to arm themselves and using those weapons to commit crimes has and will continue to cause Patriots to take their weapons and defend property and to end protesting violent mobs. In all sense we are currently in a cold Civil War and one incident is all it will take to change it to a full all out UnCivil War!! We went through this before and when you look at the history the same things are happening today. I have been expecting this to happen and have prepared my family for it for the past 20 years. The question is: How many of you are prepared for a Civil War? Do you know who your friends are and what their political affiliations are? Do you know which neighbors you have which may be your worst enemies or enemies of the country you want to remain? If you answered NO to any of those questions then you need to prepare and do it fast!

  2. Charlotte says:

    The ignorance of our Americans? do they know anything about our History?
    The Dems have one agenda only, it has to do with GREED and POWER!

  3. don lemas says:

    Was the driving force behind the Confederacy’s secession from the Union — to protect the institution of slavery; Tried desperately to block the “Reconstruction Amendments” to the Constitution, which were written to ensure the slaves freed by the Civil War had full rights of citizenship; Were behind the organized terror of the Ku Klux Klan in the Civil War’s aftermath and instituted the rigid segregation of the Jim Crow era. Was opposed to the civil rights movement even into post-World War II America.

  4. Mark says:

    Any politician who does not do their job to protect the people they represent intentionally or for party or personal matters should be charged as if they committed the crime themselves and be charged with neglect of their duties to protect the very people who elevted them.

  5. Michael burton says:

    The 1 system with 2 so called parties have been ripping off hard working Americans since ronald Reagan and beyond. The rich have gotten richer over that time. Look how much they made over the pandemic. While got screwed out our wealth and jobs

  6. Frank Gabriel says:

    Yes and take her puppets chuckie , jerry and adam with her.

  7. Ron says:

    Dems started all this with their sanctuary cities and abolish ice bs

  8. PAUL B says:

    2% of the population telling us how to live. This over time will only have one ending. Good luck.


    The DEMS have successfully created an environment where we no longer have “EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW” we have one system of law for the DEMS, and people the DEMS want to vote for them, and there is another system for the rest of us. This is evident in Judges, who are NOT required to publicly disclose a political party alliance, ignore the fact that it is the legislatures job to create, pass and establish laws, and “create” their own laws, with no input from voters or legislators. This is an extreme injustice to American Citizens, as we have no input on this process. Why has our Attorney General not filed a suit against “Sanctuary Cities”, or “Defund the Police” laws being implemented by Judges, Governors and Mayors with no Legislative Input, or direct voter input? “Politicians in Robes” violates the separation of powers between Legislative, Judiciary and Executive branches? States and cities that implement laws that directly oppose Federal Law should forfeit Federal funds. Period. When California’s Gov says he “REFUSES” to pay back the Federal money that was invested in the High Speed Rail plan that the state mismanaged. If he doesn’t make good on that investment he screwed up, we should not give California ANY MORE FEDERAL FUNDS!

  10. MARY E MCENROE says:


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