Trey Gowdy asked one question about voter fraud that no Democrat wants to answer

Democrats are fighting to pass a scheme that would federalize elections and open the door to massive voter fraud.

It crashed and burned in the Senate.

And Trey Gowdy asked one question about voter fraud that no Democrat wants to answer.

The Democrats’ bill to put Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi in charge of elections would eviscerate the ability of states to enforce voter ID laws.

This legislation would impose nationwide mailing of unsolicited ballots to every voter in America and allow for risky ballot harvesting schemes where Democrat operatives could collect ballots by the bag full and turn them in.

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin tried to float a “compromise” – which still amounted to a massive power grab to rig elections in the Democrats favor – but it watered down the voter ID provisions.

On Fox News’ Special Report, host Brett Baier asked former Congressman Trey Gowdy if the Democrats caving on voter ID had anything to do with a recent poll from Monmouth University that showed 80 percent of Americans supported voter ID.

“Yes, Brett. That was a long, long time ago, like maybe seven to 10 days ago, when not only were they opposing voter ID, they went to the Supreme Court to oppose voter ID. And so I always ask the rhetorical question, what is your issue with proving that you are who you are? The problem with that poll, Bret, is all 18 percent that are opposed to voter ID are on the Democrat side of the House and the Senate. That’s the problem with the polling. They are not going to support it,” Gowdy added.

The Democrats’ retreat on voter ID exposed their years of smearing laws designed to make sure voters can prove who they say they are as racist were nothing more than politically motivated lies.

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