Top Republican double-crossed Donald Trump right in the middle of impeachment

Donald Trump is in the middle of a fight for political survival in the impeachment witch hunt.

The President needs to count on the support of every Republican.

But this top Republican double-crossed Donald Trump right in the middle of impeachment.

Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson announced his retirement and is leaving the Senate by December 31.

That means Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp can appoint a replacement that could cast a crucial vote in any Senate impeachment trial.

And much to the dismay of President Trump and his supporters, Kemp is expected to appoint the women’s professional basketball team owner and major Mitt Romney donor Kelly Loeffler to the position.

The Daily Caller reports:

Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp is expected to appoint financial executive Kelly Loeffler to the U.S. Senate, replacing ailing GOP Sen. Johnny Isakson.

Kemp is expected to announce Loeffler sometime next week, according to several senior GOP officials who spoke with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. A source familiar with Kemp’s deliberations also told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the governor is expected to announce his decision in the coming days.
The announcement would mark the end of months-long backroom lobbying by applicants hoping to become the state’s next U.S. senator.

Isakson, who has served in the Senate since 2005, announced in late August that he would be stepping down from his seat at the end of the year, concluding that his health challenges were “taking their toll” and preventing him from properly serving in Congress. The three-term Republican senator from Georgia announced his Parkinson’s diagnosis before his 2016 reelection, but said at the time the disease would not affect his ability to work.

The President urged Kemp to appoint Congressman Doug Collins to the position, but Kemp spurned Trump’s advice to appoint a liberal women to the Senate in order to try to appeal to suburban women in the 2020 election.

But Loeffler’s rock solid support for Mitt Romney and her refusal to donate to Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign have Never Trumpers and Democrats looking at Loeffler as a vote to convict the President in a Senate impeachment trial.


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82 Responses

  1. Bill says:

    I voted for Governor Kemp and gave what financial support I could. If he goes ahead and names this Mitt Romney RINO to replace Senator Isakson it will be the last vote and support Kemp will get from me. This act would be a complete betrayal of every conservative Republican in the state.

  2. Ernst says:

    Mr. Isakson, please change your mind and stay a year longer! Please!!!

  3. NOBODY says:

    Kemp is a Rhino!

  4. James H Roberts says:

    I wrote a comment about my beliefs about Trump’s racist attitude and the supporters agreements with it and was refused submission!!! Why is this sight refusing to submit my comments ? Does anyone have an answer for this?

    • Robert Czeranko says:

      If Donald Trump was a racist then the EEO would have been all over his company. President Trump is not a racist. However, President Obama was and re-ignited racial hatred in America.

      • TOM says:

        Obama DID NOT ignite racial hatred in America ever.
        What did ignite racial hatred in America was the simple fact that the majority voted for him twice infuriating the radical right, you couldn’t accept the fact that a black man lived in WHITIES HOUSE, after 232 years of white rule now a black man in the WHITE HOUSE, you just couldn’t take it, you’re whole white life flashed before you’re eyes, it finally sunk in you’re white race and power was coming to an end, the minority is now the majority, you got Trumpzilla and boy did you rejoice once again whitie is in control once again you have a full blown racist in control, to you he represents God you once again have white power and along with him you now have the right to push you’re radical Religious right ideology he’s you’re Jim Crow era savior he’s calling you very fine people legitimizing you’re hatred of non-whites, he’s the biggest promoter of racial tension, he’s you’re white God, you idolize him, you bow down to you’re white God, you fully support you’re white God, you call for his white family to rule forever, you’re terrified to lose you’re white God, you must defend you’re white God at all costs, even if that means civil war, no one must be able to remove you’re white God, after all you’re white God placed you’re white God in the White House.
        Long live white Supremacy long live white power.

        • Valiant Vet says:

          Oh, Tom. What an ignorant LCD you are….President Trump has done more for the black population than any President in history. Obama pushed race relations backwards to the hatred that existed in the 50’s and 60’s. Lowest black employment in the history of the nation …. etc., etc., And please learn the difference between “your and you’re”, or don’t post your ignorant ramblings until you can digest FACTS.

    • Maybe you should go to a Trump rally,
      They are massive, but we never noticed
      anybody’s race, because that’s not how
      anyone is supposed to think.
      In fact it wasn’t even a issue from where I was at, just people supporting a elected President
      and having a good time.

    • NOBODY says:

      I’ve not had an issue yet in 2yrs.

    • Eileen Fernandez says:

      Research and find all manner of minorities and ethnicities that support Trump. These groups include blacks, hispanics and Jews. How in the world can anyone honestly label him a racist? People who know him personally have stated things like, “There is not a racist molecule in his body.” From everything I have observed about our president, I would 100% agree.

      • JusticeforTrump says:

        What are about his statement against Hispanics and African countries. Worst are his attacks against the Central Park 5, he wanted them executed without a trial. DNA evidence l;ater proved their innocence after spending many years in prison. He and his father also were fined for discriminating against blacks in housing years ago. Trump is a mobster, egomaniac and now we see he his a traitor.

    • Culper Ring says:

      It could be a bug in the system. Sometimes pro-Trump remarks and constitutionalist sentiments do not make it past the filter.

  5. James H Roberts says:

    I’m amazed at the support of the Trump’s racist attitude towards Obama!!!
    Trump has been a racist since he started working for his Father’s apartment buildings back in the seventies and up to his birther of President Obama!!!
    That tells me that they are as much of a racist as Trump!!! Bigots to the end of time!!! Sadly uninformed and uneducated and need to be informed and honest about themselves!!! This is just what I believe is wrong with the Trump Administration!!! Time for a change!!!

    • Carlo says:

      I am amazed that you are such a band-wagon Democrat. Trump is the best president we have had since Eisenhower. I didn’t like him at first, but now I see that he is a political genius. I am so happy and grateful that Hillary the liar didn’t get to lead our great country.

    • I have been searching for anything relating to
      President Trump being a racist, but haven’t found anything. Maybe you should call him personally and ask. I can’t see where you are coming from, unless you have a cnn clip from 3 years ago when cnn got busted with a race-baiting issue.

    • chief1937 says:

      James it is obvious you are a democrat as you make claims without any proof just as they do. Open your eyes and take a good look at Trump’s accomplishments in spite of opposition. If there is anyone who is uninformed or bias you fit the bill. Come into the real world and take a good look before criticizing. What’s wrong did he cut off your food stamps? Or was you simply born bias?

  6. James H Roberts says:

    I’m amazed at the support of the Trump’s racist attitude towards Obama!!!
    Trump has been a racist since he started working for his Father’s apartment buildings back in the seventies and up to his birther of President Obama!!!
    That tells me that they are as much of a racist as Trump!!! Bigots to the end of time!!! Sadly uninformed and uneducated and need to be informed and honest about themselves!!!

    • Carlo says:

      I am amazed that you are such a band-wagon Democrat. Trump is the best president we have had since Eisenhower. I didn’t like him at first, but now I see that he is a political genius. I am so happy and grateful that Hillary the liar didn’t get to lead our great country.

    • Bob says:

      Why are you being allowed to publish your very inaccurate anti-Trump, and false statements twice? I tried to get my comments published once and they mistakenly said I had already said what I was trying to say. Seems to be more of Democrat bias to me.

  7. Steve Berryman says:

    The State of Georgia has a long history of electing establishment (neocon, rino, globalist) type Republicans into office. The State hasn’t had a true conservative governor since Lester Maddox. For all the liberal hate charges against him, he turned out to be one of the best and most beloved governors in our history. It has been a long stretch since it has elected a true conservative US Senator as well. Our candidates for office all talk a good conservative game during campaign season, then forget all their promises as soon as they are elected. Brain Kemp has followed the same pattern. I voted for him and now am sorry I did. I do not know much about Kelly Loeffler, but anyone who would support Mitt Romney is someone we do not need anytime, much less in our current environment. Doug Collins has on the other hand proven himself during this treasonous coup attempt by the Democrats and leftist media. In fact, he is the best representative in Washington from the State of Georgia and quite deserving of a promotion to the US Senate. Further, if he would throw his hat into the other Senate seat race against David Perdue, I would be happy to vote for him. As for Brian Kemp, we can all see his “conservative” campaign promises were all empty shotgun.

  8. Michael Seymour says:

    That Kemp creep just showed everyone that Rep. Dems. do exist. That blastard has taken his place amongst others who want to flush our Country down into the cesspool of the Deep State, Cabal and the like. It’s bad enough that we have to fight the Dems. at every turn but also so many Rep. Dems..

  9. JusticeforTrump says:

    Trump is a mobster, and a traitor, you people are in major denial.

  10. TOM says:

    I never read the stories on P/P I just go straight to the comments to get all the lies.
    To all you TRUPZILLA followers I’ve been told by all of you that I’m rude, hateful, disrespectful, and use vulgarity to make my points.
    I’m truly sorry for offending you so much. So in the spirit of xmass and the happiest time of the year i’d like to apologize to all of you.
    I’m truly sorry, I really had no idea that you morons could even read.
    Please enjoy you’re last xmass with Cheeto Bandido as POTUS, get ready for much better times to come with Democrats in control of the house, Senate, and presidency, now let’s all rejoice in the coming of our savior’s.

    • Bruce C Slack says:

      Thanks. I needed the laugh. You need to take your meds & go to bed. Things will look better in the morning. Sweet dreams.

  11. Maggie says:

    Mitt Romney, supposedly a Bishop in his church that is neither Catholic or Orthodox Christain, has nothing decent about him. He was insanely jealous of President Trump even before Mr. Trump became President. He will do anything to hurt our President. I know the religion Romney is in is an off schhot o f something different. It has to be. Otherwise he wouldn’t be so jealous of President Trump and all that he is doing for We the People. Romney was a big businessman making big bucks and parading around as a bishop when it fits his needs. His wife is a wonderful woman, but he apparently leaves a lot to be desired. Jealousy is so evil… but he will answer to his GOD one day.

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      Romney lost the election to Obama because he didn’t run a well oiled campaign. He choose to loose therefore he can’t blame anyone but himself. Romney needs to quit acting like GOD. I have my GOD and he is nothing like Romney. Stop playing the part Mitt, your lousy. Why aren’t you representing your constituents wishes? They voted for you!!!! WHY?????????? P.S. I didn’t know hate and jealousy was part of the Mormon religion. It’s not. Romney… do your job or resign.

  12. Healthydose says:

    Russia…nothing, even after 2 years of unrestricted searching.
    Urkraine…nothing this is merely a show.
    Black unemployment…lowest in 50 YEARS
    Hispanic unemployment…lowest in 40 YEARS
    No new wars
    Jobs coming back.
    What is wrong with you?

  13. tullah says:

    BIG mistake for the governor. if she is a friend of Romney she will be trouble for the president and will not do any good for the state of Georgia. Kemp just doomed his own destiny. He was doing some good here but I think he got blindsided. I don’t blame for Issascon for retiring he is sick and he knows he can not do his job. I do not know this woman but she does not chose her friends very well. Oh well I guess we will have to live with it.

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      Georgia can do better….. however, Georgia citizens can draft a recall petition for for Governor’s choice.
      Georgia belongs to ALL the citizens not just the Governor.

  14. julie kemp says:

    No, you got that WRONG. Obama is going down in history as the WORSE President ever, and in fact, he ran a corrupt government. Hopefully, it will all come out soon.

    • James H Roberts says:

      How many people in the Obama administration have been indicted, charged and convicted of any criminal actions? None, in the eight years of his administration!!! How many people in Trump’s campaign and administration have been indicted, charged, and convicted in first his three years as President? Six so far!!! That is a very good indication of a corrupt administration, to me anyway, how about you julie kemp?

      • trapperwv1 says:

        Yes six indicted but for things that had nothing to do with Trump or his administration. Be careful of the democrat stones you are flipping over a big snake may be waiting for you.

  15. Mike says:

    We need to help our president and get rid of these rich career politicians. It seems a lot of them have relatives also in other branches of government getting rich on our taxpayers money. The people need more power to keep congress honest. Our goverment is cancer to our democracy

  16. Bigmur says:

    G9overnor Kemp made a big mistake and will shoot himself in the head and foot at the same time
    We don’t need another liberal communist a–h—l in our government.

  17. Don Juan says:

    These people who pervert the ways of justice in our country, by trying to impeach our current president, are going straight to hell for their damnable heresy. And who are these people I am referring to here? All the Democrats of course and a good number of Republicans, too. All of them are toe to toe and in league with the deep state creatures in Washington DC. When Donald Trump came into the picture, it put a tailspin with their plans of continuing to manipulate the American people. There are many Republican politicians right now who would just love to have Donald Trump out of the picture so they and their mdetestable comrades on the left can continue manipulating the American people. Remember in 2016 how many Republican politicians were against Donald Trump running for president ? All of them were. Lindsey Graham was. Mitt Romney was. Mitch McConnell was. All of the presidential primary candidates were. All of them thought it was a joke that Donald Trump would run as our president. None of them wanted him in there. I truly believe that Donald Trump was a godsend for the American people and possibly the world. He is the only person that could shake up our current corrupt government we have and he is doing exactly that. Once he is finally out of the picture then God help us all. It will be back to the same old, same old as it was before with the Republicans and Democrats in Washington DC. The deep state will never leave Washington DC. The only time that will happen is when God finally steps in and put a stop to all this madness. It is imperative that we keep Donald Trump in there as long as we can. What comes after him scares the living daylights out of me.

    • TOM says:

      Don Juan
      Oh my God what a big cry baby you are a grown man crying you’re scared too death you’re whole world is coming to an end Trumpzilla will get voted out no doubt about that, not just American people but the whole world hates him everywhere he goes he gets booed everywhere his family goes they also get booed nobody likes them except his cult followers the radical Religious right the racists the haters the war mongers all the godless people love him all the deniers love him all the retards love him all the least educated love him Putin loves him Russia loves him the problem is not enough of you haters to keep him in office the majority will rise up again like 2016 and vote him out unless of course you cheat again with the electoral college vote like you have so many times before you just can’t win without cheating.

  18. Bender says:

    What a rethuglican looking out for his state rather than cadet bone spurs. In true scientology fashion you guys better shun him immediately. PARTY B4 COUNTRY.

  19. Mark says:

    Donald Trump is the worst president in modern history

    • tlc says:

      Please explain yourself. Just a blanket statement with nothing to back up with isn’t enough to win any support or change any ones mind.

      • JusticeforTrump says:

        Just follow the corruption and chaos in his Presidency every effing day

        • tlc says:

          Still just broad statements. Like if you asked about Obama lies I would reply with “You can keep your doctor.”

          • Kate says:

            You forgot….you can keep your doctor and it will be cheaper by $1500 per family. Boy, that was the biggest lie ever! And WE THE PEOPLE paid the price, not him.

      • Not Blind says:

        That blank statement changed my mind I’m voting blue this next time, if you can’t see the problem then you’re part of the problem, nobody wants a dictatortship.

    • Bruce Pestell says:

      Maybe you should review his accomplishments:

      All this while being slandered, obstructed and attacked by the democrats, the media as well as the anti-Trump disloyalists. Quite impressive. Easily the best president we have had in thirty years.

      • julie kemp says:

        No, you got that WRONG. Obama is going down in history as the WORSE President ever, and in fact, he ran a corrupt government. Hopefully, it will all come out soon.

        • JusticeforTrump says:

          Julie, you know nothing, nothing at all about current events or history. Trump is a total disaster, corrupt and if the anti-Christ exists he is all yours.

      • JusticeforTrump says:

        Trump’s most amazing accomplishment has been somehow he hasn’t ruined the great economy he inherited despite his crazy tariffs that aren’t working, burning the farmers except giving them our tax money. His chaos or corruption and ties to Putin and attempts to ruin NATO have disrupted any sanity left in our allies

      • Not Blind says:

        Anybody can set up a fake web page, anybody with minimal knowledge can Photoshop a picture, anybody can make anyone believe what they want to hear, it’s called subliminal messaging all you have to do is plant the seed plant the idea once it’s there you’ve set the hook just sit back and reel them in.
        Wal Mart does it very successfully it’s there market strategy it works very well they make billions from it just by the way they set there stores up the first tactic is how they set up the entrance just from that the majority of shoppers walk out with more then they had intended to get in the first place.
        That’s how Hitler rose to power he knew how to manipulate the human mind he took advantage of human weakness he had the whole country under his spell, just watch any old video footage of his speeches look how entranced the people are by him they looked up too him like a God a savior for Germany only he could restore Germany to greatness after defeat in WW1.
        Now watch a Trump Ralley people are mesmerized their God has arrived only he can restore America too greatness again all those horrible years of Clinton Obama never mind that things were good under them you’re new God has you believing it was so terrible he has you in his trance he has you hooked he’s reeling you in just like Hitler did, just watch the comparisons it’s uncanny how similar the two are the crowds react the same the chants are the same just one in German one in English.
        Deny all you want nobody can make anybody see the truth but some people can make you believe in false narratives some people can hypnotize you some people are very good at subliminal messaging and once you’re hooked it’s usually to late you’ve been brainwashed you’re willing to give up everything for that one person you don’t care you have you’re God and nobody can change you’re mind you’ve been mesmerised.
        You no longer care about the future you only care about the here and now God has appointed you’re leader and you will give up everything for him you’re life you’re children’s life you’re country nothing matters anymore only God’s appointed leader the Antichrist, as Hitler led Germany to defeat so shall Trump he will destroy America because you love him more than life itself, there’s no turning back the fix is in just when will the attack happen.

    • Red says:

      No, he’s the BEST!!!!

    • julie kemp says:

      No, you got that WRONG. Obama is going down in history as the WORSE President ever, and in fact, he ran a corrupt government. Hopefully, it will all come out soon.

    • You must have hibernated through the Obama and Clinton administrations huh doper?

    • Jan says:

      I’ll bet you only watch CNN…If so, you need a good psychiatrist President Trump has done more for America than any other president or person in our lifetime! Go President Trump 2020!!!

  20. Scott27 says:

    As Americans, shouldn’t we be focused on protecting the country from corruption and focusing on the rule of law that makes us exceptional…. rather than on protecting a tv reality star?

    • Why you think we elected Trump dope head Scott?

    • Healthydose says:

      Russia…nothing, even after 2 years of unrestricted searching.
      Urkraine…nothing this is merely a show.
      Black unemployment…lowest in 50 YEARS
      Hispanic unemployment…lowest in 40 YEARS
      No new wars
      Jobs coming back.
      What is wrong with you?

      • Scott27 says:

        Healthy Dose:
        Russsia… 6 of trump’s closest advisors convicted. Trump sides with Putin over the CIA, FBI and National Security Administration.

        Ukraine… clear evidence of extortion by trump.

        I’ll agree on the employment numbers… but lots of farmers going broke.

        No new wars… as long as you don’t count our turning our backs on our allies and allowing the slaughter of our friends.

        North Korea… still building nukes and testing rockets.

        China… “trade wars are easy to win”… except when they’re not and we are paying for it.

        Mexico… still not paying for the wall. Existing wall breached with a hardware store saw.

        Jobs? Yeh, many have three of them and still can’t get ahead.

        Need I go on??? Question is.. what is wrong with you?

  21. Elizabeth Poor says:

    The Gov will not get reelected if he appoints the Romney supporter He should have followed Trumps advice

  22. N says:

    These treasonous hypocrite libs(lying sack of Schiff) don’t know the meaning of the truth! They are at it again and just as mentally deranged as the rest of the Globalists NAZI Muslim Commie Liberal Demoncrats! Deep State, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Hollywood, Academia, Fake News, Swamp News and you know the rest!! ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these lying Fake News deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

    • Mark says:

      Wow, you’re full of HATE

      • Michael Bennett says:

        No , we are tired of the same lying pack of BS filled politicians. “N’s” statement doesn’t sound any different than listening to the names the media have called Trump on a daily basis for the last 2 1/2 years. And you pretend to be the tolerant ones. WE ARE FED UP !!!!

  23. Joe tremper says:

    If kemp does this he will be a ont time fool!

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      Kemp should think about what is best for Georgia. Mitt Romney isn’t affiliated with Georgia Choose the best candidate that will do the job not favoritism. If you side with Romney, you will loose re-election….
      people don’t forget, they may forgive.

  24. Do you support Anti Semitism like the Democrats do…? Do you support Facism like the Democrats do…?

    • Bender says:

      Robin or just bigotry against people of color, the LGBTQ community, Muslims, and women like the rethuglicans do?

      • Bruce Pestell says:

        You have been propagandized. None of that is true and easily disproved.

      • So ole stupid Bender believes that a person with a full face beard, hairy chest and legs, an Adam’s apple and a set of balls is a woman because the media and the democrat party told you that. Yep, you loons also believe that there are multiple genders because the media and the democrat party told you that.

        • Bender says:

          No Hurley I think your racist bigots thanks for making my point. I don’t have any idea what kind of woman your sister is but if you like her beard I don’t judge.

  25. Kevin Baack says:

    I live in Ga and Kelly has been quoted in the newspaper as saying she supports the President, not impeachment.

  26. Paul Kalmakoff says:

    Congressman Collins…A PERFECT CHOICE!


  27. Christine says:

    Well this SUCKS!!! You know she is going to go along with Mitt Romney the TRAITOR. So she will also be a TRAITOR. Why does this Senator get to pick his replacement? Their should be a vote. The people should pick the Senator and it wouldn’t be her.

  28. Eric says:

    Well, this does make me feel good; however, I think it remains a toss-up at best as to whether she will ignore the pressure and vote to convict or not.

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