Top Republican double-crossed Donald Trump right in the middle of impeachment

Donald Trump is in the middle of a fight for political survival in the impeachment witch hunt.

The President needs to count on the support of every Republican.

But this top Republican double-crossed Donald Trump right in the middle of impeachment.

Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson announced his retirement and is leaving the Senate by December 31.

That means Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp can appoint a replacement that could cast a crucial vote in any Senate impeachment trial.

And much to the dismay of President Trump and his supporters, Kemp is expected to appoint the women’s professional basketball team owner and major Mitt Romney donor Kelly Loeffler to the position.

The Daily Caller reports:

Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp is expected to appoint financial executive Kelly Loeffler to the U.S. Senate, replacing ailing GOP Sen. Johnny Isakson.

Kemp is expected to announce Loeffler sometime next week, according to several senior GOP officials who spoke with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. A source familiar with Kemp’s deliberations also told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the governor is expected to announce his decision in the coming days.
The announcement would mark the end of months-long backroom lobbying by applicants hoping to become the state’s next U.S. senator.

Isakson, who has served in the Senate since 2005, announced in late August that he would be stepping down from his seat at the end of the year, concluding that his health challenges were “taking their toll” and preventing him from properly serving in Congress. The three-term Republican senator from Georgia announced his Parkinson’s diagnosis before his 2016 reelection, but said at the time the disease would not affect his ability to work.

The President urged Kemp to appoint Congressman Doug Collins to the position, but Kemp spurned Trump’s advice to appoint a liberal women to the Senate in order to try to appeal to suburban women in the 2020 election.

But Loeffler’s rock solid support for Mitt Romney and her refusal to donate to Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign have Never Trumpers and Democrats looking at Loeffler as a vote to convict the President in a Senate impeachment trial.

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95 Responses

  1. H Lee says:

    Trashy people throw trash. Shame that these people will not pick up some for a change. All the democrats have done for three years is throw trash. obama’s FBI and IRS have not been able to come up with the bad stuff on Trump and the 30 million $ and 18 hillary supporting lawyers and mueller could not. The lying lynch mob and their kangaroo court has not been able to push enough lies and slander to do so. All that has been proven is what a rotten and corrupt bunch of hate mongers the democrats are.

  2. Rod says:

    justice you’re wrong again!!!

  3. Rod says:

    Tom, you’re a POS who won’t admit you’re wrong. But that changes nothing in your skewed view of the truth!!!

  4. Rod says:

    Little jimmy roberts you’re still spouting BULLBUTTER!!! just wait till the criminal warrants start coming down your buddies will be ratting on each other and then you will see if you’d pull your head out of obummers ass!!!

  5. Rod says:

    Justice you must have fallen on your head early in life. You’re not right!!!

  6. Rod says:

    Little jimmy Roberts, you are full of mud like the majority of lemming demonrats. You haven’t any facts on your side. And you can denigrate us all you want. Your ignorance is astounding

  7. Rod Toler says:

    Tom you are full of BULLBUTTER there are thirty five examples of obumer stoking racial animous and divisiveness beyond compare. He is a muslim plant who’s only missive is to stir up racism and he’s still doing it. The Demonrats are rotten to the core!!! Like you !!!

  8. Alvin Hooper says:

    I did the same($500) and I feel the same, Might just as well vote for DStcy.

  9. Wolf says:

    “To your people”????? That statement personifies racism, and I am a Trump supporter.

  10. Wolf says:

    What “racial” statement? I’ve heard this from Democrats, but, I’ve never been able to find it anywhere. I would really/citation. appreciate an answer. Thanks!

  11. Mary Kelly says:

    Obama was determined to destroy our country and he said so in his book that he was going to do it by racism. He did divide our country racially. You forgot he was as much white as he was black so your reasoning is not valid. God created all mankind so he is not just for white man. Adam was not white. You don’t know what you are talking about in your description of God.

  12. Carole H says:

    Donald Trump was never called a racist until he walked down the escalator and said he was running for president. If he had to turn blacks away from his father’s buildings, that was because his father was his boss. Blacks do live in Trump Tower. A homeless black woman got into an empty apartment at Trump Tower and when it was discovered, it was reported to DJT. He allowed the woman to stay there, sent meals to her and fresh flowers weekly. She stayed there for years. When Jennifer Hudson’s family was murdered, Trump gave her an apartment to stay in to get away from the tragedy. If I could post a photo here, I’d post a photo I have of an elderly black lady clinging to DJT’S arm because he honored her son (grandson). By the way, it was Hillary who asked him to look into the birther thing.

  13. Barb says:

    I’m sorry Tom, Obama was a racist. We didn’t have this much racism until he came into office. I was around in the 50’s and 60’s and this era is the same as it was back then.

  14. Culper Ring says:

    It could be a bug in the system. Sometimes pro-Trump remarks and constitutionalist sentiments do not make it past the filter.

  15. Valiant Vet says:

    Oh, Tom. What an ignorant LCD you are….President Trump has done more for the black population than any President in history. Obama pushed race relations backwards to the hatred that existed in the 50’s and 60’s. Lowest black employment in the history of the nation …. etc., etc., And please learn the difference between “your and you’re”, or don’t post your ignorant ramblings until you can digest FACTS.

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