Top Democrat’s new national anthem protest will leave you speechless

Democrats and members of the media were furious that the NFL passed a new rule requiring every player on the field to stand for the national anthem.

The left took this as a massive defeat at the hands of Donald Trump in the culture wars.

Now one top Democrat is lashing out with a new national anthem protest that will leave you speechless.

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison is the Deputy Chairman of the Democrat National Committee and one of the most high profile leftists in America.

Ellison reacted to the news that the NFL would no longer allow their games to be used as a platform for anti-American displays by claiming he would now boycott the league and refuse to watch any games.

If Democrats want to escalate this fight over the national anthem, Republicans will only be too happy to engage.

Supporting America-hating football players who disrespect the flag, the national anthem and the members of the military who lost their lives in defense of them will only serve to help mobilize the Republican base ahead of the midterms.

Cultural flashpoints like liberals turning against the symbols of America convinced millions of voters the Democrat Party was out of touch with real America.

And it pushed them into the arms of Donald Trump.

Democrats could see a replay in 2018.


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223 Responses

  1. Tom says:

    If they dont like it. Send them to Viet Nam to stay. We dont need you

  2. Cliff says:

    It goes to show just how smart these so called collage idiots are. They are being played by the left like a fiddle. Well considering that the average intelligence level of a NFL player is at the eighth grade level the left can’t loose. They can always play in Syria.

  3. Don says:

    If they cant honor our flag and the national anthem leave our country and stay out.

    • Frank Brogan says:

      These so called hero players should all be fired to the last man.Then they should be automatically drafted in the army or marine core and sent immediately to the front battle lines in Afganistan,if they live through about 29 years of this,send them nack to Africa and they can play there.

  4. Jarhead says:

    Fire those idiot millionaires that are offended by our FLAG…..Keep BOYCOTTING the NFL until they come crawling on their knees offering free tickets to NFL games for real Americans.

    • Dee says:

      If these players can’t stand for the Flag of the United States,they don’t deserve the money they get.
      They get too damn much anyhow.

  5. Emily says:

    I say let them go to the country of their choice, play if they want to and protest all they want….and see how that works out! They don’t love our country e’nuff to honour those that gave their lives for the idiots to play in freedom then the hell with them!

  6. Ellison is a muslim pig (swine) who fornicates goats.
    Barnyard Animal Lives Matter.

  7. Robert Gagliardi says:

    I don’t feel a Fine is in order.These players have the right to protest.If they do, then they can be told they’re Fired.

    • Marty says:

      No, they don’t have the right to protest, not on company time. They do have the right to protest on their own time.

    • zee says:

      Robert = WRONG!!! re “players'<<<>> PERSONAL TIME << Do U ‘Get that’ ??? Thank you.

      • zee says:

        ps. post altered. Get the ‘gist’. Not ‘repeating’.

      • Terry says:

        zee why don’t you and the kneelers join the police force or the military to do something positive about your objections to find out what it is about to put your life on the line daily instead of just complaining about the way other people handle these situations.I am a veteran I know personally do you?

      • Terry says:

        zee all sponsors should be boycotted because it seems that money is all that the NFL or these kneelers care about. I am a veteran and have seen it first hand have you or do you just want to complain about how others protect you. Join the police force and do it your way.

    • zee says:

      > LET the OWNERS DECIDE.
      > Owners PERMITTING >>Personal ‘Politics’
      IS USURPING ‘Fan Patronage’ for Total
      BIG $$$. &&& ‘fans’ that ‘Continue’ HAVE
      No rite to bitch’. b/cuz ‘they ‘ Support.

    • James D Preston says:

      i’m with you brother

  8. Mott D Dorn says:

    The Dem’s are going to find that thay will not be in ANY office, I am not a Dem or a Rep, I vote for the man, However I do know what way I will be this time!

    • FUZZY says:

      you are correct,
      Why do the Democrat’s HATE the USA & our Constitution???
      I think it is time to vote them all out.
      Maybe the unhappy NFL players can Play ball in some other country that they like better the USA, that has the rights they want.

      The NFL players are living the American Dream, they make enough money to form a Organization to help people of their concern .

      • William Keyes says:

        I agree, this party does not belong in this country any longer.

      • Fred says:

        I personally don’t think it has anything to do with party affiliation. I think these excrescences are both Dems AND Reps. Deep State is playing both parties against each other because they won’t let any other parties come to the fore. Only Ds and Rs are allowed on debates and Electoral votes are only D or R. Not one of the other parties are represented in any major election assembly!

  9. michael says:

    the right wing losers must go away!!

  10. zee says:

    NFL ‘Pigskin’ is so yesterday. Rugby/soccer much better.
    College/ University is mostly good.
    49’ers Montana/Rice Were Super Magic back in the day.
    After that – meh.

  11. Gary says:

    As far as I am concerned the NFL no longer exists. All the players that kneel need to be removed from the league and the USA. Placed a country that will either support their actions or use them as foos for their children.If you kneel in front of me then expect to have your want be balls kicked up to your throat and when you turn around and face me if you have the guts I will spit in your face as a traitor. My freedom of speech
    The other action we can do is strip them down and tar and feather them with their families watching then very slowly draw and quarter them with the biggest horses we can find. Then when in five pieces throw them to the sharks in the ocean

  12. Delwin C Nordtvedt says:

    The Dem’s should change the name of their party to reflect their left wing views. New name, The new Democrat Communist Party of America. The Demo’s have gone nuts.

    • Marty says:

      Delwin, you are so right. The last patriotic Democrat was Zell Miller, may he rest in peace. Now a days, they are a mirror image of Communism. Take from those who have, and give to those have not. They say we learn from our mistakes. That’s true for most folks. Unfortunately, not for the demonrats. It’s never worked anywhere it put into place. What in the hell makes them think it will work here. They say America is different, it will work here. Their simply brain dead, every stinking one of them.

    • Nancy says:

      How about the left-nut team.??

  13. Jen says:

    Wasn’t he the one in the picture with Farrakhan and Obama all smiling and having a good time….a picture that Obama kept hidden during his term?.

  14. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Democrats must DIE. That’s all there is to it.

    • Bill says:

      Time for all this anti American disloyalty and B******T to go. These for the most part black POS’S need to be FIRED by their teams and lose ALL their endorsements. Where but America can these mostly talentless entities make the obscene wealth they get? I f they don’t like it here, let ’em go to russia, north korea or china, where they have no freedom of speech, ‘Nuff said, move on!

  15. James says:

    How, HOW can a muslim be in congress, being a true musim he would aline/plegde allegiance to muslim, and NOT to our U.S.A. Constitutional values.

    • Nunyer Binnis says:

      It worked for Berry Obamarx.

      • Marty says:

        Exactly what I was gonna say. We can thank the lame stream press for that. If they had done their job, he would never have been elected or allowed to keep his past buried.

        • Robert Sylvester says:

          Of course Obozo is Muslim – his father was Muslim – I never believed anything he said for 8 years – if media had done their job – his background should have been disclosed – but he pulled it off – got himself elected the first Black President – and History will document that as his most memorable achievement – First Black – Muslim President of US .

          • Marty says:

            Of course he was lying the whole time, Easy to tell, his lips were moving. Getting a ton of soros money didn’t help either.

          • john says:

            He’s the first mullatto president. He is only half black.

          • Nancy says:

            He was the first White/ARAB/ Muslim President, get it straight people, look at his family history, he is not Black, and his family was never involved in the Civil Rights movement, or lived in the Deep South, or in the states when Blacks were treated like dirt. And who treated the Blacks like dirt? THE DEMOCRATS. They wanted slavery, and because the Civil War won by the Party of Lincoln, Republicans, in retaliation, the “Southern Gentlemen” founded the KKK, and then the Dems wrote the Jim Crow Laws. This is the REAL HISTORY OF THE U.S. and why highly intelligent and successful Blacks are Conservative and the Left calls them Uncle Toms because they refused to stay stupid and poor so the Democrats could throw bits and pieces to them until they depend on the government to take care of them. This is your Demoncrappy Party, all for votes. Dr. Carson is my hero, always was, always will be. He was afraid of poverty more than anything else and was determined to succeed. Only in America, in a Capitalistic Republic was he able to succeed above anything anyone would ever expect, he is one of 89 living legends as he is so much more than a neurosurgeon, a huge accomplishment in itself, yet, liberals hate him. Ask yourselves what there is to hate about a man who was the youngest Chief of Neurosurgery at John Hopkins EVER, the first doctor who separated Siamese Twins successfully, saved over 15,000 children from sure death, literally walks with God and would never do anything that he feels God would not look kindly on, was CEO of Kellogg, was on the Board of Costco for 18 years, Founder of the Carson Foundation in 1994 and it is in all 50 states, to date, the Carsons have sent over 8,000 kids born in poverty with the will to succeed through college. The recipient of the Presidential Metal of Honor, set up beautiful reading rooms all over the Ghettos in America so children can get off the streets and be in a beautiful place full of books, and stay all day and read. Filling all those reading rooms with thousands of children’s and teens books so, like him, they will learn to love reading and stay off the streets. I could go on, as there is much more, but this is the man the liberals hate, this is the man Maxine Waters and PochaHAUNTUS said wasn’t capable of being the Secretary of Hud, a man who has been there, born to a 15 year old mother in the Ghetto, but was determined, along with his mother, to get out and with blood, sweat and tears, succeeded beyond his dreams. Uncle Tom, I think not, he is the epitome of a Black Man’s success story, an American Legend, and all Blacks in the Ghetto should emulate him, not an Arab/Muslim/Kenyan who hates this country and made all his money by corrupt politics.

      • FUZZY says:

        Sure did WHY?

        Please vote the DEMS OUT.

        Love USA or Leave it.

    • FUZZY says:

      Your are right,

  16. Harry Meyer says:

    Yes. They are making good money and they can’t respect our country or our vets. If they think they would be happier in an other country then they should get the he’ll out of our country, because we don’t want their trash or their responsis.

  17. I think that instead of a fine for kneeling OR hiding in the locker room that IF you are going to kneel thenyou WILL be fired. Also ALL players must be on the field and after the Anthem they can go back into the locker room.

    • Lulu says:

      I completely agree, fire them and know other team can hire them. And how in this world did this Ellison get elected to office if is a bloody Muslim, get hi the hell out of there NOW!!!

    • Lulu says:

      I completely agree, fire them and know other team can hire them. And how in this world did this Ellison get elected to office if is a bloody Muslim, get hi the hell out of there NOW!!! I’m so tired of u guys saying I already said that, it’s pure doggy poop. Print in, this is sensurship

  18. Rich Kenny says:

    Elllison is NOT a democrat…. he is a f_____g muslime!!!! He has no business sitting on any official United States Council body.. while he is an advocate of KILLING all desenters of the muslime political partlies… which should mean ALL AMERICANS!!!

  19. GRIZZ MANN says:

    Ellison’s religion forbids swearing allegiance to any thing but Allah. Now he wants all of America to follow his lead. Allahu Akbar.

  20. All good Minnesotan Democrats and Republicans should boycott Mr. Ellison’s anti-American displays of rhetoric. Any good American would seize the day by working to oust him from his seat of power. We do not need nor want cafeteria Americans.

  21. Zackary Odom says:

    The Communists loving bastards have been trying to destroy our Country through our educational system for 50 years now , I hope true America loving people are waking up . Bury these Haters in November.

  22. Dragon says:

    If anyone including senators and representatives that don’t respect the national anthym or our flag need to be dismissed from their job and lead out the door and the country!!!! If they don’t like things here they should try and find anything better elsewhere. GET OUT NOW

    • OLDF VET says:

      ellison who cares if you do not watch nfl your amuslim you should not even be in copngress your umnamerican you do not liken us .OLDVET

      • John says:

        Like your logic, Old Vet. Was thinking, lately we’ve had the lawyer in a red jacket with a bucket of fake tears on the TV screens gathering a few thousand dollars for all the women who claim various assaults by rich men, and claiming to be in the, “MeToo,” movement. I think we need a, “Me Too?, movement for we who care about America and think Obama, Hillary, Rev. Al and all the rest of the anti-America movement owe us and should be sued for their hateful costly acts against REAL AMERICANS.

    • Cheryl says:

      Ellison shouldn’t even be allowed in an American government. He’s a muslim and his allegiance is to Islam, an entirely different type of government. There should be no muslims in an American government.

    • FUZZY says:

      Dragon, you got that right.

      If anyone works for the USA and does not like the Constitution, They should be Dismissed from their JOBS AT ONCE!!!!!!

  23. Edward Clark says:

    I love it when Looney LEFTIES , show what they are really all about, ellison is A Big Time One, PLUS a moslem?!!?!!, What is with Minnesota?

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Minneapolis-St Paul=MANY Muslim imports!

    • JW says:

      They sucked in all of the Somalis they could and are having multitude of problems with them. This pinhead is in their district and is doing the typical democommie pandering. He is one trou drop shy of openly kissing their arses.

    • Billv says:

      I would like to see sharia law outlawed in the U..S. But our laws have been here for a lot longer than the Muslim and they should abide by our laws.

    • Nancy says:

      I live in MN, and I can tell you, the sane voters here are outnumbered by the Liberal, muslim loving Democraps. No matter how the good ones vote, they bring in bus loads of things from who knows where, and they outvote us all of the time. There are a lot of GOOD people in this state with their heads screwed on straight, but it’s truly an uphill battle to get rid of the slime. They even had a muslim cop who killed an innocent, unarmed woman, and the governor and the mayor swept it all under the rug.

  24. Robert Sylvester says:

    Hanging out in locker room to avoid standing for our National Anthem is a cop-out – the same as kneeling – and they deserve to be fined – I think they should be fired – no one gets to protest on your employers time and still get paid – millions of dollars no less ! If what you are doing – “DUH” stupidly protesting the National Anthem – is hurting your bottom line – and you cannot feed your family – pay your bills – maintain your million dollar lifestyle – what does that say about your priorities – you are putting your cause ahead of your family’s existence in a country that you do not deserve to be part of .

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Agreed; FINE every player who does either, and then dock their team 7 points for each of them every time they do so as well. Let’s see how long that lasts?

  25. R B says:

    With a lot of conservatives having given up on the NFL over last year’s unpatriotic kneeling protest and already boycotting the NFL, combined with the new liberal boycott of the the NFL starting this year, hopefully it will be enough to put the NFL out of it’s misery.
    The NFL brought this whole mess on it’s self by not standing up and taking control last year when this first started. I won’t shed a tear if the entire NFL falls. In fact it will be interesting to see how these overpaid athletes will get by having to get a normal job.
    Funny how other sports don’t have this problem.

    • Medic Joe says:

      Turn to Ice Hockey. One player, just one, sat on the bench during the National Anthem. About 10 minutes into the game, Word finally reached the bench. The owner, in the owners “sky box”, watching his team, sent word down. The player was sent to the locker room and told to change into his street clothes and leave the building and never come back. He was cut from the team. Contractually, the owner had to pay him for the rest of the season. But no other team would pick him up. He ended his career by sitting. The team? The Tampa Bay Lightning. Be it an American or Canadian. ALL players stand for both anthems. Helmets off, Standing at attention. Loyal patriots of either country. No thugs like football or basketball. Go Ice Hockey. Learn the game of you don’t know it. It’s fast, continuous action, played by good, patriotic men. Screw the NFL.

      • B Taylor says:

        The NFL does not do simple. Hope they and the players go bankrupt. Gave up on them a decade ago. Always thought their fans were adult juveniles in drag.

  26. Tim says:

    I think they (anti American protesters) should All be run out of our country. We certainly don’t need or want them here, trying to ruin our country.

  27. Susan says:

    One of the most disgusting and disturbing things Ellison has ever posted pure ignorance!

    • Michael Hughes says:

      I didn’t know Muslims liked football. To me, Ellison’s giving up football is the same as me giving up asparagus, a “no-brainer”

      • Joan says:

        Good riddence!!

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        Not exactly; asparagus is actually a very healthy vegetable to eat, and a natural remedy for many ailments. Football has NO such redeeming qualities whatever.

      • Nancy says:

        Oh no, I LOVE ASPARAGUS. my favorite vegetable! Ellison is a Muslim, he hates our country and wants to change every aspect of our nation. Muslims have no right in our government PERIOD. They only obey Sharia Law, our law is, and always will be, the Constitution. The Constitution and Sharia are complete opposites, Sharia condones pedeophilia, brutalizing women, and cutting clitoris off of young girls. Is this what all you damn liberals really want? And you talk War on Women and feminism when this is what you support. You are the epitome of hypocrisy.

        • True Believer says:

          What I don’t understand is how a Muslim takes the oath of office and places his/her hand on the Bible, that in itself is hippocrasy even if they use the Koran as they are swearing to uphold the constitution of the US. Either they are a Muslim or they are not and if found to be, must give up their position immediately. Yeah, I know they are allowed to lie.

    • Anne says:

      One only needs to consider the source. Little Keith Ellison, Imam Louie’s little sweetheart. That should tick off even more people to get their butts in gear and be first in line at the Primaries and at the poles in November. If Ellison hates the USA let him leave. We all know that just like Louis he has neither the spine or the testicular ornaments to do anything but whine.

      • Joan says:

        100% agree, Anne!! Anyone who is in his district needs to vote this anti American idiot out of office!! He doesn’t deserve to represent any true Americans!

    • brenda says:


  28. Just because someone was born here, make it that they have to agree with the laws certain people make. Do you think The Native Nation has to agree with the people that killed of most of their families. That never gave anything back.
    When the US becomes mostly Muslim are you going to follow their laws? Sports have nothing to do with the US really except taking all their money from them to feed a few people millions of dollars. Taking it away from many families that should be buying more important things like food and clothes for their children.

    • Mary Murphy says:

      That is probably a true statement, but their choice to spend money on football rather than food is their FREE CHOICE~–not your choice, maybe but theirs, nonetheless. And I thank God every day that I was born, raised and live my life in a country that gives me that choice.

      • Joseph says:

        That is the entire point that the libs just don’t get!!

      • Joeyounger says:

        FREE CHOICE is not only American, it is Gods will. However, not only does God hold us accountable(Salvation, sin) America’s rule of law holds you accountable(break the law, go to jail)That being said, the individual athlete does have the “right”to sit, kneel, or otherwise act according to his free will, or excersise his ” privilege” to stand as suggested by and observed by all patriotic Americans However, his employer(the NFL has continually shown and acted as a business)has the “right” to excersise its free will, and fine these individuals for excersising their free will on their time, and at their place of business. No individual is therefore free from reprisal, thus no individual is be singled out for unfair, biased, or prejudicial treatment. The very flag therefore, that they protest, is the very flag that men like myself(I am a 27 year vet of the USMC).fought and died for!!!

  29. Tim says:

    It seems that the Democrats are backing anything that is anti America these days. They condone the Muslim Terrorists, MS 13 criminals and the America , Veteran and Police hating NFL. Could it be that they are… Communist’s ?????

  30. John Ruckman says:

    Demand and pass a recall petition around. Persona non grata.

  31. Robert Messmer says:

    Question: How will the NFL determine rather people are boycotting the games because they are upset with the players kneeling and other disrespectful actions concerning the flag and anthem OR because they are lunatic liberals who are boycotting the rule change? Will it even make a difference if the bottom line of the NFL suffers more?

    • Samuel E. Crabtree says:

      Robert – It will absolutely make no difference to me whether the NFL loss of revenue is due to the unAmerican actions of some of their millionaire players or due to rule changes.

  32. Pat says:

    If you ever read the real political agenda for Keith Ellison, you will realize why he loves football and hates the American flag! Ellison is not a voice we in America should be listening to!

  33. Anne Gerrard says:

    These democrats are so self righteous that they think we must conform to their wishes, not likely. Does he seriously think that one person will be missed against all the ones that have already boycotted the games and are the reason they made this rule in the first place. Good luck with that, but democrats are such liars that you can bet he will watch every game.

    • Bill says:


  34. Patriot says:

    Hey, you commie un-American rat, blow it out your best part. If you don’t want to respect the anthem and flag, take a hike to Cuba, Venezuela or Russia!! Please leave the USA.

  35. Pat says:

    If these damn fools don’t like America they should get the hell out of here. They’ve made their fortunes here, but won’t even respect our flag or anthem.
    They need to be fired and deported without any American dollars to go with them. Send them wherever they have to scrape for money. That should wake them up.

    • I agree. Let us start kicking the commie bastards out of our country.

      • Pat says:

        Make sure Killery goes, too. Guess what she’s up to now?! She said in one of her speaches to college kids that her next move is to become the CEO of Facebook. That witch just can’t quit. Someone needs to stop all the crazy demoncraps.

    • John says:

      Ellison isn’t going to leave America. He as much as admitted the whole purpose of the Islamists, which is to take over America and for that matter the world. Him having gained power by becoming a politician only advances that plan faster. Yet the democrats refuse to admit that and rather than tell the truth join shoulder to shoulder with these Islamists and drug lords to further the destruction of our country, AMERICA. Thankfully, as long as We The People stand with Israel we have the one true God’s promise to stand behind us, so the Muslim plan cannot succeed. Stand with Israel.

  36. JLM says:

    The ‘solution’ reached by the NFL is a cop-out, neither hot nor cold. If a playert can’t go onto the field and stand respectfully for the National Anthem, he should immediately be dismissed.

    • Fred says:

      Perfect idea for these uneducated, obscenely overpaid “whinos”. Make them have to go out and WORK for a living! As commenter Bill said “…They make more in one year than 100 people make in a lifetime…”. These pampered pansies wouldn’t last half a day at the job I have had for fifteen years AND am very happy at (mostly)!

  37. Fr Tom Martin says:

    Democrats have lost their minds

    • GRIZZ MANN says:

      They had minds?

    • Nancy says:

      Ellison is a Muslim, what do you expect from him? He hates a Christian America and hates a Republic. He wants Sharia Law, which is the Law of Islam. America has the Constitution, complete opposite of Sharia which is brutal! You tell me how Muslims can be westernized, they can’t, and they shouldn’t be allowed to be in our government. We had a Muslim President, he nearly destroyed America on purpose. All you have to do is look at Western Europe and how it has literally been trashed and destroyed from the refugees. Women are not safe to walk the streets, and kids are being beat up by Muslim kids, and can’t even attend pubic schools in Germany it has gotten so bad. Vote Ellison out, of course he is upset that they banned kneeling during the anthem, Kapernick is also a Muslim. Comical if it weren’t so pathetic. The most brutal ideology in the world along with Communism has enslaved, tortured, and murdered millions of men, women and children than all the wars put together, yet, it is these very people that are trying to keep the race card going that belong to the most oppressive groups in the world, Islam and Communism. I want to know what Black people are still oppressed in the U.S. I want them to realize that BO’s not Black but Arab/Muslim/African/Communist, and his ancestors not only owned slaves, they sold them to the slave ships. NOT ONE OF BO’S Ancestors was from the South! Whites are NOT Responsible for slavery, the first slave owner in America was Black. The White Southern Democrats then bought slaves at slave markets and had them work their plantations. When the NORTH, and REPUBLICANS freed the slaves, it was the Democrats who founded the KKK in protest. It was the Democrats who wrote the Jim Crow Laws! I had nothing to do with slavery, my ancestors were still in Norway, Prussia and Germany during the Civil War. I owe these people nothing except respect which they deserve. I am a strong supporter of those Blacks these Demoncraps call Uncle Toms because they got off the plantation and became the most successful people in America today, Dr. Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Allen West, Tony Scott, Condi Rice, Mia Love and a plethora of others and I am sick of ignorant, low information Democrats demonizing the RIGHT!

      • He’s just another INBRED operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization, when he expires he will be embalmed with pigs blood before going to hell.

      • Nancy, No No that doesn’t work. It is our flag our song for the United States of America. No kneeling no staying in locker rooms like babies. Come on and man up !!

      • Marc says:


      • True Believer says:

        Thanks Nancy, I am saving what you wrote to bring out again just before the mid terms to remind the Blacks (I have an email group) about the truth and not what the Unions and demoncraps want them to believe. Let’s just for once, vote all Republicans (not Rinos) in and see what happens. Like Trump said at the Black Church in Detroil, What the hell do you have to loose. It would be for only 2 years and if they converted democrats, didn’t like what happened in those two years, then they could go back and vote for demoncraps in 2020.

      • Bill says:

        NEWSFLASH ! slavery ended 153 years ago with the Emancipation Procalmation! Ther reparations aka ‘affirmative’ action will never repay any ancestors of former slaves but after 50+ years of this, most of us have had enough of the ‘give aways’. Enough! There are no slave owners or slaves alive today and these black people need to get with the program, get a good education to get a good job. If you aren’t in school and have a ‘go nowhere job’, suck it up, get back in school and get that education. It might be a sacrifice and you’ll give up a social life but you’ll have the satisfaction that for once in your lives, you have the pride of accomplishment you got something for effort. FYI: A good education is something you’ll have all your lives that nobody can take away from you. The government aka the taxpayers don’t owe you a damned dime, get off your butts and make something of yourself instead of expecting ‘hand outs’ all the time!

        • JLM says:

          I agree with the gist of your post, but slavery did not end with the Emancipation Proclamation–it ended slavery only in states at war with the Union. This had no effect at all because the Confederate States of America was a separate nation (Lincoln acknowledged that a state had the right to secede from the Union, but he said he wasn’t going to let that happen if at all possible). Lincoln could not end slavery in any Union state that permitted it–only Congress could do so or a Constitutional amendment after the War, which is what actually eliminated slavery. A, perhaps the, major reason for the Compromise of 1850 was to stop one or more states from leaving the Union at that time because it was acknowledged that a state could secede.

    • Herb Hackbarth says:


  38. Don F. Estle says:

    Contracts for players should contain a clause for termination for kneeling. Period

  39. Rob says:

    Actually they should be fired The NFL is a business If people in the real world acted this way at their place of employment they would get the pink slip

  40. benjamin f dixon says:

    these players are paid huge amounts of money to plkay and do as they are told . if you do not like this leave and try to make this rediculious amount anywhere else in this world stay in the locker room

  41. Joanna says:

    Do any of the players have any idea as to why they are protesting & what they’re protesting about?!?!???

  42. Jakester says:

    The solution to this is simple, if you don’t respect the flag and our anthem then you don’t have the right to protest. I think all protests should open with the national anthem and the flag.

    • Eric says:

      Good one!

    • Shawn Fahrer says:

      I hve an even SIMPLER solution to this problem. Why should league sports (such as the NFL) even fall into the political arena in the first place? Since the National Anthem IS a political statement (like it or not!), there is NO REASON to have it played at any NON-POLITICAL event such as a sporting event like these. The simple answer, therefore, is to NOT play the National Anthem at any LEAGUE sporting event (be in the NBA, NHL, NFL, Major League Soccer, etc.) even if teams representing cities from the US AND CANADA are playing against each other (as happens in most of those leagues ever so often). I would expect that the Canadian city in the situation where an American based team is playing a league game in a Canadian city, ALSO REFRAIN from playing THEIR national anthem at these NON-POLITICAL SPORTING EVENTS as well. If the Candaian team refuses, I would then urge the American based team to BOYCOTT the Canadaian National Anthem since these type of events are NOT a proper place for such politicizing of one’s country, no matter which country it is…. (In this case, league trumps country– no pun intended.)

      This does NOT change policy regarding INTERNATONAL EVENTS (where the fact that representatives from TWO COUNTRIES are competing FOR their countries) where anthems ARE totally appropriate to be played as a display of national pride. The policy as I have proposed it would apply ONLY to domestic and league games where the international component is otherwise minor (for example, Toronto Raptors vs Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Playoffs as happened earlier this month).

      Is this simple enough? Hope so….

      • John Campbell says:

        Shawn, the National Anthem represents the entire USA not just factions of it. All shades of political opinions are present at ball games. To disrespect the Flag and Anthem displays a blatant disregard for ones country. I say play it and be proud! If anyone doesn’t like it then stay away.

      • Robert Polans says:

        Simple enough, but you’re missing the point. These are over-privileged, very overpaid, PeterPan syndrome adults? Well some. You’ll find most of the domestic abusers in the NFL, petty crimes too, and they wonder why cops are tough on them?

      • JLM says:

        I would say your post is full of ‘false logic’ [sic], but the whole thing is flaw-ridden with statements based on unsupported premises. Thdre is, therefore, no logic at all. The only thing missing is all capitals to designate shouting.

      • kevin says:

        i dont see the antham as political but as a symbol of america and the pride we americans have of this country and the men and women who fought to keep it free. and in my opinion any player in any sport who kneels or stays in the locker room during the anthem should be heavily fined and even fired and banned from any playing in any sport for life and forced to move to another country if they dont want to support this country and its beliefs in what our anthem stands for. and as for the protests about the anrhem being about slavery or anything like that, even if the original lyrics were like that it was changed to what we know it as today and it is what it should be played at every sporting event in america to make people think about the lives that were lost in order for us to have our freedoms and if you or anybody else doesnt like it your welcom to leave and never come back. im not saying this country is perfect because its far from that but i do respect the anthem and what it stands for. anyways thats my thoughts

    • Doug says:

      If they don’t respect the flag and our anthem then they don’t have the right to play and collect all that money they are paid!!!

  43. Joanna says:

    John your being too kind!!!!

  44. AJ says:


  45. Tom Cook says:

    Muslims, being the most savage depraved of all present day people, are beloved of democrats/liberals, for they adore all that is sick, twisted, and detestable: Keith Ellison–muslim.

    • Dr Don Malnati says:

      Yes, Tom. We all need to read; They must be Stopped by Brigitte Gabriel & The Grand Jihad by Andrew McCarthy and many other good books.

      Dr Ben Carson said muslims were with us before Abraham, they were called Assassins. America and Israel have 7% more women. The muslim countries have far less women, they must kill 77,000,000 million women a year to have those numbers.

  46. Stevus says:

    I too have stopped watching the NFL …
    Stopped watching NFL when they allowed players to kneel during anthem ; and still won’t watch for giving them the option to stay in locker room and sulk like little crybabies under the new policy.
    If you bums don’t like it here in America;, can’t respect the flag and honor those who gave you the freedoms you enjoy and the opportunities that enabled your lavish lifestyles; then please leave and spare us patriots the drama. – we are sick of it!
    Same for the DEMs that continuously disparage America every time they open their mouths. Shut the pie holes and get out of the way. America does not need, nor want you.

  47. Graywolf12 says:

    That muslim is being groomed to be president. If so bye, bye USA, all freedoms, all religions other than Islam, and everything that makes this country great.

    • Joanna says:

      My thoughts exactly…. Don’t think America is that dumb to vote an Muslim unless the election is RIGGED!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mike H says:

      Graywolf 12 You are 100% correct. The kids now days that are being mine warped .have no clue what they’re getting themselves into. I just wish their parents would set them straight . But unfortunately I don’t think that’s going to happen. If your parents don’t have a clue how are you going to teach your kids. They need to read the history books and see what’s really going on.

      • Dave says:

        John, the problem is that the history that is taught in the public schools has been rewritten and “sanitized” to fit the view that the liberals prefer. Have you read the “history” that is being taught in the schools that our taxes support? It is very different from what was taught when I was in school. Everything from the white man’s extermination of the Native Americans to the role of the Christian Faith in the creation of our country has been changed. Do they even say the Pledge of Alligiance in any of the public schools in your area?

        • Robert Polans says:

          I agree, they don’t know the real reason for the civil war. Many actually think Lincoln was a democrap. If liberal teachers truly believed their propaganda, they’d be teaching for free. Instead, their salaries go up every year to teach what will be useless in the real world.

    • Rich says:

      Been there done that

    • Gordon says:

      It would never get that far. Unless he did all of his campaigning in all of the states in a “Popemobile,” I doubt a declared Muslim would reach the ballot in this country.

  48. Mike H says:

    I’m curious how many people in this country do you think would like to have a Muslim president. Specially a communist one on top of it? If and when the Democrats get control you can bet they are going to go that direction. Football players Will be the least of our worries.

    • Dr Don Malnati says:

      Mike you are right!

    • Ron Fillmore says:

      We already had a Muslim President! Obama!

      • Mike H says:

        Ron You were very right on that. But this time it will be out in the open and everybody will know it. God help us when that happens. And I’m not even sure he could do anything about it if it gets to that point. I’ve been to Spain and it took them hundreds of years to get rid of them once they were in power.

      • Beachbum13 says:

        Ron….your total ignorance of facts is amazing! Even the liar in chief had to admit he was WRONG and APOLOGIZED on TV for touting “birtherism”. Why do facts not matter to you?
        We all know it was a racist rant by the illegitimately elected man in DC . To repeat lies is detrimental to the collective consciousness of our country. You may as well work for PUTIN, in case you didn’t realize his goal is to destabilize our politics. Good Work!

        • Mike H says:

          Beach bum I’m curious you talk about the problems of the Trump administration. Where have you been over the last eight years of Obama and Hillary ,you must have been on another island somewhere right. Obama/Hillary is going to go down as the most corrupt government we’ve ever had. Nothing you can say is going to change any of that. If there’s anybody that doesn’t have the facts straight it would be you. Hillary got millions from the Russians. just for nothing right they didn’t expect anything in return correct. You have no clue

          • Beachbum13 says:

            Personally, I felt good about our country, thinking it had finally “grown up” and overcome the insanity of our racist past. I totally underestimated the hate so many felt towards Obama. It was all because he is brown skinned, how stupid is that? Now we have an orange skinned Pres., who is there to stuff his pockets, and the pockets of his DONORS. He cares nothing about you or me!
            Mike, I’m curious too….. when it is proven that trump is only enriching himself and his donors, and actively working against what the other 99% of the citizen’s needs…like good medical coverage, clean air & water, safe food, affordable housing, and how about infrastructure….will you care then? After a year, all he’s done is trigger more hate. I want us to overcome the hate, remember our Christian heritage, and learn to love ourselves and each other once again. Hard to do that when the powers that be foster such divisive rhetoric. That’s why I comment on these RWNJ websites…..I feel like a missionary in a foreign land trying to spread the idea that we need to MAKE AMERICA NICE AGAIN.

        • Dave says:

          No, Beachbum, we do not know that. He was elected according to the laws of our nation. Get over your bitterness. If Hillery had been elected we would have moved farther to the left, more legalized immorality, more abortions, bigger government. President Trump may be arrogant and bombastic, but he has accomplished more that you seem to be aware of during his first year. What other president has even been about to get the North Koreans to talk at all?

          • Dave says:

            Furthermore, Beachbum, ask yourself what would have happened if the conservatives had protested President Obama’s election the way the liberals have behaved with President Trumps election. Whose response to election results are law abiding and patriotic and whose are subversive and traitorous?

          • Dave says:

            Furthermore, Beachbum, ask yourself what would have happened if the conservatives had protested President Obama’s election the way the liberals have behaved with President Trumps election. Whose response to election results are law abiding and patriotic and whose are subversive and traitorous? And how will you respond if it is proven that President Obama tried to swing the election by politicising the FBI and the Department of Justice?

          • Robert Polans says:

            Beachbum, I suppose you also think the civil war was to free the slaves. That was a footnote at the end when Lincoln saw that he was losing. The real reason was states sovereignty or government sovereignty.

        • JW says:

          BB13 – you talk about not repeating lies to the “collective” , yet you readily call our current president illegitimate. Is that not exactly the same thing that you are doing? Be honest with yourself and realize that the Hilldebeast LOST legally and you must admit that. Otherwise, you too are repeating lies to the “collective” and you are no better. The fact remains that this democommie from MN did say he wants to confiscate firearms from law abiding citizens or put them in jail. Now he is backpedaling from his own words and won’t admit it. Something very similar to this happened in Germany in the 30s and 40s which turned out very badly for a certain religious group (about 6 million dead).

          Understand clearly, we are not part of a collective and we will not acquiesce to that form of mindset without a fight.

          Stop believing the garbage the democlowns and their party owned media outlets tell you. They are only saying what the party and their owners want you to hear. Thoroughly double check your facts through as many independent sources as possible. You will most likely see a very different side.

        • Ms. Travis Petty says:

          It’s strange how ignorant people are usually the first to call someone else ignorant.

    • John says:

      Mike: Where have you been, under a rock?

      We just got rid of a muslim president, obama!

      And a sorry one at that! On top of that he was a F**!

      • Joanna says:

        John your being too kind!!!!

      • Mike H says:

        John I am talking about a Muslim who was out in the open as president not one who was covered up by the Democrats. The smart people knew about it. But the dumb ones obviously didn’t. Or didn’t believe it.Or having another Muslim president could be fitting into their agenda.

  49. All players who will not pay tribute to our Flag and Anthem should be fired at once.

  50. Gerry says:

    I thought they were talking about somebody important in the demoTRASH party not this low life, muslim, anti-America POS. Everyone already knows what this worthless scum is all about. He is another person who never got off his knees for the 8 years obama was in office. Guess what you fraud — a whole lot of us have already quit watching the national felons league because too many players act and think like you — so stick your muslim attitude where your brains apparently reside.

  51. Martin Shaw says:

    Keith is Black Trash in its lowest form. How was this trash ever elected? He is unamerican.

  52. Ellison keep up the good work protesting the protesters. Great job of contradiction.

  53. Rico says:

    I don’t deny that the players have a ‘perceived’ grievance. At a sporting event during the National Anthem is not the proper venue! They have the media, twitter, facebook and all the other avenues. Or they can go to the inner cities and work with youth that are in danger of going criminally astray!!! Do not insult the flag or the National Anthem and offend the majority of Americans with your kneeling!!!!! It’s really hurting your cause.

  54. Mike H says:

    I think the best way for a player to protest would be to quit football ,get a job on the outside and pull out ads and protest that way . Like all people on earth. Some are smart some are dumb. So what do you think the football players are?

  55. Dolinda Balch says:

    Sure makes me wonder about the Democrat’s idea of being an American. Standing for the National Anthem and American Flag is an honor. Many men and women of all races have sacrificed their lives for our freedom and they deserve our thanks and respect.

  56. Tom says:

    Keith Ellison is a black muslim with communistic motives. How this asshole got elected is beyond me. At one point he was in line to be the Democratic national committee chairman which was eventually given to Tom Perez. Too bad, if Ellison had been elected I think that may have been an end to the Demorat party as we know it.

  57. OLDF VET says:

    MR ELLISON i am a vet and you are the worst kind of person ,you should not be in office because you do not represent the american people not even people of color . you are only interested in your self ,your a fake like waters and the others OLD VET

    • John says:

      When will people learn? Islam has one goal, to have complete control of the world and as such advance Sharia Law. Ellison is nothing more than a venue of the Islamic religion, and power aspirations of Islam and is doing what he can to advance that goal. Sad but true, too many black people look at the color of the skin instead of the individuals true goals. Look at any Islamic country and see how wonderful Islam is. If we don’t wake up we will be one of those countries living in a virtual hell because no one ever wakes up and pays attention to what these evil people want and are trying to promote.

      • True Believer says:

        Good comment. All they have to do is watch Europe and what is happening there (thru the internet please, not main stream media). Really don’t want this in America nor should we have to put up with it either.

  58. Alan says:

    If the left has so much hatred for this country, they should pack up and move to a country like Cuba, Venezuela, Somalia or Russia.

  59. David says:

    I said yes to the fine because my answer was not there….my response to a player kneeling during the National Anthem should be FIRED!

  60. Mike H says:

    So they associate the injustice with the American flag. Even though all races fought for that flag. The football owners do not like the money that they’re losing. That’s the bottom line for them. They will never say what they really want to say. The players saying it’s not about the flag but the only time they do it is when the flag comes out. So go figure that one. The problem with them kneeling is it angers even more people that will turn against them even more than they are now. So what do you think all of this is going to accomplish except more anger.

  61. GerryM says:

    Let’s hope that attendance and revenues continue to fall. The owners are simply eunuchs forbidden to run their own businesses efficiently so they deserve to fail as in real life. I will not watch a game this coming season. Just not interested in watching these performing seals. I can do that at Seaworld.

  62. Diane says:

    Lack of unity is what destroys families and nations. This is America and we are under siege from within

  63. Jan13 says:

    What else would you expect from a commuzzy.

  64. Al says:

    I don’t watch NFL anymore.

  65. Patricia Waxman says:


  66. Allen Cruce says:

    All paid “athletes” are nothing more than over-glorified Organ-Grinder Monkeys. I pay money, you dance (play). As for Ellison, you disrespect the people and the Country you work for, you should be fired and lose any and all benefits thus earned. Simple.

  67. Gerald Ladd says:

    Some of the dumbest people on the planet are the over paid NFL coons. Rules mean nothing to them.

  68. Emilio Sosa says:

    Not only the NFL, we should all be proud of our national anthem and our flag, leaving the country these traitors to America ..!

  69. David Atherton says:

    How about you kneel you don’t play so no play no pay you stay in the locker room again no play no pay

  70. Stamtisch says:

    Get rid of them, get them off the field and forbid them to be paid.

  71. Peter DaRoja says:

    You can shine S**t AND WHEN YOUR DONE IT IS STILL S**t

  72. Ellison, you’ll really be missed at the games.

  73. Fred Schubert says:

    To the people of Minnesota: Isn’t it time to show your respect to America and fire that idiot you hired to represent you? Fire Ellison!!!!!

  74. Dana says:

    Instead of fines just remove those b*****ds and send them to say Africa

    • Cp123 says:

      They would love it there, I’m sure. Nothing but poverty wherever you go.

    • Dr Don Malnati says:

      Yes, Dana. I was a no-tallent QB but the team was great. My knee was almost torn off in the state championship on the 2nd play of the game, that we lost 7-0. I like the game but gave up watching the NFL, millionaire players that hate America. In fact I No longer watch TV at all. Where can I find a bumper sticker, ”NFL go to hell”?
      Dana, I agree with you. I HEARD Mahamid Ali say, when he returned from his pro fight in Africa, “Thank GOD my great Grand parents were dragged to America or I would be dead in Africa.” The Mother of the player that started this bad protest is ashamed of him. As we all are.!
      I’ve spoken at 3 black churches. I have never seen any racism. It does Not exist! (Except in crap TV.) We are all one. We are ONE HUMAN RACE. The racist, Jew hater, ellison is as bad a politician can be. It is too little too late.

  75. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    They should be fined for hiding out in the locker rooms instead of standing for the anthem too. And if Ellison and others don’t like it, he’s (they’re) free to move to a place where they do like it better, but they are NOT free to destroy America to suit their own warped vision!

    • Walt Tendee says:

      Ditto Fred. Thanks for standing up for America. Send those social warriors and Ellison to Africa where they have plenty of stock to work with for economic change for the better. Or, send them to Venezuela, North Korea, China, or Cuba.

  76. Suzanne says:

    The left brooks no dissent and will turn on their own at the first sign of rebellion. The NFL allowed the protests against traditional values espoused by the right and paid the price, literally, in lower TV ratings and lost revenues. And now that they’ve take action (albeit a weak one) to regain their lost viewers the left throws a hissy fit. Maybe it’s time for the team owners to run their organizations like the businesses they are instead of instruments of “social justice”. And that should include real penalties for acting against league policy, principally termination of players big dollar contracts. If they want to be social justice warriors let them do it on their own time so that the rest can get on with the business of playing football.

    • Dave says:

      Like our last president, they want to turn the USA into a third world country. THe bigger government gets, the more like that will become. The more the government controls, the less freedom we will enjoy. We need our nation to embrace the belief in God that got this whole amazing experiement started. Our move away from Him has been a move toward self-destruction!

  77. Mike H says:

    Vote these bastards out. That is the bottom line here ..

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