Top Democrat just made this major confession about Trump and coronavirus

Democrats and the Fake News Media are hoping to make Donald Trump’s performance in managing the coronavirus outbreak the defining issue of the 2020 campaign.

The Left believes they can fool the public into thinking the President dropped the ball on preparing for the coronavirus response.

But now this top Democrat just made this major confession about Trump and coronavirus.

Ventilators are the most important piece of medical equipment in dealing with the coronavirus.

Since the coronavirus creates a respiratory infection a ventilator that helps people breathe can save lives.

Individuals suffering from severe infections who don’t get a ventilator will die.

The fake news made much of the fact there was shortage of ventilators in America due to the Trump administration inheriting a depleted supply.

New York is the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak and Governor Andrew Cuomo says he needs 30,000 ventilators.

The Fake News Media tried to make it seem like New York is running out of ventilators at this very moment to twist the truth to make it seem like Donald Trump is letting New Yorkers die by not sending more ventilators.

But the President noted that New York has thousands of ventilators in their reserve stockpile.

Governor Cuomo later confirmed Donald Trump’s claim and also debunked the fake news narrative that there is a current shortage of ventilators in New York that will lead to doctors rationing care, which would force them to pick and choose which patients receive treatment and which die.

“Yes, they’re in a stockpile because that’s where they are supposed to be, because we don’t need them yet,” Cuomo admitted. “We need them for the apex, the apex isn’t here, so we’re gathering them in a stockpile.”

“We don’t need them today, because we’re not at capacity today, that’s why they’re not deployed because they’re not needed,” Cuomo explained.

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36 Responses

  1. A S K says:

    Cuomo. What’s real, what is fake? Be real. Only ask for what you need and be transparent. Rudy Guiiani said this worked for him as mayor in NYC. He got everything he needed and asked for. Cuomo has so much to learn. He should let President Trump mentor him.

  2. robert bizek says:


  3. Joe Bob says:

    Cuohomo, is a democrat scumbag. A liar which is a synonym of democrat or definition of a POS.

  4. Alan says:

    The fake news from the left needs to stop causing confusion .you dont care for people .just your ratings .government state and local dont need need your crap..

  5. The people of NY should DEMAND that the Governor distribute the ventilators that they have “stockpiled” !! He’s as crazy as the rest of the Dems !!

  6. H Lee says:

    Nothing coming from a democrat should be believed. We are dying because we do not have the needed medical supplies! Don’t believe them. The mayor of NYC and the governor can not be believed for anything they say. They are too partisan to reflect the truth about anything. Whatever comes out of their mouth is to suggest that the Republicans are delinquent in something. Themselves excluded.

  7. Manny G says:

    Whenever a democRAT praises Trump. . .watch out!

  8. H Lee says:

    Cuomo seems to be a lying POS. Either there is a stockpile of ventilators or not? Fox or AON or al Jazerra, one of the reputable media needs to confirm or deny.

  9. Phil S. says:

    well then, we could just throw cuomo out of office for completely B.S.-ing New Yorkers.
    they really have plenty new york its just that the first 25,000 to die arent that important to liberals…because its not at epidemic levels so you dont fit the criteria…..your creating it.

  10. Sandra says:

    Shouldn’t we check the validity of Irish Eyes 2 statements? I want to see the
    facts for myself. Sorry but I don’t trust much of anything that comes from the

  11. Mel says:

    So it’s OK for NY to hoard ventilators? Cuomo talked about sending supplies to places that need them now, then says NY has a stockpile “waiting” for a need there while people die on other cities because they can’t get ventilators!!!!

  12. William E. Schlueter says:

    Im a 81 year old retired USAF Officer,
    Older than Joe .If l flubbed the way Joe has been doing, my kids would take my car and license and start taking up a schedule to watch me in order to keep me out of trouble.

  13. URopinion NE Myfacts says:

    @IrishEyes2C From SNOPES: The excerpt also claims that Obama “declared a public health emergency on what was already a pandemic” in October 2009. But this is also wrong. Obama declared a national emergency, not a public health emergency, in October 2009. The Obama administration declared a public health emergency in April, months before swine flu was declared a pandemic. At the time that the Obama administration declared a public health emergency, only 20 confirmed cases (not over a million) of H1N1 existed in the United States.
    In sum, the PJ Media article claimed that Obama “waited” until millions of people were infected with H1N1 before he declared an “emergency.” But that isn’t the case. The Obama administration started to address H1N1 just as the disease emerged in April 2009. A public health emergency was declared on April 26, 2009, when there were about 20 confirmed cases in the United States. The Obama administration renewed this declaration twice in the ensuing months before declaring a national emergency in October 2009. (Make sure your Irish eyes read truthful words 🙂 ! )

  14. Cappy says:

    All the Democratic party has left is blaming Donald Trump for not allowing the 2020 Presidential election to take place, so as to rial up their base, and create a final false narrative. You’ll see. They hate him so much, they’re use their own grandmother as a weapon if it would work for them to get him removed from office.

  15. Governor Cuomo now who’s deciding who lives or dies? You have them now save a life.

  16. JG says:

    Pres Trump is doing a great job and the Fake News Media knows it!!!!!! All they have is sleepy Joe ,which means the radical Dems lose in Nov!!!!!!!!

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