Tomi Lahren is in deep trouble for what she said about Joe Kennedy’s SOTU response

Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-MA) delivered the Democrats’ response to President Trump’s State of the Union.

His speech was largely panned by even the left-wing news media.

But now conservative commentator Tomi Lahren’s criticism of Kennedy’s speech could land her in hot water.

In his State of the Union response, Kennedy lectured Americans about a system that is “rigged for those at the top.”

Just a reminder that the Massachusetts liberal is the son of former Rep. Joe Kennedy II, grandson of former U.S. Senator and U.S. Attorney General Bobby Kennedy, and great-nephew of President John F. Kennedy and Senator Ted Kennedy.

He is estimated to be worth between $20 million and $60 million.

But what had more people talking was what Tomi Lahren posted on her Instagram account.

In the now-deleted video (which you can see below) Lahren called Kennedy a “limp d*ck.”

Lahren, who has 1.2 million followers on Instagram alone, has since apologized for her comments.


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52 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    Lol. Truth hurts sometimes. Guess limp dick is better than a no dick like obama.

  2. Gwyllm says:

    I don’t believe I ever heard Joe Sr. or Rose apologize to America for having Ted…

  3. Jesse says:

    If anyone knows about those at the top or who think they are at the top living under different rules than the rest of Americans he would. I mean one of his relatives killed a woman while driving drunk. Ol Teddy boy to be blunt about who it was. All those of his Father’s generation loves to sleep around on their wives but the wives who would not stand for it were called the bad people. A cousin killed a girl hid the truth for years and when caught tried to claim he should be tried as a child. No man enough to accept the punishment for his actions( Sounds like Teddy again). So he would know all about those at the top getting away things. But as we all are learning it is the Democraps who are trying to get away with things. Obama with TREASON and UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACTS like DACA. Hitlery with all kinds of crimes. Pay for play and MURDER(Benghazi) just being two of them. We must not forget her act of TREASON either knowingly selling 20% of America’s Uranium to Russia who paid her $145 Million. There is the collusion not on Trump’s side. There was Holder’s gun running. Lynch’s Obstructing Justice. Comey is guilty of the same. So Democraps are Kings of thinking they are above the law and better than everyone else.

  4. MARK MOHLMANN says:

    It was drummed into me as a child that it is not what you say but the way you say it. That would also apply to how you say it as well. I do not disagree with the response, just the language need not be as caustic.

  5. Stan L says:

    An apology was the right thing to do. While Tomi “tells it like it is,” she also is mannerly.

  6. Doug says:

    All the Kennedy men are limp dicks, liars, whore mongers and some are murderers like Ted, never forget MaryJo Kaepernick. I applaud Toni Lahren for speaking the truth on the phony Kennedy

    • Stan L says:

      The name of the deceased female companion who died when Ted Kennedy’s car went off a bridge, consequently drowning his companion was Mary Jo Lopechne. (I hope the spelling is correct) It is pronounced Ko-pek-nee.

    • John says:

      She spoke the truth, just A little pecker trying to be A Big Dick. But we know the truth. Never worked A day in his life. Everything handed to him!

  7. Love Tomi,and she is not afraid to call it the way she sees it Good job! And he is a dic^he$% just because he is the son of Robert Kennedy don’t make him right …I heard his crazy speech and a lot of difference in the Kennedy’s as to what the older generation is saying

  8. Jeff says:

    JFK would be a Democrat if he was in politics today don’t kid yourself he was as liberal as it got ,, the right wing of the democrats led by LBJ was the ones who got rid of JFK ,,,, Kennedy was a communist sympathizer and as immoral as it got ,,,his pappy spent 100million to get his son elected ,,, same ole democrat tricks

  9. Robyn M Grannis says:

    Good for he she calls it as she see’s it. Just because your name is Kennedy doesn’t mean you are John or Robert. It’s just your last name.

  10. jayme sousa says:

    “Camelot” is a perfectly valid way of referring to crooked Kennedys. It even fits the grand patriarch Joe Kennedy of Boot Lickin’ whiskey and his “Rum Runnin’ Days. The family fortune was a result of Prohibition. The Patriarch fixed Jack Kennedy’s election win. Jack Kennedy was most ineffectual President (Bay of Pigs) and started Vietnam and several other smaller “dalliances.” Then the “Age of Aquarius” burst on the scene and hippie communes, Woodstock and “The Flower People.” “Camelot” was a joke…as is the whole Kennedy clan. Why do We The Patriot People have to obey Philosopher-Kings like: Kennedy’s, Bushes, Clintons, et al? They’re suckling on the mother of ALL teats…The US Government. Destroying the “Messenger” in order to not debate their “Message” is pure Saul Alinsky’s Rule for Radicals #13. Not eve worth the paper its printed on. Pray. Amen. God Bless America and ALL Americans. Read A Bible. Psalm 128. Naughty Tomi.

  11. ken page says:

    I totally agree with Tomi..the language got a little rough is all. The vote wouldn’t let you distinguish. Tomi has way better language skills. We love her!

  12. Reverend1 says:

    A typical red head Kennedy little rich prick. Get a real life ass hole. The Kennedy reign is LONG over.

  13. Apologies? No way! I’m sick of their crybaby hurt feelings over EVERYTHING! She called him a name that unfortunately for him, fit him to a TEE! If he is gonna be in politics, then he should get a tougher skin! He was absolutely pathetic trying to come up with bad things to say about the SOTUA. It was painful to watch and listen to. Apologize? She was right on the mark!

  14. Anne Gerrard says:

    So it’s alright for democrats to call everyone including the president foul names but not for someone to call a democrat names. Typical democrat hypocrisy. It’s time these cry babies woke up to real life. If they can’t stand the heat, time to get away from the fire.

  15. Dnav says:

    In light of Richard Kennedy, Joe is a LITTLE (derivative) DICK (nickname for Richard).

    And in light of him being lame, weak, and wishy-washy, LIMP is an appropriate synonym.

    So, Joe Kennedy is a Little Limp Dick.

    What’s the problem?

  16. Stan L says:

    Kennedy III was presented by his Party with his first national exposure. The more he’s exposed, the more seasoning will take place. The Kennedy name is magical in the halls of the Democratic Party, and that Party does desperately need a future personality to build upon. He isn’t Jack so far, and come to think of it, I doubt if Jack Kennedy would be a Democrat these days. But, Teddy Kennedy would certainly be, and I hope Joe III doesn’t duplicate Uncle Ted who apart from Chappaquidic (sp?) made more public disturbances than legislation. Young Joe comes out of a blue state which is very deep blue, he could hardly have missed gaining any elected office, but we’ll all be hearing of him from now on. He’s got the name recognition, the famous MA family tree, and obviously the education. As “dead in the water” as the Democratic Party now is, via placing reliance upon a woman whose designs were more for her “Foundation” than the people of the U.S.A., the DNC needs to prospect for honesty and integrity, and not taking a possibility from nowhere and building him/her as a saint.

  17. Patriot says:

    WHAT! Oh take the high road? Please, we’re in this crap because you people think we shouldn’t call it what it is? I’m mean look at this kid? He looks like he just gave a hummer to Gramm. You people need to wake the Fu€< up! We're in the beginning of another civil war. You want her to apologize for venting her anger!? Reading these comments is why we're losing to the democommies and rinos. You don't say nothing while they teach our kids to be robots and hate pride in our America? Your silence in your lovely bubble will get you killed. I took my kids out and home schooled them and they're proud to be Texans and American, and now my son can out shoot me at 300 yards and absolutely both love Trump's fire and love of country! Wake up and lock and load for what may come! If not, Trump won! MAGA!

  18. Don says:

    Tomi does not need to apologize to a spoiled brat that was born with a silver spoon in his mouth that came with millions of dollars in inheritance.

  19. Burton Pauly says:

    I personally thought that Kennedy’s sotu was half a–ed and just another attempt to agrandize the Kennedy clan, and promote the rapscalion.

  20. Larry OBrien says:

    I’m sick and tired of all this ‘sympathy’ for democratic loud mouths. Perhaps people are unaware of all the foul language directed at “The President of the United States” — any apologies there?? (I’m still listening Cobert as the Russian fiasco goes down the drain). I listened to Kennedy’s ‘Carnie’ performance (here I come in 2020) and aside from the frantic gestures and noises, it was all bull s**t. President Trump talked about ACCOMPLISHMEMTS, not old complaints and indicated where he would like to take the United States (demo’s willing — ha ha). And then we have the ‘dreamers’ (DACA) — you know, the ILLEGAL ALIENS Obama let in. President Trump, OUT OF COMPASSION, was willing to give them a GOOD shot at citizenship BUT the ‘kind hearted’ democrats turned him down BECAUSE he wanted to “turn off” their open border source of illegal votes. I just hope that the American electorate is watching the antics of the democrats as they make fools of themselves.

    • Don says:

      I agree with what you said and I hope that the people will start thinking for themselves instead of listening to all the crap that
      the liberals/communists spoon feed the American citizens. Turn all of the democrats out to pasture to live out their days eating grass.

  21. She was unfortunately for Joe Kennedy right on, apologies in order, NO!

  22. James Stamulis says:

    Drop dead gorgeous and smart as a whip and tells it like it is! My kind of gal!

  23. Ron says:

    If any of you think that being nice or polite with Liberals and Dems will be effective, think again! They have accused and called our president everything under the sun, bought and paid for a totally false dossier, now they are after Obstruction, when that doesn’t work they will come up with something else. When will you learn by example, when they throw a punch, you throw one back only harder. When these Value Destroying Parasites realize there are repercussions for their behavior, then and only then will they stop. Spare the Rod, spoil the Cry Baby Snowflakes!!!

  24. Dianna says:

    Loved it Tomi! Hate u have to apologize! I felt the same way! Love ur commentaries- keep them a coming

  25. David Jefferson says:

    No apology…..He is just another globalist that is a danger to America…….

  26. I have to AGREE with her, even if it wasn’t all so Professional…..!!! I watched and listened to this guy for about 5 minutes and then I switched the channel as he truly made my stomach TURN, he sounded and looked like a 5-year old GREASY mouth who came across as a total LOSER, as what he was saying DIDN’T make any SENSE whatsoever, as we all know that those LIBTURDS don’t have/make NEVER any sense, but anyway, he is NOTHING like JFK or Robert Kennedy, in fact, I would say that they are TURNING in their GRAVES with EMBARRASSMENT…..!!! And btw, it is known that the Kennedy’s have hundreds of MILLIONS of Dollars in overseas bank accounts, that I am sure, they are NOT paying their fair share in TAXES for, so they are HIDING money and are TAX EVADERS, so they are just as DIRTY as that whole DIMLIT party IS and always WILL BE……!!!!

    • Pat says:


  27. robert Fantelli says:

    Two Points : ( I) We the people should stand by our ethics on not setting the stage for fowl comments (even though the left is deserving of even more) (2) today’s mind set is to intentionally elucidate foul language and accusations then “apologize” with the intent of inflicting damage on the accursed individual and falsely impressing the misinformed and under informed.

  28. robert Fantelli says:

    Two Points : ( I) We the people should stand by our ethics setting the stage for fowl comments (even though the left is deserving of even more) (2) today’s mind set is to intentionally elucidate foul language and accusations then “apologize” with the intent of inflicting damage on the accursed individual and falsely impressing the misinformed and under informed.

  29. Leocadio Smith says:

    I agree with her, but we should not lower our standards to those on the other side. A better choice of words, even when we are extremely irritated or just pissed at them, would do us better in the long run.

  30. kneivel says:

    Our president has been called much much worse. Conservatives need to start learning how to scrap & punch in a street fight if we expect to beat the liberal kooks resistance. Trump is a master at the counterpunch… thats why he’s winning. Keep it up Tommi… you’re on the right side… & you’re HOT!

  31. Daniel O’Cooney says:

    The good Kennedy’s ended with John and Bobby Kennedy. One thing you left out limp dick Joe from your speech the immigrants that built your state were processed thru Ellis Island just like my family got here. I don’t work for Fox News so stick it up your ass!!!!!

  32. Lincoln Sorensen says:

    Joe Kennedy is a liar, but a poor actor. His physical herks and jerks were difficult to watch. But that comes with trying to sell what one knows are lies.

    • Stanley Syta says:

      Absolutely true. I couldn’t stand watching him. However, it served no purpose for Tomi to have posted what she said. People who have nothing to lose can say such things, but if you’re out in the public, temper your comments.

    • ken says:

      What would one expect from a limp dick demncrap! ESPECIALLY, from those genes!!!

  33. Cynthia says:

    I think by saying what Lauren said was uncalled for…Please don’t start acting like the Democrats…Take the high road,when you get to the top, then blast them with INTELLIGENT dialogue

  34. CaptTurbo says:

    I agree with you Tomi but sometimes we need to say things more gently when surrounded by snowflakes. I still think you’re great.

    • Aline says:

      Capt Turbo, you’re TOTALLY RIGHT!!!!!! Tomi doesn’t mince words! ( I speak the same)! This is a young woman with more brains that the DNC put together!

    • william heard says:

      I also agree with Tomi , but it appears others of a lesser political logic / or common sense , do not .
      It is just good logical ” regular folk ” speak that she used and I am not sure why she felt the need to apologize !
      I also listened to his response and wondered what he was trying to say .

  35. Steven Coy says:


  36. Grizz Mann says:

    The truth should be expressed in an acceptable manner. Such as , he is a great Democrat, with some very insightful and professional political commentary.

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