This viral photo is about to cost the Democrats everything

Democrats are known for playing hardball in political fights.

This time they made a huge mistake.

And this viral photo is about to cost the Democrats everything.

Texas Democrats fled the state after Governor Greg Abbott called a special session so the legislature could take up election integrity measures among other issues.

Democrats ran out the clock on the regular session by staging a walkout that denied the Republican majority quorum to pass bills, including the election integrity law.

Now Texas Democrats plan to spend weeks out of state to again deny quorum in the special session and block legislation that would enhance voter ID requirements, ban drive through voting, and make it a criminal offense to mail unsolicited ballots to voters.

The legislation would also add extra days of early voting.

The Democrats’ walkout scheme turned into a PR debacle when a photo appeared on social media of Democrats aboard a private plane with cases of Miller Lite beer and no one wearing masks despite the fact that the Biden administration mandated masks for commercial air travel.

Democrats fled Texas to obstruct Republicans from passing legislation at the same time many in the Party are pressuring Senate Democrats to eliminate the legislative filibuster so Democrats can pass the Bernie Sanders/Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez socialist agenda.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott responded by threatening to arrest the Democrats once they returned to Texas so they could be returned to the Capitol to vote on legislation.

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