This Trump aide just ended up in prison and now the media is gloating

Special counsel Robert Mueller has drawn blood.

His witch hunt just scored its biggest victory.

Now one Trump aide is in jail and the media is gloating.

Mueller was pressuring former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort to flip on the President.

Manafort has not turned on Trump so Mueller moved to revoke his bail and make him wait in jail for his trials on financial crimes unrelated to the 2016 election or Russian collusion to commence.

Mueller claimed Manafort tampered with witnesses based solely on a one minute phone call and vague messages on an encrypted messaging app.

Judge Amy Brennan Jackson agreed and revoked his bail and ordered him to report to prison.

The Daily Caller reports:

A federal judge in Washington, D.C., revoked former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s bail Friday, imprisoning Manafort pending the start of his criminal trial.

U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson concluded that special counsel Robert Mueller credibly alleged that Manafort encouraged two witnesses to lie to investigators, compromising the credibility of his upcoming trial.

“I cannot turn a blind eye to these allegations,” the judge told Manafort during a Friday hearing. “You have abused the trust placed in you.”

“Manafort’s obstructive conduct — carried out at a time when he was seeking relief from his current conditions of release — instills little confidence that restrictions short of detention will assure Manafort’s compliance with the court’s orders and prevent him from committing further crimes,” Mueller’s motion to revoke bail reads.

Mueller is furious that his investigation has turned up nothing and is cranking up the heat on Manafort in a final, desperate bid to produce any evidence of collusion with Russia.

But Manafort has denied all allegations of collusion so Mueller’s vindictive move only serves to punish Manafort for crimes he didn’t commit.


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49 Responses

  1. Audrie Meadows says:

    There has been no trial, only insinuations of biased prosecution on an event that might have occured 12 years ago. Has anyone asked what happened to his right to bail? Maybe our nation is turning…but it is a LEFT TURN!

  2. Charles Zaidan says:


    • C.D. KELLY says:

      he still has to pay for the conspiracy with dead agent Connolly and Whitey Bulger along with K.Weeks, Montarano, Driscoll, Flemmi and others. Mueller wanted the Italian mob in New England and caused the death of 13 people in Boston while working to protect Bulger. Mueller gave them carte blanch and they held a city in mayham for years being protected. He is also a stolen valor dirtbag from Viet Nam.

  3. Dee says:

    I am sick to death of the liberals, Mueller and all his ilk and the demon rats.

  4. If Manafort is guilty, then he belongs in prison. Now, let’s see more Liberals put in jail.

  5. Dee says:

    I really don’t know much about Manaport, so did he do anything of these things he’s accused of?

  6. James Crumpton says:

    CNN is a big fake news. Can’t even get the difference between jail and prison. Obama’s judge is working for Mueller and she buys anything he tells her. Yet the other charge in Virginia was not taken greatly by that judge, he jumped all over Mueller for not doing his job that he is suppose to be doing and going after Trump. Manafort is placed in jail till trial, no such thing as prison, because Trump will pardon Manafort because it is all a fake job to get after Trump.

  7. Mueller’s biggest victory to date. He jails Manafort on financial crimes unrelated to the 2016 election or Russian collusion to commence. Big f…ing deal. Not even relevant. And this is what Bob Mueller has wasted taxpayer dollars, time and resources on. Shut this ass down.

  8. Fat sam says:

    When is Mueller going to jail? Some of the things he’s done in the past and in the last year would have been enough to seen you or l to jail.

  9. Sanjose Mike says:

    While I don’t think Manafort is exactly a “sterling example” of honesty or integrity, I am sorry that he is in jail. However, I predict that no matter what happens to him, if Trump has a second term, Manafort will be pardoned.

    Here’s the take-away: PLEASE support conservative candidates for the mid-term elections, even if they don’t live in your state. I send them about 40 dollars. Not a lot, but they appreciate it.

    If you have only rino’s (some states do) I would still recommend voting for them…with a bad taste in your mouth, but they are usually “better” than Democrats.

    sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

    • Cheryl says:

      Anything is better than a democrat and at the rate they’re going they are becoming a terrorist organization against this coutry.

  10. SFENGR says:

    Mueller’s “boy” Weismann is the one that did the deed….Wiesman must be expunged from the government. He is as evil as Soros and corrupt as a lawyer!

  11. Ron C says:

    This is just proof positive that judge shopping works…this Obama appointed judge will do what every Mueller or the democrats ask her to, just to spite Trump…The duly elected president!

  12. Richard says:

    While all the crooks are running rampant this Mueller witch hunt continues unabated. If we are truly a nation ruled by the rule of law, why are there no indictments for the deep state demorats that have been identified as liars? or those that have used their offices as a tool to obstruct the election process. This is a sad historical time for this country and it seems the DOJ, and FBI need to do what is right for the country. Sessons get off your ass and start sending out indictments.

  13. Allen Cruce says:

    He may have been picked by the Republicans, but Mueller is nothing more than an Obama Worshipping, Clinton Boot-Lick and Soros Sycophant. The Cu-, er, Judge that sent Manafort back to jail is one of Obama’s Liberals too.

  14. Marjorie Kurtenbach says:

    This doesn’t sound like the America I grew up in. Manafort is innocent until proven guilty at a trial and then put in jail if convicted. This judge cleared Hillary after she got our Ambassador and others killed in Benghazi . Get rid of this crooked judge and free Manafort until he has his trial and is found guilty. Come on congress do your job. Marjorie Kurtenbach

    • brenda says:


  15. What Manafort had done has nothing to do with the the Russian made up deal, how can Mueller investigate anything he wants and get away with it? Everyone involved in this mess from the FBI, CIA and DOJ ,need to be arrested.

  16. Mervyn Russell says:

    The truth is so obscured that we will never know what’s true or a lie.

  17. Mike I says:

    The judge did cross a line and it’s about time. What do you expect a judge to do when you have a defendant trying to influence a witness and then does it with an encrypted app? When are the lemmings in congress going to complete the multitude of investigations of Trumps swamp creaton Scott Pruitt???? WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!

  18. Scott says:

    Damn crooked judge, in my opinion. No basis for this action.

  19. Gerry says:

    I can see a major lawsuit coming. If Manafort’s lawyers aren’t appealing this BS and screaming from the rooftops – Manafort needs new lawyers. First off — how do you revoke someone’s bail on a maybe,perhaps or taking the word of a dirtbag like mueller who is already guilty of sending innocent people to prison for his own satisfaction. This is another one of obama’s puppet judges who will soon be disbarred and all her rulings thrown out. Actually I should not refer to her as judge — because she has proven to not be worthy of that title. A judge — GOES BY OUR CONSTITUTION AND RULE OF LAW and doesn’t make them up as they go along.

  20. GRIZZ MANN says:

    Is this a case of children being separated from a parent?

    • GARY BYRD says:

      yes but do you think democrats care about kids separated from parent all they care is future votes don’t be fooled by democrats lies.look at the lies Obama and lying told

  21. Brenda Choate says:

    ManAfort IS NOT A TRUMP AIDE. You would think that after all this time the damn news could get it straight.

    • Gerry says:

      They don’t want to get it straight — their purpose is to make it sound as serious and as damaging to Trump as they possibly can.

  22. William Hopkins says:

    Mueller needs to be shut down,and charged his self

    • GRIZZ MANN says:

      Robert Müeller, Jim Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Andrew McCabe have ushered in the new level of competency, integrity, honesty, transparency and trust to the FBI.

      I’m from the government and I’m here to help.

      • DEW says:

        Where I come from the intelligence community is just the Communist democrat arm of enforcing whatever communist democrats say is, is. We are at war with communist democrats media, and intelligence community.

    • GARY BYRD says:

      yes he a commie doing damaged to our country

  23. Alan Hardwick says:

    No actual evidence just a maybe or could have from the Judge & I hope he sues the backside off them.
    The Judge needs a reprimand for assuming he’s guilty prior to trial proving in my view she has already found him guilty

  24. Jim Poehler says:

    Partial fault for all of this lies with the GOP. Their leadership consists mostly of RINOs that want President Trump “taken down”! At least we know the Dems are vicious, lying, haters. The RINOs are covertly seeking what the Dems want. Voters that keep these people in office are also to blame. Low (or no) information voters allow Dems and RINOs to have the power they wield over conservatives. Some true conservatives also don’t have the gumption to speak out against these people.

    • GARY BYRD says:

      vote them all dems and REP we need to start over with new people that wants what best for our country. not there power .we the people have the real power we just don’t used it.trump is trying to do what best for the country

  25. Barbara Cook says:

    With the report that just came out last Thursday, that should give President Trump the authority to go ahead and fire Muller and Rosenstein, and replace them with someone different to run those divisions of the Government. Rosenstein is as much at fault as Muller is. Rosenstein should have never given Muller the authority to go past the investigation of collusion with the Russians. Muller should have stayed on his appointment that he was appointed to do.

    Muller and Rosenstein are both crooked as everyone on the Democrats side and just as crooked as the Deep State. The whole Democrats side and the Deep State are still mad as hell, because Hilliary Clinton didn’t win the Presidency election in 2016.

  26. Marlene says:

    Mueller’s sham of an investigation is illegal. Rosenstein did not follow the law in giving the Muleturd unfettered power. That kind of investigation must be approved by congressional investigation of Mueller to determine if he is fit to be appointed. This was not done and Mueller would not have passed the test.

  27. Pam Johnson says:

    Mueller is a traitor to the constitution. He put a man in jail with no trial. He was wants trump take out. Time to arrest Mueller.

  28. Mike H says:

    Mueller is a rat. They’re pretty much letting him do whatever the hell he wants at anytime. If your a crock you should go to jail I don’t care what side you’re on. The left is getting nothing but a immunity. When are the people going to stand up? Communism is running rampant now in the US.

  29. A Seeker says:

    There must be NO COMPROMISE! The LAW IS THE LAW!

  30. A Seeker says:

    Pity that Mueller can not separates Official Issues from personal Agendas! All in the fullness of TIME, Mueller will faces up to HIS OWN BAG of SH–! Revenge begets REVENGE!

  31. Mike says:

    There’s more people who believe in aliens (15%) then believe in and trust our our federal law enforcement agencies (6%)!!

    The Clintons can lie, manipulate, murder, commit treason and run a money laundering scheme and yet nothing happens to them.
    Trump on the other hand, all he did was get the American people to wake up to the fact that political system in DC is a swamp that needs drained and every crooked politician wants his head on a charger and will do anything to get it!!!
    Mueller should be investigated!! He’s part of the deep state.
    Judgement Day is coming for these enemies of America and things righteous. Maybe sooner than later!!

  32. The fix is in to take down the country. POWER AND CONTROL is all the demoncrats want, your money, control of your life and tell you how you can live.
    Mueller is a dirtbag, part of the of the conspiracy to overthrow the GOVERNMENT of the US of A.
    Your vote no longer counts.

  33. Barbara Cook says:

    Muller is so desperate to take down President Trump, that he is willing to cross any kind of line to get that accompolished. Muller doesn’t care if there was any collusion or not, he wants to take down President Trump at any cost.

    Muller is part of the corrupted Deep State in my book. He is doing whatever the Democrats and all of the Deep State is telling him to do, in order to get rid of President Trump and his whole administration. Muller is also still mad as hell because President Trump fired James Comey last year. Muller doesn’t care weather there was any collusion or not, he is out for blood, and he doesn’t care how is he going about getting it either.

    That is why I said, ” Muller is as crooked as every Democrat and the Deep State put together. From day one, I have never trusted Muller and his whole staff that is working with him on this investigation for collusion with the Russians.

  34. Earl says:

    The Mudller has been crucifying Republicans just because they are Republicans. Now what about the DumboRATS. There has been plenty of evidence of their illegal actions. If someone had told Killery that they ha dirt on President Trump, you better believe that she would have jumped on it. It is time for Conservatives to fight fire with fire. Although Conservative are not as nasty as the DumboRATS.

  35. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    This is nothing to do with the campaign and the only reason Manafort is in jail is that he hasn’t given Mueller any smoking guns he can use against Trump; nothing more or less than that, which is ILLEGAL as well as immoral.

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