This top Trump critic just admitted something stunning about the polls

Polls show Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by seven or eight points.

Democrats claim they are on the verge of a landslide.

But this top Trump critic just admitted something stunning about the polls.

Never-Trump RINO Steve Schmidt is one of founders of the left-wing Lincoln Project.

Schmidt formerly served as campaign manager for John McCain and then made his name in the media by leaking negative information to journalists Mark Halperin and John Heilemann about Sarah Palin for their book Game Change.

Now, Schmidt is a full-throated leftist who regularly appears on MSNBC to trash Donald Trump and conservatives.

But in an appearance on Andrew Mitchell’s MSNBC show, Schmidt warned that polls were undercounting Trump supporters.

“It is historically difficult to defeat an incumbent president, No. 1,” Schmidt told Mitchell. “I suspect there is at least a point or two of undercount for Trump voters.”

In 2016, polls in Wisconsin and Michigan proved to be way off as pollsters undercounted non-college educated voters.

The only pollster who called Donald Trump’s 2016 win was the Trafalgar Group.

Their polls today show Trump leading in Wisconsin and other battleground states.

The group’s lead pollster publicly stated that there are more silent Trump voters in 2020 than there were in 2016.

Horserace polls shape the Fake News Media’s conventional wisdom surrounding the race.

Since the public polls show Biden comfortably ahead, the media treats it as fact and frames the race as an uphill climb for the President.

But President Trump said his internal polls paint a much different picture of the race.

And even one of Trump’s fiercest critics acknowledges that polls are undercounting the President’s support.

Even a one or two point error in the polls could be enough for Trump to win.

Analysts believe the President can lose the popular vote by up to 5 million votes and still win the Electoral College.

That translates to the President being able to lose the national popular vote by four or five points and still winning the election.

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