This top Democrat’s racist scandal from their past is worse than anyone thought

Every day, another Democrat is caught up in a racist scandal from their past.

Now an old skeleton in the closet threatens the career of one of the party’s rising stars.

That’s because everyone is learning the Democrats’ true beliefs.

Rashida Tlaib is one of two Muslim women elected to Congress this year.

Along with Ilhan Omar, Tlaib has seen accusations of anti-Semitism cloud her first month in Washington, D.C.

It became harder for Tlaib to deny she hates Jews when it surfaced that she published a 2006 column for Final Call, a publication that is the House Organ for racist and anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

Fox News reports:

But it now has been unearthed that she was a guest contributor in 2006 to the publication that reprints Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic comments and offers their defense.

“Lost in the often-vitriolic national quarrel over immigration reform is any examination of proposed measures that would result in excessive punishment, such as detention and deportation, for the most minor offenses,” Tlaib wrote in a 2006 post in the Final Call. “Concern for ‘national security’ has introduced unprecedented insecurity to living in the United States as a legal permanent resident.”

The column, which takes an issue with deportations for minor offenses, remains to be accessible online and was first pointed out by blogger Jeryl Bier on social media.

A spokesperson for Tlaib told Fox News that the article was from 2006 and “was not an endorsement of Farrakhan or anyone for that matter,” adding that the congresswoman “has not had any direct contact with Farrakhan and condemns his anti-Semitic and anti-LGBTQ views.”

Tlaib and Omar threaten to permanently brand the Democrats as the party of anti-Semitism.

Many younger Democrats have no issue expressing their hostility toward Israel.

That is now showing through in their party’s elected officials.


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88 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    What the hell is wrong with this country.Putting this kind of racist woman in our government.They will destroy us.It doesn’t take a rocket science to understand it.Or does it?

  2. Barb Brown says:

    my comment wasn’t printed

  3. Barb says:

    Get those 3 muslim, traitors, stooges OUT of OUR Government…….Send as much pork to their offices as possible to let them how much they are wanted gone…..someone has to do something……….just like the idiot said someone did something on 9/11

  4. Martha Taylor says:

    It’s just so very sad that a majority of voters would elect such people!

  5. Sheldon Nadler says:

    Why would stupid American Democrats elect to Jew hating Muslims to the US Congress? They are morons and or imbeciles. This is not diversity, it is anti-Semetisim!

  6. James Barry says:

    In less then 22 years the United States will be a white minority country and Israel be a Jewish minority country it’s called demographics you can hide from demographics but they’re going to find you

  7. Kara says:

    Those two women got elected and that should never had happened. Now there here and yes they can bring down the house of for the DEMS, which is a good things. I just figure it is payback for all the trouble they have been causing for President Trump.

  8. Crystal says:

    Ignorant low information democrat voters, vote these Muslims into office. THINK dumb ass voters, Muslims are the same people that flew plans into our buildings and killed thousands of Americans. I cant figure out how these idiot feminist democrats vote for these Muslims that follow a religion were women and girls have NO RIGHTS!!!!! Stupidity at its finest.

    • JO says:

      Probably many of these young people don’t know or care about 911 or killings by Muslims……school’s don’t teach any negative history about Liberals/Democrats…..the biggest threat to our country…is the MUSLIMS…..they are very dangerous….I think this is the woman that called our President…a Mother-f………on TV….how dare she get away with that.? dirty mouth..ugly thoughts….crude trash

      • Mysty says:

        Boy, you got THAT right, JO!!! To even use that kind of language in public is beyond crude, it is sickening and just shows the total lack of any sort of class and just plain manners. But people from that world have NO idea what morals are and they have ZERO respect for lives…except for their own.

      • Retvet says:

        Given where these things come from, a majority of the voters were probably Muslim, and I would guess many illegal so called refugee types.

    • Linda says:

      Crystal they were voted in by a large population of Muslims. Long time residents feel they were being pressured to sell their homes and get out of the area. The result was, more Muslims were moved in. This isn’t my opinion, but from watching interviews with past residents.

    • Mysty says:

      I agree! And not only ALL you mentioned but IT IS ACTUALLY ILLEGAL FOR MUSLIMS TO HOLD ANY OFFICE IN AMERICAN GOVERNMENT!!! They should NEVER have even been allowed to run just because they ARE muslim. Why they were allowed to run is beyond me and that so many stupid people voted them into office!!!!!!

  9. howard buckley says:


  10. Don says:

    Actually they have an anti-everything problem with anyone or everything that disagrees with their arrogant, snotty policy of they know best how we should live, and they need to learn mind their own business.

  11. Amazingly enough she has many defenders on twitter [the Left is like an apple tree on twitter, shake the tree & progressives fall by the 100s blasting anyone with a conservative voice] but I’ve found that most I speak with in person in MI or via my blog find her an embarassment to the state & are surprised to learn she only only won her district because no one ran against her. I’ve made a suggest to the MI GOP to run a recall campaign against her but never got a reply.

  12. I totally agree that those that are not American should not be put in our offices , not any U.S office !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jammer O'Goman says:

      Any person that follows Satin is evil. They have no basis for good! It is beyond their comprehension since they don’t believe in God as their creator and ruler of the earth He created. Their minds control their actions and the soul has been darkened.

  13. proud vet says:

    So people do not forget how Obama went against Israel when he stood with the UN! The Democrat party is anti-everything in this country that they can cling to to keep their self in power. They are a party of lies deceit murder theft and creating false information

  14. walter siebert says:

    At least the Democrats are showing their full colors now, If they get control of the Senate this country is doomed !!!! I believe in a two party system but hopefully the Democrats won’t be the other party !!!

    • Donna M says:

      I agree. If Republicans had had control when Obama was elected there is no way they would have let him keep Eric Holder as Attorney General. He was arrested in college for his participation in the take-over of one of the buildings using fire-arms to take control. If Trump tried that he would have been roasted. I am getting fed up with their blatantly calling US racists and bigots when THEY are the ones spewing the hate speech of the very people who keep this countries freedom in tact. And the audacity to call us immoral when they allow children at full term to be born and murdered because the mother does not want to be forced into the responsibility of raising a disabled child. No one in this country would force them to raise the child, they are free to walk away and never look back. Plenty of big-hearted people in this country would gladly take the responsibility on. It is disgusting and frankly evil personified!

    • Mysty says:

      My sweet, adorable, standard-sized Pomeranian is SMARTER THAN THE DEMS!!!

  15. Tracy says:

    They’re muslims……end of story. Negotiation is nonexistent.

    • George Kehl says:

      I want to know if AMERICANS have already forgot what MUSLIMS did to AMERICA on 911 ?Are Americans that stupid to let any MUSLIM run and be in politics DAMN MUSLIMS already are trying to teach our children ISLAM and all their BULLCRAP in our schools already today, What the HECK is wrong with all those people allowing this BULL? There is no room in our political system for these MUSLIMS to be there, especially in CONGRESS…

  16. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Sorry! people but our government has kowtowed to Zionists for over 70 years now billions of dollars in charity thrown away on a haven for people who are not the descendants of the so called ancient israelites those people died out 750 to 1,000 years ago the only thing that is remotely genuine about them is that they embrace the beliefs of the Chabad Lubavitch cult, judaism was the delusions of a mad man by the name of Abraham and turned more evil by the Chabad Lubavitch cult which clearly has its foundation in a much more wicked ideology.

    • BELIVER says:


    • Donna M. says:

      Go back to your mental ward. I guess you believe that the Black Hebrew Israelites are the true chosen people of God (or maybe not because they believe they are the true descendants OF Abraham. lol Some people are so easy to brainwash with unproven theories if they want to feel better about themselves. But the fact remains that ANY religion that calls for the deaths and destruction of another race is NOT a religion that belongs in this country. By the way , YOU are a Natzi. Hitler called and he wants his brain back.

    • Mysty says:

      Ok Craig, I think you have lived a strange life hidden away in a dark dungeon somehere and just simply lost your mind. Please pick up a REAL BIBLE TO READ.

  17. Rickey Caldwell says:

    Remember, liberal science has proven she Tlaib can’t be a rascist. People of color cannot be a racist especially against other minorities. Yea right! Only white people especially white men like me can be a racist. I listened to the retard dictator liberal in Venezuela today talking about the US being led by a member of the KKK and white Neo Nazi like in Europe. So is this where the world is today? The Obama liberals have finally set us back 40-50 years. Obama had to fire up the slavery, shame, kkk talk again so as to provide affirmative action handouts and excuse for laziness to last another 50 years. I don’t understand why we don’t just have open borders and let the Latino’s into the US so they can run the place with the Africans. We all know the most successful countries in the world are ran by people of color. Now that I think about it, I can’t think of a successful country of color now or ever.

    • Donna M. says:

      First of all I agree with you 100%. The man who was not elected in Venezuela is trying to lecture the rest of the world on our President (who is NOT a racist, the left just needs people to THINK he is to push their agenda) As for their so called scientific proof??? HAHAHAHA (please stop now, my side hurts) Their science is wrong on that issue just like the bought and paid for scientists claiming global warming is going to destroy the earth in 12 years That is just a plot by the UN to make people pay them a carbon tax or anything else they can think of to tax us on. And don’t get me started on the racist issue The Black Hebrew Israelites in this country are are JUST as racist as the KKK and the Arian Brotherhood. They should ALL be banned here. The problem is that we can’t say anything about the Hebrew Israelites without being labeled racist ourselves. But That can change if the fake news channels would do their job and show the true facts of stories the push on the average American Citizen. If we are to get rid of racial hate in this country then it needs to be ALL racial hate. (Sorry for my rant but it gets harder every day for me to keep my mouth shut)

  18. WILLIAM Ramsburg says:


  19. Chris McDonnell says:

    We as the true Soldiers Of the KING OF KINGS need to stand and take care of the enemies trying to infiltrate and destroy This country that was designed and kept the only true LIVING GOD, the word says where there is confusion there is every evil work

    • David says:

      you sir are correct .. We are Patriotic God fearing Soldiers of the Lord !
      The Demorats will pay for the way they treat the American Citizens ..
      This is The peoples Country and will remain belonging to WE THE PEOPLE of the USA , not the Demorat party…What goes around comes around …….

      • Mysty says:

        And they WILL learn that when Jesus returns with His Angel Army!! They WILL reap the bounty of the harvest they have sown throughout their lifetimes.

    • David Forler says:

      100% Truth. We need to prepare for a HolyWar if we cont to allow TRUE RACIST ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS INTO OUR COUNTRY AND CONGRESS. All extremists MUST BE DEPORTED ASAP

  20. Larry G Turner says:

    Anti-Semitism is growing by leaps and bounds in this country, but it should be remembered that it is the Democrats who are the ones filled with hate. The Democrat party is also the party who started the KKK after the Civil War to “control” the freed blacks and continue to be anti-black to this day. The gun control laws passed after the Civil War were aimed at the freed blacks with the intent to keep guns out of their hands. This is why the NRA was created in 1871 as the 1st Civil Rights group. They continue to fight against racist gun control laws that affect black and white alike. And if you want to look for the good the Muslims have done, you only have to look as far as the nearest Muslim hospitals, where people of all faiths are welcomed and cured of terrible disease. Oh wait….

    • Donna M. says:

      LOL. Well said. I believe you were going to say “that is the Jewish/Israeli hospital….?? I heard the most idiotic thing yesterday. All the good inventions in the world today were actually invented by black men/women and the jewish man and white man stole it and put their name on it. I believe there are plenty of inventors in our history books that are black. I just have to laugh and go on about my day when I hear stuff like that.

    • Kat says:

      Remember the sonnet written on the base of statue of liberty, give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breath free. Now it’s give me your terrorist’s, your criminals your free loaders who don’t care about anything but taking. God Bless the American citizens

  21. lisalles says:

    Democrats have ALWAYS been the racist party. They voted FOR slavery, For Segregation, AGAINST the civil rights act of the 1960s. They voted AGAINST allowing blacks to vote! They are and always have been racist. What they succeeded to do is con the african americans who were not around when they protested the civil rights act. They have successfully convinced the population that they are not and never were racist…how did they do this? By giving welfare to poor instead of training them. BY giving them food stamps instead of educating. Do not underestimate the racist democrats…..nothing is below the belt for these people.

  22. Audie Jordan says:

    All Democrats have Obama to thank for this mess. He put Muslim Brotherhood members all throughout the Government & they are still around. Hillary was not about to not get in on the action so she had her Muslim aid, daughter of a major Muslim Brotherhood member.

    Obama dumped Muslims all over The South w/o contacting a single Governor. There is a Muslim training camp just inside the SC line from Charlotte. If I had armed guards w/ full automatic weapons, patrolling my property, I would be in court. No one touches these people.

    • DSC says:

      You are so right. Look at the Countries that has these people in goverment. They are some of the worse countries ever. Murders and rapes. But I guess if you say anything you are a racist. Call me what you will but I don’t want these people in our goverment or Country.

    • David says:

      The President has got to clean up obozos muslims and islamics inside our country…This is our USA , not theirs….Ice needs to round up all that don’t belong here in the USA……..

  23. Vince Hardwick says:

    Not only the Jewish religion. All contra religions. They have a 100 year plan to do this. That’s why the become sleepers for 10 or 20 years and get involved in the PTA, etc. I spoke to a War Advisor to the Secretary of Defense about 5 to 10 years ago at a wedding reception on the top floor of the Ritz Carlton in Tysons Corner! .This person said to me, “Vince you are only one of a few people who would say that! It kind of startled me! His body language told me he agreed with me. Obviously this is the most secret kind of information and they get unannounced lie detector test periodically. So he would show up as lying if he had verbalized that accent to me! Because they are routinely asked by the testors if they have spoken to anyone not cleared for top secret, or higher, about these types of matters! So they have to be extremely observant about what they talk about! I ran into this again about 15 years ago when a person who was the top security person for all spy satellites for the Secretary of the Air Force. He asked the disabled person’s nurse to leave the room. She was from South America. It was about 10 or 11:00 PM at night when he mentioned this to us.We had returned from a Masonic meeting in DC. He was extremely upset because there was tis new building costing about $300 million on route 28, that it had been become public that it was not accounted for in the National Budget! Congress stopped construction. Particularly Senator Kennedy! We had just returned from a Masonic meeting Meeting in DC. We Had been riding together in a special van and drove a mutual friend for over two years to Masonic meetings in DC, Our friend live ed on the outskirts of Northern Virginia,. Centerville, VA. He had never let on what he did before. This piece of information came out in the press and the POST! This was a new building under construction on Route 28 and was occupied by two entities. One was for the spy satellites agency for the U.S. Air Force Secretary. The other I can’t remember. I was in the Air Force. That’s why the is story stuck with me. The uncovering of this story upset this person Iso violently that his arthritis flare ed up so badly he had to stop work and moved to the SW U.S. It was about a $300 million dollar building, as I recall. I spent 40 years financing commercial real estate up to a max limit of $100million so that spec stuck in my mind

    We have to be extremely vigilant. It is a life or death issue. I think a number of years ago there was a meeting in Philadelphia, PA were that was discussed by the (Radical? )Muslim group (This plan was for a 100 plan to take over the world’s religion and eliminate all who didn’t fall into line. It is said their Torah is written broadly enough so they can justify to themselves killing every dissenter. I kind of believe that they can justify that religious order by their higher being to take the life of all deserters (who quit, who said anything adversarial about their faith! The FBI had an a mole in that meeting room!

    • Mysty says:

      Vince, with all your diatribe, you make very little sense. I don’t put one iota of belief to anything you said. Either you drink a lot or you are too old to have mental acquity. I don’t know, but it sounds to me like you are anti-Christian. You appear to be a mason and you seem to confuse the muslims with the Jews…VASTLY DIFFERENT PEOPLE WITH VASTLY DIFFERENT BELIEFS. I don’t think you even know what you are talking about and I SURE HOPE you’ve never been in ANY position where secrecy was involved. I’m not sure you would even be trustworthy.

  24. Donna says:

    Every person who wants to run for office should be investigated and scrutinized thoroughly before being approved to run. The congresswomen from MI and MN and Cortez and several others should have never been allowed on the ballots. Only those who support our country, our safety, our military and vets and our jobs should be in congress.

    • Joe Canada says:

      Totaly. agree ,they are not here for the good of America.At this point they should be taken back to their country and left! And no more should be brought to America
      They have a totaly different agenda of life as we know it.But Taking a look around the world where they are moving too ,only truble and mahamn come from these radical Islamist people!How do U seperate the good from the bad!You dont. its like playing with the Rattle snake that wouldnt bite you.Ot was the snakes nature.It is ISLAMS NATURE!!!

    • David says:

      You get an AA+ on that comment

  25. Barbara says:

    What did you people expect from these 2 and the #3 one . We have been fighting them for yrs people in Iraq and afhganistan . Our fighting men know them for what they are. Let alone what they do to9 women and children. You can’t trust them. We see how they are behaving in England, Germany and France and the other countries. —-come on. They are being nice to us ONLY to achieve their agenda. Look at the trouble CAIR is trying to force on us. They want their Allah breaks and such. We don’t live or work that way . They should not be here in the first place. The difference is to great a margin. It won’t work and other countries are waking up to that.!!!!

  26. Any Congress person that openly wants the destruction of one of our oldest and trusted allies should be charged with treason,in her case she should also be charged with sedition because of her stance on trying to remove our legally elected and currently seated president. These kinds of people should be made examples of and charged with the crimes they have so openly and blatantly committed. All these anti-American “legislators?” Need to go after all this is still supposed to be America we do have laws here and they should not be broken by a bunch of no class communist,they want communism let them go to north damn Korea….they’ll probably like it there

  27. Daniel Mount says:

    This is a real hate-filled Muslim that should not be in any American Government job that is as powerful as a Representative of our Government because we are a Judaio/Christian Nation and all Muslims want to kill all Jews and Christians as well as everyone else in the world. These Muslims did not win any election because they were put in office by the way of Voter fraud.

    • Norma Gilmer says:


    • David says:

      Both George and Daniel are on the money, our USA needs to be cleaned up by President Trump and ICE …… Enough of MIGRANTS Already . We are being taken over by our enemies ..

      • Lunchladie says:

        This one and the other one need to go NOW!!!! They have NO business in our government. And this one favors Farrakhan – he hates the US and everything we stand for. How could she even take her oath of office!?!??! She is anti American and will only do harm. She started out showing her ignorance and classless behavior and it won’t get any better. IF there is no room for discrimination due to gender or race there is NO room for antisemitism in this country. Dems really scraped the bottom of the barrel on this past election.

  28. John Feeney says:

    When is the Catholic Church going to excommunicate Nancy Pelosi. She is pro-abortion. That’s a Mortal sin!

    • Liz Mueller says:

      That question was given to the Archbishop of NewYork concerning Gov. Coumo. Answer was the bishop of her diocese would have to start the process to do this. That said, the bishop would be giving her and ( Coumo) fodder for claiming the Catholic Church is butting into politics ( happens all the time by the way) One day these people will meet the
      High Judge and it won’t be pretty.

      • Eric Miller says:

        The problem is exactly the reverse actually. The killing of innocents has always been a transgression of a religious commandment – Thou shalt not kill. What has happened is that secular governments have adopted that commandment and made it a law of the land. They then claim exclusive right to apply or adapt the law as they see fit, and then accuse the religions of meddling in politics.

    • The Church cannot excommunicate a non-practicing Catholic that’s already excommunicated!

  29. Allen says:

    Nothing will happen to her. She is a woman. She is a Democrat. Besides, she is butt ugly so it would be considered bullying to hold her accountable.

  30. Bruce says:

    maxine water is the biggest the biggest RACIST person in Congress and the next one is the rest of the Democrats

    • Chief Kickabitch says:

      I went fishing today. I thought I caught a large mouth bass, but it turned out to be Maxipad Waters, a large mouth ass.
      Chief Kickabitch of the Slap-a-hoe tribe

  31. Brad Gibbs says:

    As far as a new old saying goes:
    The Democratic Party is the oldest party of hate.
    The hate from that party has been going on forever since it’s introduction in 1828 when Andrew Jackson came bursting onto the scene and became the first Democrat who showed his hatred for Indians by outright killing them, but they’re hatred grew worse as time went on. They enslaved blacks, created segregation between blacks and whites, have repeatedly burned the American flag, created the hate group the KKK, are currently attempting to erase history by destroying statues, and is making vain attempts to destroy the constitution.
    This party should not have been brought into existence.

    • Stella Honeycutt says:

      God will make these people who are denying his Nation the right to exist will make their bed in Hell. Hell was Created for Satan, but God has had to enlarge Hell to accommodate those that are Unbelievers.

      • Norma Gilmer says:


  32. Dewey Bowser says:

    We have plenty of American people to fill our jobs in Gov, it is time to stop hiring people that hate America

  33. Sue Rich says:

    Not only anti-semitism. the Democrats, in their vendetta against Trump, have gotten so far into their hate campaign, they’ve completely forgotten what The People voted them in to do. They’ve done nothing for America or The People. They follow only their own pathetic agenda. It’s time to remind them why their in office. This year, DO NOT VOTE DEMOCRATS.

  34. Gerald Ladd says:

    The only good Muslim, is a dead Muslim. DemonRATS elect them.

    • Jeff says:

      There are only two kinds of mooslims in the world, radical mooslims want to kill infidels, moderate mooslims want the radical mooslims to kill the infidels.

  35. Anthony Arico says:

    The Muslims don’t belong in Congress. They don’t believe in God. They want to kill babies. Kick them out of United States

    • Stella Honeycutt says:

      I agree. Israel is God’s Holy People. My Lord and Savior was a Jew. The Gentiles were grafted into His Holy family. God created all people. All races were created by God Himself. Not her self.

  36. Celia says:

    Every Muslim is antisemetic, so this is something new? Why are the there as reps? They do not in any way, shape or form represent the the United States citizens or government. Is there a way to get rid of them before a year is up, and they cs collect free retirement funds paid for by our labors?

  37. Mike says:

    And this keeps getting better with the Muslims. Great job putting these assholes where they don’t belong

  38. Ed says:

    Democrats do have an antisemitism problem only it’s not growing in any sense except exposure. Yet the problem, all Democrat problems are not the real problem, but their distraction. Democrats hate God and their problems are merely symptoms of their one real hate. They want us all to believe God is not real yet look at all the effort they expend fighting their unreal righteousness of Almighty God!! To me they are blind to the truth, something God promised in his word. God help them they know not what they do.

  39. Arlie Haroldson says:

    I made a comment. Why wasn’t it printed?

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