This top Democrat held an innocent black man at gunpoint and now he could lose everything

The 2022 midterms will decide control of the United States Senate.

The chamber is split 50/50 and either party could walk out of the election with the majority.

And this top Democrat held an innocent black man at gunpoint and now he could lose everything.

Pennsylvania’s open Senate seat figures to be one of the most expensive and closely fought races in the entire country.

Whichever party wins Pennsylvania’s Senate seat is likely to win the majority.

And now the Democrats have a major problem on their hands.

Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman was one of the first Democrats to declare for the race.

Fetterman is a favorite of the party grassroots and quickly raised $1.5 million for his campaign.

But even before Fetterman’s campaign got off the ground it found itself on the rocks.

The New York Times reported that in 2013 Fetterman held an innocent back man at gunpoint claiming the man was involved in what Fetterman thought was a shooting at a nearby school.

The Times reported:

In 2013, when he was mayor, Mr. Fetterman used his shotgun to stop an unarmed Black jogger and detain him, telling the police that he had heard shots fired near his home and spotted the man running, according to the police report. “Fetterman continued to yell and state that he knows this male was shooting,” the police report says.

An officer who patted down the man, Christopher Miyares, then 28, found no weapons. The officer noted that Mr. Miyares was wearing running clothes and headphones. Mr. Miyares was released.

Democrats need high black turnout in Philadelphia to win races in Pennsylvania.

Democrats also need high turnout from “woke” white suburbanites to win races in Philadelphia.

If Fetterman is the party nominee for Senate, this story could depress turnout in both of those demographics and hand the election – and the Senate majority – to the Republicans.

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