This smoking gun just proved Joe Biden was guilty in his Ukraine scandal

Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign already faced serious problems.

Now a bombshell just dropped that may sink it for good.

And that’s because this smoking gun just proved Joe Biden was guilty in his Ukraine scandal.

Joe Biden and his allies in the Fake News Media have peddled a dubious claim that the investigation into Burisma — the Ukrainian energy company that paid his son Hunter $50,000 per month to sit on the board of directors — was closed when Biden pressured the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor that had been running the case.

This fairly tale is now accepted dogma in the Fake News Media.

But it turned out not to be true.

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani interviewed the prosecutor and found out the prosecutor was pressured to drop the case out of fears it would make Hunter Biden look bad.

Fox News reports:

Fox News obtained a copy of Giuliani’s notes from his January 2019 interview with fired Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin in which he claimed that his “investigations stopped out of fear of the United States.”

“Mr. Shokin attempted to continue the investigations but on or around June or July of 2015, the U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey R. Pyatt told him that the investigation has to be handled with white gloves, which according to Mr. Shokin, that implied do nothing,” the notes from the interview stated. The notes also claimed Shokin was told Biden had held up U.S. aid to Ukraine over the investigation.

Despite Joe Biden trying to bury this story by pushing the Fake News Media to stop booking Rudy Giuliani on TV, this scandal is not going away.

In fact, it is only about to get worse.

And it could be the final blow that sinks Joe Biden’s campaign.

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