This RINO traitor said four words that should end his career

Swamp Republicans claim to be conservatives.

But the establishment’s lies are becoming more blatant.

And this RINO traitor said four words that should end his career.

Texas RINO John Cornyn just masterminded the largest federal gun control scheme in nearly 30 years.

Cornyn supported banning and confiscating firearms from anyone who once got in an argument with an old girlfriend, allowing Democrats to seize Trump supporter’s guns through red flag laws.

He also supported effectively banning 18 to 20 year olds from purchasing firearms.

Now Cornyn opened the door for the Biden administration to impose racist and Marxist Critical Race Theory on all 50 states.

Cornyn is a lead sponsor of the Civics Secures Democracy Act.

Conservative author Stanley Kurtz wrote in National Review that Joe Biden and woke bureaucrats will be able to use the strings of the federal money promised in the bill to blackmail states into mandating Critical Race Theory in the classroom.

Kurtz wrote:

It doesn’t matter that federal law and the bill itself disclaim the authority to formally impose a curriculum on the states. The strings that Biden’s bureaucrats will attach to these massive federal grants will suffice to lure states into adopting CRT. The left-leaning bureaucrats who staff education departments even in red states already favor CRT (those bureaucrats will write the grant applications and divvy up the money). And Biden long ago signaled his intention to prioritize applications that promise CRT.

If CSDA passes this summer, as its sponsors hope, a Republican victory in the midterms will come too late to prevent the federal imposition of CRT. But what will happen when voters discover just months before the midterms that Republicans have betrayed them by using federal power to push CRT on the states? The Civics Secures Democracy Act is education madness and political suicide all wrapped up in one.

Instead of rebutting Kurtz’s charges, John Cornyn took a page from the Biden campaign response to the Hunter Biden laptop story and said the critiques of his leftist bill are nothing more than Russian disinformation.

John Cornyn is no conservative.

Cornyn is already on record supporting gun control and amnesty for illegal aliens.

And now Cornyn is working hand-in-glove with Joe Biden to foist Critical Race Theory on America’s children.

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