This “reporter” let the cat out of the bag about her anti-Kavanaugh hit piece

The fake news media did everything they could to torch Brett Kavanaugh’s character.

Their plans to stop his confirmation ultimately failed.

But one “reporter” just slipped up and revealed the dirty details of her plot to stop Kavanaugh.

In the days before the unprecedented Christine Blasey Ford testimony, new allegations arose.

The media tried to pass them off as “credible,” but they didn’t pass the smell test.

The New Yorker published an article about Kavanaugh’s college days that was totally uncorroborated.

One of the authors of that baseless hit piece, Jane Mayer, was recently interviewed by Elle Magazine.

She stated her true goal behind publishing the article was to prove Kavanaugh had a “pattern of misconduct.”

Mayer states in Elle:

“I think I was really advantaged by having covered the Thomas-Hill confirmation battle because basically I’d seen this movie before. In fact, I’d watched as several of the same senators had disrespected Anita Hill a generation ago, and there they were, still questioning the woman’s credibility.

“So having watched this before, I knew that key issues would be whether the judge had a pattern of similar behavior, since that helps establish who is telling the truth when there is a standoff, and whether there were credible corroborators on either side. Knowing this is why Ronan Farrow and I were so alert to the significance of other accusers, such as Deborah Ramirez. Her allegation showed that, if true, yes, there was a pattern of misconduct, and likely another side of the judge.”

Mayer has given up any credibility she had left as a “reporter.”

She admits that she could not verify Deborah Ramirez’ allegations as true.

Mayer was simply using her role to sway public opinion against Kavanaugh.

This is blatant political activism disguised as journalism.

Even former CNN Washington bureau chief Frank Sesno went on air and stated this hearsay would not have been published two decades ago during the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal.

This just goes to show you how low the bar is on so-called “journalism.”

Luckily the truth prevailed and Judge Kavanaugh is now Justice Kavanaugh.


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45 Responses

  1. David says:

    The Kavanaugh ordeal isn’t over yet! The Democrats have begun round two by making unsubstantiated ethics claims against the Associate Justice. Should they win in November, they will start round three by impeaching Justice Kavanaugh over false claims of perjury! That is why November 6, is so important. We must have a Red Wave or it’s all over for Justice Kavanaugh!

    • Harold says:

      I would like to suggest that if they try to remove Kavanaugh that there will be an uprising that the democrats won’t like at all. The way I have heard and read is that the American people won’t stand still for this communist take over.

  2. Mary Navratilova says:

    I’m almost thirty years old pro-life and pro-family relatively young woman and mother of six minors, six small children. I will never stay home on Election Day. I will go vote on this Election Day in November sixth too. I don’t vote pro-abortion and pro-homosexual Democrats and Republicans. I vote every election against these murders of the unborn children, sodomy, feminism, gender ideology and the Democratic Party. I’m going to vote and will vote only just pro-life and pro-family Republicans. The so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. The so-called Democratic Party wants ultra-left Neomarxist dictatorship in the USA! Politicians and supporters of the Democratic Party are Neomarxist extremists and the so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. Their pro-abortion and pro-sodomy agenda isn’t the agenda of the American people. This is agenda of the Democratic Communist Party U.S.A. and they will say or do anything to obstruct the Trump Administration. Remember this, a vote for a Democratic Party is a vote for ultra-leftist pro-abortion and pro-sodomy Communism.

  3. Susie says:

    Let’s call it what it is…”Yellow Journalism.” During the late 1800s, so-called “Journalists” made up everything under the sun. Anyone see any similarities? Only it is worse now than even two years ago. Let’s start referring to these nitwits as what they are, Yellow Journalists…and what they do: they make up anything and everything. We need to tell them that if we need anymore
    _ _ _ _ out of them, we’ll just squeeze their heads.

  4. Keith D says:

    Journalism died in my youth!! People today THINK Colbert and SNL is news!! They WASTE their time in education with hard courses like “WOMEN’S STUDIES or How to HOWL at the moon!! It must really disturb parents to know they spend 1000’s of dollars on their kids education and after graduating all their good for is WELFARE!!!!

  5. Al Pambuena says:

    This left wing mob group think mentality takes on a life of it’s own that ignores those rights we would all want if it was against us..this is so dangerous to our country because it shows a Nationwide weakness that could influence not only lives…but national security…are we that weak that as a country we ignore those basic rights human decency…respect and those basic concepts of our laws….has the Lynch mobs of the deep South that we saw in the 20s..30 s..and 40s…returned today as our new justice system…?


    A lawsuit against her and her employer

  7. John says:

    $125 billion Class-action lawsuit from conservatives against any media knowingly creates false report publishing for each instance. Hit ’em where it truly hurts.

  8. David Johnson says:

    It’s not over yet. Chief Justice Roberts just had to forward complaints against Kavanaugh for further investigation. Roberts had to do this by law. Democrats are now attempting to prove Kavanaugh committed perjury and should be impeached. I think Republicans need to start the process of proving Ford, Ramirez, Feinstein, and other Democrats in the Senate and House have lied under oath! It is time we started using the law to purge the system of all of those who have committed perjury. I say start with Ford, Ramiraz, Swetnick, Feinstein, Waters, Schumer, and Pelosi! Then move to the MSM and start suing so-called “journalists” and holding them accountable for the half truths and lies that they report!

  9. Timothy says:

    Kavanaugh vandalizes a truck in drunken rage, according to a report by the owner. The Wall Street Journal, says that Truth and Courage members met twice weekly through senior year to hang out and drink. When “heavily drunk,” Mr. Kavanaugh, could turn “belligerent, offensive and even possibly criminal,” the statement says.

    According to the Wall Street Journal (Oct. 10, 2018) , when senators went saw a stack of documents with thousands of tips about Brett Kavanaugh that had been sent to the FBI tipline. And they basically ignored them all.

    • LPaul B says:

      THE WSJ, yes a very reliable source, and I would bet there are thousands of rabid leftists who would do just what Ramirez and Swetnik do, lie for the cause… Ends justifying means and all.

  10. Sandra Renee says:

    How low can they go? Just when we start to think that they can not get any lower, they manage to do it.

  11. Freddy says:

    Jane Mayer saw the truth prevail a generation ago and set out to prevent it from happening again. Thank God she failed.

    • Richard Knoch says:

      Demented Dems used the road-map of the “High Tech Lynching” . . . . adding another chapter to it.

      As she stated, she didn’t bother to verify anything, just pulled out the book and added another chapter with Justice Kavanaugh as the central figure, rather then Justice Thomas.

  12. Ernst says:

    It is not so much the reporter but the editor who should be fired. An editor should verify the articles published. In this case the article was unverified, and the claimant had a very questionable history along with a very shady lawyer.

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      You HIT IT, it is the editors job that casts aside many a journalists reports ( I have been there) or, as in My case, sends the work back with SUGGESTIONS for revisions—I did not revise & was fired> as i was not being paid well I gave it little thought at the time. Control of the editor is control of the news that gets PUBLISHED, aired.

    • James Pilla says:

      Absolutely, word perfect Ernest! God bless!

    • Terrie says:

      Ernest, I think they both should be fired, and I think they both should be held for civil lawsuits for defamation of character at a minimum. They both destroyed this man’s reputation. Until we begin to hold people to a higher level of standard then they currently walk, others will follow thinking “It’s okay to throw vile comments around about other people. People will not resist to promote their “resistive and obstructive behavior without an action requiring them to cease and abstain.

  13. Steveur says:

    Those Boobs laugh and talk West down to the dirt.. what they don’t know is. that West Left the Leftist Plantation and they remain shackled to leaders of that immoral Left. Your Left leaders traded sheets for Suits and are now using the Welfare money and free programs as the chains to keep you for your vote.. That is something that you can laugh about, while he is free to vote the man he is, not what Plantation Keepers demand of him. So you may scoff him, but you’re still there and he is free.

  14. N says:

    Get off the corrupted to the core NAZI Demoncrat Communist KKK plantation treasonous party (RINOs too!!! You know who you are) and on the Trump train to success! MAGA! Vote republican, no RINOs please!

  15. TooLateNow says:

    Jane Mayer is a liar by failing to disclose her opinion and published her opinion as fact! Her editor should be disciplined, and possibly fired, for failing to ask for verification of Jane Mayer’s “facts!” It is no wonder that the printed word is going bankrupt!

  16. K says:

    Obviously lacking morals, integrity $ character, this “writer” and most on the left & definitely MSM are foolish enough to believe that we are the ignorant ones. They fail to realize we are anything but stupid. Far as I can tell, THEIR ignorance continues to propel us and OUR desire to save this Republic from their dead-end and meritiess political desires.
    – – MEDICARE for All – nothing more than govt entitlement and we get taxed out the wazoo.
    Let me remind all – just because a person gets HEALTH COVERAGE, that does not mean we have access to HEALTHCARE. 2 very different things.
    – – RE-WRITE OUR CONSTITUTION – (especially the 2nd & 1st Ammendments) exactly what Hitler did before murdering 6 Million Jewish Men, Women & Children
    – – DOING AWAY WITH THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE. Only 1 reason for that – they will always have the power using most the E & W coast cities as their “popular vote” allies.
    There are too many reasons that the DIMS can not be trusted to take power through these midterms.

  17. Jerry says:

    Not only should she be fired, she is incompetent as a news reporter. As a news reporter you are supposed to see what the facts are and just report them, not go out to prove a point and slant the news to prove your biases. Journalism 101. She is involved in yellow journalism; Yellow journalism, or the yellow press, is a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspapers. Techniques may include exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, or sensationalism.

  18. Jake says:

    Not only fired but also imprisoned for collusion and subterfuge. Sent to FT Leavenworth for a long time. Also should be sued personally for liable and deformation of character.

    • Susie says:

      Well, they won’t send her to Ft. Leavenworth as that is only for military, nor will they send her to the big house in Leavenworth because that is for the very nasty and hardened prisoners. However there is a nice women’s prison in Leavenworth, or perhaps the Lansing prison (just outside of Leavenworth) that might have a room for her.

      • Tom says:

        She should be sent to that beautiful island with a great ocean view, maybe she can find what she wants from the boys from the sand dunes that think a woman should walk behind

      • Steveur says:

        Why a nice place? She doesn’t deserve nice, she tried to murder someones Life Work and family. She deserves the worst they can give her.

  19. George Rowe says:

    She showed a pattern of conduct all right – HER’s, and it is evil.

  20. Ron says:

    This “reporter” say she was attempting to show a pattern of misconduct! Has anyone noticed the pattern of good conduct testified to by scores of women who have known Kavanaugh for decades doesn’t count? Typical of the MSM whose goal is misinformation against anyone not on the left!

    • Dora says:

      The left wing so call reporters aren’t able to smell their own crap and of course they will never smell anybody else crap. Can you image what this country would be like if crooked pedohillary would have stolen the election. OMG what a blessing that her money didn’t buy her the presidency.

  21. Fr Tom Martin says:

    She should be fired and black balled from any future journalists job. She should be charged and a law suit filed against her. But, she has already started her next smut piece.

  22. Freddie says:

    Mainstream media has gone so far left that their credibility has become questionable at best. Their partisan affiliation often gets in their way of reporting the news. There’s so much bias that the best way to find out the truth is to do your own analysis and research.

  23. Popeye74 says:

    Ed, you wrote, “This is the type of Communists working for most News Media. They are part of the elite who will benefit from a Communist Government.”

    You’re right, at least insofar as how such “reporters” and yellow “journalists” think. However, anybody familiar with history knows that whenever the communists take over the first ones they round up and execute are the useful idiots and fellow travelers. The commies know that if these people will betray their own country it is certain that sooner or later they will likewise betray their new communist masters. Poetic justice!

  24. So called journalists have lost their objectivity. When they publish a piece it never seems to be well researched or fact-checked. Editorial boards, have become a thing of the past. All that is left when these yellow journalists are outed, is their unethical justifications.

  25. walter says:

    God is watching her

  26. David Wong says:

    Goes to show that the “Propaganda Media” is full of pretend-to-be reporters who all seem to have gone to the “Leni Riefenstahl” School of Journalism.

  27. William says:

    No she should be SUED libel is not protected by the first amendment

  28. Earl says:

    Basically, the “Don’t Tread on Me” phrase combined with the snake ready to strike is a warning. This tells people not to step on or take advantage of the Americans or they will strike. AND THIS MEANS ANYONE that is ANTI-AMERICAN.

  29. Ed says:

    This is the type of Communists working for most News Media. They are part of the elite who will benefit from a Communist Government

  30. Ken of Mo says:

    Should be given a job cleaning toilets at the local burger king. She sure as hell is not a real journalist. She just more fake news.

  31. Gary says:

    Scumbag is too moderate a word.

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