This prosecutor showed Trump is serious about putting Obama’s Deep State in prison

James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and the rest of the anti-Trump Deep State is in big trouble.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions made a major announcement.

And he identified the one man who could put them all behind bars.

Sessions announced he would appoint United States Attorney John Huber of the district of Utah to work with Inspector General Michael Horowitz with his investigation of FBI and DOJ abuses in obtaining a FISA warrant to spy on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

Breitbart reports:

“The letter, addressed to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA), and House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC), explains:

Mr. Huber is conducting his work from outside the Washington, DC. area and in cooperation with the Inspector General. The additional matters raised in your March 6, 2018, letter fall within the scope of his existing mandate, and I am confident that Mr. Huber’s review will include a full, complete, and objective evaluation of these matters in a manner that is consistent with the law and the facts. I receive regular updates from Mr. Huber and upon the conclusion of his review, will receive his recommendations as to whether any matters not currently under investigation should be opened, whether any matters currently under investigation require further resources, or whether any matters merit the appointment of a Special Counsel.

Sessions further defended his decision to keep the matters formally under the jurisdiction of the Inspector General’s Office (OIG), explaining that, unlike a special counsel, OIG publicizes misdeeds and damning communications that do not necessarily rise to the criminal level. “The Inspector General also may, under appropriate circumstances, make information available to the public even if no criminal or disciplinary action is recommended,” Sessions writes. “In contrast, this type of information would not normally be publicly available after the conclusion of a traditional criminal investigation.”

Republicans were hoping Sessions would appoint a second special counsel, but Sessions decision to tap Huber for this job still put Comey, McCabe and other anti-Trump operatives in legal jeopardy.

George Washington Law Professor Jonathan Turley explains:


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41 Responses

  1. Jose says:

    By now, POTUS should really consider firing AG Sessions. That (AG) old cowardly fool’s done nothing that was expected of him

  2. K. Miademos says:

    Try’em ll, then lock’em up for life.

  3. Cliff says:

    Osama did one thing while being a fake president. He and his wife made themselves very rich. It’s amazing how we ended up with a guy that never accomplished anything, Has always lived off the CITIZENS of this country and totally disregarded our constitution and spent more of our money on vacations. He is a zero in life and he knows it.. He has always been bought and paid for.

    • brenda says:

      i sure agree with your comment all OBAMA DID was to become an abomination in the whitehouse in the eyes of god in heaven bringing in a male as his wife pretending to be a woman and first lady, and by making it a law for same sex marriages, AN ABOMINATION, obama divided our nation, allowed illegals and terrorists enter our america and forced us taxpayers to pay for food stamps medicaid for these illegals..he was an illegal with no proven birth certificate then or now, obama was the worst president in the history of america

  4. Joseph says:

    My heart goes out to our President.The man is trying his hardest to do right by the American people but he is stabbed in th back constantly by liberals and members of the Republican Party.Any other person would have dropped out by now but this shows u how strong of an individual our President is.He has done more in the amount of time that he has been in Office than Obama did in 8 years.I have been around for 76 years and have never seen anything like this before.What these people r doing and saying about this man would b called treason in the past.I hope that he can clear out the swamp but personally I think there r to many that he won’t b able to.I pray for our President and his family everyday to b kept safe.He is one hell of a President and I am so thankful Hillary did not get in because this country would have been history.

    • brenda says:

      i agree wholly with your comment, but truth is truth..president trump in march 2017 set up a special unit with his daughter as head of it to bring down arrest people doing child traffcing and arrest washington elite pedophiles, WISE UP AMERICANS it is these pedophiles in washington government fighting against president trump to coverup their horrific crimes against children, MIKE FLYNN was fired by mike pence because Flynn had a list of these pedophiles and mike pence best friend in congress JEFF FLAKE and himself was on that pedophile list, as well as hillary bill,obama, mccain comey, for proof look up name TORY SMITH who exposed mike pence and was murdered right after

  5. Glenn says:

    There’s no knife in Washington that can cut deep enough to excise the cancer in the federal government. If anyone is going to do some good it’s going to have to come from outside so maybe Huber can do some good. Even if he is willing to take on the “Deep State” my fear is the powers that be outside of the “Deep State” won’t be able to stomach what he finds and will shut him down before he completes his task.

  6. Rodger Shull says:

    Well we are serious too, that these , corrupt schemmers an manipulators, pay the price for their crimes, they thought they were free and clear, and strutted that, and that was the wrong answer, now they are crying an telling on each other, an the one that put them up to doing the dirty work, are no where around to help them out, they are letting those 2 sink.

  7. Lisa says:

    Sessions is a deep state enabling, 40 year swamp dwelling P O S. This is, BY FAR, the BIGGEST POLITICAL SCANDAL IN U.S. HISTORY & this useless DC criminal refuses to appoint a special prosecutor. Meanwhile a conservative scholar & author who just published a book about the deep state’s efforts to take down Trump was stopped at the airport, separated from his wife, who was given no explanation, & grilled for over an hour without legal representation, had his phone confiscated & was issued a subpoena by Mueller’s FBI thugs.

  8. zee says:

    Please, my friends – Lighten UP^ on AG.
    >AG ‘flies’ Under Radar / & Keeps ‘thangs’ Close to the Vest.
    > Cannot Do E’thing at once. As much as All of us would like to see
    Justice Rite Now,ie All the Really Baaaad ‘stuff’/& ppl over the past few yrs.
    >Latest UTAH appoint Could BE Major – Be Patient &/Give Support___
    >Biggee Transition re WH etc in 1 Yr. Capish, WE! WILL WIN. HANG IN.
    > Let AG Do his Jobbee – he knows< what up &&& HOW to Delegate 'the Power' For RESULTS.

  9. so when is it going to happen or is this another investigation that goes nowhere

    • Bone101 says:

      Sessions is beginning to show me he is part of the swamp. First he accuses himself when he did not have to. Now he appoints an Obama appointed person to investigate his own boss. What a load of hog wallop! Nothing is going to happen to Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Obama, or Hillary Clinton because Sessions (Mr Magoo) does not have the balls to do anything. He is all talk and no action. Rosenstein has his ear and that is what is bad for the American people.

      • MiJo says:

        100% agree. Keep spreading the truth. Thank you. Yeah, clintons & Obamas choice pick. Hook, line & sinker. Sessions thinks he is doing a good job. Getting tough. Go hang out with j. carter. He thinks that he was tough too.

  10. Donel says:

    The Obama/Holder/Hillary administration spent their time Deceiving and Lying to We The People of this country. They went so far as to Corrupt the FBI and the CIA, they damned near collapsed our Military, the very people we depend on for our safety. They sold uranium to the Russians, now we have to buy it from other countries, it is also used in the medical field. No wonder they were and remain in shock for losing. That Creep Soros lost a few million on the outcome too. So next time you vote think about what WILL happen IF they ever regain power again. Next time they won’t be so nice.

  11. MARK says:


  12. Wayne says:

    Must include both Clintons, Obama, Holder, Lynch, Sanders, Wasserman-Schultz and a very large group of the members of Congress. If(we know they are) any of these individuals are proven guilty of treason they should get have the death penalty. We the people have been abused, lied to, placed in danger, stolen from…the list could go on and on..

  13. Without a doubt they should be prosecuted. Along with Obama, Lynch, Rice and anyone else involved with the plot to take down a duly elected President of the United States. Because last time I checked, that was considered TREASON. Which, I think is punishable by life in prison or death (if not it should be).

  14. JLM says:

    Add Lois Lerner to the list to be prosecuted along with the Hildebeest et cie. I agree with thae comment that Sessions has moved slowly and recused himself earlier because he has something to hide. What a disappointment. If he had any fortitude and was himself completely clean, he would unrecuse himself and disband the Mueller persecution of people trapped into process crimes, all of whom shoul;d be pardoned by Trump.

  15. I wished The People could hire a whole team of SNIPERS and just wipe them all OUT, would be the RIGHT thing to do and could surely be used as a WARNING to ALL of those who would ever TRY these CRIMINAL SHENANIGANS again….!!! The LAWS that are on the BOOKS clearly state what IS “criminal” BEHAVIOR/ACTS and what is NOT, and what was done during the OBOZO years clearly state that they ALL have committed TREASON in one way or another as they TRAMPLED the LAWS and the CONSTITUTION left and right and INTENTIONALLY as OBOZO called it FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE America….!!! America DOESN’T need any “fundamentally changes” ONLY the RIGHT and REAL politicians who “govern” according to LAW guided by the CONSTITUTION = that is ALL America NEEDS. nothing MORE, nothing LESS……!!!!

  16. JIM says:


    • Jan says:

      We have term limits for the president. We need term limits for congress & senate!!!!!

      • I think you are right, we pay them to much money, they need the same benefits, that most american’s get and nothing more. They don’t deserve special mailing privileges either. They should be elected to one term and then no more. They shouldn’t have a government retirement either. This is a part time position, it doesn’t require retirement benefits. Their full time job should support, their retirement needs. This is the way it was formed and the way it should be today. That wouldn’t give them time to have the lobbyist, controlling the country anymore. They wouldn’t need so much staff, because it is a part time position. How would our country do with a part time Senate and Congress, I think fine. Most of the time they are not doing the duty of congressmen or women or Senators. They should be back home with their families not in Washington DC. That way they can hear what their people really want, not just what they think the people want.

  17. Anne Gerrard says:

    I am not an expert on politics so this may sound like a dumb question, which I’m sure someone will point out, but why is Sessions so scared of the democrats. He has openly said he will not prosecute Hillary Clinton and circles around anything to do with Obama. Why? Obama is the driving force behind all these issues we are dealing with, surely they should start with the biggest offenders, so why not start with Obama, Clinton and Soros? Seems as though Sessions is covering up for these people. Yes Comey and McCabe need to be prosecuted but so do the main offenders, the others were carrying out orders. If Sessions can’t see the crimes here he is not fit to hold his current position.

    • Cliff says:

      In my OWN opinion, IF the TRUTH was investigated properly, (and it NEVER WILL BE) you would probably find that sessions (being part of the “swamp” for years) has a few “skeletons” in HIS deep dark closet that he doesn’t want revealed, and could possibly land HIS butt in a sling with the rest of the lawless “swamp creatures”. ALL these “government figures consider themselves “elites” and “above the LAWS that WE the “common people” have to follow. to the number or be FINED and imprisoned.

    • Diana says:

      The question I have asked myself is who has what on Sessions? He is either guilty of something he wants kept secret or he is spineless and incompetent.

  18. RODNEY JOHNSON says:

    Sessions is doing investigation exactly right, maybe a little slow, but NEVER TWO SPECIAL PROSECUTORS at the same time.

    MUELLER was a terrible mistake, shud have been handled by Senate or House Committees firtd

  19. Ed says:

    It’s ALL B.S. there Not Going To Do A Damn Thing About Any Of this Except Spend Tax Payers Money! We All Know The Politicians and Rich Are Above The Law! If Not Obama, Clinton and There Cronies Would Be In Prison!

  20. Al W says:

    Get Sessions the HELL out of there. If he can’t figure out whether or not crimes have been committed, he needs to do the “right” thing and resign. He is not smarter than a fifth grader. If we continue on his time table, we could have a Democrat as President who will end the investigation, and sweep all the corruption under the rug. AGAIN. It didn’t take Sessions eighteen months to get Mueller started. All Mueller is doing is buying time because he knows he is as guilty as the rest of Swamp, and that he knows his name will come up in a real investigation.

  21. Hey Sessions—-cut the political BS—appoint a special council now or resign

  22. Louis Olivas says:

    Obama and Clinton should be on top of list to be prosecuted!!!

  23. Old Silk says:

    An 0webama appointment.

  24. Mike says:

    18 months in and Jeff Sessions is finally going to do something productive!! I’m not impressed with his work.
    Maybe there’s something that I don’t see, after all it’s the deep state we are talking about.
    Maybe this investigation will lead to prosecution and prison for treason?

  25. Vigilant Sheepdog says:

    Mr. Sessions, Quit Talking about it, and start Prosecuting them. Brace yourself for a whole bunch of “I plead the Fifth”. That being said, when talking in reference to Obama’s corrupt cronies, a statement of pleading the fifth should be interpreted as a Guilty Plea and prosecuted accordingly. People with NOTHING to hide, typically do not plead the fifth.

  26. Fred Baum says:

    I also hope this investigation leads to Hillary and Huma abedin and others no one is above the law .

  27. Daniel Mckee says:

    So many criminal acts were performed under Obama’s administration and all got away Scott free. These are felonious acts with prison terms available for punishment. They must be tried and convicted, the American public is fed up with these double standards.

  28. Grampa says:

    If it isnt clear to all, that government follows a different standard of laws than the normal citizen. they band together and protect each other. just how many laws must be broken before we demand accountancy? it takes little evidence t see that people outside their protected circle or dont comply with their rules will have prosecution under normal conditions. time for a citizen court!

  29. Sanjosemike says:


    One of the very best things about Donald Trump (whom we both voted for) is that he absolutely cannot be bribed.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  30. Glory says:

    Finally Americans have the BEST president in the usa.He is an honest person who is doing what the other screwball presidents should have done,but were not capable of speaking for the people,where President Trump is.He is for the people of the UNITED STATES!!!

  31. Cliff says:

    Not only THEM… but ANYONE that was in the CORRUPT “obama” administration (as well as HIM) should be investigated, arrested, tried and convicted of Treason. The “deep State” must be eliminated, if our republic is to survive.. The “PROOF” is there, but the “elites” that are brought in, to “testify” , ALL “plead the fifth” and walk out free as a bird, pension in hand, and the “middle finger extended towards “We the People” as they are smiling at the TV cameras. If WE “common people” did a fraction of the “deeds” that they have done we would be in prison.

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