This prediction about Hunter Biden will have Joe Biden sweating bullets every night

Hunter Biden is squarely in the hot seat.

An attempted cover-up failed and now Hunter Biden is facing criminal charges.

And this prediction about Hunter Biden will have Joe Biden sweating bullets every night.

Special counsel David Weiss indicted Hunter Biden on three felony charges for lying on a federal background check form when purchasing a firearm in 2018.

These gun charges were supposed to go away in a pretrial diversion program as part of the sweetheart plea deal Weiss cut with Hunter Biden back in July.

Biden was also set to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges and face prison time while also receiving lifetime immunity from prosecution in any ongoing criminal cases into Hunter Biden’s alleged foreign influence-peddling operation.

But a federal judge scuttled the deal as unconstitutional and when she put the government prosecutors on the spot, they claimed they never offered Hunter Biden a get-out-of-jail-free card.

That admission caused Hunter Biden’s lawyers to say there was no longer an agreement to plead guilty.

When Weiss indicted Biden on the gun charges, former federal prosecutor and CNN legal analyst Elli Honig predicted there were more criminal charges to come for Hunter Biden.

Honig said the Department of Justice was now under public and political pressure to stop protecting Hunter Biden after a federal judge blew up the plea deal, which many saw as the final step in a cover-up to hide the Biden family’s alleged criminal activity.

“They walked into a federal courtroom six, seven weeks ago and were ready to get rid of this case for a misdemeanor and dismiss the gun charge, take a misdemeanor tax charge. The deal falls apart. The political pressure builds, and David Weiss requests special counsel status. He wants more power and more independence. Merrick Garland grants it, and now they’re going full bore at Hunter Biden. They’ve now indicted him for the gun charge, which carries a ten-year max. He’s not going to get anything near ten years, even if he’s convicted,” Honig began.

Honig added that prosecutors filed the gun charges because the statute of limitations was about to run out and told CNN audience that Hunter Biden was likely to face more charges relating to alleged tax fraud and tax evasion.

“But I also think it important to note; that gun charge, I am quite confident, is a placeholder because they were about to hit the five-year statute of limitations. They had to get that charge in essentially within the next couple of weeks. I still do think there’s a tax charge coming, as we’ve talked about before. Hunter Biden has admitted that he failed to pay over $1,000,000 in taxes,” Honig continued.

Honig wrapped up by explaining the most ominous development was the fact that this investigation was now threatening to spiral out of control and that it remained an open question as to if the Justice Department would pursue evidence of foreign influence-peddling that could lead straight to Joe Biden.

“So I think there’s more to come. The question is, does it get beyond the scope of guns and taxes and into something meatier? There’s been no public evidence yet, but we don’t know what DOJ has,” Honig concluded.

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