This potential 2020 Trump challenger lobbed the most despicable attack yet

A new Democrat 2020 challenger comes out of the woodwork nearly every day.

Each one is more radical than the last.

And the latest to dip his toe in the water went on national TV to lob this despicable attack on Donald Trump.

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is hitting early primary states including Iowa and South Carolina.

Brown is waiting to officially announce his candidacy after the cloud of scandal for Democrats over late-term abortion and the racist Virginia Governor Ralph Northam passes.

But Chuck Todd hosted Brown on “Meet the Press” to discuss his 2020 campaign and he couldn’t avoid the controversy surrounding Northam’s black face and KKK yearbook photo.

When Chuck Todd asked what Sherrod Brown thought about the controversy, Brown dodged the question and pivoted to calling Donald Trump a racist.

Breitbart reports:

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) called President Donald Trump a “racist” when asked about the controversy over Gov. Ralph Northam (D-VA) medical school yearbook photo of people in blackface and a Klan robe.

Partial transcript as follows:

TODD: What does it say that something like this is now, folks are now being held accountable for blackface in ways, frankly, we didn’t have that kind of, that strong of a moral code, I would argue, in our politics until recently. Why do you think that is?

BROWN: Well, I think this country hasn’t dealt well with the issues of race. We have a president who’s a racist…

When a member of their party shows he’s blatantly racist, Democrats close their eyes and stick their fingers in their ears.

If it were a Republican – let alone President Trump – we’d never hear the end of it.

Democrats think they can beat Trump simply by attacking him.

But President Trump is smeared by the Fake News media on a daily basis already.

Trump has been called every name in the book. And there’s zero evidence of Trump being racist.

Hillary Clinton’s attempts to portray Donald Trump as a racist in 2016 failed miserably.

If it is Brown’s intention to employ this same strategy, his 2020 campaign could be in big trouble.

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57 Responses

  1. Steveur says:

    He is a Failure to Fire, a total DUD, must be related to Occasomal Coitus from New York another hare lipped Zombie.

  2. Tim Shepperson says:

    Another “baby killer”,”open border” and wife beater. This slug isn’t packing the equipment.

  3. John J says:

    Donald DUCK would defeat this asshole!

  4. David Rose says:

    Hey man, pass that pipe, I want some of that $hit you’re smoking. It is keeping you so messed up you have lost touch with reality. At least I hope it’s the pipe otherwise your last two brain cells just rolled out of your A$$.

  5. Ernst says:

    Sherrod Brown is a cowardly, inconsequential little person with a need to distinguish himself – an obvious need as he is not at all distinguishable from all the other cowardly, inconsequential little people. This lifelong politician has zero grasp of the real world.

  6. Charlotte Senn says:

    Chris, you’re watching the wrong news channels

  7. Larry says:

    Sen. Sherrod Brown is a DISGUSTING ASSHOLE

  8. Celia says:

    What a ludicrous comment!

  9. Celia says:

    You know darn good and well that most of the issues that most of the bigoted, racist, money jealousy, Me behavior came to fruition during King Obama’s reign, then exploded and destroyed human civility when Inept, crooked, evil Hillary lost the election. This behavior basically has nothing to do truly with Trump personally or as President, he is doing a good job despite the media and the disloyal to the constitution and people demorats. Just think what he could accomplish with support by elected officials who worked for the citizens and not their party only.

  10. Patricia Christian says:

    You are pathetic. Mr. Trump has done so much for our Country and you are so lame brained you cannot see it. So sad.

  11. Philip Simon says:

    Sherrod Brown gets elected because of uneducated voters who never accomplished anything.

  12. Leviticus says:

    So… how much did Soros pay you to write that drivel?

  13. Roger Arbogast says:

    A former Democrat claims that the Democrats don’t want a border wall because they are being paid off by the cartels to kill the plan.

  14. theolddog says:

    Tax the rich! Get ready!

  15. Jody says:

    I agree Jimmy. Accusations but no explanation. Children behave in this way all the time!

  16. tom matt says:

    Voter picture ID . 2nd picture ID ,then talk to me about voting .

  17. tom matt says:

    Another “baby killer ” & “open border” pundit on the move .I wonder what is next on his list for America ??

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