This poll was devastating news for the NFL

Roger Goodell still hasn’t taken charge to stop national anthem protests.

More players protested during the first week of the 2018 NFL preseason.

And a poll was just released that was very bad news for the NFL.

According to a Morning Consult survey, the NFL is the sixth-most polarizing national brand between Republicans and Democrats.

The survey of 2,200 U.S. adults showed a 50-point spread between favorability among Republicans and Democrats.

The only brands with a larger spread were Trump Hotels, CNN, Fox News, NBC News, New York Times, and MSNBC.

The survey also found that the NFL has a negative net favorability among conservatives.

That is bad news for Roger Goodell and NFL owners, whose longtime primary demographic skews conservative and male.

But instead of fining players who protest during the national anthem, the NFL has only kowtowed to them.

They recently rescinded a rule that would have levied fines on teams whose players knelt for the national anthem after the Miami Dolphins’ owner said he would suspend players who knelt.

But during their preseason game this week, two Dolphins players knelt during the anthem and will likely face no repercussions from the team or league.

The NFL’s marketing executives are placing all their bets that catering to the Social Justice Warrior crowd instead of their traditional fan base will result in bigger profits.

They’re in for a rude awakening.

You can see the results of the survey below. Make sure to vote in our poll and sound off in the comments section!


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257 Responses

  1. robert says:


  2. Mike says:

    I am waiting to see if all of the people who said last season that would never watch another game keep to their word. I know I am not watching them anymore. I guess we’ll see what the stands and tv ratings look like when the season starts.

  3. Dan Mayes says:

    Haven’t watched NFL since the first kneel. 50 plus years of watching and now College is my go to and Soccer. So NFL I hope you fail at your disrespect for the Red White and Blue.

  4. Richard Stabler says:

    I stopped watching the NFL when these prima donnas also known as jerks and cry babies plus being criminals. The last NFL game I watched was the super bowl two years ago. I missed the last one and will not watch another game until these idiots start acting like they should. They are only in it for the money, not like the teams of old when Unitas and Starr were playing. I will continue to watch college football. No NBA either, they are just as bad. College basketball is better any way.

  5. Richard Stabler says:

    I stopped watching the NFL when these prima donnas also known as jerks and cry babies plus being criminals. The last NFL game I watched was the super bowl two years ago. I missed the last one and will not watch another game until these idiots start acting like they should. They are only in it for the money, not like the teams of old when Unitas and Starr were playing. I will continue to watch college football. No NBA either, they are just as bad. College basketball is better any way.

  6. B Taylor says:

    I am really puzzled by the continuing participation by the military in the national anthem ceremony with assholes who clearly have no respect for anyone who has served or are presently serving. If I was detailed to do the anthem ceremony, I would do my best to get out of it. I also wonder how many of these assholes have ever visited a VA hospital and given some sick vet and atta-boy. The number is probably very small.

  7. B Taylor says:

    May they all call 911 for help and no one shows up. If I was a cop I would take my time responding to any of these assholes.

  8. Randolph says:

    Fire all the keepers and bar them from playing any sports in the USA forever. Also Boycott the NFL and ESPN forever.

    • jim says:


  9. Rick says:

    I stopped watching football last year…

  10. Michelle Stretar says:

    I can’t understand how the NFL can disrespect the country they live in but not give a darn about the cruelty of domestic abuse by the a#@holes that try to sit & watch their sorry asses play football, when they decide its worth playing. But if they keep up the protests people may not waste any time on football any longer. Why waste time looking at men that won’t act mature enough to actually earn all the money they are supposed to get every season?

  11. john says:

    It is quite obv ious that the football organization ought to rename itself from the nfl to just the FL because it is not be our national league anymore because the leaders have no respect for themselves or their customers to stand by and do nothing while their employees totally disrespect THEM & their CUSTOMERS WHILE THEY ARE SUPPOSEDLY AT WORK entertaining the people that are paying dam good to see how good they are at the Game of football, I consider the leaders to be the losers in this

  12. J.L. says:

    You know, with all due respect if any is due. We all saw this coming. These are the same folks that beat up their spouses and girlfriends then lie about it / also do drugs and lie about it. They can’t perform their athletic responsibilities with out using performance enhancing drugs -and then lie about it. This is the mind set unfortunately we have to deal with. It’s always in the gutter. In order to protest you must understand the subject matter entirely. The raising of a fist is not only ignorant but again shows the mind set of the ignorant. Kneeling during the NATIONAL ANTHEM shows that you didn’t finish school or didn’t pay much attention to the history of this GREAT NATION. Either way it’s a foolish jester when your not fully prepared and don’t understand what your doing. Trying to blame it on police in justice is just more ignorance. Your imaginations are grand, your ignorant mind sets is expected and you folks continue to prove us correct at every turn. Go FIFA, So RESPECTFUL TO THEIR COUNTRIES. So much has been given to the NFL athletes ( Not DESERVED) Look at how ignorant, they are actually ruining the League. Millions of dollars given in compensation just to watch them DIS-RESPECT the country the league, the FANS that made it all possible for them. Can’t wait to see the salaries drop, especially the leader GOODELL what a fake individual.
    Garbage, Garbage, Garbage belongs in the dump and buried.

  13. Kevin says:

    I thought the NFL was disbanded last year?

  14. w.c.m says:

    our flag and anthem is what unites us in this country. if you can’t respect either then maybe you should move out. for myself I will not watch any foot ball until these babies grow up.

  15. Paul says:

    Try protesting at your work place and see how long you will be employed!

  16. gillyanne j. baker says:

    I’m a talking points provider for the White House, but I’m QUITTING this site. It will NOT let me post anything but a silly generic post or a short two-liner. And I’m sick to death of trying.

  17. JIM BECKHAM says:

    I am finished with the NFL and any of their sponsors. They all need to be fired and run out of the country

  18. Linda says:

    Will never watch another NFL game!!!?

  19. Gary A says:

    Seems to me the kneeling whining ASSWIPE cry babies are in for a rude surprise. To me it looks like most if not all of AMERICA don’t like what they are doing. So I hope these dense dumb ignorant ASSWIPES don’t mind the fact of massive pay cuts or teams shuting down completely because lack of funds. I am a Viet Nam vet and till this crap started a die hard STEELERS fan. but now?? nope !!! NFL can kiss my back side and beg and I still won’t watch.I refuse to purchase any product associated with the NFL. So now they can watch their money just go away and also watch me laughing

  20. I haven’t watched an nfl game in two years. Not about to start this years. I understand these players have a right to their opinion but not on national TV. I did 4 years in the USAF and then did 37 years in law enforcement protecting peoples rights. Some of my family and many of my friends gave all to protect this country and these clowns don’t have a right to do what they’re doing. Most of them went to school for free and they didn’t learn a thing about respect for this nation and her people. GOD BLESS AMERCA and THOSE WHO DEFEND HER.

  21. William Merrell says:

    “NFL means Not For Long” as stated by the old Steeler coach. The problem with the clowns playing this so-called sport is that they are too damn dumb to understand they are ruining that which pays for their multi-million dollar life style (which they do not deserve). How STUPID do you have to be (and I think these asses are taking that as a challenge)?

    • Susieq says:

      I won’t watch another game!!! They should fire the ones that disrespect the national Anthem and flag!!!! They shouldn’t be rewarded by getting millions of dollars! They are disgusting, disgraceful, shut down NFL!!

  22. Bob says:

    Put A Fork In The NFL Is Done!! As A Vet And A Life Long I Football Fan.. I Have Had It. If The Players Can’t Respect Our Country, Then Why In The Hell Would I Respect Them Or The Stupid Protest Against Our Country.. FUK Em,,,

  23. I haven’t watched any NFL game’s for two years and here’s another year I’ll be boycotting it. I served in the U.S. Army and I am also a retired Texas Peace Officer, and I didn’t go go through all of that for a bunch of spoiled millionaires who made that kind of money to hate my Country I love so much. I hope Roger Goodell and the rest of the NFL Player’s crashes and burns.

  24. Ronald Reed says:

    I for one of many will not purchase any NFL memorabilia. I will not watch NFL games on TV or check on their standings. If the spoiled players do not stand and show respect to our Flag they need to be punished in a number of ways: (1) Fine them half a seasons salary. (2) Do not show their name or facial likeness on any memorabilia. (3) Require them to spend 4 years in the Military in a combat zone. See how they like it living on military pay.

  25. Ernie says:

    Keep up your denial about our Flag. You will loose your NFL & games. No one else will suffer but you , The owners, and players. It will become the END of the game as you know it. Your only hurting your selves. Your not protesting this affair the right way. When will you learn????? the writing is on the wall. you are not gonna win. All your players are employees and their first allegiance should be to the EMPLOYERS the ones who pays the bills

  26. Nick says:

    Following a number of comments, it appears that a simple boycott would keep them in the locker room and off the field. The unfortunate thing however, is the Fan(s) that attend the games could care less about players taking a knee. Suffice to say, we have a lot of ignorant Fans in this country who’d rather pay the unpatriotic players salary rather getting in their face by boycotting. Empty the stadium by 10-15 thousand every game will soon get the owners attention.

    • Irma Meoni says:


  27. Shane Croker says:

    I have a solution, although it may not be a popular one. Why not stop playing the National Anthem until we get that pansy a** commissioner, Goodell, out and get a commissioner that will enforce the standing? This way we won’t be catering to the kneelers. By the time we get a new commissioner, maybe players will have forgotten about kneeling and what they were doing it for. For now, just blow the whistle and play ball.

    • NO- That’s as bad a kneeling to just deminish
      All together! Well that really lets them win Whatever their little minds want!

      • Cheryl says:

        I’m with you Dona. Just don’t buy tickets to the games or watch them on tv. There are a million other things to do with that time.

    • Bob L says:

      OH THAT’S right I already did. Piss on these AMERICA HATING A-Holes . And GODELL HAS FAILED MISBERLY at everything

  28. ronald fischer says:

    This is all about the Blacks Lives Matter which is a RACIST GROUP from the start,there are 80% of White people that pay there wagers when they play to kneel down against our Flag.I am a Vietnam Combat Veteran and was wounded along with thousands of other American Soldiers,The best thing to do to people like this that disrespect our country is to stop going to any of there games that wound be 80% no shows and that wound really hurt there pocket books.Then they can get a real job if they had finished high school.

    • Dona says:

      Amen to that! Kneeling just shows their lack of knowledge as well. What does NFL stand for? Isn’t the first word yes NATIONAL and they want disrespect our nation? I agree boycott the game-who wants to see a loser like that okay anyway! I personally think they should be jailed or removed out of our Nation-I am sick and tired of my tax money going to all these protesters- illegal aliens- when our citizens have to do without! Our Veterans doing without! Enough is Enough-

    • Bob L says:

      Thanks ???????? for your service . And I for one will not be spending my time watching THE NFL this or as I did last season. I actually stopped watching after week 1 when the commissioner MRS. GODELL did nothing because he might have WET HIS PANTS if he had to stand up to the players
      JUST IMAGINE IF WE PUT THESE BOYS IN A “ HOT LZ “ they would all be crying for their mommies before they piss themselves

  29. Jim Hughes says:

    Roses are Red..Violets are Blue
    This kneeling by NFL players…. will really hurt..
    When the new T.V. contrat comes due

  30. gillyanne j. baker says:

    Trying like HELL to Post PART 2–the unequivocally th most INTERESTING of both parts – and this site won’t let me post.

    PROTEST !!!!!! PROTEST !!!!!! PROTEST !!!!!

  31. Injeun says:

    The NFL can allow their ignorant racist players to insult, slander and offend white Americans, America, and LEO’s. But I won’t watch it or purchase their stuff. Games, gear, endorsements, etc., I will treat it all like the plague.

  32. John Hutchins says:

    The NFL and the OVER paid Babies need to go away. This has got to stop. I am a Veteran retired after 22 Years serving MY COUNTRY and STANDING UP For my FLAG. What I receive in Pay for serving is a drop in the bucket from what any of those so call football players playing a game receive. Disrespecting our FLAG and OUR COUNTRY and not STANDING for OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM and believing they still deserve to get paid for playing a GAME is beyond believing. Serving in the Military protecting our COUNTRY, Serving as a Police Officer and a Fireman protecting Americans every day is NOT A GAME. And all of the Stand For Our Country, Flag and National Anthem for Love of their Country and Our Way of Life not for Glory and Not For the Little Pay they receive. I will Not watch another Game again this year.

    • C says:

      Thank you for your service John. I all so served in Vietnam and am a disabled vet. What I receive for the injuries I sustained is nothing to what these cry babies get to play a game. I have given the name of the NATIONAL FELONS LEAGUE to the NFL where as so many have police and arrest records. They do not warrant my money or support. Like you I stopped watching over a year ago and will not watch again until the useless Goodell is gone and it is NFL rule you have to stand or go home with out pay.

  33. Art Ward, Jr. says:

    The NFL is owned and managed by Idiots! It is inconceivable that these Clowns have so little common sense. They have moved their once great enterprise from a Win-Win stance to that of a Lose-Lose stance … almost overnight! How stupid can you get? The party is likely over guys! The chances of the NFL coming through their own created nightmare is likely zero. The future of NFL Football is now permanently damaged … simply because the ownership and management of the NFL has fallen asleep and will more than likely just stay there. Somebody recently said that the NFL does not know that they do not know! We are all watching one of the greatest enterprises of all time about to commit suicide. The Board of Directors should be held accountable on a personal basis! Incidentally … there are countless other fun things that we find to do with extra time we have just been given! RPI … NFL 2018!

  34. art says:

    I would not like to be a person in the stands or a player, with the remote control drones with cameras and able to carry heavy loads of what not who knows?

  35. J Bing says:

    I, also am fed up with the crybabies in the NFL. Last years income increased by 5%. They will not correct this

    problem until it hits them in the pocket book. I am waiting for Budweiser to pull out. Then you will see some changes.

  36. dforrest says:

    Gee, I feel really sorry for them. But, there’s an obvious fix. Stop watching the football games, don’t buy the products they advertise, don’t go to the games, stop buying the merchandise, and for the players, if you don’t like it here, buy a ticket to another country. I’m sure they’ll let you play football wherever you want. Just don’t count on the millions you’re making now.

  37. Carlton Webb says:

    As the old cliché goes…….just leave it up to a black to F__kup a rock fight!C

  38. Stupid is as stupid does. And boy are they stupid. They spit in the face of their fans. Sports once was a non political issue and folks from all beliefs enjoyed the competition. But the Democrats came along and used the low intelligence of some of the players to form protestors. Now fans are divided, and disgusted with their former heroes. They have become the enemy, and click goes the channel. No more half baked idiot telling me what to do. Go find a soup line and protest there. We are through with you arrogant, vain, bastards!

  39. gillyanne j. baker says:

    If this stupid, controlling site will let me POST Part 2 — then Part 1 will make more sense.

    • Oh it’s okay! Just post it all again! I am not sure about how to edit my misspelled word!
      But you know some phones put their own words in-????- Font let it frustrate you! These players protesting is bad enough! I agree with
      The babies comment: like my daddy always said- powder their asses and send them back home to their mother! They aren’t men yet!

  40. Bruce House says:

    The Owner’s and Godell really need to run a business! There afraid the’ll loose player’s? well if they don’t like their jobs fire them! Not many people get a chance to play a game they love for money. People don’t mind paying for a good game . But people don’t want to pay for politics with there game even if if it s subject worth talking about. People understand there protesting un-equality in society but not at a game they pay for to get away from the common world. So if you value saving the game as we know it then I would suggest protesting some were else like in front of the DOJ? I will not pay to go or watch NFL until Godell starts doing his job and the owner’s penalize there player’s or even yet fire them! Start being the Boss! If these player’s want to loose the money they could use to promote their flight then fire them!

  41. gillyanne j. baker says:

    Comment – PART 1. My GOD, I get so sick and tired hearing this continual, entitled whining about “racism”. At age 75, I’ve had ample time to consider two major wrongdoings the United States perpetrated upon two different, totally separate cultures, To Wit: First, Blacks. The United States purchased Blacks from African and West Indian “tribes” who sold other conquered African tribes in exchange for money. Blacks were then used to work mainly Southern plantations as slaves because most plantation owners could not afford to pay wages, only housing. Blacks were finally freed by Lincoln and began getting their rights in the 1960’s. America didn’t steal their country, but used Blacks as slave labor for various southern crops (food and textiles) which benefited the whole of America. Most would agree – many Blacks have come pretty far. These days they practically dominate our media, music industry, theater, many business arenas, our sense of political correctness, and even our historic guilty conscience. And non-Blacks continue to repay Blacks in many ways, attempting to assuage these 200-year-old wrongdoings. (Continued with Part 2)…..

  42. gillyanne j. baker says:

    PART 1 OF MY COMMENT. My GOD, I get so sick and tired hearing this continual, entitled whining about “racism”. At age 75, I’ve had ample time to consider two major wrongdoings the United States perpetrated upon two different, totally separate cultures, To Wit: First, Blacks. The United States purchased Blacks from African and West Indian “tribes” who sold other conquered African tribes in exchange for money. Blacks were then used to work mainly Southern plantations as slaves because most plantation owners could not afford to pay wages, only housing. Blacks were finally freed by Lincoln and began getting their rights in the 1960’s. America didn’t steal their country, but used Blacks as slave labor for various southern crops (food and textiles) which benefited the whole of America. Most would agree – many Blacks have come pretty far. These days they practically dominate our media, music industry, theater, many business arenas, our sense of political correctness, and even our historic guilty conscience. And non-Blacks continue to repay Blacks in many ways, attempting to assuage these 200-year-old wrongdoings. (SEE PART 2)….

  43. Lou says:

    I will never watch NFL again, we watch college football, much more entertaining.
    Go Alabama. Love that team

  44. DH says:

    I’ve been done with the NFL since Krapperdick pulled his shat. I was hedging on borderline watching them before that. Back in the day (AFL and NFL) you never saw this shat. Even in the early NFL stuff but as time went on first our flag then our anthem then our country’s whole existence was being trashed by these artificially bulked up, brain drained idiots who call themselves “athletes”. I’m done with their shat, the NFL and most of the other major league sports. I have been done with most of them for over a decade now. I only stop to read the articles about these pampered pups from time to time simply to vent. They’re a pathetic, self serving, money grubbing lot who have little, if anything to whine about anywhere, anytime, any way. To HELL with the NFL, to HELL with the NFLPA and the players. IMHO

  45. Wilbur says:

    I did not Represent or watch any NFL games all last year, cause the players said it’s not about the Anthem. But no protest going on in the off season but as soon as the preseason starts up again back to they were last season. I’m not sure to blame the players cause what they are saying is the coaches and managers are ball less wonders. The players are doing whatever they want and tell the coaches and managers to go take hike ya’ll don’t run nothing. I think each player should do two years in the military before they are allowed to play pro football. I hope a lot of people quit going to the games and someone puts an end to this foolishness.

  46. I was done with the NFL last year. I been hearing alot of my coworkers saying they’re done with the NFL this year. I will be watching alot of college ball.

  47. Rodger the baddell,is leading the NFL down a bankrupt road,he is way over paid and is disrespectful to our troops and nation!He could require these football players to stand but he wont! So the fans will stop going to there games and rodge r will soon be flipping burgers with all the foot ball players working at some cheap hamburger stand!!!!!!

  48. dennis k dressler says:

    every employer in the country has rules and code of conduct when you are on company time and are being payed for the service you provide to your employer for the salary you earn. If you have a grievance or opinion not pertaining to your job, that needs to be done away from the work place and on your own time when you are not being paid for your services. The team owner and the NFL have an obligation to set the rules and standard when teams are on the field and at work. Off the field, the player can do as he likes, such as club hopping and shooting people, just like many others do. To each his own.

  49. Emma Brown says:

    I suggest that the Chicago Bear’s form a community action group and go down to the ghetto of Chicago where so many innocent people are being killed.
    buy up the old apartments, redo them, put community clubs in place and go down and work with these kids so they can have a better life. No jobs, little help, rampant drug abuse, no policing. As individual’s they could make a big difference in these life’s. Kneeling for the flag doesn’t help them at all, only makes it worse. Other teams could also do the same in their cities. Put your money and adult life into something that can really make a difference.

  50. robert dreger says:


  51. Jim says:

    whoever said the national anthem was a requirement of the event. I feel that the national anthem should be removed from all professional sports as the activity is a for profit event. You do not see the national anthem being played at professional golf events.

    Furthermore, does anyone actually know what each player is protesting? How about 75 black people being injured in the sanctuary city of Chicago in ONE weekend? Where is Black Lives Matter in Chicago? Come on guys, you have better things to do with your influence pedaling than at the job you have that makes you your living. Go into the community and make your influence and life matter there!

    • M says:

      Jim, These protesters are liberals and are for the most part unamerican so, they would love it if all sports stopped the national anthem and flag salute altogether. I for one, don’t want to do that. This patriotic salute should be to unify our Country or show our Ccountry is united but, the protests are divisive. I have stated before the players are at work and everyone knows if you protested at work you would be fired on the spot! So many players can’t give the reason for protesting. I believe it is more being defiant against authority as in, you can’t tell me what to do! I am talented and rich, see, I tell you what you what to do and I do as I want to. They are immature spoiled petulant kids who were never taught true American values in school and probably not at home. And yes, they have betrayed and ruined NFL football for millions of us. They have tainted the game forever and I am done with them. News flash, more fans are leaving them everyday!

    • Dona Augsburger says:

      I doubt that will happen-Will take real men to approach some of those poor cities-Real tough challenges- be safer to do protest on the field where they are getting paid on their salary instead and disrespecting the Nation they are playing for- Disgusting and please go ahead and exercise your right to leave this nation that you disrespect GO play somewhere else and end all your little worries!

  52. what is really bad for their lesser known players in the game is that it directly affects their pay, less profits means less pay to the least known players, it is like biting ones nose off to spite the face, besides losing your money base” We the People” , who are watching this game as entertainment and not there for Political Statements by players who are hurting their Brothers in the game!! I as a Patriot of the United States will not watch them ever again!! I do my Politics at the Voting Booth and am tired of those who must interfere with my enjoyment of a once loved sport and have now imposed on this enjoyment. Good luck and you will eventually destroy your money base, I will find and have found other sports to follow who are there to entertain their money base without invading them with Political Statements!!

  53. MARK says:


  54. Jim says:

    I was an Eagles fan since the late 50’s. I have not watched an Eagles game nor any other nfl game for the last two years. Looks like I won’t be watching any games this year either.

  55. Manny S says:


    • George Kehl says:

      I’m with you Manny S. Fire all the ones tat kneel and replace them with people who want to play the game and RESPECT our National Anthem , FLAG, COUNTRY and especially the MEN AND WOMEN sacrificing their lives so these players can play a game.. Their are plenty of players out there.. I won’t watch a game ever again until this situation is taken care of. I’m a VIETNAM VETERAN and am 1005 DISABLED AND HAVEN’T WATCHED A GAME SINCE THEY STARTED THIS CRAP..

  56. michael says:

    people need to lighten up and grow up, all the nfl players are adult men expressing their opinions which are supposedly guaranteed in our constitution!!

    • George says:

      If they want to protest that’s fine but find another avenue for the Protest that doesn’t insult our country or Flag.

    • Maxine Tisdale says:

      michael, These players are on their job protesting. You try protesting on your job and see how quickly you are fired. I love the first amendment and free speech for all but, the SCOTUS will never even listen to a case when a person was fired for protesting on their job.

    • BwaHa says:

      And I have every darned right to complain and tune them and their whole existence out of my life. I will continue to be vocal and I will continue to tune their sorry arses out and I will continue to trash the NFL and most other “major league” sports as long as they continue to trash our country, our flag, our anthem, our pledge.

      How’s that for “lighten up”. I’m a 65 yrs. old retired veteran of the 50’s, 60s’, 70’s b.s., an Army veteran and a one time avid NFL/AFL fan… I’m already grown up and I’m also expressing my opinions that are guaranteed in our nation’s constitution, one that I served to protect and will continue to serve to protect and preserve. The pampered pups of the nfl simply don’t understand how good they have it at our expense. They will… when the money starts running dry.

  57. Jeff says:

    What’s the NFL?

  58. Eugene S Tiffany says:

    Once the NFL fails, the game can be started over and with it being called, runball, and not football as the game has little to do with any player’s feet. Besides, the name, football, is already taken (it’s in use) by a game that concerns the player’s feet.

  59. E Tiffany says:

    For centuries, going down one’s knee was a sign of respect, voluntary servitude and granted loyalty—not protest.

    These idiots have it turned around totally backwards.

    What fools!

    They have proven themselves to be morons.

    • Redbone john says:

      Morons that for the most part DIDN’T get a degree. They went to college just to play football and get drafted for the money. They should be required to pay back that scholarship money for someone that wants a degree. The real way to stop them is to boycott the sponsors and let the sponsors know that you are doing so.

  60. Gregory says:

    I never fully regained my enthusiasm for the NFL after the last players strike. Now this? I peeked last year but this year has been, and will continue to be, a total black out of the NFL (no pun/racial slur intended).

  61. John Mullen says:

    We tuned into the Arizona Cards vs. LA Chargers and guess what, No anthem, they just started the game. Nothing was said over the P.A., it was just play. I guess that no one cares about the American Flag anymore. It’s just about money, money, money. Well lets tell those overpaid spoiled boys that we are stopping our showing up for games and watching news and shows instead of spending our hard earned cash on guys that should thank God that they have high paying jobs. I guess that I will take up a new hobby.

  62. gillyanne j. baker says:

    According to GOOGLE, only ONE white player so far (who was also married to an African American woman) has taken a knee in support of all the Black players who were protesting about…you guessed it…racism. Ho-Hum.

    • Charles says:

      There is NO such RACE as African-American ! On any LEGAL document a black persons race is Negro or Black . African-American is a feel good term made up in the late eighties to pacify the Negro or Black population in the US . Both black and white people are born and live in Africa ! Should a white person who was born and live in Africa and then comes to the US and becomes a US Citizen be call African-American ?

  63. Tom Curry says:

    The greatest thing the NFL can do is to fire every player that kneels for these players have no right to protest on the job or on the field, if they wish to protest they can do after the game outside of the stadium for they are not any better than anyone else, for not any business in our country can a employee protest on the job for protesting at work in the building is not acceptable and that is the way it should be, for they should all do it after work out side of the building!!! If the NFL just quits pandering to these players and lets them know that if they do kneel or do anything to disrespect the Flag or Anthem on the field they are going to be fired period, and the NFL is for sure going to be applauded and the seats are going to get filled again!!! There is no player that is an exemption for they can be replaced very easily with college players that respect our Flag and our Anthem and the college players should have it in their contract that there is no protesting on the field of any kind or they are going to be fired also!!! This is the only way for the NFL to put an end to all this crap once and for all and they are going to get back all the respect they once had and also they are going to find that the game is going to be even more entertaining for the fans and for the owners!!!!

  64. Tom Curry says:

    The greatest thing the NFL can do is to fire every player that kneels for these players have no right to protest on the job or on the field, if they wish to protest they can do after the game outside of the stadium for they are not any better than anyone else, for not any business in our country can a employee protest on the job for protesting at work in the building is not acceptable and that is the way it should be, for they should all do it after work out side of the building!!! If the NFL just quits pandering to these players and lets them know that if they do kneel or do anything to disrespect the Flag or Antium on the field they are going to be fired period, and the NFL is for sure going to be applauded and the seats are going to get filled again!!! There is no player that is an exemption for they can be replaced very easily with college players that respect our Flag and our Anthem and the college players should have it in their contract that there is no protesting on the field of any kind or they are going to be fired also!!! This is the only way for the NFL to put an end to all this crap once and for all and they are going to get back all the respect they once had and also they are going to find that the game is going to be even more entertaining for the fans and for the owners!!!!

    • Beau says:

      Could not have written a better response! Our family, including a professional baseball player, A Vet. a WW2 Widow, all stood for the anthem, then turned the TV off. ages 16 to 89 (ME) Enjoyed our dinner listening to Jazz!

  65. gillyanne j. baker says:

    Oh hell, I might as well just GOOGLE it.

  66. gillyanne j. baker says:

    Guess everyone is feeling too “politically” correct to answer my question. Frankly, except for that guy with all the hair, all I’ve seen kneeling are African Americans.

    I’d still be very interested in knowing the actual percentage of African Americans who are still KNEELING (and have knealt in the past) vs. Whites/Hispanics/Asians who are still kneeling (and have knealt in the past) .

    Anyone in HERE brave enough to venture a percentage “guess” regarding the QUESTION above?

  67. B Taylor says:

    Hope they go bankrupt. I was once an NFL fanatic, but no more. I am a Vietnam combat vet and I take this personally. I was called a baby killer for decades and this kneeling is disrespecting me and all veterans. How someone who makes millions to play a game is being oppressed is the thinking of a lunatic.

  68. Sally says:

    I’m so over watching the NFL! I was in football pools and really enjoyed them until the player turned it into a black issue. This is football boys and not a place to protest! I hope the ratings really bottom out the season. These players; black or white are making millions and should respect America and our flag. I have lost all respect for the NFL and feel very sorry for the players that are not a part of this. I am taking my football season time to do some house cleaning and painting time. I will miss being an avid football fan.

  69. JohnnyC says:

    No NFL again this year. There were so many other things to do. It won’t hurt to not see a game this year. Anyway I am no pansy watching rich ungreatful cry babies. Until they show me that they have a pair and do their duty right in all respects, adios amigo!

  70. Joan says:

    Used to watch all NFL games but have not watched one as will not support anyone or team of any kind that does not support our
    armed service men and women or our Flag and our Country!

  71. Proud vet says:

    It’s the conservative people who are the majority in this country along with some of their sane brothers in the so-called Democrat party. I would not watch another professional football game and if basketball or baseball wants to join them so be it let them go down with them.

  72. I’d be very interested in knowing the actual percentage of African Americans who are still KNEELING (and have knealt in the past) to Whites/Hispanics/Asians who are still kneeling (and have knealt in the past) .

    Does anyone HERE have the answers to THIS QUESTION?

    • millie says:

      gillyanne j. baker,
      Who cares, one, white or black, kneeling is one to many. Disrespectful to the flag and to the military and to our country. Evidently if they really did have something else in mind when they started, which I doubt, it was lost in translation. It is their right to kneel, but not on the job where they are blatantly stating something that we took it as has been stated so many times now. And yes, once again, it is their right to protest but if they had done it the right way, somewhere else, most of us wouldn’t have really cared that much. I hope that answers you question, which I really don’t understand why you don’t just look it up if it’s that important to you. Like I said, to me, one was one to many.

  73. Allen R Hood says:

    College ball is more fun, I can live just fine with out the high paid bums. I love football, but I love my country more. The only way to get their attention is to stop supporting the NFL.

  74. Harry Katz says:

    Man but this has gotten old, stale and boring. Seriously, does anybody even remember what the players are supposed to be “protesting”? What ever happened to the guy who started it all? If he’s out of work then it was a pretty high price to pay for some poontang. Was he colluding with the Russians to take down the NFL?

  75. Lawrence Page, Jr. says:

    No longer watch the Nogood F—-UP League

  76. Jane C Dewberry says:

    When you think about the millions of dollars these overly privileged, arrogant, unpatriotic NFL whiners make playing a game and then go on to consider that if they lived in any other country on the planet, they would never have had the opportunity to go out on the field and disrespect, not only every other citizen of this country, but all those who have fought and died so they could have the freedom to display this despicable behavior, then you realize they aren’t worth the time, money or loyalty their fans expend on them. When their careers are over and they’ve faded into oblivion, the flag will still be flying. It will continue to receive the respect it deserves while those who knelt on the field and thumbed their noses at every citizen in the country, if remembered at all, will be thought of with disgust and contempt.

  77. Al says:

    Let the owners make a decision on what conduct they will or will not condone in the workplace. Has gone well beyond the national anthem and the flag.Makes no difference to me anymore. Tired of their total lack of decision making skills. The NFL no longer exists for me and mine.

  78. William says:

    These members of the NFL have Every Right to Protest, even if their Protests are Disrespectful. However, they Do Not have the right to Pick the Consequences of their Protests! In this case of protesting, the consequences will be, The NFL Customers will Not; 1) Attending Any NFL Games, 2) Watching Any NFL Games on Television, Listening Any NFL Games on the Radio, Purchasing Any NFL Merchandise nor Supporting Any NFL Sponsors. These Consequences will remain, in place, until this Disrespect Stops!

    • Greg says:

      Agreed. A Football “Fast” would only improve things. It’s an addiction our society could live without. Football is a dispensible luxury and their arrogance is only superseded by their sense of self-worth.

      If football is more important to them than country, then why should the country support them? They have what they have ONLY because of the freedoms and largess of our country/it’s people. Not because of their talent. They’re performers, it’s only entertainment, or was.

      Now, football is being weaponized as a political tool of leverage and programming of the masses. No thank you, pick another country if you’re so unhappy. We will NEVER change to fit you, so make your choice and pick a side. You can’t have it both ways, as you’re about to find out.

      Personally, I say, walk away from everything football, what do we have to lose. Nothing, what do we gain? Valuable time, unity, loyalty, patriotism, all the good stuff libs and Dems are repelled from. Just sayin’…

      • Jimmy Tucker says:

        True, I was a big fan of the NFL but now I have not watch any games for 2 years. Screw all of them, I am a very proud USAF VET. who did my duty for m y Country. I would not want any one of them in my unit.

    • Josh says:

      Already doing that last year all i watched were playoffs and superbowl this year im gone for good e mailed goodell and told the spineless bastard

  79. Thomas Goss says:

    SSSCREW the NFL and anyone who has anything to do with it and those who still watch or go to games.

  80. STEVE FLOWERS says:


  81. Donald says:

    godell get balls or get out.we won’t put up with players who don’t honor or flag or anthem.owners should not pay players for being honorable.for those of us who have lost family defending this country.i’ll see you out of your cushy job. do you even know what the N stands for National flag, National Anthem and national football league.we can very easily change to soccer you idiots

  82. D D says:

    Now they have gone one step further than simple protest (which is bad enough) with the “raised fist”, a known symbol of resistance. How is it ok for them to use their jobs-whose pay the fans provide, by the way-to invade our homes with their call to resistance? What are they resisting? Freedom? Patriotism? Law and order? True heroism? And how is it ok for an entertainer of any variety—sports, TV, Stage, Music—to use the money I pay them, not to give me what I paid for, but to lecture me on something about which at best they have tunnel vision, seeing only their side, and most times can’t speak intelligently about at all? I say boycott them all, including the CW bands who cheered when Madonna said she wanted to blow up our White House. They’ve forgotten who their fan base is also. They’ve also forgotten what happens when fans turn their backs on them. Out of sight, out of mind. They go the way of the DoDo Bird.

    • Beau says:

      Could not have written a better response! Our family, including a professional baseball player, A Vet. a WW2 Widow, all stood for the anthem, then turned the TV off. ages 16 to 89 (ME) Enjoyed our dinner listening to Jazz!

  83. S. Cradduck says:

    In our family we stand for the flag and anthem, and we kneel for the cross! PERIOD!

  84. Jess says:

    Goodall who makes around $40M per year should use some of that money to grow a set of balls and should be fired by the owners of the NFL!

  85. Paul D Huegel says:

    It is interesting that NFL football which used to be a positive force that brought diverse groups of people together is divisive all because a few overpaid cry babies want to protest a contrived nonsensical issue that has absolutely nothing to do with playing the game of football. Even worse the overpaid commissioner gets a raise and more benefits for no leadership . Roger Goodall is a pathetic waste of a commissioner whose lack of leadership and indecisive actions will destroy the NFL. I have joined those who will not watch any NFL games this year or in the future until this disrespect for national anthem,flag and military ceases. I will be watching college football which is more fun anyway.

  86. Curtis says:

    Let them go to Marine boot camp and protest they are Dumbos and willwill get treated
    well by the DIS and men probably get beaten up till they straighten up
    and fly right!

  87. jonathan says:

    let them have a free ticket to Venezuela one way and they can buy their ticket back after they land. The might just learn the value of how stupid they are.

  88. W FLATT says:

    We have too many traitors in this country, people trying to destroy us as we know it and it comes from MY Democrat Party.

  89. Curtis says:

    I stand for the National Anthem and Pledge
    even though I Have
    challenges from a massive
    Stroke I had And
    will always do so!

  90. harold haight says:

    I haven’t watched the NFL and have no intent to watch them since the protest began. I would rather watch CFL The Canadian Football is much more interesting and more a real football test of skill. When you talk about boycotting the NFL you would have to boycott a lot of sponsors to stop the flow of cash. Many of they are products which many homes use on a daily basis. There would also be the need to boycott some of the major networks as well as ESPN 1 and 2 . I am sure that we can do it . We have to make our allegiance to our Country and Our military as well as serving God more important than the selfish behavior of a few professional players.

  91. Curtis says:

    The NFL protestors are hateful to me since they disrespect good
    Americans Like my next door neighbor who came back from Vietnam
    in a flag draped coffin.
    How dare they I felt so relieved not wasting time watching the NFL junk this

    • Rhelda says:

      I would like to see the OWNERS bring in a disabled Veteran who has returned to AMERICA, to there NFL camp, and let this Veteran speak to the PLAYERS, because is it CERTAIN, they DO NOT understand what the FLAG stands for. I would like to SUGGEST: “Eddie R. Beesley” who wrote the book “Lucky Enough”.

      • Jim says:

        These cry babies could care less about a Veteran speaking to them. They did not protest during the off season, because there were no TV cameras on them.

  92. Jefferson D Atkerson says:

    I saw to many flag draped coffins not to stand and salute our flag or disrespect our national anthem. Anyone or organization that does is nothing to me. No Fans Left…..
    Remember who pays your salary….

  93. hugh moss says:

    salute the flag, or get a real job

  94. joseph g says:

    Did the season or preseason start? Don’t care!!

  95. Earl says:

    Haven’t liked the NFL for many years. They are like the National Basketball Association , they are all a bunch of punks who don’t care about anyone but themselves. Phonies they all are.
    Boycott the NFL, Now and forever. The NFL only cares about the bottom line.Earl

  96. madmemere says:

    NFL=worthless bunch of money-grubbing rat finks!

    • joseph g says:

      NFL equals National Fools League.

    • LEON DEES says:


  97. Secora Kersey says:

    This will be my third season not watching the national felon league don’t miss it one little bit no one that dumb should be making that kind of money

  98. NFL-[-NO FANS LEFT!!! That is what is going to happen because we, the American people, will not back down when it comes to our American anthem, our American Flag , our American values, our American veterans and our American patriotism, so NFL owners and NFL suffer!! Besides we got the XFL coming that will not disrespect our America!!! We just may save it the XFL and lose the NFL!!!!!

    • Phil Doran says:

      You said it exactly right! As a veteran that volunteers at the V.A. hospital, I see every day the real hero’s that made it possible for these millionaire thugs to act this way. They should all be put on a plane and dropped in North Viet Nam!

  99. Michele Helton says:

    I have been a die-hard football fan most of my life. I fretted all off season, waiting for the first game of the new season. I would get so happy I didn’t care if it was preseason, it was Football! After seeing the disrespect of these players I turned off my tv. Yes I miss it. But I will never buy their products, help their ratings or even engage in conversation about the games again.

    • Tony Mack Robinson says:

      So agree with you!

    • Karla Burland says:

      Good for you. I have never been a football fan, but playing the game of football and being paid to do so, is just like having any other job. If you don’t like the rules put down in order to keep that job, go find another one. These guys think they are making some kind of social justice statement and all they are really doing is telling their ‘bosses’ they are not going to do as they are told. They should all be fired! Outside of their game playing JOB , they can protest all they want

  100. Greenbean says:

    It upsets me that they show disrespect to our flag, our soldiers and our Country. You don’t protest at work. I couldn’t go to my job and protest. It has nothing to do with racial injustice. I think we all know that. If they really cared about injustice wouldn’t they go into the neighborhoods that need help. Shouldn’t they take children and teenagers and show them love and compassion and teach them how to love and be compassionate? How about going to a hardware store and buy things to make these families homes a little nicer…maybe buy furniture…maybe start up businesses in these neighborhoods and hire the ones that live in the neighborhood. Help them before they get involved in crime. Is it that hard to do? Shame on them for what they are doing because it isn’t helping anyone! They should get on their knees and thank our good Lord that they have the life that America has given them and that the soldiers that have fought and died for so they could the life they live. I don’t care what skin color these disrespectful players are if you are going to disrespect our flag our soldiers and our Country I will not watch the games nor does my children watch the games. I hope so many Americans show these people they are not as special as they think they are. And by the way they don’t have big enough balls to go to war. They would be crying for their mommy’s! And i can say all of this with pride. I am a Veteran my husband is a Veteran. I had 2 sons in Iraq at the same time. My youngest did 2 tours. My 2 brothers were over there. My other brother was in Vietnam. And the list goes on and on and on. So it hurts to see the kneeling and showing fists. PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW HOW TO RESPECT THIS GREAT COUNTRY ANY MORE! God Bless us all.

    • ron says:

      I’m a marine corp veteran who requested to go to Vietnam . I was their during the Tet Offensive. Regardless of the reason for that war, the men and women during that time frame answered that call for their country and fellow man. What is being shown today is total disrespect for America and our fought for values. When America stood up to communism which has always been headed toward America we had a free nation for our families etc. we could leave our doors and windows open and unlocked. can’t do that now. now America is full of one way people,thugs, robbers,killers,etc. We are now a broken nation from the inside ready for takeover by the un as planned by our former leaders. americans a weak & take the wrong approach for survival as a nation. It’s not just about you when everyone is involved equally as a nation. Quite being gullible and look at the real picture for America.

  101. Gary says:

    After Goodall announced he would crack down on the player’s I was hopeful. Now that he has shown his true colors and how spineless he is, they have lost me for good. I don’t know if I can ever go back.The whole nfl player’s, management and head office have shown us they do not care for the fan’s at all. Let them pay all the bill’s out of their pocket’s instead of our’s. I know why the ford’s wouldn’t do anything. There has always been rumer’s they supported hitler during world war 2. They must not have liked our military then and they obviously don’t like them now.

  102. Shirley Long says:

    What a disgrace/ SHIP THEM OUT. Of OUR UNITED STATES.

  103. Jerry Hampton says:

    These NFL players are mostly guys who can’t do anything else. They are bullies and think since they made the NFL they should be worshipped. Well I am another one who is done watching football. If owners can’t or won’t make the players stand during the national anthem and the NFL can’t or won’t then it is time we stopped supporting them and their multi-million dollar habits.

  104. Jan says:

    Well we know what side you are on.

  105. Jan says:

    These players that kneel make me sick when they say we respect the flag and the military. Well everyone in the service signed a form to keep you safe and they respect the anthem and flag. I can tell you there not out there protesting there doing the job they signed up for to keep you safe. When you signed those papers that became a job even if you enjoy playing the game.If you want to protest do it on your time. Grow up its a job. I never mention the military before.

  106. Joan DeLorenzo says:

    Do not understand how they can be so STUPID!! Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

  107. Bob Peterson says:

    NFL, what’s that?????????

  108. Jan says:

    These players that kneel make me sick when they say we respect the flag and the military. Well everyone in the service signed a form to keep you safe and they respect the anthem and flag. I can tell you there not out there protesting there doing the job they signed up for to keep you safe. When you signed those papers that became a job even if you enjoy playing the game.If you want to protest do it on your time. Grow up its a job.

  109. Marlopi says:

    If you disregard any military allegiance NFL players who disrespect our flag and anthem and thereby America are not worthy of support from Americans. These are not a protestors — these are traitors to the country that has afforded them opportunities they would never have realized elsewhere in the world. I suggest they leave this country and find their happiness elsewhere. Don’t forget to relinquish your citizenship and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  110. Ronald Horvath says:

    Didn’t watch last season due to this issue and will not watch this season for the same reason.

    • Audie Jordan says:

      If enough of us commit to never watching them again live or on tv, or buying from their sponsors ever again, maybe we can break the whole league. Maybe we can have pro sports we can afford. Pro sports salaries are more ridiculous than the salaries of CEOs which people constantly complain about.

      They make more than the best surgeons in the world, the ones we would all want if we could afford them, operating on us.

      We are the ones who spoiled them, kept paying more and more for games, cable tv, supporting mostly punks who would have never seen $100,000.00/yr. in the real world. I opted out of games 20 years ago, added that money to investment accounts for my grandchildren.

      I reckon I am the only one who still equates taking a knee to include Kapernick’s pig cop socks. The ones taking a knee are wearing pig cop socks to me as much as insulting the symbols of our country, those who died for it, & maybe even more the ones who are living but maimed so badly physically or mentally, they cannot enjoy living.

      Maybe some pro players have visited VA hospitals, got to be damn few of them or it would have been hoopla on the new. LeBron built a school maybe.

      What really bothers me is none of these protesters can give a laundry list of what they are protesting about. Have not heard a one of them mention 75-80 shootings on weekends in Chicago. Haven’t heard of a one of them visiting the Southside during the off season, the time kids are out of school getting in more trouble. Now they are far to busy to do anything like that.

  111. Ken says:

    30 year Navy Vet will not watch or buy any NFL material until they stop the disrespect of our flag. Already stop the NFL package with Direct TV saves me 50 a month. I recommend any one who sacrificed for the flag to do the same. If the NFL does not do something soon I will lose my interest in the NFL for good

  112. Richard says:

    In the beginning I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to stick with the boycott especially when no one would know the difference anyway. Since I did, I found that it wasn’t hard to put the respect of my country before these disrespectful over paid Nit Witz. I have a solution that will take care of this problem. Hire our Football Players from a different pool. Military and Former Military only. That would stop this problem.

  113. Scott says:

    Fire Goodell, who must personally believe in this BS for it to continue. Then fire all employees (players) who won’t follow their bosses (owners) directives on how to conduct themselves on company time (games). It is really as easy as that.

  114. bagster53 says:

    you can keep all sports, as for these upidy blacks , their trash anyways , personally i am sick of all this cry baby nonsense , if your so badly treated here , just shut you mouth and leave , go and try and find a better country to live in , 99,9% of the time a black gets shot by a cop ,it’s their own fault , don’t run from the cops you won’t get shot, between politicians , blacks and women , yous have made the u.s. a misserable place to live ,over taxed to pay for the bums and cry babies ,and all the government wasteful spending , and every year it gets worse , the politicians get stupider with age

    • Jon says:

      Some Politicians From both Parties are so dam CORRUPT they go along with these protests because it puts Campaign FUNDS in there POCKETS. These crooks care nothing about AMERICA or its CITIZENS, they are to busy lining there own Pockets.

  115. Dennis says:

    A bunch of overpaid whining crybabies that have never added to the economy in any way that benifits other people. They should all go out and get a real JOB and help society. And pay for your own stadiums that your play in Bunch of leeches


    • Rob Schick says:

      Ditto…If they want to help fatherless kids in the Ghetto’s that can mentor and pay for private schooling. Public Ed is 50 shades of failing kids of every ethnicity. There are Black players you do help inner city kids and I’m sure they all stand for our flag. Politics has no place in sports but the Left wants everything trashed especially conservative organizations.

  117. Randy says:

    Hit them where it hurts most, their pocket books. They’re just doing it now to piss off Trump. And those who still believe in this great nation of ours. Kaper-dick em all and let them enjoy the unemployment line.

  118. Ardyth says:

    How about sending ALL of the NFL to Afghanistan on a one way ticket to play in the sand. Our troops would love kicking ass if given the chance, dare one of the players kneel during the national anthem at the start of the game. The players would get a first-hand look at what our troops are enduring day to day. Then maybe they might change their tune. Worth a try anyway. No fans, no Gator-ade, no towels to wipe the sweat off. Too bad, so sad, you deprived spoiled brats!! No sympathy here.

  119. Ronnie Allen says:

    The players think the fans will accept their protesting however they have omitted the half full stadiums last year

    Truth is the ones protesting usually are highly paid players. They have their pot of gold and believe they can weather any push back by us fans.

    The owners are afraid of the “R” word and will bend over at the first bad press release which is exactly what these overpaid athletes know. When will the owners grow a pair and fine or sideline the protesters.

    This might hurt their bottom line in the short run but it would pay off big time in the long run.

    • Cathy says:

      Absolutely, did not watch it last year and won’t watch it this year. So what were these overpaid players doing during the off season, why were they not out there doing something about what it is that they are so upset about. Did not see any of them around until now, they are a bunch of jerks and I am being very nice when I say that

  120. Joe Rich says:

    I will only watch college football this season or intil the NFL realizes they are in the USA and be proud of it.

    • bradley cummans says:

      I Believe We Should Take Every NFL Player That Takes a Knee During The Playing of The National Anthem and Draft Them in The Military for 6 Months and Send them to The Middle East to do a Tour of Duty and Then Let Them Come Home and Truly Understand What The Flag and The Anthem Really Stands for and Means to Our Country

    • Jim D. says:

      It is college football for me also! Miami Hurricanes instead of Miami Dolfins. What a disgrace for these overpaid babies. Ship them to Afghanistan!!

  121. Stan Lee says:

    If these NFL footballers want to manage and make policy for the team, let them prove they can manage. Then, move them into management at salaries commensurate with a spot on the employee table for novices, with pay at a novice’s starting level. Let them get a hard look at salaries for management trainees yet to prove their mettle. They play a “game”, a game for players willing to risk injuries for high salaries. Soldiers risk all to serve the nation, and they are paid much less for the risks they assume for love of country.
    If all of those big-shot stars left the teams tomorrow, I am sure there are many others available, who may not be “star-quality” immediately, but playing on a team as part of that team, with future incentives for proven ability, would provide all of the teams with able personnel, That will free-up all those players who want to spend their time “taking a knee” to get paid for it. Let them see how much of a demand there is for the type of people who specialize in disrespectful gestures to the nation and all the paying fans.

  122. david says:

    CONSUMERS FUEL THE nfl;; ANTI-AMERICAN kneelers only take.

  123. john says:

    Another BS poll. Are you guys trying to say ANY Republican doesn’t rate the NYT and any MSM news operation WAAY below 0? Please! Must have interviewed only the McCain/Graham/McConnel/Ryan wing of the party.

  124. Rex says:

    I wonder who will pay to attend their games and how much will the television networks offer to televise the playoffs if all of their fans leave? That’s how I see the next 2 or 3 years if they continue on this tangent.

    • Carol Dugan says:

      I will not watch any NFL game.

    • Rhiannon91991 says:

      The bottom line is, the SJWs they are kowtowing to live at home with Mommy and Daddy and cannot afford to go to the games, buy their garbage. It is the conservative fans who work for a living that can afford their tickets, garbage items, and TV. It truly is a shame that the NFL refuses to see this is a BUSINESS, not an SJW EXPERIMENT! If I were an owner that wanted to fire players for kneeling, I would. When the Players Association comes calling, I would say fine, they can have their jobs back. Then I would promptly SHUT MY BUSINESS DOWN! That should shut them up!

  125. Deplorable Ricky says:

    Life is tough
    Even tougher when you stupid
    Watch these grown men shoot their selves in their own ASS.

    • Charles says:

      The NFL died Sep. 24, 2011 , they just don’t know it yet ! Many NFL fans no longer go to games or watch games on TV . September 24 2011 two NFL teams went to London England to play a game , the Baltimore Ravens and the Jacksonville Jags .
      Before the game both teams disrespected our National Anthem by taking a knee and then standing for God Save The Queen . It is bad enough that they would disrespect our National Anthem here in the US but to do it in the Country that bombed a fort in Baltimore Harbor 1814 and then honor the Queen of that country by standing for God Save The Queen after disrespecting the US National Anthem . The Baltimore Ravens are no longer the Baltimore Ravens but the Queens Ravens .

  126. CYNDI GOLDFARB says:

    If anything the whites are the ones suppressed in football; 62% of population is white; 12.6 % is black
    while 70 % of NFL is black.
    I would say if anyone should complain it is white men that want to play professional football but are suppressed.
    Do not tell me that this is right because they play better, because in other careers those better are not allowed to participate because of quotas. Where is the quotas in sport for balance and lack of discrimination due to color. Why can we not just all by their qualifications?

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      It’s largely true in basketball too; but sports seems to be the ONLY area NOT impacted by affirmative action over merit. Sort of suggests some groups are only capable of playing games, for the most part, and others can actually contribute to the betterment of society. NONE of us has an actual need for such games; whereas a qualified doctor, nurse, paramedic, cop, engineer, architect, etc is something we will all directly or indirectly need in our lifetimes.

      • M says:

        You are exactly right Sandra Lee Smith, God bless our medical caretakers and law enforcement for sure. I remember from one of your blogs, I think, that you are a retired nurse. God bless you for your noble service. I am a huge football fan but cannot support the NFL . I am looking forward to collegiate football this fall.

  127. J.Mack says:


  128. Russell Calvert says:

    I have watched the NFL my entire life (I’m 75) but I’m also a patriot. I quit watching last year and cancelled my Direct TV subscription. I was pondering starting again but now I’m more angry than ever. As far as I’m concerned there is no excuse for not standing to respect the Country, it’s history and all the good it has brought the people of the world. This is especially true when it’s done by highly paid athletes who have benefited so much from our system. I’m very disappointed.

  129. awake says:

    Why is it conservatives are so damn intolerant – – of freedom of speech when they don’t like the message, or how they “go for the jugular” when even another conservative DARES disagree with them slightly? Take a look at Trump, he picks all these people then, within a few months, calls them losers, liars, crazy or worse. Why can’t anyone figure out that this president negotiates badly unless he holds all the cards, and he is TERRIBLE at picking his staff? I mean all I have to say is Sessions, Omaroza, the Mooch, Manafort, Gates, and the largest number turnover EVER for a president?

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Sorry snowflake, it’s NOT “freedom of speech” and it’s NOT the place for any kind of demonstrations. THEY are on their employers’ time during and leading up to games; and their employers are the folks PAYING their ridiculous salaries, so they can play that game, and the people who go out to bleed and die so they’re FREE to play those games, instead of being slaves to the state in an actual job for which they wouldn’t get paid more than peanuts if that. Oh and Trump is NOT the issue here; these disrespectful players are. SO how about you stick to the topic at hand?

    • Buster says:

      We have a freedom of speech also, the protesters don’t like the country and speak out against it, we hate the protesters against the country and have every right to protest against them, the only difference is our protest will hurt their pocketbooks that is hard to live without, on the other hand we can live without football and not effect us one bit. They forgot that football needs fans but fans do not need football, we win!

      • Lynel A. Council says:

        Amen ????????! The main thing these so called football players care about is their SALERIES. They are paid Enormous amounts of money to play a GAME! Except for a very few, most of these “athletes” keep all that money for themselves (like Colin Kapernick). Why should the American ????????Taxpayers pay for their high priced stadiums, etc. I say make the NFL and the players pay for their stadiums, etc. if they don’t like it, too bad, so sad ????!

    • M says:

      awake, Please stop trying to pick a fight with conservatives. We are the “side” who supports the Constitution, remember? Free speech for all as allowed in the first amendment however, these NFL players are at work when they play football and the first amendment doesn’t apply in this case. You try free speech at work when you strongly disagree or know your boss is wrong. He may not be right and you don’t have to like it but, he is still your boss. You can’t cry foul because the Constitution will not uphold you, but you can find another job. The only reason the players are not respecting the flag and national anthem is their bosses are letting them get away with it. They are losing fans with every game and it is only a matter of time before the NFL is forced to take action or they are going to go down the tubes financially.

  130. Ron says:

    I have no intentions of supporting a bunch of overpaid prima donnas who disrespect the nation that gave them the chance to BE overpaid prima donnas! Since they find this nation so onerous I believe they should leave for some nation more suitable to their sensibilities!! But they won’t find one that will pay what the people of THIS nation does! Leave! There is no Berlin Wall with armed guards keeping your sorry butts here! GO!

  131. Carl Clothier says:

    As a life-long Green Bay Packer fan – since Lombardi – I recently bought my first NFL jersey. Pittsburgh Steeler #78 – Alesandro Villanueva – one of the few NFL players that know how to properly respect our Flag. The only thing I didn’t like was that he apologized for being out where he could be seen. Pressured by other players, no doubt. He should have been front and center. Although I did not totally boycott the NFL last year, I did watch less than half of the games that I normally would have watched. I found better things to do.

  132. Bad dude says:

    I didn’t hear of any of the players protesting during the off season only a few that got arrested .during the off season they didn’t have a captive audience. I am a veteran and I like to watch the game, but won’t watch till they stop protesting. Goodell should make a ruling against protesting on the job and earn the extra 15 million that he got on his new contract.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      You’re exactly right; they don’t “protest” in the off season, neither do they go out and DO anything to help those they view as SO “oppressed”. What they seem to do is commit crimes and not much else.

  133. Buster says:

    I am completely done wasting my time with the NFL. I have completely “Shut the Front door” on them, and also just Slammed the Back door!

  134. Art Ward, Jr. says:

    Roger Goodell is a Clown … the NFL should terminate him immediately! He has never been an effective Leader and is completely incapable of providing Leadership.

  135. Deplorable Lanie says:

    Well, I think the NFL had better kowtow to the Left and the SJW because their former fans (Conservatives) have left, and most of us are not coming back. I know I am not and neither is anyone I know!

  136. Allen says:

    Diamond and Silk asked why these players were not kneeling for Chicago. I found out why. Fox News had a Chicago black “reverend” who showed a protest march against Rahm Emmanuel. The STUPID blacks of Chicago were blaming the police and Trump for their problems. They should be blaming their sons and daughters. To hell with Chicago.

  137. Denise says:

    NFL, protest on your “off season” and not on the time of the paying fans. Goodell and “owners”, do your jobs as businessmen. Keep your employees in line. You’d probably have a better year…but I doubt it.

  138. Chuck Hobbs says:

    Just like in the movie “Replacements” they are all a bunch of “bitchy millionaires” and I won’t be watching any NFL games ever again. If the NCAA ever goes down this road they can go in the crapper with the NFL Or should it be called the MFL

  139. Linda H. Anderson says:

    Boycott, and don’t buy anything that is advertised through the NFL. Let the owners continue to pay the big bucks to the big black protesters. Maybe they will all go bankrupt. I dearly love football but haven’t watched the NFL since this nonsense started. College ball is so much better.

  140. Mark McDaniel says:

    Roger Goodell is as off base as his $44milion salary. Just what are the owners paying for? He thinks if he gets MSNBC’s approval that all is well. The traditional fan base of the NFL is the opposite. This moron doesn’t seem to know who butters or has buttered the bread of the NFL since its inception.

  141. Patrick Henry says:

    NFL needs to be called NEGRO FOOTBALL LEAGUE and NOT the national league since there is NOTHING National about them anymore!!! Roger Goodell has NO BA!!S and is nothing but a PU$$Y!!!!! He has NO control over the Owners or the players cause they OWN him!!!

  142. bing says:

    Goodell is the problem!!! Won’t enforce the rules already in place. Can’t use the NFL or any of its venues. To express political views. Auto fine and suspension.

  143. Richard Blake says:

    I am done watching NFL until All the players stand or are removed from the team.

  144. Eric says:

    I haven’t had a favorable opinion of the nfl since the mid-1990’s or so. And since Goofdale took over, my view has soured even more.

  145. Howard says:

    The NFL is history and should be! No one especially Americans have a moral right to spit in the faces and on the graves of our American hero’s !
    There will never be another NFL game in my home again! Shut the NFL down they don’t dictate to me!

  146. Chuck says:

    Overpaid, disloyal pampered poodles. Go out and earn a real living if you think you have the stomach for it!

  147. Julius says:

    As a US Army veteran and citizen of the US, I am appalled by the behavior of those professional football players. In any other business, an employee would be fired for behavior deemed harmful to the employer’s business. I doubt anyone is criticizing these players for whatever they think they need to protest, but in no other business is an employer allowed to do so on company time.

  148. Gary Yonitch says:

    If the NFL’s footBALLS aren’t big enough to stand up to these ungrateful spoiled brats and suspend them without pay for their 1st infraction, and toss them from the NFL for good for the 2nd – then, as a Veteran that put my life on the line for my country – I SURELY don’t need the NFL!!! Sad, because I have been a Raider fan since George Blanda days. Remember NFL – you reap what you sow!

  149. Shelba J. Holmes says:

    I wouldn’t watch one of their games on a very big bet. I think they are disgusting, stupid,arrogant,ignorant,,,useless pieces of horse manure.

    Anybody who disrespects the flag of this country should not be in this country.

  150. JANICE HENRY says:


  151. Dowlena Pitts says:

    What are the owners going to do when fans of NFL disappear? How are they going to pay their ” self entitled” players then? They won’t want to pay out of their pockets instead of paying from the fan base!

  152. I quit watching them years ago. With this protest crap, i NEVER watch another game including the Super Bowl.

    • bing says:

      Goodell is the probkem.. won’t enforce what’s on the books for players who express political views. Should be fine and automatic suspension.. That’s the first thing we were told back years ago. Political views expressed using the NFL venues would not be tolerated

  153. Llp says:

    Boycott continues

  154. Tjgatto says:

    I can no longer watch these self important over paid players / they couldn’t care less about the people they pretend to care about ,they have ruined my love for the game I have played ,watched I was the last in my family to hold out for a better result from the NFL but I trashed all my nfl gear and trinkets I will not purchase anything covered by the advertising on the games sooo sad but I’ll get over it thanks Goodell you ass hat

  155. Eyesonyou says:


  156. Doris Lauter says:

    At your place of business, itis not good to air your problems or rebel when you are told to be patriotic. Bucking a tradition is harmful to your business. I don’t care to watch these babies that want their way but won’t fight for it somewhere else,

  157. All players that do not stand and tase there fist in the air should loose there contract plus pay a haven fine thay have been warned about this. Thay are un American and treaters to the USA and should all be shipped off to IRAN to live sninc thay do not like the USA and hate it. Thay are not worth the money thay are making.

  158. millie says:

    I also think if this is ever settled, they owe the American people an apology for disrespecting out flag and
    our country, and our military. I will never watch it again anyway.

  159. James F M Baur Jr says:

    I won’t be watching NFL games anymore. There are plenty of other options available
    to me (MMA, College Football, etc.). There
    is always the trap, when you’re making grand
    theft money, as the NFL players do, to believe
    you’re more important than you actually are.
    We aren’t going back to the ‘60s. If they have
    social issues they feel they need to address, the NFL players need to take care of them off
    the field. There are many venues available to them (legal, and otherwise) in/at which their
    concerns may be resolved, and actions taken. I just want to watch a football game, that’s all.
    If they are not willing to provide the entertainment for which I’ve paid, without all the drama, I have no interest in watching their
    games. I couldn’t care less about their issues, although I’m sorry to hear that they have them. It’s on they, themselves, to solve their own problems off the field, and not interfere
    with the services they have contracted to provide. Road racing, and international sports
    are every bit as exciting, if not more so, than
    watching full grown men play a child’s game
    for outrageous amounts of money. Never thought I’d say this, I couldn’t care less if the NF L goes under.

    • Debbie Lorz says:

      James FM Baur Jr. you took the words right out of my mouth. I just want to add, to the players that have ruined it for the other NFL players and the fans, you are the problem, you needed to keep your political issue a side of your job. You had the money to hire an investigative group that would help you with the issues you had, instead of disrespecting the American Flag and all it stands for. Please do not suit up, we don’t need you and I do not want you in my life. Have a good day…

  160. Why is the employer not able to stop “harmful to their business” behavior by employees?

    • James F M Baur Jr says:

      Because the owners are afraid that their star players will go play for some other team if said stars’ butts aren’t properly kissed. It’s a
      business, and each player is in business for
      him/herself. It’s as simple as that, and why not? From the players’ perspective it makes sense, but…..
      As a veteran, I am thoroughly opposed to any
      disrespectful actions directed at our flag, and/or our national anthem.

    • Howard Cannon says:


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