This poll left Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer shaking

The Democrats made a huge mistake.

They thought smearing Judge Kavanaugh would rile up their base so they could cruise to victory in the Midterms.

But a poll was just released and it showed their game plan blew up in their face.

For months Republican voter enthusiasm has lagged behind Democrats.

That was a big reason why so many “experts” were predicting a blue wave in November.

But a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll just showed that Republicans have made up the gap.

The Daily Caller reports:

The poll, conducted Monday, October 1 — just as the FBI began its probe into the allegations against Kavanaugh — and released on Wednesday, found 80 percent of Republicans, 82 percent of Democrats, and 65 percent of Independents consider the 2018 midterm elections to be “very important.”

Interestingly, GOP women were four percent more motivated than Democratic women, at 83 percent to 79 percent.

July, the last time Marist conducted a national poll into voter enthusiasm, saw Democrats leading Republicans in midterm enthusiasm by a margin of 78 percent to 68 percent. Although the Kavanaugh controversy seems to have galvanized voters on both sides, Republicans at 12 percent to 4 percent enjoyed by far the higher increase from the last polling.

Democrats still have a generic polling advantage to take back the U.S. House.

But they have a steep uphill climb to install Chuck Schumer as Senate Majority Leader.

Even FiveThirtyEight, which leans left, has increased its forecast to a 7-in-9 chance that Republicans maintain a Senate majority.

FiveThirtyEight has still labeled red states such as Texas and Tennessee as “tossups.”

Recent polling in North Dakota has shown that incumbent Democrat Senator Heidi Heitkamp is toast.

A Fox News poll of likely voters from after the Kavanaugh hearings put Heitkamp down 12 percent.

Democrats put all their eggs in the “stop Kavanaugh” basket.

And that has served to re-energize Republican voters.

There is still just over a month left until voters cast their ballots.

We will keep you updated with the latest polling.


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65 Responses

  1. Guil says:

    Q. What is the difference between a liberal and a conservative?

    Ans. A conservative will tell a liberal, you have the right to be wrong.
    A liberal will tell a conservative you are wrong for being right.

  2. merridee says:

    democrats live on the other side of the law, they love to destroy, lie, kill, commit fraud and treason, buy votes, protesters, it is time to enforce the law and make them accountable for their actions against Kavanaugh, and what they haven’t done for the republican women that was raped and democrats said ti didn’t happen., hum democrats pay to play, attend drug and sex parties, obama nd clinton to when to go off to the island of Obama’s pervert friend. It is time for a RED/REPUBLICAN TITAL WAVE SWEEP THE crooked democrats out of office, and take over all their seats. let the democrats be tossed about in the sea for those that make it back to shore, face the charges brought against them, and whatever the constitution says is how you get for punishment, treason/traitors get firing squad. If you committed teh act of rape then you get castrated, pay for all medical and counseling sessions, and you get to hold your balls in public square for 1 year. your money is taken, your home is take, cars, stocks etc, you lose everything, you never hold or work for our government or department within the government every again. you lose, Republicans win. RED TITAL WAVE COMING UP LETS UNIT TOGETHER AND HELP OUR COMMAND ER CHIEF TO MAKE OUR NATION GREAT AGAIN.

  3. N says:

    Get out and vote for the GOP in November to save the country from NAZI Commie Demoncrats liberals!They want to make America into another Venezuela!Obama almost got us there! Now that America is great again because of president Trump let’s keep it that way!

    • Jeanni says:

      I can only imagine what our country can become if we could get rid of all the corrupt liberal democrats in our government who are trying to change this country into a communist country. They had their chance when Obama was elected and almost succeeded, but we saw through them. Imagine what our country would be like now if Trump wasn’t blocked at every turn by these evil people. The communists have crept in and taken over our schools with liberal teachers and brain washed our kids and dumbed them down, then we were pushed into sending our kids to college so they could further brain wash them and it has worked. We have a lot of work to do to make this right again. We can’t let our guard down any more now that we know what is going on.

    • Rose says:

      Right, we will loose our country if the Democrats get back in……….Vote ALL Republican and save this great Nation for yourselves and your children. and grandchildren. They all deserve to live in a free country as their birthright!! We must take down the Democrats who are now communists and want to open up our borders and turn this great country into a poor country and be ruled with ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!

  4. Ron says:

    I think the only thing that would satisfy the Democrats, considering their main problem with Kavanaugh, would be go back in time tothe day before God handed down the Ten Commandments, and ask him to add the 11th Commandment “Thou shall the right to kill unborn children”. Of course they don”t realize this would be in conflict with a prior commandment !

    • G Bar says:

      and any other American that believes in his Bill of Rights. The commies need to eliminate your personal liberties by taking your money away.
      No money, no freedom. Simple eh ? And, any ability to resist their take over, like saying no with your rifle, or pistol. An armed society keeps that from happening. The democrats hate that. The last thing they want is your ability to vote from the roof tops. Of course no one wants that. So, just purge them from the colleges, and media. Out law the damn democrats while you can.

    • Dick says:

      Let’s have a good ole fashioned gun fight between UpChuck Schumer & McConnell.
      And Nancy Pusslosi VS Hillary Cliton.
      Finally:. Lindsay Graham Vs: The,:”Dick Durbin”. Then one last thing, A celebrity death match between Greg Gutfeld takes on
      Anderson Cooper.
      Vote For Republicans in the Midterms or face becoming a Democrat bitch. If you vote Democrat within 10-15 yr’s you will become a Dem slave, They will abuse you and make you do thier bidding. As the goal for them is ????% Communist world. I for one will not become slave to Clinton, Schumer, Pelosi, & all the other hope to be Dem World Leaders.
      Vote Republican, be free, have freedom of speech, be free. Or vote Democrat have a sad life and enjoy communism.

  5. Lee Barnhill says:

    This farce did not affect my decision to vote as I was always going to do so. I don’t know how much impact it may have had on democrat voters. But it has energized a lot of GOP voters and independents who may have otherwise stayed home on election day. The democrats would have fared better if they had had the vote as soon as possible and kept it low key.

    • OLD VET says:

      what dems voters do not realize is they are voting commie they have not take the time to ck this out i was dem left with obama knew something was wrong i knew i was right when he started bwith the muslim thing and then it went from there he is a muslim commie trying to destroy our beautiful country ,.OLD VET

    • russell says:

      Lee Barnhill

  6. Rob says:

    Obama, Ayers, Holder, and Dorn, all Domestic Terrorists from the 60’s and 70’s and all chest deep in the largest Coup ever perpetrated against the American Citizens!
    They divided this Country, and were well on their way to to finishing the job, they even had the full support of the DNC!
    Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama, rigged the 2016 DNC Presidential Nomination Election, to guarantee, a Clinton victory, to become a false-store-front, for an Obama third term!
    This entire fiasco has us so divided, so hate-filled, against each other, with their lying, and conniving, that our way of life has been forever damaged! When an entire political- entity, makes a deal with the devil, to turn on their fellow Countrymen, they can never again be taken seriously! They have lost all credibility, and they are like rabid-dogs!

    • Milton Wiseman says:

      These democrats care nothing about the regular hard working Americans or the retired American. They want to rule, not serve. Now is the time for us to vote to reinforce the house with a GOP majority, A BIG one.
      While we are at it, tell the Republican party that we expect things to change for America and to change the direction of our country. Investigate the lawlessness of the left, the unrestricted, unfounded investigation of the President. Time for meaningful progress and return to a free country. Where the Congress works for us, not the other way around……VOTE, VOTE AND VOTE. Get your friends out to vote, let’s elect more Trump like people loaded with great ideas.

    • mary says:

      Amen and the demoncrates have turned on the hard working law abiding people. They want to take what we have paid for and give it to people who w
      ill not work, pay rent or but their own food.

    • Kenneth Weiss says:

      There is nothing to argue with your post. I hope people read it. The sad part of this post is you are factual and we the people were not smart enough to see it sooner.

      It took 62 million americans to finally grasp the mistake and figured that their was only one person smart enough to defeat them. God Bless Trump MAGA

  7. Rob says:

    Bottom-Line, The DNC Knowingly participated in a coup, plotted by Bill Ayers, to put a foreign-born, and raised, first black POTUS, Barrack Hussein Obama, whose mother, Stanley Dunham, was an old family friend of Ayers, leading back to the 60’s domestic terrorists cult!
    Obama divided this Country, He foolishly, yet tactfully, outspent all other previous POTUS’s combined! If Obamas lips aren’t around the cock of some Arabic man, he’s lying!

  8. Steff says:

    Watch for the Great Big Red Tsunami on November 6 unless you want the commies to be your new leaders and enslave you!!

  9. Carlos says:

    Genetic polls are bull$1 t! Only liberals try to use them to create momentum. The me too and walk way movements are already killing Dems and the Kavanaugh outrage is the final straw. Red wave in 1 month.

  10. Felipe Gomez Jr. says:

    Hey! Twatter kiss my ass! Post this without screwing up my text!

  11. Henry says:

    Hello Friend,
    Accusations have been flying hard and fast this week since the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh. This story has many layers, like the fact that Senator Feinstein sat on this accusation for over two months and didn’t breathe a word about it. But there is one big thing that Congress and the mainstream media are ignoring. We all know what the talking heads in DC and on each of the networks think, but what about the voting public. Do you believe Judge Kavanaugh is qualified to sit on the Supreme Court? American Polling is conducting an urgent national poll to answers this very important question. The results of this poll will be shared with many of the major media outlets, including CNN, FOX, MSNBC, and ABC News. So they can show ACTUAL results on the opinions of the voting public. Please take just 20 seconds of your time today to let your voice be heard.

    Vote Now!

    Warm Regards!

    • Herbert Woodbury says:

      If the GOP doesn’t get its stuff in one bag, this will be the last time I vote for them.

      • Felipe Gomez Jr. says:

        Why bother making a comment? You just censored my comment and didn’t post it? Screw you and your crnsirehip crap! Obomination was never a US citizen! Then he was never a legitimate President! Therefore his Executive Order’s sre nullified! Which mean’s there is no censorship program! The only reason he enacted it in the first place? Is because people were talking and making fun of swinging dick husband! Oh yeah! His wife! Ha! Ha!Ha! For real.

  12. Mary Navratilova says:

    Time is up! Full Senate vote now! Confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in full Senate now! It’s time to move forward and confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in full Senate to the Supreme Court. The Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed immediately! I’m a woman and I don’t believe these women Ms. Christine Blasey Ford, Ms. Deborah Ramirez and Ms. Julie Swetnick. These ultra-leftist women will never vote for the Republican Party, so quit letting them lead you around. You can see that this is manipulation. The Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed now! Vote the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in Supreme court justice now! If the Republicans don’t confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, I will stay home on Election Day!!!

    Was she a credible witness, believable…?

    Not even close.

    Even what Dr. Ford remembers doesn’t add up.

    According to Dr. Ford: She attended a house party miles from her home. She had one beer. There were four or five other people at the party, including her best friend, Leland Ingham Keyser. Brett (Kavanaugh) and Mark (Judge) were already drunk and belligerent. She went upstairs to use the bathroom. Suddenly she was attacked from behind and shoved into a bedroom. Brett and Mark turned the music up so no one would hear her scream as they attempted to rape her. She got away. Locked herself in a bathroom. She waited until it was safe; until she heard Brett and Mark “ping pong” off the walls down the stairs. After it was safe, she ran down the stairs and left the house. She cannot remember who drove her to the party or how she got home.

    In a suburban home in Maryland there was no downstairs bathroom?

    She didn’t hear two very drunk and belligerent boys try to sneak up on her?

    Why was music already on in a room no one was using?

    Wouldn’t blasting the music ensure someone came upstairs to see what was going on, especially whoever’s house it was? This is completely counterintuitive to criminal behavior.

    After she locked herself in the bathroom, Brett and Mark didn’t try to get at her? Didn’t jiggle the doorknob? Didn’t try to claim they were kidding? All tuned up for a rape, they just gave up and went downstairs like nothing happened?

    She left without telling her best friend?

    She left without WARNING her friend there were two rapists in the house?

    No one asked why she was leaving or found it strange enough to ask her the following day why she just vanished from the party?

    She can remember how many beers she had (one) but not whose house she was in, how she got home, the date, the place, how many people were there (sometimes it’s 4, or 5 or 6), or anything solid?

    The only way her story adds up is if you are trying to weave the stuff of Kafka, where the accused cannot grab hold of something to clear himself, not even with an alibi because there is no where or when. In this respect, it is all a tad too neat.

    As harrowing as her story is, upon close examination, nothing about it makes any sense.

    Then we come to the most damaging elements, the facts and contradictions that actually do undermine Dr. Ford’s credibility:

    From A to Z she has aligned herself with the far-left. Look at the politicians and newspaper (Washington Post) she approached, the highly partisan lawyers she hired, and the talking points she parrots to stall Kavanaugh’s confirmation (afraid to fly, demanding an FBI investigation).

    She lied about her fear of flying. There is no question about this. In order to stall the Committee, her attorneys claimed the 1982 event had so damaged Dr. Ford she cannot be in confined spaces, most especially an airplane; so the hearing would have to wait a week. But now we know she flies all the time. Without being sarcastic, you can call her a world traveler. She travels the world for pleasure. Travel is her passion.

    There is no clean way to lay out exactly what happened, but there is no doubt Dr. Ford’s activist lawyers received the Committee’s offer to fly out to California to meet with Ford in private, and that Team Ford turned down this offer for mercenary reasons: to slow down the confirmation process (the number one goal of Democrats) and to avoid an in-depth interview of Dr. Ford by a skilled professional.

    Every single witness — Every. Single. One. — named by Ford refutes her testimony. Every person she named as being at that house party either says they remember no such thing or that it did not happen. One of those witnesses is her lifelong friend, Leland Ingham Keyser, which bring me to something that must be said…

    Again, I know I am not supposed to say this, but I thought Dr. Ford’s mask slipped more than a little when, during her Thursday testimony, she dropped her lifelong friend in the grease and did so in front of the whole world. Ford basically called Keyser a liar who was too sickly and ill to bother to tell the truth.

    This may be a small thing, but a college professor with a PhD doesn’t know what “exculpatory” means?

    Dr. Ford’s polygraph is a joke. She was only asked two very broad questions about a “statement” — Is any part of your statement false? Did you make up any part of your statement? — Because she will not supply video or audio of the polygraph session, how can we know what statement she was asked about? There were no specific questions about the actual event, Kavanaugh, or an attempted sexual assault. Polygraphs are sketchy enough, this one is a farce.

    Ford refuses to give the Committee her therapist’s notes, even after she showed them (or part of them) to the Washington Post. When your credibility is on the line, you hold nothing back.

    And so…

    How Christine Blasey Ford can sound credible to anyone interested in facts, consistency, corroboration, witness testimony, fairness, due process, the Constitution, or evidence is beyond my comprehension.

  13. Thomas Goss says:

    I wish something would blow up in the democrats faces, IT’S CALLED A BOMB. SCREW THESE SCUM SUCKING BASTARDS, EXTERMINATE ALL DEMOCRATS.

  14. Tet Vet says:

    Liberai scum will be around in the November election and at least the next state elections. Scumbags like Soros, oboomer, biden, clucktins, and the demoncrats will continue to be thorns on our side till we stand up and shut them.

  15. Brenda says:

    I always had intention to vote. I am a reformed democrat, they do not workfor my interests.

  16. Richard Daugherty says:

    Why do you think us deplorable’s are also called the silent majority??

  17. Robert says:

    You repulsive democraps are through realize and take action like retire , we the people are all on board the Trump train and we all want the so called democraps gone for GOOD – maybe if you eat some more tide pods you can catch the drift .

  18. krymson says:

    I am pleased to hear so many conservatives denouncing the antics and vile behavior of the Democrats, but that talk is cheap and if conservatives do not get off their asses and vote, they will see the Democrats telling us all what to do. .

  19. Sharon says:

    why can’t I post a note?

  20. Lucy More says:

    Democrats should be terrified that they won’t make it …after what they did to Judge Kavanaugh they are not deserving the trust of the american people. This is very serious
    unbelievable process that the family has gone thru.. shame on you democrats. This is not America I know.

  21. Joe says:

    The Democrat Party has become a left wing hate group populated with anti-Christian bigots. They are unfit to serve.

  22. Melvin W Overholt says:

    The Democrats have made a huge mistake in trying to smear Kavanaugh using every “old play book” method. US conservative over 50+ year old voters can see though their calculated antics and as a voting group we can change the outcome dramatically!

    • Pamela says:

      Melvin W Overholt, YOU sure have that comment right. I agree with you 100%. The DemoRATS have proven themselves and they need to hold their hand of their asses because they are so evil and hateful that the Republicans will blow them apart.

  23. Tom Blackwell says:

    If Pelozi is shaking it from to much Scotch (at our expense) might withdrawals

  24. K says:

    Great news & the DEMWITS, truly DEMWITS, have created their pending doom all by their corrupt attempts at resistance. We sickened by their unholy alliance with the evil they live by & consist of. I wish the republicans would start digging up dirt on everyone of these dirty, slimy group of left wing spawns of Satan. We want our Country back. We want to help Pres Trump drain the entire swamp, that not only includes nut job Dems but also Never Trumpers & Republicans in name only. We the people, we do have the power. Let’s come together, get out & vote in numbers like no other midterm in history. Let’s make absolutely certain we refuse to allow the Dems to gain the power they so desperately want – they’ve proven they DO NOT deserve the power. How can anyone ever trust a group of slugs that would sell their own Mothers for more power. They are disgraceful & shameful. If we’re smart, we will make sure they NEVER have a majority of anything, not the House, not the Senate & most definitely not the Oval Office.
    RED TSUNAMI IN NOVEMBER, let’s come together & destroy their corrupt efforts and make them pay a very high price for their lack of character & integrity. Force Alinsky to toss & turn in his grave – his students are failing miserably.

  25. Laurie Jenkins says:

    The libtards are demonically controlled, do not see, do not hear…only what Satan tells them.

  26. Dr. JD says:

    When I have used data from 538, all I get is insults and the claim of “fake news” — yet when it seem to go in your favor, you scream it from the mountain tops . . . what hypocrisy! You article predominantly talks about Republicans and Democrats, and ignoring what may be 42% of the voters = > independents! And what independents show is this: A new a Quinnipiac poll showing changes to public opinion following the testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh last Thursday. Of those who changed their positions following the hearing, none were more affected than independent voters—and they believed Ford.
    The last nationwide Quinnipiac showed Kavanaugh with a 45–39 support among independents. That has now flipped to a 49–39 opposition. That number closely mirrors the 46–38 result among independents who say they believed Dr. Ford compared to those who believed Kavanaugh.

  27. Tony Bell says:

    ” Roe v Wade will become moot once “life begins at conception” is confirmed by the SCOTUS.
    The constitution must protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This will effectively outlaw abortion nation wide. States will not be able to overrule it. Making America Great Again.

    • Laurie Jenkins says:

      the spark of life happens when sperm meets egg…it is an actual electrical spark. Libtards have no reverence for life, only their power and fleshly desires. They are incapable of grasping that murdering babies in the womb is against God’s wishes because they do not believe God exists. They are in for a big surprise.

      • Jennifer Joyce Rathjen says:

        Amen. God will protect the unborn. God forbids further bloodshed by killing the innocent. He will do so through one man; a man He’s anointed Himself to speak for the innocent. The demonic, deranged demoncRATS can do nothing about it for God Himself ordained this one man. The Holy Spirit will throw confusion upon the accusers and all the evil doers who attempt to stop God’s anointed and they will go against each other. This party is about to fall apart and will be wiped off of the ballots… their own hands. In November, vote Republican all the way and save our country from these vile, immoral, sinister, unworthy demoncRATS. God Bless our United States!

      • dan says:

        beautiful ! Laurie!

  28. Jerry says:

    Despite all of the media’s biased reporting and the Democrats thundering accusations, the President has accomplished more than Obama and in less time. I didn’t think anyone could do less than Carter, but Obama only brought racism to higher levels than the 1960’s!

  29. Terry says:

    I read somewhere that the Democrats are worried that he’s going to issue warrants for them when he’s confirmed. And they should be, especially after this last stunt.

  30. Virginia Conner says:

    Destroy Soros! He is the Devil????????????????

  31. Marlopi says:

    The government needs to secure the ballot boxes to insure a fair voting process. Do not – Do not – use ballot boxes that originate an any way from George Soros. Let’s have a fair election — we haven’t had one for decades.

  32. James P Hutchins says:

    So Vote Republican in November and the liberal scum Will be out of office.

  33. Robert says:

    Marxism all the way, text book delay and resist, just like the Russian, German, Humm everywhere these people dwell. They don’t care about America nor it residents, power for the very few. Black’s have realized Democrats could care less and we others do care very much so. DON’T BE FOOLED, THESE ARE VERY MENTALLY ILL SUB HUMANS, SOON THE WORLD WILL KNOW. FACT

  34. Barbara Cook says:

    Democrats will still figure out another tactic to use yet, because, they are afraid for Judge Kavanaugh to be confirmed to the Supreme Court.

    Every Democrats is afraid that Judge Kavanaugh, once he is confirmed to the Supreme Court, that Justice Kavanaugh will vote to roll-back Roe v. Wade for the near future for any woman that goes to have an abortion.

    I have been supporting Judge Kavanaugh and President Trump for his nomination. I never in my mind, believed any of these allegations towards Judge Kavanaugh from the very beginning.

  35. Freddie Stanton says:

    It seems to me like……..he who is without sin must cast the first stone. It might be fairly amazing if the people that had to be paid off so that their sins would stay unknown could be shown to the public, just what would happen then with the vote for or against Brett Kavanaugh?

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