This poll left Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer shaking

The Democrats made a huge mistake.

They thought smearing Judge Kavanaugh would rile up their base so they could cruise to victory in the Midterms.

But a poll was just released and it showed their game plan blew up in their face.

For months Republican voter enthusiasm has lagged behind Democrats.

That was a big reason why so many “experts” were predicting a blue wave in November.

But a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll just showed that Republicans have made up the gap.

The Daily Caller reports:

The poll, conducted Monday, October 1 — just as the FBI began its probe into the allegations against Kavanaugh — and released on Wednesday, found 80 percent of Republicans, 82 percent of Democrats, and 65 percent of Independents consider the 2018 midterm elections to be “very important.”

Interestingly, GOP women were four percent more motivated than Democratic women, at 83 percent to 79 percent.

July, the last time Marist conducted a national poll into voter enthusiasm, saw Democrats leading Republicans in midterm enthusiasm by a margin of 78 percent to 68 percent. Although the Kavanaugh controversy seems to have galvanized voters on both sides, Republicans at 12 percent to 4 percent enjoyed by far the higher increase from the last polling.

Democrats still have a generic polling advantage to take back the U.S. House.

But they have a steep uphill climb to install Chuck Schumer as Senate Majority Leader.

Even FiveThirtyEight, which leans left, has increased its forecast to a 7-in-9 chance that Republicans maintain a Senate majority.

FiveThirtyEight has still labeled red states such as Texas and Tennessee as “tossups.”

Recent polling in North Dakota has shown that incumbent Democrat Senator Heidi Heitkamp is toast.

A Fox News poll of likely voters from after the Kavanaugh hearings put Heitkamp down 12 percent.

Democrats put all their eggs in the “stop Kavanaugh” basket.

And that has served to re-energize Republican voters.

There is still just over a month left until voters cast their ballots.

We will keep you updated with the latest polling.

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