This picture revealed the one truth that Joe Biden doesn’t want you to know

Joe Biden’s handlers try to carefully stage-manage every public appearance to prevent the reality of his cognitive decline from shining through.

But a humiliating mistake just blew all of that up.

And this picture revealed the one truth that Joe Biden doesn’t want you to know.

After a White House speech about Russia’s war in Ukraine, Joe Biden took questions from reporters.

Biden needed to take questions after making an avalanche of gaffes that led to fears Russia could view his calls to use chemical weapons, deploy U.S. troops to Ukraine, and remove Vladimir Putin from power as a threat and thus widen the war or even use nuclear weapons.

The point of this exercise was to clean up.

But photographs and the conduct of the media showed that the members of the corporate-controlled press colluded with Joe Biden on this exercise.

A photo of the note cards Biden held in his hands during the press conference showed pre-printed questions and answers to try and clarify his gaffes.

Former Trump administration Ambassador to Germany and Director of National Intelligence, Ric Grenell, pointed to NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell leading Biden to answer that he did not really call for regime change in Russia, and instead suggested that Putin no longer holding power was just his personal opinion.

Critics routinely question the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s press conferences, believing the events were staged with the President taking pre-selected questions from reporters that were provided in advance.

And this photo of Biden holding a notecard with pre-printed answers combined with Kelly O’Donnell’s questions proves that this is the case.

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