This photo of Joe Biden talking to Kamala Harris raised one big question

Former Vice President Joe Biden selected California Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate.

That was just the beginning of his story.

And this photo of Joe Biden talking to Kamala Harris raised one big question.

One of the big criticisms of Joe Biden is that he is in serious mental decline and his handlers make all the decisions.

The people managing Joe Biden know even when he was in his prime he was gaffe prone and now at the age of 78 is in less control of mental faculties.

The campaign released a picture of Biden talking to Harris via Zoom to inform her he had selected her as his running mate.

But what struck many Americans was the fact that Joe Biden was photographed reading from a script in telling Harris he had picked her to fill out the ticket.

Joe Biden’s handlers know his cognitive decline is so severe that they cannot even trust him to make a simple call saying “I have selected you as my running mate” without preparing a thorough script for Biden to read from.

This picture explains why Biden’s handlers keep him secluded in his Delaware basement and turn down all requests for interviews.

Biden is trying to dispute the notion that he will merely serve as a figurehead while the Left pulls the strings on policy in a Biden administration.

A photograph of Biden being unable to speak to his running mate without a script shows Biden’s handlers understand that to be the case.

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