This photo from the anti-gun March had Trump supporters fearing the worst

Gun grabbers descended on Washington, D.C. to demand Congress gut the Second Amendment.

It was an assault on American values.

And one photo from the March had Trump supporters fearing the worst.

Emma Gonzalez – one of the ringleaders of the anti-gun Parkland students – appeared on stage to lead the rally.

But it was what she was wearing that raised eyebrows.

Gonzlez wore a patch of the Cuban flag on her jacket.

The communist Cuban government disarmed its citizens which allowed the murderous Castro regime to torture and kill political dissidents.

The gun grabbing communists that run Cuba represent the unchecked tyranny gun owners warn against when they describe why the Second Amendment is so important as a check on the federal government.

Gonzalez wants to gut rights guaranteed to Americans by God and enshrined in our Constitution.

The symbolism of her wearing the flag of the oppressive Cuban regime combined with the rhetoric from the March led many conservatives to see the movement that sprang out of the Parkland shooting for what it really is – the next step in the left’s plan for total gun confiscation.

One of the Parkland students gave a speech where she declared the bump stock ban was just the start.

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