This photo from the anti-gun March had Trump supporters fearing the worst

Gun grabbers descended on Washington, D.C. to demand Congress gut the Second Amendment.

It was an assault on American values.

And one photo from the March had Trump supporters fearing the worst.

Emma Gonzalez – one of the ringleaders of the anti-gun Parkland students – appeared on stage to lead the rally.

But it was what she was wearing that raised eyebrows.

Gonzlez wore a patch of the Cuban flag on her jacket.

The communist Cuban government disarmed its citizens which allowed the murderous Castro regime to torture and kill political dissidents.

The gun grabbing communists that run Cuba represent the unchecked tyranny gun owners warn against when they describe why the Second Amendment is so important as a check on the federal government.

Gonzalez wants to gut rights guaranteed to Americans by God and enshrined in our Constitution.

The symbolism of her wearing the flag of the oppressive Cuban regime combined with the rhetoric from the March led many conservatives to see the movement that sprang out of the Parkland shooting for what it really is – the next step in the left’s plan for total gun confiscation.

One of the Parkland students gave a speech where she declared the bump stock ban was just the start.

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142 Responses

  1. Mike H says:

    The kids nowadays are so brainwashed by their teachers it’s absolutely unbelievable. No Matter what you say to them the madder they’re going to get. I guess this is just what we need in this country no way to protect yourself. So because there are people in this country that want to do us harm .I guess we should all be disarmed right. How stupid does that sound.

  2. zee says:

    Someones, lika Teachers, Need to Teach History! Show these youngsters pics of what Disarmament looks like ie. Holocaust , Mao. Stalin etc

    • Marty says:

      Zee, the vast majority of teachers now a days don’t want to teach anything, especially History. All they want to do is indoctrinate the kids into zombies like all these latest anti gun protesters. I apologize to the few teachers out there who really want to teach, it’s just you are the true minority.

  3. David says:

    Funny that I asked a question for the anti’s , and no answer? For all of us true patriots that know our history even when our founding fathers had disagreements on fighting England, and when the time is at hand we too will have to disregard our differences and defend some of these ppl because that’s what we do! They don’t understand violence and war, or the true meaning of sacrifice! But when the day comes that their very lives are at the end of a gun barrel or worse, then they will understand that freedom comes with a cost!

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Yes, it does, a cost I think few of them will have the stomach to pay.

      • Elaine Blackman says:

        Just as it was back then. The masses didn’t come together for the revolution and they were also fighting Tories who were loyal to England from within, often not knowing who they were.

  4. pastriesqueen says:

    1) These uninformed, ignorant kids need to go live in Cuba & NOKO first for 1 month then come back and preach about gun control. When they give up their phones & stop texting while driving then they can preach to the Americans about gun control because cell phone usage causes deaths too.

    2) They want gun control but the minute they have to wear clear backpacks so we can see if there is a gun hidden inside, then they kick and scream about their rights. How contradictory is that?

  5. James Arthur says:

    As Mister Spock might say: They are not logical!

  6. David says:

    Why are a lot of lib’s now calling for ppl lik the Cruz kid to be hanged? And or given a lethal injection? I have always understood that lib’s were against the death penalty? I don’t quite understand how liberals expect us to understand them when there morals seem to change so frequently? Yes I am for the death penalty! It appears to me liberals are like let’s do it if it feels good but when it doesn’t feel good anymore then let’s beat it down etc!

    • kaz says:

      So True David. Amazing how “not a peep” of the disgusting, murdering practice of Planned Parenthood, but don’t put to death a murderer, because they could be rehabilitated. They have “feelings”. You can NOT legislate morals.

      Always have been for the death penalty because it’s truly a deterrent. Time to bring that practice back. If you worry about “hurting the murderer”, then give him a heroin “speedball” and they can go out happy. No more coddling murderers, giving them free educations, free lodging, free meals.

      Libs are good at “lip” service, telling their fan base what they want to hear, and then doing whatever they want, because they don’t want to hurt their feelings or their bottom line. Flip-flop until they get the vote, then “oops” that’s what you really wanted? Wait until next time, just be patient. Plus they can’t as the UN says no death penalty and we know libs goose step to that ilk. Along with Planned Parenthood’s UN way of controlling humans on the planet to stop global warming.

  7. David says:

    I have a question for all anti gun ppl? If you get what you want even to the extreme of all guns removed! And then one day you see that you and your loved ones are about to be attacked, by more than one persons what is your plan to protect your loved ones? Because criminals will still be criminals and they will become even bolder in committing crimes with no fear that home owners or ppl in cars will not have any firearms! The very reason most home invasions happen in the middle of the day are because most ppl will not be there and possibly armed! With that being said I choose to be the Wolf! Not the defenseless sheep! Whom is best fit to defeat a wolf? The sheep or the wolf?

  8. I understand their foolishness, but the fact is more student are dying of opioid abuse than gun valance, and it is also banned in there student handbook, which probably none of the student have read. If they did they would be asking why the administration didn’t follow the student hand book. Nothing works to limit guns unless the arrest and the data is entered in the data base. Also if she believes that Cuba is a better place, no one is keeping her here!!!!!!

  9. Mike H says:

    So once you open up the door for banning anything to do with guns.Do you honestly think it’s going to stop there.You’re always going to have bad people in the world. So the best thing for anybodys safety is to be able to protect yourself .hence the Second Amendment. There are a lot of parents out there that are not teaching their kids anything nowadays that is a big problem. If they are only listening To that lefty teachers. We’re all going to be in a big problem down the road.

  10. Michael says:

    I prayed for rain or a blizzard to come down on those moron Marchers…least I can do is hope they have sore feet. dad always told me when I was a kid and he was teaching me to shoot…the reason America is the only unconquered country in the world is because so many good honest Americans own guns..I told my son the same thing when he was a kid…we never shot anybody ..but I sure wouldn’t want to be the one that trys to take my gun

  11. Rivahmitch says:

    Not so much “fearing the worst” as acknowledging the obvious.

  12. Daniel Pate says:

    She needs to go back to Cuba and live there in her own Gun free country,where communists rule and they have no rights,why do you think she is here in the U.S.,she and the Dems and the radicals and Liberals have another thing coming ,we will never give up our rights to bear arms and our right to freedom of speech,we the people will fight till the bitter end to do so. This Country is based on freedom of speech,religion and the right to bear arms and I personally will never give it up,no matter what. So get that though your heads that people are contrary to nature itself now and I pray that the good Lord has mercy on their souls,cause they will be singing a different tune when God comes back and you can laugh at that and mock that all you wan’t,but God has shown and proved throughout history that he is the one in charge and he is indeed the one and only God,so teach your children well and educate them on the real issues that’s going on in this world,it’s people who pull that trigger and kill,not the gun itself so get educated people and learn.

    • Bluto Barkofsky says:

      Daniel, Reasonable gun control is not “Gun grabbing.” 350 million guns in America ensures that no one will be able to confiscate them. You don’t have a problem not being able to buy a bazooka, right? Relax, bud. Grab your AR and rub one off.

      • Marty says:

        Yep, and because television news was not around at the time of the Bill of Rights, we should also ban CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC CNBC and PBS right? What’s the difference between the 1st and the 2nd?

      • Freedom's citizen says:

        The naivety and gullibility of those that believe the Democratic and Republican leftist do not want to take away American’s guns is the most ludicrous thought proffered by anyone that pretends to know our nation’s history and loves freedom of choice and the inalienable human rights we fought and continue to fight for.

        • Sandra Lee Smith says:

          Isn’t that the truth? Sounds JUST like the homosexuals in the late ’60s ” we just want equal rights”, which, of course, they ALREADY HAD! But that wasn’t what they wanted; and nowwe’reaping the harvest of THAT concession in our own stolen rights! This is NO different!

      • Royal Atkinson says:

        we have plenty of gun laws already, try enforcing those, and put the 50000 felons that Oblamer took off back on the background list.

      • Royal Atkinson says:

        This is their real end game, and yours too. We know what you truly want. Democrat Daryl Fisher, a candidate for Buncombe County Sheriff in North Carolina, joked that he would be fine with prying guns from owners’ “cold, dead hands” at a meeting with Moms Demand Action earlier in March.

        “How far do we go?” Fisher asked rhetorically. “Any weapon that’s designed for use by the military, I think we should ban.” He told the gun control group that they shouldn’t be intimidated by right-wing “scare tactics.”

        “You’ve heard people say, ‘You’ll have to pry my guns from my cold, dead hands,’” Fisher said. The Democrat then shrugged his shoulders and commented, “Ok!”

        For those quarterbacking this latest gun control push, are they aware of what’s happening in their backyard? I think they are. They say one thing to the cameras to not scare the country, but their supporters, the Democratic base, and obviously the rabid progressive wing of America want to ban guns—and they’ll probably have zero problems with gun owners being killed. Killing people to save people—granted what else would you expect from a political movement that thinks it’s perfectly fine to kill babies. It’s par for the course. At the same time, it just shows why every election at every level is important.

    • Tonja says:

      Agree 100%….it’s sickening to see how kids have jumped on the bandwagon when they truly are ignorant when it comes down to our rights as AMERICANS, not Cubans. I would bet that over half of the kids that marched with the bandwagon have at least one gun in their home. A year ago I got shot in the head by a kid car jacker. A KID. I still own my guns and will continue to fight for keeping them and supporting the NRA, which most of these kids who don’t even sell the guns. They protect our rights.

    • Elaine Blackman says:

      She’s probably an anchor baby citizen.

  13. Mike Baumgartner says:

    All the government failures to prevent the Parkland school shooting are the main reason we need the 2nd amendment now more than ever.

    • Bluto Barkofsky says:

      Yep Mike. We also need to ban assault rifles, expanded magazine clips, and bump stocks.

      • Royal Atkinson says:

        The major problem with your idiotic statement is that you arent smart enough to know that “Assault” is a verb, not a noun. ANYTHING you use to assault someone with is an “assault weapon”. A young guy killed two young people and two adults the other day with an “assault dumbell”‘ where is your outrage over that.

      • Wayne says:

        Bluto, assault rifles have been banned for years. The definition of assault rifle is one that has a selector switch to change from semiautomatic to fully automatic fire. Just because you dress up a rifle, it’s not fully automatic and therefore NOT an assault weapon. Do you really think if you enact more gun control a criminal or a nut is going to abide by it? Of course not! This is a mental health issue as well as an issue of government employees not doing their job and putting the criminals and mentally unstable people on the FBI no gun sale list. Banning guns is just going to make a lot of good citizens look like criminals. I served my country and part of the oath I took was to protect my President, the Constitution and this country against ALL enemies foreign AND domestic. People who want to infringe on our citizens rights is our enemy.

        • Marty says:

          Wayne, Michael Savage says (also the name of one of his books) “Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder”. I think Bluto is a liberal and he says he owns guns. Since almost all the mass shootings have been committed by liberals, I think the authorities should find Bluto and take away all his guns, just to make sure he doesn’t go out and commit a mass shooting. Just saying.

          • Wayne says:

            I don’t agree that the government should just take his guns. First, I think you are right about the potential here for a possible shooter. Second, he should be tracked down and taken in for a mental examination. If that examination shows he is mentally unsound then yes, take away his guns and put him on the no gun sale list. If it shows he is mentally sound, he should keep his guns. Otherwise, it would just be advocating gun control and I am against that.

  14. Richard says:

    Time to counter attack these MARXIST MUZZY LOVING TRAITORS to the Constitution and Bill of Rights that has kept this country GREAT FOR 275 plus years!

    • Bluto Barkofsky says:

      Richard, not as great as it could be with reasonable gun control legislation. It’s open season on our children at their schools because lunatics can get war weaponry.

      • Marty says:

        Yup. We also need to have reasonable press legislation. “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. The press have been responsible for untold deaths due to their failure to report all the facts from the Simpson riots in L.A. to the Ferguson rights, the Florida riots, the Baltimore riots, Etc. I say get rid of all lame stream media.

      • Royal Atkinson says:

        you really are stupid.

  15. Ronnie says:

    Wearing a cuban flag on her shirt must mean she is a cuban spy or a terrorist.

    • Bill Wilson says:

      Doesn’t surprise me at all. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini, etc. did the same thing. No private weapons, no fear of being overthrown. Remember the adage, those who forget the lessons of history are bound to repeat it, ‘Nuff said.

    • Bluto Barkofsky says:

      Ronnie, I love it. You are the consummate conservative!

    • Dana says:

      No just an uneducated child that doesn’t know come from sick’em should take away her cell phone while in school and teach HISTORY to each and all.They would learn the first thing you do is disarm the people then feed them lies often enough they will think it’s the truth then send them off to CAMP Hitler did it Castro did it Chair Moa did it NOW good old USA is well on the way. They can have mine when the pry it from my dead ass hands and a pile of empty BRASS

  16. Hardy Spires says:

    Let this little communist buttwipe go to Cuba and stay there if she doesn’t like America the way that it is. We have been just fine for over 200 years without her.

  17. skip says:

    the little twerp david hogg needs to be grabbed by his skinny assed neck and bitch slapped until that stupid smirk goes away!

  18. Brian says:

    If the young people are supposed to be the brightest we have ever had in this nation, they are not showing it. They obviously have not read up on world history. How many countries have taken away the weapons of the people before inflicting genocide on it’s own people or making it where it’s people could not fight back against oppressive and violent government takeover of everything the people worked for? You can’t count them on one hand.

    • Walt Tendee says:

      She’s following the lead of Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Pot Pol, Bento Mussolini, Barack Obama, Kim Jung Un and several other scraps of human garbage. . Where did this anti-America, anti-God blob of swine poop come from? No apologies for reference to swine excreta. It’s the only word that fits.

    • Bluto Barkofsky says:

      Brian, how many super power nations have gun deaths equal to or more than the US? None. We have lost more US citizens to gun deaths in our country than we have had die in wars in the same time.

      • Marty says:

        Bluto, you watch way too much lame stream media. Check your facts. The US is not even in the top 10 in the world in firearm murders. Yea, I know liberals can’t be bothered with facts. Yea, we have a lot of firearms in this country, but 99.9% have never been used in a crime.

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        Not true. Only their criminals have guns though, so the regular people resort to other assault weapons!

        • Marty says:

          It’s not true because it’s not true. Like I said, we’re not even the top ten. And, if it weren’t for Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and New Orleans, we wouldn’t even be in the top 30.

      • Olitec says:

        You are way off on this one. Not sure where you got your facts. As Vietnam veterans we lost 58,000 follow vets during that span of time. No where close to that amount of deaths by guns here in the US during that time. If you throw out comments get your facts straight. By the way AR in AR-15 doesn’t stand for Assault Rifle. It is the initials of the original company that made them (Armalite) Any follow vet knows you wouldn’t go into a conflict with an AR-15 unless you had no choice. They can be deadly but, not compared to true Assault Rifles.

  19. jrhunt says:

    They say welcome to the revolution,the question they should be asking is this,if we are willing to die to keep our Guns,are they willing to die to come and take them,how important is removing guns from Americans to these malcontents,do you really want the trouble you are stirring up,and can you as adolescence handle the trouble that is coming your way,count the cost child,it may be more than you can handle,you want us to shut our trap and listen to your rabble,I don’t think so,there is no reason to listen,I don’t take orders from little kids,and our politicians need to be warned as well,we won’t put up with any fiddling with the second amendment.

    • Bluto Barkofsky says:

      jrhunt, relax. They want reasonable gun control, like 60+% of America wants. Nobody is going to confiscate your weapons, (or mine).

      • Larry says:

        The marchers and their handlers have been saying exactly that ” taking ARs off of the streets and bump stocks are the first step” for a couple of weeks now. Where have you been. Define reasonable gun control, remembering that a politicians only real job is getting reelected.

      • Mikey says:

        Odd. That is exactly what the citizens of Britain, Australia, Canada…etc, etc were all told.

  20. R B says:

    This is an obvious plot by the left to use these kids as pawn to further their agenda to ban all gun ownership. This is more than simply the survivors of a shooting incident trying to find a solution to stop gun violence in schools and it is obviously well financed.
    It takes money to orchestrate these walks all over the country, and money for these students to travel to these locations to speak. I’m sure these students aren’t paying for this out of their own pockets.
    We see this same thing used by the left whenever we see pictures of refugees from other countries. They are always portrayed as either the elderly or mostly young kids, but figures show that most of the refugees are young men of fighting age. The same thing with illegal immigrants. The left always portrays illegal immigrants as young, cute little children when a vast amount of them are much older. We are never shown the pictures of the older males with connections to Mexican gangs.
    The left continues to use this same agenda to appeal to our emotions and hide the true facts of what’s happening.

    • Bluto Barkofsky says:

      RB, nobody is using these kids. They’re fed up with the NRA buying GOP pols to fight any and all reasonable gun control. Bet you’re itching to get your hands on that bazooka huh?

  21. Bill says:

    If that NAZI skinhead Emma Gonzalez wants to live in a gun free country let her go live in Cuba and see all her rights to freedom flushed down the toilet. The only way to stop the school massacres is to arm the schools and not be gun free zones.

  22. Jarhead says:

    These ignorant kids lack American Parents and they should be ignored until they reach at least 30 years of age. OR get new parents?

  23. sylvester says:

    these friggin kids know nothing about the 2nd amend. or the constitution i’m sure the parents are real proud of what they produced. professional soros organizers

    • Bluto Barkofsky says:

      Sly, Whatza matter? Can’t take a bunch of teenagers who have a different opinion than you?

      • Marty says:

        Bluto, these students don’t have the right to an opinion. They obviously don’t have a right to an opinion until they are 21, right?

  24. Mike says:

    The government will NEVER be able to confiscate every gun. The criminal element will always have guns.
    Next will be the first amendment! After that will be Freedom of religion!
    Only a civil war will stop this madness. Buy more guns and get all the ammunition you can. We’re going to need it.

    • Robert says:

      There already confiscating guns, religion is under fill attack, when are we the people going to realize this is no joke, these bastards are trying to take control, and that worthless Obama was there leader

      • Bluto Barkofsky says:

        Robert, “They” are not confiscating any guns. You think that Obama was THEIR leader, not THERE leader. I hope you are a young elementary student with those writing skills, ( and far fetched beliefs).

        • Sandra Lee Smith says:

          So those cops in FL weren’t confiscating guns last Saturday? They were just… What? Stealing them from their RIGHTFUL owner?

    • Bluto Barkofsky says:

      Mike, Relax. The second amendment is safe. You can’t buy a bazooka for the same reason you shouldn’t be able to buy an assault rifle.

  25. Alan says:

    Re the boxed question. Think back a bit, use your memory. The ultimate goals of the anti gunners have been shouted from the rooftops since prior to enactment of The GCA of 1968, doing away with the fact, the concept, the right of the ownership, possession, use of firearms by the private citizen. There is absolutely nothing new. Wake up, before it is to late.

    • Bluto Barkofsky says:

      Reasonable gun control legislation which 60+% of Americans want is not gun grabbing.

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        We already have “reasonable” gun control; what we DON’T have is “reasonable people control”! Criminals NEVER obey the laws!

  26. ernaldo says:

    These stupid kids are being used by leftists to achieve a gun grab….They will fail. The demotards know their policies have all but guaranteed a USA collapse, especially in the cities. Knowing the armed Americans will NOT allow looting and pillaging in THEIR ‘hoods, the seditionists must first disarm us or there will be a massacre of their base. They will fail.
    I will NOT give up my Constitutional right to protect myself and mine…I will prevail.

    • Lew says:

      Great post my friend,I agree 100% and so do many others if they would get together and let the commie libs hold it.

    • Bluto Barkofsky says:

      ernaldo, please protect yourself all you want to just don’t do it with an assault rifle which is overkill and should no longer be sold to ordinary citizens due to the them becoming the mass shooter’s weapon of choice.

      • Marty says:

        Bluto, which type of firearm is responsible for the largest mass school shooting in America? Don’t know? Let me educate you. It was handguns, at Virginia Tech. Now ya want to take away handguns, right? Now, what weapon was responsible for the largest mass death in a school attack? Don’t know? Early in the last century, a school janitor used bombs he made himself to kill more students then any single firearm since. I know, facts, don’t confuse you with the facts.

      • David says:

        Hey bluto! An ordinary citizen is not a mass murderer!

  27. Al says:

    The Iranian Ayottola (spelling) says the USA should disarm the citizens.

  28. GCKII says:

    .Look up George Soros on any information website and be scarfed, VERY SCARED of what this Devil is, where he got the huge amount of wealth he has!!! Check out the link!!!

  29. Ernesto Sanchez says:

    This Marches are being let by the Liberal side, Democrat, the False Media, and the Sewer Crap late show Celebs. And as yo all can see, this kids are being let by the nose ….. and liberal place card, as the individual themselves don’t know or understand what the hell they are protesting against, and have no idea of weapons. Just a bunch of mad radical idiots running their mouths, with what the Liberals tell them to say!!
    Kashuv may have made the best point we’ve heard from any of the students who have entered the debate so far. The students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were failed by the FBI. They were failed by the Broward County Sheriff. They were even failed by their own school resource officer.
    The declaration is that it’s what’s really behind the manipulations that have made the anti-gun movement the left’s latest insulting assault on the majority of the American people.
    Under left-wing direction, the Black Lives Matter gangsters preached that white Americans at heart are racists who harbor an oppressive hatred of all blacks. Under left-wing direction, the Women’s March harridans (and their #MeToo sisters) shriek that all men are sexual predators.
    Now, under the behind-the-scenes control of national liberal groups, the March for Our Lives naïfs are going the final step, to declare that Americans who believe in their right to self-defense are actually murderers in their souls.
    In the liberal mind, every one of these characteristics means more need for government wardens, more need for the state to control the lives of individuals, more need for a totalitarian system to turn free citizens into abject subjects.
    IN OTHER WORDS!! CONTROL OF THE COUNTRY BY SLAVERY, easier way to rape your women, molest your children, and turn this country into another Europe, Germany, France, Spain, etc.. POINT!!!!!!! RUN THIS COUNTRY INTO THE SEWERS, WITH MUSLIMS, AND ILLEGALS!! FACT!!

    • Silver fox says:

      This ‘Hispanic ‘ knows what he is talking about and where his family future is. I would stand with him!

    • Bluto Barkofsky says:

      Ernesto, they were also let down by the NRA who function solely as the lobbying group for gun and ammo manufacturers. 60+% of Americans want reasonable gun control. 350 million guns in America means that the gov’t couldn’t confiscate guns even if they wanted to -which it doesn’t. As to the rest of your paranoia, they make meds for that.

  30. Olietec says:

    These people’s knowledge is one hundred feet wide and 1 inch deep! As a product of the 60’s and Vietnam I really believe these people don’t understand what sacrifice and real freedom really mean. It’s tough and sometimes dirty but, it’s worth it. Having been to and seen countries during rough times without our freedoms wake you up quick and at a young age. The 2nd. amendment was placed there because our founders knew a protection for the people was needed. There have been some terrible tragedies recently but, if the government (at several levels) had done their job it quite possibly could have been avoided. However, many more people are killed everyday from drunk drivers. Where is the outcry for that?

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      How about all the ones killed by doctor’s or big Pharma? Shall we ban those too! Are we going to ban all household furnishings and cooking implments? What about ROCKS? The history on those as assault weapons goes back to the dawn of humanity! Blunt force trauma from many types of such weapons kills FAR more people annually and globally than guns do, including in wars!
      Bottom line: there is ONLY ONE reason a gov’t wants to disarm it’s people, and safety is not it!

    • Gene says:

      You don’t see any outcry for it. Also, many if not most of those vehicle deaths are caused by teens. These young people don’t stop to realize that if the government somehow did disarm the public, the holocaust that would ensue, would also affect them as well. They think they would escape, but they would not. The famine and death would come to their homes as well. I will take my chances and fight to the death against tyranny.

    • Mike Baumgartner says:

      Many teens are still killed texting while driving. There are recently passed laws against that which are not being followed. Maybe we should take away their phones.

    • Bluto Barkofsky says:

      Mothers against drunk drivers. Ever heard of it? Gun ownership freedom should not include bazookas or assault rifles.

  31. GCKII says:

    This just proves beyond any and all doubt at all that these Twits and Snowflakes (sponsored by George Soros money) have NO CLUE about world history thanks to the so called and supposedly “underpaid teachers” and “professors” we have teaching in our public schools , colleges and Ivy League colleges!!!! They have no clue about how the Black Africans were bought then brought to and sold by the Black Slave Traders in the USA and all over the world….. The Crusades or who was involved…… How WWI or WWII started or by whom and how……. How many Chinese citizens were murdered by Mao……. Who were Stalin and Lenin……. What, when, who and where ODESSA was…… ….Need I go On????

    • Bluto Barkofsky says:

      GCKI, How many kids have to be slaughtered in public schools before we pass reasonable gun control like expanding the bazooka ban to assault rifles?

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        NAME 1 nation in all of history in which disarming citizens PROTECTED their lives! Want help? Just in the 20th century alone Russia disarmed citizens and Stalin alone killed some 20 mil Russians, not counting the rest killed by the rest of their dictators before that bloody reign fell in ’89! Then there was Hitler in Germany, and 11million , not including the war casualties! Or maybe you’like China better? Mao alone responsible for some 80million Chinese dead, and again not counting war casualties, or those killed by succeeding dictators there. Castro’s Cuba, Idi Amin’s Angola, PolPot’ Cambodia…ANY of those ring any bells??? The intention is NEVER to protect citizens, it’s to protect tyrants FROM citizens! More guns, not fewer, is the answer to safety! And FEWER “broken” people like you!

  32. Neil says:

    My thought on these children marching on Washington is , is if we are going to restrict their right to buy guns because their brains aren’t fully developed yet , why then would we allow them the right to vote at the age of eighteen.

  33. Carlos says:

    Nothing new here, every commie uprising began with stupid students!

    • Silver fox says:

      Like the Hitler youth marches before they disarm citizens and ship them off to ‘Fema’ camps for the ‘final solution ‘. If they cannot convert you and your children they will terminate you. They take your guns? Use knives and swords! No knife? Use what you got. Make them sick of fighting, resisting or marching.

  34. tom says:

    if you want a civil war bring it on, you start it we will finished it. go back to school and learn something useful.

    • Marty says:

      That’s the problem. These protests are in part, being pushed by their teachers. They’ll never learn something useful. These kids need to be removed from public school. Homeschool, private school etc. is the only way to get the kids to think for themselves.

  35. sam spade says:

    The truth finally surfaces! These smart alack big mouth kids are stooges for subversives in our country. Dads and Moms where are you. Go home and take charge of your children.

  36. MARK says:


  37. Dr Rose Sharon says:

    The conservatives have to mobilize and fight this aggressive behaviour of the Liberals and Democrats, we need to refuse this movement against Mr President Trump ASAP

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Trouble is most conservatives are either too busy working to pay the taxes that support those leftists, or are older and retired, many coping with health issues younger folks don’t have.

      • kaz says:

        I truly believe there will be a time when those conservatives will NOT be busy working or the older and retired will NOT worry about their health issues. It’s just not that time. This was just a “regurgitation” of the Liberals, Democrats and Progressives and this is just showing them at their WORST. Nothing but words. And regarding that time, those who KNOW, will know when that time comes, and God help those children, along with their handlers. This quote comes to mind, especially when hearing about Obama’s speech in Japan:

        “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” Isoroku Yamamoto

        • Sandra Lee Smith says:

          No, but sadly that time is near. Yamamoto KNEW Americans; he’d tried to warn the Japanese leadership that instigating war with America wasn’t wise. He didn’t see to see how right he was. And yes, we seniors will not go down easily. It will largely depend on which loyalty the military decides to serve: the CIC or the Constitution.

          • kaz says:

            Regarding the Military, I think they will definitely be on the side of the Constitution. Just think how badly they have been treated, especially in the last 8 years of Obama. Now think how President Trump has bolstered them, allowing them to WIN under the US Flag and not UN rules this past year. Now with the raises they received, the fight to get better care for themselves, their families and the VETS, well, under THEIR new Commander and Chief, President Trump Our Military. Border Patrol, ICE, and even Law Enforcement have been handcuffed under Obama, but are starting to be free of those bonds to do their job.

            Truly going to be ugly when the time comes, but unfortunately it needs to happen. for the GOOD of OUR COUNTRY! And for THOSE WHO TRULY LOVE IT, AND UPHOLD IT. They started it, not US.

          • Sandra Lee Smith says:

            Again there’s no rely option to your comment Kaz, so here it is. First remember these are indoctrinated millennials, and younger who never learned about the Constitution really. Second, many of the younger ones are not even taking an oath to the Constitution, only the CIC (O altered the oath a few years ago), so they feel no obligation to a document they were taught is outdated. I HOPE some are smart enough to recognize what you point out, but I’m not sure they know how to think independently enough to do so.

      • Jake says:

        Hey I might be suffering fro health issues, but I can still put a bullet in a 4″ circle at 300′! And keep it in 8″ at 600′ yards! So bet these snowflakes couldn’t hit a barn wall from the inside. Not to worried if the want to start a civil war from them, it’s the blue helmet targets that could come in, or Russia and China taking advantage of a civil war that I fear. So if we decide to get the party started? We need a million to march on D.C. And another 10 million to protect the borders? That’s my opinion while thinking on it, if it was to happen?

    • Ellen Dale says:

      Dr. Rose Sharon I agree completely with you…We Republicans/Conservatives have got to stick together and get out there and vote the Dems out….Look at this behavior…We can’t allow these people run our country….To see that girl standing there and speaking to these children with a Cuban flag on her jacket should be a wake up call to all….

  38. Dave Miedema says:

    Is Emma Gonzalez actually a girl? It looks more like a guy, and a Nazi skinhead, at that.

    • kaz says:

      She’s truly confused, not just about her gender, but which Country she really is in. Wow, got to love that education system our children are getting. Isn’t it lovely how Common Core just props our children up with knowledge on how to be a pawn for an adult agenda. shame they aren’t teaching history because there are lots of examples of this and it really didn’t turn out well for the children like her.

  39. JJ says:

    I do want to mention there is a news site that is called Conservative Fighters and it is not located in the USA, but somewhere in Europe and they don’t immediately process your comment, which means they do not follow the Bill Of Rights of the Constitution so be careful if you subscribe to them!

  40. Rick says:

    It has taken 60 years for the left to infiltrate our blessed country. Come hell or high water they see their pillaging is suddenly under
    attack . Their quest can’t be abandoned yet but how low can you go to now use children as a rally cry. That is destined to fail. I thank god every day for Trump and the 65 million who saw how far America has fallen. I see so many young people today who seem to just wander in their ignorance led by no one other than our Fed Government who took control of education starting late 60’s and pursues their control today. Want to see what a real administration looks like? Check the ages of Trump’s cabinet all who understand what America is supposed to be. Make it great again. Get rid of the democrats and Rino’s We control the ballot Box . Next get rid of the dept. of Education. Please tell me why do teachers need a Union ? They don’t you earn tour right to be retained.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      That infiltration stated between the world wars in the ’20s, not in the ’60s; it was already manifestng itself then! McCarhy, a decade earlier, in the early ’50s tried to alert Americans to the infiltration already well under way, and was laughed at, as a conspiracy nut! Well, just because one is a nut does NOT mean there’s no conspiracy: he was RIGHT, just not quite “right” enough! The communists are but 1 branch of the whole Hydra that’s involved.
      FYI, we don’t control the ballot box! If NOTHING else the past several election cycles, SHOULD’VE taught you that! How many precincts in he many states reporting more than a 100% voter turnout? How many reporting machines “flipping” votes from R to D candidates? Soros owns the companies that manufacture and maintain those machines; he also owns the company that tallies the votes, all off shore!
      There is only 1 party; it shows 2 heads and pretends to be 2 different parties outside the beltway, but it has 1 shared goal in reality: Congressional votes over the past decades should’ve shown you that as well. How many “R’s” actually rejected that obscenity Trmp just signed? A small minority, in fact! That should’ve been a clue too! You don’t pass a monstosity like that, unread, never debated at all, just to get 1 item unless your agenda is to bring down the nation!

      • Marty says:

        The one thing you mention is pretty important, our military. And now Trump is saying he may be able to build the wall with military funds. I’ll believe it when I see it, but if he does, that would be huge. Like you, I was against this budget and left a message with the White House saying so. Now that it’s done, we have to make the best of it. Like you said, voter fraud is a real problem and must be dealt with. With one more Supreme Court Justice I think it’s pretty certain we can obtain this goal.

        • Sandra Lee Smith says:

          Friday’s capitulation insures there will never be another conservative judge or other appointee approved while Trump is in office. He threw away ALL his chips, and if the military money is used for the wall, that’s a double fail, since neither will be adequate for the job. That’s assuming he would stop when the 9th circus intervenes, on which I would not bet a cent; since he hasn’t stood against any of the rest of their unconstitutional intrusions!

          • Marty says:

            Sandra, the 9th circus will try and intervene, but thanks to Trump’s Supreme Court pick, Trump will win. He says and I agree, the wall is a matter of national security and the military often spends money on national security.
            He definitely has stood against the 9th circus. He appealed the immigrant ruling to the SCOTUS, and won. When the SCOTUS was a 4/4 split, he didn’t appeal much. Now, stand by, especially if he can get one more Justice in. My guess for his not doing much appealing was that there was too much of a chance the libs on the court would stop him. It’s much harder to get the SCOTUS to change a Supreme Court ruling then to wait for a real majority and get a ruling from an originalist leaning court. We’ll see, but I bet things will change, especially with one more originalist Justice.

  41. JJ says:

    I mean even the democrat that young millenials elected in Alabama, owns guns and won’t vote against the 2nd amendment. I don’t like him, but he did vote for the school protection bill, that didn’t mention a gun ban or anything to do with gutting the second amendment!

  42. DEL says:

    This foul-mouthed young man with his left arm salute and she with her Cuban heresy both need a rude awakening as to the reality of life.

  43. kaz says:

    The Muslims and Communists, whether China or Cuba, are working along with the DEEP STATE so-called Americans to eradicate this GREAT Nation. That’s what the New World Order was all about. One World Order RULED by a few, which is TYRANNY by OUR standards. These groups have already started with our 1st Amendment, (no Free Press by shutting out Conservative voices and True Christian voices) but they NEED to eradicate our most important, the 2nd Amendment. Not to hunt, not for self defense, but for TYRANNY. Tyranny was the the sole reason this GREAT Nation was established. Once the 2nd Amendment is eradicated, there will be no way to resist the full takeover.

    And any small compromise of taking away any sort of gun, will only open the door to more and more gun grabs. It’s amazing, but didn’t Obama make bump stocks legal? And how about 500,000 fugitives being taken off the FBI Background check list, under Obama?

    I see a set up. I see the Deep State using the children, as the Islamic Government and Communists do, to eradicate our Great Nation. And the tool they used to brainwash our children, was the NEA, thru the Common Core agenda.

  44. HCUA says:

    These kids remind me of The Childrens’ Crusade in the early part of the 13th century. They were going to march to the Middle East to fix the Muslims. They did not get too far. About 12 thousand French kiddies took a long walk for nothing.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Some similarity, yes; however, those had a righteous, if foolish, goal. These are more like the Hitler Jungen who demanded their parents be disarmed too.

  45. Marty says:

    No surprise here. The public school students are merely mimicking what they are being taught. The NEA is nothing more than a communist front for the majority of teachers.

  46. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    If she wants to live in a communist gun free nation, I suggest she go HOME to Cuba, or choose 1 of the other possible “paradises”, such as China! We LIKE our right to defend ourselves and don’t intend to give it up! May of us served to support it, and some of us have ancestors going all the way back to the war to enable us to exercise that right!
    If you want to STOP the slaughters; then FIX PEOPLE! GUNS are NOT the problem!

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