This Obama judged dared the Supreme Court to do one thing no one thought possible

Obama judges are the Left’s last line of defense against Donald Trump.

But that could be coming to an end.

That’s because an Obama judged dared the Supreme Court to do one thing that no one thought was possible.

Democrats have not been able to stop Donald Trump from implementing his “Make America Great Again” immigration agenda.

But they have been able to slow him down.

Open borders activists race to a local district court where an Obama judge sits on the bench every time the Trump administration takes an executive action to crack down on illegal immigration.

The Obama judge knows the score and quickly hands down a nationwide injunction blocking the Trump policy even though this judge presides over a single district.

This scenario played out when U.S. District Court Judge Loretta Biggs slapped a nationwide injunction on a policy that allowed federal officials to make it harder for foreigners to overstay their visas once they expired.

In her opinion, Judge Biggs created tremendous controversy over nationwide injunctions.

Conservative Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Clarence Thomas made it clear they would like to end this practice once and for all.

In her opinion, Judge Biggs dared the Supreme Court to stop her.

“A geographically piecemeal injunction would . . . be insufficient to remedy their injuries,” Judge Biggs wrote. “An injunction which does not extend beyond the named plaintiffs to reach similarly situated individuals could result in the uneven application of immigration policy.”

“Under the circumstances of this case, the only practicable method of providing plaintiffs with the relief to which they are entitled is to vacate the [policy] and permanently enjoin its application,” Judge Biggs argued.

The White House slammed her lawless decision.

“Today, a single, unelected, district judge in the Central District of California issued a legally groundless and sweeping injunction that – if not immediately lifted – will guarantee the release of innumerable criminal illegal aliens into our communities putting citizens at dire risk,” a White House statement read.

The Supreme Court made it clear they would like the administration to bring a case challenging nationwide injunctions before them.

In Donald Trump’s three years in office lower courts issued 40 nationwide injunctions compared to just 20 during Barack Obama’s eight years as President.

Judge Biggs’s opinion was the equivalent of waving a red cape in the face of bull.

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44 Responses

  1. Michel Carchano says:

    The criminal Bar should take away the judges license and disbar them for life, and I bet if they look close enough, the will find cause for jail.

  2. gary johnson says:

    President Trump wants judges that are honest, follow the law and the constitution and the dems want judges that do what they want

  3. PAUL B. says:

    Go after the so call judges, Obama hold overs, and while your at it let Americans know that our 2nd Amendment is OUR right! I live in New York and the last thing our politicians want to hear is the Supreme Court reinforcing the rights of all Americans.

  4. Oscar Laprucas says:

    Hey Nadler this Obama judge needs impeaching !!!!

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