This number shows Hillary Clinton is in deep trouble

Hillary and Bill Clinton spent their years outside of government getting rich of paid speeches.

This issue came back to bite the Clintons in the 2016 campaign.

Now one number shows Clinton is in deep trouble.

Hillary was paid to give a speech at Rutgers University.

But she was only paid $25,000. reports:

“Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is back in New Jersey Thursday for a rare public appearance since she lost in her bid for the White House against President Donald Trump.

Clinton is expected to talk politics, American democracy and her role in shaping women’s political history.

Rutgers will pay Clinton $25,000 from an endowment but use no money from tuition or state aid, according to the university.

Rutgers Eagleton Institute of Politics will host the event to be held at Rutgers Athletic Center in Piscataway.”

This is an 85% drop off from the fees she earned speaking to banks and other elites after she left government.

In the campaign, her speeches were an issue not only because of the outrageous fees, but also because she kept the transcripts secret.

Now that she is a two-time failed Presidential candidate, the going rate for a Clinton speech has plunged.

Critics argue that is because she doesn’t have any more influence to sell.

Clinton was able to charge six figures for speeches to banks and universities because the leaders of those institutions figured she was going to be President and they wanted to cozy up to her.

When they would need a bailout, they could call in a favor because they lined her bank account when she was a private citizen.

But Donald Trump’s victory ended her days of stuffing her bank account with six figure speaking fees.

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29 Responses

  1. Bill Mallery says:

    No matter ho many sustainable charges are levied against Hillary she will deflect them all with the help and assistance of our own Government. To do otherwise would cause her to make a deal that would implicate other prominent office holders whose closets are stuffed with skeletons; it’s called self preservation.

  2. BwaHa says:

    It’s all about power and authority. She has no authority therefore she has nothing else, including power. She’s a living, walking, talking, whining example of a corrupt, spoon fed politico who has leeched off of our government system for most of her life and whose fine thin thread of credibility was sacrificed by her decades ago. She and her ilk should be in prison for their many crimes they’ve allegedly (wink-wink) committed. But the left AND the right protect their politicos so she most likely won’t see a day in jail before she makes her final journey to hell.

    The Butcher Bitch of Benghazi, Hillary Clinton needs to go away. Just shut up and go away. IMHO

  3. MARK says:


  4. Joeyounger says:

    I’d give her $5 for a dick sucking and a cup of coffee…l know that would shut her up for a while…..

    • BwaHa says:

      You’d be better off donating that money to a homeless street dweller. The thought of having that thing even coming close to me makes me shudder. There’s not enough peroxide in the world to keep her germs at bay.

  5. Rich Kenny says:

    I might toss in a quarter or two to hear wail from a cell!!! Cuz that’s where she belongs and it would be worth a couple of quarters to see that!! And it would be justice…..

  6. Walt says:

    Only idiot Democraps will listen to her. She only knows how to whine about why she lost the election and how can she say rude deceitful comments about the Trumps Family. She is a criminal and soon will be really paying the price for her evil vindictive comments that nobody wants to hear.

  7. Michael says:

    People are finally stepping out of the slime that the Clinton’s leave behind…I have known what a crook Slick Willy and Crooked Hillary are since the mid 80s…I have always said the Clinton’s only care about the Clinton’s… Here bitching and moaning poor Hillary since the election proves me dead right….For a woman that finally has some one not on the Clinton payroll looking into her criminal activity… She still can’t shut her BIG MOUTH!…Any lib reads this just type in Hillary Clinton’s crimes on your computer… You’d be surprised how many people who had the goods on the Clinton’s stopped breathing mysteriously and suddenly…I hope she behind bars soon…And that big mouth daughter of hers realizes the Clinton’s are old news…and she keeps her ugly face out of polotics

  8. I can not believe that anyone would pay to hear her speak. She has absolutely nothing to say that is relevant to anything other than her own sad sorry life . She is a has been and an old hag. The best is the cartoon I have of her lying in the bathroom floor the caption says “I’ve fallen and I won’t shut up!”

    • Bill says:

      Enough of this BULLS**T! Time for this anti American traitor and thief to be tried, convicterd and sentenced. ‘Nuff said, let’s move on to more important issues. This subject is like a festering boil on America’s ass!

  9. Gene says:

    I’d pay her to shut the F up

  10. Floyd Hall says:

    I would never waste my time to go here her speak. I certainly would not pay any of my earned money for it. I didn’t buy her book either.

  11. Bob Hunt says:

    I really don’t understand why anyone would pay Hillary Clinton to speak! Apparently they either dont know what she is or don’t card

  12. Frances Leard says:

    This big mouth poor loser should just shut up and stop complaining about her loss. Her and big Willie are too corrupt to get a dime for her ridiculous speech.

  13. Dr Rose Sharon says:

    For American institutes still paying for Hillary Clinton, s speaking engagement bits my imagination, this crooked Hillary Clinton has no credibility, who wants to her speak, I am PhD graduate, I will not listen to her trash, she will only be talking about why she lost to Mr President Trump period

  14. Stephen says:

    Large speaking fees are how Democrats launder money.

  15. Mike says:

    Don’t you feel sorry for her?? Ya!! Me neither! I don’t care if she starves and lives on the street.
    If she was in jail where she belongs, she couldn’t get 25 cents for a speech.

  16. Mike H says:

    Little did anybody know that this piece of work was one of the most corrupt politicians we’ve ever run across in the last 50 years bar none. The people that voted for this clown must be on some kind of drugs where they’ve lost all their brain power for thinking.

  17. Bo says:

    Hillery needs to hang her head in shame and apologize to the public for her stupidly as well as return a lot of the money she approated from people who were stupid enough to listen.

  18. Jim says:

    Isn’t it a shame almost half of America over-looked her corrupt dealings and voted for the devils daughter anyway?

  19. Dave Miedema says:

    I wouldn’t pay 25 cents to hear this cranky old bitch speak.

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