This NFL team just made Colin Kaepernick’s right hand man very happy

Eric Reid was one of the first NFL players to protest the national anthem with Colin Kaepernick.

Teams avoided signing him like the plague because the anthem protests killed TV ratings and profits.

But this team just made a move that will upset any patriotic fans it has left.

The Carolina Panthers have signed Safety Eric Reid.

Reid is an outspoken Black Lives Matter supporter.

He even gave the Black Power salute while signing his new one-year contract worth up to $2 million.

In the offseason, Reid met Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown about signing with the Bengals.

Brown asked Reid if he would commit to ending his national anthem protest.

But Reid refused so he remained unsigned.

As Patriot Pulse reported, Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper recently went on a public anti-Trump tirade.

Tepper is upset he dropped over $1 million on the 2016 elections to oppose Donald Trump.

It was a massive failure.

So now he is giving the middle finger to President Trump – and his own patriotic fans – by signing one of the chief national anthem protesters.

Do you think the Panthers made a good move by signing Eric Reid?

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88 Responses

  1. Myrtle says:

    You all like college football but remember these boys you like and get to know go on to the NFL.

  2. Dick Roue says:

    And where are coaches like Tom Landry, Bud Grant, John Madden, Chuck Knox, Mike Tomlin, Joe Gibbs, Paul Brown, Don Shula, Bill Parcells, Vince Lombardi, George Halas and others like them. They’d have never tolerated disrespect to our country in any way shape or form. The football field is a football field, not a bully pulpit for protest. They’s have squashed that idea on day one. I can just about quote my favorite, Vikings Coach Bud Grant on the issue: “If you wish to sit down for the National Anthem, go ahead – but when the game starts, don’t bother standing.”

  3. Dave says:

    Get your head out of your ass! Its a protest against thel American people and our Persiident led by liberal & democratic politicians. Georg Soros and oscumbag are pulling the strings

  4. russell says:

    nfl is history

  5. Robert Higginbotham says:

    Many of us just don’t care what happens in the NFL. The entire league is dead, dead, dead. I watched some very good college games Saturday, even though my team had the week off, and caught the CFL Sunday after the disappointing Ryder Cup.

  6. POS player signed by a POS team. Who cares what transpires in the NFL.

  7. She Rose says:

    A rebellious spirit such as Mr.Tepper’s will bring only division and pain to the Carolina’s . The coaches as it appears like Norm Turner and sad to say Rivera now are not listening to wise counsel from their creator.
    Mr.Richardson should have never sold his team to anyone who went against supporting ungodly values in our last election. Then again look at his background. Shame on all of them for this mess they have allowed to happen. What is really sad is Billy Graham God rest his soul dedicated that field to JESUS CHRIST when it was built to glorify the Father of Glory.

  8. Sheila Rose says:

    Your right Janice Lee

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