This NFL team handed Colin Kaepernick the news he feared most

Colin Kaepernick has been out of the NFL for two seasons.

He’s still holding out hope that a team will sign him.

But one NFL team just gave Kaepernick the bad news he didn’t want to hear.

The Washington Redskins have been plagued by injuries at the quarterback position.

They are now on their third starter, Mark Sanchez.

So they needed to find another backup and they signed journeyman Josh Johnson.

Johnson has not thrown a pass in a game since 2011.

This should be the final nail in the coffin of Kaepernick’s playing career.

ESPN reports:

Washington head coach Jay Gruden said the Redskins discussed Colin Kaepernick but opted against pursuing him because they’d have to change too much of their offense. With only four weeks left in the season, Gruden said the Redskins did not want to go in that direction.

The Redskins need to sign another quarterback after losing Colt McCoy to a broken leg in Monday’s 28-13 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Mark Sanchez, signed two weeks ago, takes over as the starter.

Redskins starter Alex Smith broke his leg two weeks ago.

Kaepernick has not played in the NFL since 2016, when he started kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial injustice.

Many in the media were outraged that the Redskins opted to not sign Kaepernick.

But evidence is mounting that Kaepernick doesn’t actually want to sign anywhere.

It was only after he was benched that he began his National Anthem protest.

Ever since then, his star has risen with the anti-American national media.

He even raked in a massive contract with Nike for a recent ad campaign.

But Hall of Fame quarterback and Denver Broncos General Manager John Elway said that Kaepernick “had his chance” to be with Denver this past offseason.

Elway even offered him a contract.

And before that, Hall of Famer Ray Lewis said the Baltimore Ravens were prepared to sign Kaepernick.

But Kaepernick’s girlfriend torpedoed any chance of that happening when she likened the team’s owner to a slave master.

Do you think Kaepernick actually wants to play football again? Or is he just playing the media for fame?

Please vote in our poll and us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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121 Responses

  1. Tabitha Anne Yothers says:

    Consider Kaepernick and Nike POS.

    Not even sure why we still speak of either one. Surely millions of better subjects. Those two are dead meat

  2. joseph g says:

    They should sign Tim Tebow. They said Larry Bird couldn’t jump high enough, couldn’t run fast enough never played against any top quality competition. Maybe so but he WON everywhere he played. Just like Tebow. Not only that people love Tebow. With good reason. He is a good football player and a good man and a great leader.

  3. Ray Copeland says:

    These knee bending low life b*st*rds can go to hell, I STOPPED watching these worthless SOB play ball

  4. Randall M says:

    Here are the facts. Being from the SF bay area, and being a hardcore 49’ers fan (Haven’t watched football for 2 years now) since the late 70’s, I can tell you that the real reason Colon (he’s blocked now) is because he got benched. Had nothing to do with police brutality or miss treatment of blacks. Kneeling was a suggestion of his then girlfriend. Wonder what he thinks of his childish decisions now?

  5. Jack Gajda says:

    That is a great reply, RJOG and thanks for the laugh…

  6. Lee Harant says:

    Why does he matter any more. He is and will be the poster for the left to try to convince the country that we are racist
    Just answered my own question.
    This call by Wash tells me that teams are not willing to throw chance on losing revenue by hiring someone who has bought the leftist lie this country is racist. If only the NFL Corp would wake up and realize that attendance is down and viewership is down because of the leftist agenda then we may get back to true football.
    Like that will ever happen when stupid people believe stupid assumptions and dont want to be called names

  7. steven jacobs says:

    you make it sound like theeb is a noble/ethical NFL team. NO! All the teams are America Hating trash-ALL of them.

  8. Joe says:

    The NFL can go to HELL!

  9. Keith D says:

    He HAD one year left on his 49’ers cointract when he left! He had Denver AND Ravens OFFER him a contract and HE said NO! The STATISTICS say what HIS GIRLFRIEND pushes is NOT TRUE! HE did NOT give a crap about BLACK LIES MATTER until he started SLEEPING WITH HER!! Now he is SUING THE NFL and still wants a JOB??? DXO NOT BELIEVE THIS CREEP!!!

  10. Buzz says:

    I think they should hire him. Maybe he will BREAK his Friggin NECK

  11. Steve says:

    As the Holy Bible says ” You can’t serve two masters “. In other words , you can’t play football and be a political activist. One will override the other , as this episode has proven.

  12. Miguel Carlos says:

    Kaepernick is another typical millennial, hates America, appreciates nothing, demands everything, and finds fault in everyone but themselves. He’s an asshole, pure and simple, a man (I use the term loosely here)like Colin is sad and weak, he could probably be a politician, he would be a huge hit with the left; millennials, blacks who are still on the plantation, anarchists, and thugs who vote.

    • John says:

      Amen brother! You said it well!

      • Dora says:

        His mother didn’t want him for a reason but should have aborted him. That is one example that I approve abortion. His adoptive parent did an injustice to this country by adopting such a worthless POS. But Karma will catch up with him HOPE pretty soon. And hope its not pretty.

  13. Joseph S Hurley says:

    Hey Ric go buy some nikes.

  14. My, lots of comments! My take is that a racial radical managed single-handedly to completely destroy the country’s favorite athletic pasttime; NFL football. May I suggest he now try out for a MLB team?

  15. Robert Norwood says:

    I’ve said from the beginning this empty ball sack didn’t want to play. First off because he’s a choker and except for a moment here or there, he plainly sucks because he has no character or heart. There’s some talent there but he lacks those essential tools to bring it out. His antics with kneeling are an easier rode to celebrity. He’s lazy and mentally undisciplined thus sitting on his ass is a perfect option.

  16. Navy PO2 says:

    The NFL can go to HELL!

    • Dora says:

      I will never watch a game of football again as long as I live. I don’t have TV and don’t buy anything that promotes football.

  17. Alice DEVOE says:

    You changed my vote for Obama and Kspernik.

  18. Eddie Bellett says:

    He needs a real game, but he could not met our “Standards” Cavalry —–Scout/Sniper 19D. Plus he slapping warriors in the face. He is a Punk !!!

  19. Igor Stankawitz says:

    Colin Kapernick is everything that is wrong with NFL. Somehow he got his wires crossed and thinks he is a leader. Of what I do not know.

  20. Eric says:

    Ban him for life-plus AT LEAST, 50 years!

  21. Bill says:

    I have been assured, by informed reliable trusted sources who wish to remain anonymous, that Colin Kaepernick along with over 98% of the rest of the NFL team players are card carrying crazed homosexuals that stick it to one another between games. They act so tough, like they are real men, when the truth is, all of them to the last man is nothing but a cry-baby little weiner that can’t satisfy a woman no matter what they try or do! And that my friends is proven out by the 95% divorce rate, look it up, its the stinking truth, as sad as that is to say! Colin Kaepernick wasn’t born with flat knees and a round mouth for nothing – right? There you are.

    • Mork Jungle says:

      He should play in Nigeria or hang with Obummer and Rahm Emanuel. Im sure they can introduce Kaperdick to their throwaways.

      • Kapernick is a pure symbol of progressive racism. He always sits on the right hand side of louis farrakon and al sharpton. Who are Kings of racism. Don’t ever forget Kapernicks nike socks that said death to pigs as he played football. Don’t ever forget the support and cash he sent to cuba for the animal who was convicted of murdering a State Trooper. This is not an over paid racist I need in my back yard. Thank GOD for the Police Men and Woman who keep such trouble at bay.

    • reality check says:

      I have been assured by informed, reliable trusted sources that people like you, Bill, are complete idiots who make up crap just to seem like you might be important, or have any brain cells still functioning. As Shakespeare said: “Me think you doeth protest too much” – – so you may have gayness on your mind or afraid of your latent homosexual tendencies. The vast majority of males are heterosexual, ignorant Bill.

    • Mike Morrow says:

      What an idiot, who was the reliable source; the fairies in the woods.

  22. The NFL can kiss my white buttocks.

  23. Jan says:

    F–k kapernick and the nfl.

  24. Navy PO2 says:

    The NFL can go to HELL!

  25. Philip Simon says:

    If A Football team does hire Colin Capernick, he needs to re-habilitate himself and get basck into skill shape. That will not happen by the kneeler.

  26. Yank says:

    Kaepernick was second rate, at best but even second rate teams need second rate QB’s. The thing is is the baggage that he brings with him. The wussy knee taking idiocy that he started and the one in his life with a big mouth. Change the page, this one is a “not anymore” lister!

    • RON HATT says:


    • Jack Gajda says:

      Yank, you are being generous with second rate and he was under contract with the 9er’s and opted out of it. Was offered a contract from the Bronco’s and turned it down because, he wanted to be a starter so, instead of being a backup he’s sitting on his couch crying and making up lies about the NFL plotting against him. Screw him…

  27. Peter says:

    Why are we still talking about this ARab he will never play in the NFL again period

  28. john says:

    Just seeing the low life fool makes me want to vomit!

  29. TexRancher says:

    Disgusting anti-American trouble maker. Who needs him?

  30. joseph g mattera says:


    • Jack Gajda says:

      You are dead on point, joseph and screw Harvard, ACLU, GQ, Time and any other institutes/organisations that have given this loser an award in the last year or 2…

  31. bagster53 says:

    maybe he can find a team in syria , if nothing else he can take up throwing gernaids

  32. Stephen says:

    If Kaepernick really wanted to play, he would have signed with the first Team who offered the contract. However, all they asked for in return was that he refrain from kneeling. Apparently, that was too much for him and he turned down the offers. In my view, that also torpedoes his NFL Lawsuit about collusion.

  33. James Benton says:

    The NFL must now eat the over paid no talent buzzards they created.if they cared as much about tradition and honor and working as a team instead of look at me me Mr it’s all about me.give me millions.o for the good old days ofJonny unitas Dick Butcus mean Joe Green and of course Payton Manning.any body but the kneeling ninnyes.and I would love to see Kaepernick playing for the Iranian republic guard as the water boy.jgb

  34. Mark says:

    He sucks balls he’s worthless. He needs to except that he’s a loooooser just like killery why can’t these soft shell ass holes just go away far away. We don’t care about YOU. Go take your sponge bath and meds.

  35. Eddy says:

    Maybe a team in Afganistan or Libya will pick him up.

  36. M. Harris says:

    They should fire the commissioner for going along with all this BS! He helped ruin NFL and was too much of a coward to straighten it out!! Kaepernick should be sent to Iran if he doesn’t like it here!!

  37. timothy keller says:

    iis the nfl still playing, ? i havnt watched a game since this spoiled brat pitched his fit and the nfl didnt fire him. i wont watch another game until the nfl and players start respecting the flag and the citizens of the usa. anyone who buys nfl gear or goes to a game is a traiter in my book. they can all go to hell as far as i care,who needs the nfl, only the owners,the media and the players, not we the people.

  38. Fephoenix says:

    No interest in the Nauseous Felonious LOSERS since Klampadick followed Lewinsky into kneeling fame. Only game worth watching is Army vs Navy. No unpatriotic PUSSIES there!

    • Jake says:

      I am having more fun watching High School Football on my TV. At least I know the kids aren’t a bunch of candy arses and are really playing their hearts out to win.

  39. Jim f says:

    Man ! Can you imagine this guy in the military and doing what he did. He’d wish he
    had stood up like a troop o r he’d be having the drill sergeants boot pulled out of his ass. If he wants to be a towel head then move on je rk!

  40. J nelson says:

    Don’t care what he does, even disappear would be fine.

    • Gene Whitney says:

      Who is this mysterious 1% that keeps showing up in these comments? Must be Anti-American.
      If Kaepernick would come down to earth where the real Americans are, who are not being paid millions of Dollars to play games, he might come to realize that we (all faiths and nationalities) get along just fine.. There are a few hate mongers, but they don’t matter in the big scheme of things.

  41. Navy PO2 says:

    Good riddance of bad rubbish. Still not enough! I gave up a piece of my life and some body parts for the United States of America! The NFL can go to HELL!

    • trapperwv1 says:

      It says the news media was upset the deadskins didn’t sign him, the media doesn’t understand no one cares what they think.

    • Jack Gajda says:

      Navy, first and foremost, thank you so much for your service to this great nation. I haven’t watch a game in over 2 years and I’m with you, Go To Hell NFL…

  42. Rick says:

    He’s a worthless piece of cancer. He disrespects the flag, the military and every patriotic citizen with his kneeling. He also disrespects every police office; the gall this a**hole has to call them pigs on his socks. I loathe this crap of a person for the way he protested. He could have pursued other avenues, but no, he has to ruin the NFL for thousands of fans who have given it up. I have turned my time to a much more enjoyable game provided by unselfish college players.

  43. Gary Baker says:

    He’s a Cancer, can’t pass, no leadership skills, a professional disrupter that has cowed a entire Industry, Yes Virginia, football at almost any level is a business .
    The ownership of the NFL, and there main stooge, capitulated to the miss guided players, who thought they were and are miss treated…Boo Hoo. If your wearing my uniform, playing for my team and I’m paying you, I expect you to perform your duties professionally. If on your own time , and you choose to protest any of millions of real or perceived social injustices, fine. Not when you are at your place of employment…How the Hell did the nfl let this come to this point…
    Oh I forgot, Gutless Leadership, And contracts that didn’t have any consequences for unprofessional disrespect of what constitutes work and personal life.

    • Jake says:

      I also think it is about time the taxpayers stop the politicians from competing with each other to bring teams to their cities. They get all the profits and the taxpayers get all of the cost of the stadiums, new municipal services they need, and the infrastructure changes made to go with it.

      They go into a temper tantrum about getting a new stadium or moving they should tell them move. If you want a new stadium we will give you a 20 years lease on the land, the league , the team, and the players union has to come up with the cost to build a new stadium. The city & state should get a cut of the gate, the parking, and the conscessions not the other way around.

  44. Gene Hollon says:

    I have NOT watched ONE SINGLE PLAY of N F L since KAE-PUKE-NIC took a KNEE. I read this as my FIRST word on the “NOT FOR LONG “cabal of miscreants.
    I once was ADDICTED to that “GAME GONE GOOFY ” It is amazing to be WEANED and NOT EVEN MISS IT. I read that TV money is based on VIEWERS .

  45. Gina Nakagawa says:

    What Mr. Kaepernick does not realize is that going down on one knee is an ancient sign of deference, respect and even of worship. Rather than showing the desired disrespect, he made Old Glory into a sovereign of power and importance or a pagan deity as did his equally uninformed followers. I wish him well. May he advance in life with a new attitude of humility.

  46. Keith D says:

    Krapperkneck WAS under contract with 49’ers when he left!!! Ravens and Denver wanted to GIVE him a backup job HE did NOT want it!!??!! Why does the NFL get blamed for the FACTUAL STATISTICS that he DENIES ??? 13% commit 70% of crimes and COPS DO NOT HUNT BLACK KIDS!!! But IF a cop tellls you to STOP, SGUT UP or ANYTHING else you do it and IF you are not guiltrty you go free IF you RESIDST you MIGHT WELL GET KILLED without regard to ANY RACE!!

    • Allen says:

      “It was only after he was benched that he began his National Anthem protest.” Finally, an article that pointed this out. He is a worthless POS that could not play. But, hey, maybe he should beat that garbage can that he calls a girlfriend. If so, then the Redskins would have taken him, sorta like Reuben Foster. Watch for Kareem Hunt taking Adrian Peterson’s roster spot next year.

  47. Mike W says:

    Every time I look at the train wreck the NFL has become – I can’t help but think of that old saying “No matter how good something gets – some a**hole has to come along and ruin it for everyone.”_ Enter Colin Kaepernick. Nike is paying the price too. I hope they all think he was worth it. With all of the losses the NFL owners have suffered the existing players can be looking forward to pay cuts. They can kick and scream about it they can even strike if they want to but business is business and they brought this on themselves. Strike and someone else may end up with the job you used to have.

  48. Jack Gajda says:

    He can’t even be considered a has-been because, all he really was was a wannabe. He had what 6 maybe 8 good games in his career and then got bench for another wannabe. He needs to take Okenya’s hand and walk into the setting sun…

  49. Dewey says:

    Kaepernick needs to find another country. Maybe he and Obummer can be king and Kaepernick can be Prime minister of Kenya. This jerk is irrelevant! His opinion along with his hero amount to a knat on a dogs ass.

  50. RK Micknak says:

    The NFL is totally culpable with Crapernik because they didn’t put an end to the garbage from the very beginning. Because they failed to act my hopes are the league of whiners be extinct.

  51. jolly roger says:

    Klapperdick wasn’t that good of a quarterback at the end of his 49ers season. Now he’s just a liability, nobody wants to sign him for fear of fans boycotting their team and rightfully so. he made his bed let him sleep.

  52. Sandy says:

    He’s a low-life swamp creature… ship him to Palestine – that’s where his heart is. He can play football there.

  53. Jack says:

    I’m for racial equality in the NFL.

    • Joe M says:

      Since 70% of NFL players are Black and 13% of the US are Black you are saying you want to fire 75% of the black NFL players to bring that percentage down to 13 and replace them with a proportionate percentage of White, Hispanic, Asian, etc.

      Funny how racially unequal the NFL is towards Whites.

  54. Chuck says:

    Kaepernick dug his hole. Bury him in it.

  55. Brat says:

    The first thing the owners should do is cancel the alleged commissioner’s contract. With the way he screwed them over on his contract they should never agreed to his demands. If attorneys were involved the owners need new representation..

    Kaepernick should have taken any offer he got and been thankful he got an offer.

  56. Brat says:

    They also need to fire the commissioner. He is not worth what he is being paid

  57. Grizz Mann says:

    Anyone contact Tim Tebow?

  58. Dave Miedema says:

    I’m really starting to like the Washington Redskins. Between refusing to change their team nickname and now reusing to bring Colin Crapernick for a tryout, it appears that the Redskins refuse to go along with the NFL’s stance of political correctness.

    • Ray says:

      Yeah but they signed Foster after San Francisco cut him for domestic violence not his first incident

    • Joe says:

      Amen, your knees should have been for prayer and thanking god for his opportunities given to him by those who actually did sacrifice everything and those who can no longer stand because they sacrificed and risked their lives so he could be a disrespectful jerk, maybe they should drop him off in iran or some other war tor country and watch him cry like a baby.

  59. JHW says:

    Done with the NFL and all their racist Bull SHI@

  60. Shirley says:

    Kaepernick only wants one thing. That’s publicity and the spotlight. Look at what it’s gotten him, a multi-million dollar contract with niki. But I hope the laugh will be on niki and the country will do like I’m doing because I will never buy another niki product, It makes no difference if they see the error of their ways and start to go bankrupt. The way I look at it niki turned their back on their Country and supported a spoiled, rich athlete that got really greedy & wanted more, more, more. So he thought he would take up a racist controversial cause and get famous with contracts with named brands of sports equipment, but it blew up in his hateful face, and now he’s whining and blaming it on everyone else, because boo hoo hoo he doesn’t have a job and no one likes him anymore, well you did it to yourself, stupid.

    • gary says:

      He has no financial worries for now! If you Americans Stop allowing the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES convincing and using the masses to prop up on a pedestal people up playing a ball game, or anti-American Hollywood actors and especially your anti-American agendas rhinos, and especially democrats any politicians to screw you Americans over perhaps they will not stand on the pedestal only piss on you! If only you Americans stop the liberal political [in]correctness of the lowering of standards to pacify that hurts all perhaps you will Not allowing a minority of [opinion not race] to affect the 99% majority! But what does one expect when those that are the dumbed down blind mass called snowflakes from liberalism, none of this would happen!

  61. Floyd Hale says:

    I wont watch another NFL game

  62. Art Ward says:

    Clowns like Kaepernick need to understand that the NFL really cares only about the NFL … not the whimpering fools like him that make the NFL laughable at best. Incidentally … the NFL fumbled the issues and handling of Kaepernick so poorly that they have simply set up a future of the kind of crybaby stuff that Kaepernick represented. Will the NFL ever graduate to a smartly run business status or not? The management team of the NFL need to return to playing football again … they are simply pitiful at handling the simplest of human resources issues!

    • Ric B says:

      Wow, what a nasty, vile and vindictive group of people posted on this topic. Shows how Trumpers vary from others – – – you are all about finding and seeking people to dislike, vilify or hate. It is no wonder your popularity is dropping like a rock thrown from Trump Tower. Nasty geezers.

      • RJOGuillory says:

        …yes…that is why when President Trump throws a rally, the people are over-flowing the venue, and lined up down the street for miles…requiring the sponsors to bring in large screen TV’s for the adoring fans to view The President…while The NFL’s attendance is dismal, with huge tarps covering empty seating areas in many NFL stadiums. The NFL’s ad revenues are down 19% in this last reporting period, their TV ratings are down almost 30% from 2015, and the sponsors of The Bill & Hillary Clinton…”Speak With the Little-People Tour”… can’t get 3000 fans into a 19,000 seat stadium, even after reducing ticket prices to single-digits, and are forced to curtain off empty areas of the echoing arena! Yeah, sure…I see your point. Ha! Ha! Ha!
        RJ O’Guillory

      • Mike Morrow says:

        Ric B get your head out of your ass, RJOGuillory I didn’t think the Clinton crooks were drawing that many people. As for the NFL, the media hides the attendance numbers. If the media would report the news correctly, Trump would have less trouble with the public. Tebow knelt in prayer and that upset the Anti-Christens (Dems); to which the media cow tows to, thus the bad publicity. I wouldn’t think Tebow would come back to the NFL, he seems to be doing fine in baseball. “New York Mets GM Brodie Van Wagonen says Tim Tebow is “only one step away” from joining the MLB, which makes sense given that he’ll start the 2019 season in Triple-A.”

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