This NFL player made a threat that left patriotic football fans fuming

NFL players are reporting back to training camp this week for the new season.

The story of last season was many players’ choice to kneel during the national anthem – a move that cost the league dearly in ratings and ad revenue.

Now one pro bowl player made a threat that will leave patriotic football fans fuming.

Earlier this year the NFL made a rule that if players knelt during the national anthem teams would face fines.

Tennessee Titans defensive end Jurrell Casey had some choice words about the new policy. In an interview with CNN, Casey said:

“I’m gonna take a fine this year. Why not? I’m gonna protest during the flag. That’s what I’m gonna say now.

“I’m gonna take my fine. So it is what it is. I’m not going to let that stop me from doing what I want to do.”

After the interview dropped, Titans team president Steve Underwood said he would meet with Casey to discuss the rule.

ESPN reports:

The Titans are not upset with Casey and don’t plan to reprimand him, but they have not talked with him yet and want to get a full briefing of his thoughts on the matter.

The NFL’s new anthem policy puts teams in danger of being fined if a player does not “show respect” for the anthem, which includes an attempt to kneel or sit during the anthem. Those teams can fine players for their actions, if they choose, but it does not seem likely the Titans would go that route.

The new anthem policy, passed by owners in May, says players “must stand and show respect for the flag and anthem” or remain in the locker room.

The Titans owner is capitulating to his players’ unpatriotic demands despite a clear message from fans that they want players to respect the national anthem.

But fans cheered the Miami Dolphins when they instituted a team rule saying players who protested on the field during the national anthem could be suspended for up to four games.

The Dolphins didn’t want to get fined by the league for the disrespectful actions of its players and management wanted to show their fans they were serious about stopping the anthem protests.

But the NFL responded to the Dolphins by rescinding the initial rule forcing players to show respect or face fines.

The NFL continues to come down on the wrong side of this issue.

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257 Responses

  1. Richard Van Horn Sr. says:

    B O Y C O T T the entire NFL AGAIN.

  2. Richard Van Horn Sr. says:

    B O Y C O T T the entire NFL AGAIN. Once the owners see the attendance dropping again, MAYBE they will wake up and drain the SWAMP of the ungrateful bunch who think they are doing the NFL a favor by playing for their teams while disrespecting the flag and country. Who the hell do they think pays their stupid HIGH salaries anyway?

  3. Richard Van Horn Sr. says:

    If these overpaid and really dumb a$$ so called professionals don’t like the flag and what it stands for, DEPORT them to a country of their choice and see how many times they get to kneel during that country’s national anthem before they get kicked in their a$$es. I am willing to bet that the majority of them could not even get a decent paying job because of their brain dead attitudes.

  4. an AMERICAN who served proudly says:

    it just goes to prove the ignorance of the”star” players ? they have as much brains as the ball they throw. they have no skills or or abilities other than following a ball. they make tooooo much money for playing and producing nothing productive for our country of betterment of life here yet they trash talk our nation and display a hate for us because we allow them to do the one thing they do understand such ingratitude should be punished not praised

  5. Nicholas Pipitone says:

    The only thing the players will understand is a total boycott of NFL games. No fans, no pay. Their contracts should be written to read. ” as long as you respect the Anthem and the Flag, your contract will stay in force. You disrespect the Anthem and the Flag, your contract is null and void .” PERIOD!

  6. Texas Belle says:

    Right you are!!

  7. Texas Belle says:

    You are so right!!

  8. Texas Belle says:

    Who the heck does he think pays his salary? Without fans he would not have a job and the football leagues wouldn’t exist. If he wants to spit in the face of viewers by disrespecting the flag and this country, let him go somewhere else and play. I think people are plenty tired of all the whining and moaning about these players’ so called beefs. With all the money they make, their complaints fall on deaf ears; either straighten up and play or get off the field.

  9. Annie says:

    I am so sick of hearing about this. Stand up for the anthem and the flag and that’s it!

  10. I think a fine, is the starting point BUT! don’t stop there. This is not going to stop the many players, who already have it in their minds, that no one has the right to tell those Prim Madonna’s what to do. The answer is simple. Fire them, and tear up their contracts. No one needs their sh*t. Unbelievable that a bunch of muscle bound jocks who couldn’t make it through high school, let alone college, unless they played on a football scholarship, are going to call the shots and hold our country hostage, because they believe they are greater than the sum total of ‘we the people’.

  11. If Kaepernick was thrown off the team when he first tried this, there wouldn’t have been a problem today. It’s the league’s own doing that it is in crisis and rightly so.

    It’s not law breakers that cause lawlessness, it’s not enforcing the law that causes lawlessness.

  12. Wayne says:

    do to consequences beyond our control the NFL games scheduled for today has been canceled. In its place Mortal Combat will be shown.

    ps The NFL team and player have been fined several million dollars.

  13. Cacs says:

    Really they need to be fired!!! This will set an example. Maybe the fans should start demanding it!!!

  14. Rose says:

    Right you are, spend more time with your kids, watch them grow up and hope they are more appreciative of being an American.

  15. Lance says:

    Done with the NFL. Pukes like this POS have started to kill their golden goose.

  16. ONTIME says:

    A government union and they cost us a hell of a lot more than a civil servant or elected politician should….Ban all the government unions as well..

  17. ONTIME says:

    Like politicians, we need to reduce the money supply and the cost of doing biz with idiots….

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