This NFL owner just stepped in it with his attack on Trump

Most NFL team owners have tried to stop their players from protesting the national anthem.

They know it’s costing them fans and crushing their bottom line.

But one NFL owner just stepped in it with what he said about Trump and the anthem protesters.

The Carolina Panthers were recently purchased by hedge fund manager David Tepper.

Their last owner was ousted after being wrapped up in #MeToo allegations.

So the new owner is going on a social justice warrior rampage to distance himself.

In a recent interview Tepper bashed the president while refusing to utter Donald Trump’s name.

The Charlotte Observer reports:

New Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper said it’s “dead wrong” to accuse NFL players of being unpatriotic should they choose to protest during the national anthem.

In an interview with CNBC’s Scott Wapner Thursday in Pittsburgh, Tepper was careful not to mention outright the name of President Donald Trump, who routinely slams NFL players who protest police brutality and racism during the national anthem. Kneeling during the anthem is a practice started by former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick at the start of the 2016 season.

“It’s the biggest pile of bull-dingy ever. These are some of the most patriotic people and best people. These are great young men,” Tepper told CNBC. “It just makes me so aggravated and angry. OK? It’s just wrong. It’s just dead wrong.”

Tepper responded that there’s “a red-headed guy in D.C. that likes to talk about it. But I don’t want to mention his name right now.” Wapner pressed the issue further, coaxing Tepper with “everybody knows who you’re talking about.”

“Well I don’t know — Howdy Doody, who is that?”

Tepper went on to note that “justice for all,” is what fans should be focusing on.

Tepper is a never-Trumper to his core.

In 2016 he donated $750,000 to a Super PAC supporting John Kasich.

That was after his $250,000 “investment” in low-energy Jeb Bush’s Super PAC petered out.

He’s even donated to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Clearly he is upset that all of the money he is throwing into politics isn’t paying off.

So he’s taking it out on President Trump by siding with the anthem-proteting players.


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186 Responses

  1. Chuck Hanners says:

    TEPPER has lost me as a fan. He may have billions and can own a team, but a patriot HE IS NOT. I once had PSL’s but thankfully I sold them before he took the helm. There are other teams to follow and support. The PANTHERS WILL NOT BE one of them.

  2. Tunamister says:

    …WELL , Tepper , just LOOK at ur political donations..HAHAHAA…, MAYBE U SHOULD START INVESTING IN SOMETHIG POSITIVE & GREAT,..!!.. I’LL NAME HIM FOR YOU, ‘ PRESIDENT TRUMP’ ..!!!… , Tepper , UR A LOOSER..!!, UR POLITICAL SUPPORT IS A LOOSER DEAL..!!! & , UR KNEELING , negro fellons ARE A DIGRACE TO AMERICA..!!.. ur boycotted..!!!

    • Edward says:

      What you said makes all of us seem more like the racist morons they say we are!! You also are showing them we are as under educated again as they say we are by misspelling a simple word like “Loser” (loose, means to make something loose or easy to remove or “Not tight!”

  3. N says:

    ‪Expose, boycott, prosecute all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberal demoncrats post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump! Vote Republican in Nov to save the country from NAZI Commie Demoncrat rule. No RINOs, please!‬

  4. Joe Lupton says:

    I am embarrassed for Charlotte, NC for having to put up with this Pile of crap of a team owner. Such a nice town, and now this. What a disgrace.

  5. Joe says:

    David Tepper, I am veteran of the United State’s Navy Amphibious Forces. My feet were damaged when we were at sea during a typhoon! I am now 81 years old and every step I take is pain full. I can handle the pain! What I have a problem with is pieces of filth like Kapereck who refuses to stand for the American flag! Other than run his mouth and play football, what has he ever done for America? Not a damned thing!

    • Mott says:

      Thank you and WELCOME HOME!

    • Janet says:

      Thank you for your service. Our military is the backbone of our nation! I agree about Kaperneck. And the idiots that enable him should be sent to Siberia to think about it for a while. For the millions of $ they make for “playing,” thanks to our beloved country, the very least they can do is stand and respect our flag and what it represents!

  6. Martin Korab says:

    The dummies that kneel when our National Anthem is played, are members of the Democratic Communist Party and they will say or do anything to obstruct the Trump Administration in any way they can. Remember this, a vote for a Democrat is a vote for Communism. It’s just as simple as that. Sincerely, Martin Korab

  7. Sharon Peacock says:

    1. We stand for the flag today, not to please ourselves but to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.
    2. We stand for the flag not to focus on what divides us but on what unites us, which is being an American.
    3. We stand for the flag not to pledge allegiance to a president, but to honor the reality that we have an elected president and not a lifetime king.
    4. We stand not because of past or present pain caused by injustice, but to salute the principle of justice.
    5. We stand for the flag not for our generation but to set an example for the next generation.

  8. Edward Finley says:

    Someone needs to inform this Ignoramus, that it isn’t just President Trump he is going against. It is every patriotic God loving United States Citizen. I for one,am totally done watching the NFL and probably never will again. I have had it with these clowns that think they are so important that they can disrespect all that this country has given for them and sacrificed lives for them,so they can play a silly a–ed game, of which they are way overpaid in my opinion. The pay used to not matter, but as time goes on, I see them as a bunch od spoiled unappreciative brats.

  9. Don says:

    This whiny tinkerbell can take his team and league and put them where the sun doesn’t shine. He’s grown up in a time when he was safe and soft and didn’t need to go through what our veterans did, for one. But the phony reason for the kneeling is “people shooting black people” while the truth is they shoot far more whites while black on black crime far surpasses that number and THAT has going on for ages. The other part of this is Crapperdick didn’t start his whining until he converted to Islam for his girlfriend. Tepper is as stupid as he looks.

  10. minnie says:

    I still don’t know what the connection to the flag and our National Anthem has anything to do with what he is protesting. They have been around for years and years and years, now all of a sudden someone protest violence and it has to be disrespect to the flag. And it’s being suggested that we try to understand what he is doing. Well, he should understand that it’s not working and it was a dumb way to start to begin with. He should understand our country, military and our Nation Anthem. Grow up.

  11. Steve says:

    Tepper,you unpatriotic piece of $hit. I hope you,your team and the NFL goes broke. Anyone that has served in the military or a police department should boycott everything that has to do with any of these over paid crybabies. Get a real job and see how it really is to raise 2 kids on 60 grand a year. You might see half of that after you pay insurance premiums, and pay taxes to a government who takes from productive people and gives it to scumbags and illegals. Give me a break, you have no idea what it is to work your ass off and get half of what you make. Go protest on your own time. Why don’t you go protest what’s happening to the black community in Chicago,innocent people being mowed down just because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  12. James Day says:

    Mr. Tepper
    Please don’t bring your political mess with you to our fine state. I would think that the million dollars that you spent on politicians other than Donald Trump would have taught you a lesson. I suppose that money doesn’t mean much to you by seeing the apparent manner that you exhibit in political dealings and support of the renegade players who are trying to ruin our beloved sport of football. I have been a staunch supporter and purveyor of Sunday afternoon football in Charlotte since its inception, but if you continue on your present path I and several thousand other fans may be forced to take action of our own. It won’t be pretty, but it will be the right thing to do.


    I’d like to shove a flag pole up his ass minus the flag with an eagle on the top!!

  14. Boy Tepper sure is good at kissing the players a**es. It may work in the short term, he’ll be their buddy, but in the long run it will come back to bite him. Lottsa luck moron.

  15. Victoria Sok says:


  16. B.G. says:

    I AM A TRUE AMERICAN, I Believe in STANDING for the NATIONAL ANTHEM, with hand over Heart. I KNEEL at the Graves of Family & Friends Lives that were killed protecting OUR COUNTRY. My Husband is a Viet Nam Veteran in a chair, I Thank God every day that he came home, & I am not Kneeling or hugging his Tombstone. When I see a Veteran I always THANK THEM FOR THEIR SERVICE.
    The NFL Players can go to Hell, Disrespecting the American Flag & Our/My Country, I Have NO USE FOR THEM. If they don’t like it here, go to another Country You will not be missed. I can go to the Zoo & watch a bunch of Apes & Monkey’s chase a ball & not have to pay them a dime. FREE ENTERTAINMENT.

  17. Kenneth Florczak says:

    Last year I did not watch a single NFL game and I will not be watching a single game this season either. Life is too short to watch a game that’s played by a bunch of overpaid babies now. Please tell me who has your kneeling helped? Why don’t you go out in your community and physically and financially help the people in this great country especially our youth within our inner cities to grow, and help give them alternatives to stay away from joining gangs or having too much time on their hands to cause trouble or be in the wrong place at the wrong time. People need food, close, and a place to live. People also need an education / training, activities, jobs and people that love them and believe in them and HELP them to succeed.
    Every action has a reaction either positive or negative and one just hopes that the higher percentage is positive and if not then they regroup and try something different until they find something / method that works for the All (majority) . Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result. I think it’s time to change your method of kneeling since it is not working and try something more productive that has better results. I would never take a knee during our National Anthem it’s not only disrespects our country it also disrespects ourselves and especially the Men and Women that have given up their time and lives for this great country and everyone in it.
    This is my opinion

    • Lorlyn Senz says:

      This is one of the BEST responses I’ve seen/read about the NFL & kneeling protests.
      Thank you Mr. Ken Florczak ~

    • Peggy Sue Black says:

      Thank you Kenneth Florczak. Just what I wish I could have said.

    • Craig says:

      That’s the thing with these “protests”. They show are good at bitching, but I haven’t heard one solid idea of how to fix the issue come from those primadonnas. They need to find a new way to get attention. How about this, take some of your multi-million dollar paycheck and take out a commercial during each of your games!

  18. Cathylovesyou says:

    I stopped very early watching NFL nor caring. It was hard but less as time past. Tepper made me feel great that I was doing the right thing. Their are other sports to replace NFL like Soccer, have to get used to it but it is popular and I have many friends doing the same.

  19. Mott says:

    I wounder if any NFL owners read these?

  20. Leon Donahue says:

    I keep asking, “Where were this overpaid football players protesting during the off season. Nonone can give me an answer, because to my knowledge not one of them protested anywhere. They can only protest when they are getting paid to play football and do it in front of millions of viewers in the stadium and on tv, which I am not one of them, and have not watched a game since this BS started with KAP, started this crap. DOWN WITH THE NFL , HOPE THEY GO BROKE!

  21. tony winters says:

    These players are making a statement about something that they know nothing about or very little at best. They are protesting what they feel is a disproportionate number of Blacks in prisons and killed by Police compared to Whites. I did a bit of research on this very subject and found that although Blacks make up only about 13 to 15 percent of the population, depending on who you ask they commit a larger proportion of crime based on population compared to other races. Also something I just stumbled on was a number that just blew me away. In the past 35 years there have been almost 400,000 Blacks killed in this country; although this number is in its self amazing the fact that these deaths were at the hands of other Blacks is even more amazing. So a Black person has a better chance of being killed by another Black Person then they do being killed by a White Person or a Police Officer. If these noble football players want to protest something they should begin their protest in Chicago where on a three day week-end 74 Black People were killed by other Black People and I believe that one of them was a boy of 12 or 13 who was in his own home when a shot came through the window.
    These noble football players should be spending some of the Millions of Dollars they get for playing a game on educating Black Communities, because only when the Black Community takes responsibility for their own actions and clean up their own community will the killings stop

  22. Jerry says:

    TEPPER,once an asshole always an asshole.

    • Inkpad says:

      During our national anthem isn’t the time or place for your protest stop disrespecting the country and veterans that made it possible for you uneducated Neanderthals to make millions grabbing other guys butts

  23. zee says:

    per Tepper:
    Tepper responded that there’s “a red-headed guy in D.C. that likes to talk about it.
    Tepper’s ‘red’ remark IS Akin to Communistic type ‘LINGO’ Tepper IS the

  24. Floyd says:

    If they do not get right then it will be NAMED FAG BALL

  25. Larry says:

    He looks like he just moved out of mom’s basement,,,

  26. Richard Greg Slate says:

    Who is this idiot that bought the Panthers? He is disgusting and now i hate the panthers more than ever. He has no business owning a NFL team especially since he agrees with players disrespecting the national anthem

  27. David L Dean says:

    I am a retired, disabled military active duty Veteran of 20 years. I served my country then and followed it by serving in civilian law enforcement for another 23 years as well. I was required to stand for National Anthem throughout these 43 years or face losing my job. I would have stood proudly regardless of this requirement. NFL privileged players signed a contract to “play” whatever game they signed on for. Perhaps they should understand political grandstanding which is all they are participating in should and could hazard them losing their job and/or subject them to massive fines. If they wish to voice their opinions openly, try doing in the forum of public debate and not on my TV where they are allegedly supposed to be playing football or other so-called “professional” sports.

  28. Joe says:

    Hey David Tepper, I gave up a piece of life and some body parts for this Country. You can take your football team and put it where no one can see it, least of all you!

  29. DJ says:

    I wish I could protest on the clock….. what are they protesting for anyway? More money, get out of jail free cards?, I’m confused. Playing a game they love and getting paid mucho money doing it. Wish I had a job like that!

    • Neil says:

      Hey DJ, maybe the problem are all of the head injuries that left them rolling robots that don’t know right from wrong. Too many concussions. As for David Tepper, maybe he should have enlisted in the service so that he would appreciate this country. My simple answer to all this is, if the flag offends you, then we should just pack up their belongings and send them to another country where they do not have to respect their flag either.

  30. Patricia Scott says:

    Mr Kaepernick should move to one of the communist cou ntries if he wishes to be one & not American. He has more money than anyone and treated like a king. He should move to Russia or one of those other countries . If he doesn’t like America–leave.

    • Chuck Kelley says:

      He is no “Mr.”, Paatricia; he is nothing but a disgruntled “NEVER-WAS” who believes himself to be the greatest thing to ever hit the football scene. It’s definitely time he went somewhere where idiots are put to death just on general terms of being stupid!!!!!

      • Mike says:

        What is so hard to understand about his protesting the way blacks are treated, too often, in this country. What is it about that, that you don’t understand? Why don’t you recognize his issue and maybe the protests would end? He isn’t dodging the draft or doing some other unpatriotic thing like Don did. He is simply trying to raise awareness of the issues related to racism in this country.

        • BB says:

          Why should we recognize his non-existent issues. The only racist issues are perpetuated by persons of color. 1. They have affirmative action which allows them to claim discrimination if they are not selected for a job. 2. You have organizations dedicated to your race such as the NAACP the whites are not allowed any organizations that are not labeled as White Supremacist or taken to court to force integration or disbanding. All black television shows they are allowed, can’t have an all white show. Must always have so called blended family (that personally offends the hell out of me). Do not tell me your woes, as they should be non issues except you want more and more. You think you are entitled! There is not a person alive in this country that owned a slave so grow up get a job and do something you yourselves quit looking for a handout!!

        • Mikey says:

          The issue is not the protests. Like all of us, NFL players are entitled to express their opinions. The issue is doing so on company time, and the reaction of their customers ie the fans to this. The fans have made it clear that they are paying their hard earned money to watch the players play football, not protest. The NFL has shown that they are not interested in reining in the protests and offering a product that their customers want. And like any other business, when the customers do not like the product, change or lose custom.

      • jls says:

        Sounds like he’s Obamas kid. A never was who believes in all the BS he hears and reads about himself, greatest THING that ever was . Problem is what country would be dumb enough to take one of them what alone both?

  31. PT says:

    The way I look at it, they have 164 more hours during the week to protest. The fans have a right to demand they do so outside of their “dime”.

    • Michial Lawrence says:

      Exactly right. How many of us would still have a job if we protested anything while on the company’s dime? Much less being paid while doing it? These NFL players are nothing but a bunch of over paid slaves. They sell themselves to the highest bidder every chance they get. Yet, they want to protest how they are treated. Please, give me a break. I only wished that I got 25% a year what they make. I am lucky to afford to pay my bills and buy some food every month. I am not able to afford a multi million dollar mansion and then protest how bad my people are treated. They are a joke.

    • Bing says:

      Just. Don’t watch NFL anymore…the only thing they understand us money..Take that away and they change their attitudes

  32. sue says:

    Has al sharpton ever paid his millions that he owes the irs during obama”s term?????? Once the uniform is on—–you do as your suppose to—-“”””honor the flag & people”” who “pay you” & protest on “””your own time””” & not ours!!!!!!!

  33. rachase says:

    I have been a devoted Panther fan for years. That has just changed. My hope now is the that they sink to the bottom of their conference, never to see a playoff again.

  34. Wiliam Ogle says:

    Mr.Teppe, As a 22 year Veteran I would like you to read just what each item in our flag stands for, then research the historical records on how many in this country gave their all to protect it and all of America’s rights of freedom. Then please look in the mirror and ask the idiot in it what is wrong with what you just advocated! There are already too many things wrong with today’s young people without people like you promoting further disrespect/distruction to America. Sorry you spent your money on a team and your ??profits?? are falling, but then again I applaud American’s boycotting people like that only think of your investment VS what is right for America. I’m sure that any airlines would be more than happy to sell you, and any NFL player that insists on continuing this respect, a one-way tickets to any country you want that doesn’t have the freedoms we have here in America. God Bless America

    • Tony Maroney says:

      I do agreed with your stATEMENT, All he wants to make money but he is lost money ahd that is way he agains Trump, That is to badi do not feel sorry that owner.,he can suck butter milk.

  35. Ron says:

    He is just concerned for his investment and he thinks he is backing those who are making him money, however, he is wrong and he is expressing his opinion about who he believes is being patriotic. That’s his opinion and I have mine. He loses and I don’t watch the NFL and the unpatriotic players.

  36. Shirley Long says:

    FOOTBALL will be dead soon. NIKE TOO. Ship them out of our US.

  37. Steve says:

    NFL is now Not For Long this means shove it up your ass NFL

    • Santiago Tello says:

      I have been an NFL fan for many years but the anthem protesting must stop. They had the time to do it last year but they have dragged it out into this season. That is enough. The kneelers are rubbing our noses in their ill advised protest. Good bye NFL.

  38. John Bachalis says:

    Dear People, please read and consider this:
    Don’t be drawn into dwelling on basically irrelevant issues like the football player protests. They have the same rtights as anyone else to express what is bothering them. OK, have your initial knee-jerk opinions, and then let it go. It is a red-herring issue. Instead, stay focused on noticing and fixing more relevant things.
    There are many petty issues like this thrown out like meat to dogs to distract the public away from confronting the truly destructive things which have gone wrong in America, and which do affect the quality of all our lives. Examples would be the collusion between government and big business to get taxpayers to pay business expenses, or the lopsided wage structure where executives skim off obscene wealth by underpaying their employees. and withholding healthcare and retirement benefits from them. For their personal profit, they sent American jobs and hard-earned technology largely to China, who now uses it to threaten us economically, politically, and militarily. They did this to take advantage of China’s third world labor and environmental standards rather than pay American workers a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s labor. AND they got your federal government to SUBSIDIZSE the move with YOUR TAX MONEY! Education, housing, and healthcare costs have long ago outstripped the economy of the middle class (with their 40 years of suppressed wages), to say nothing of how the poor survive. How about all the unjustified and mismanaged wars we have fought in the last 55 years? The war industry makes huge profits while our good men and women die. And the federal government always has another adversary in the wings to keep the tax money and graft flowing. The puppet masters who like too keep us from noticing their financial engineering must LOVE Donald Trump: people are fixated on purposely REDICULOUS distractions like Trump’s assinine tweets, his personal insults to his staff and others, the unseemly public disputes with his mistresses, the “Wall” which Mexico will pay for, idiotic misstatements of fact, his purposely controversial tactic of separating children from their mothers at the border instead of fixing the inert immigration and naturalization process, which has been brain dead as long as I can remember. All INS does now is to catalog and punish, not process and integrate. Maybe if they did that, they could more successfully filter out the criminal element.
    Americans are paying their taxes for a government which is openly corrupt and at cross purposes with the American Dream of fair opportunity for education, health and employment. If we had these things, which we did have in greater abundance at one time, people wouldn’t need to ask the government to help them with these issues. The overwhelming majority would prefer to make enough money from gainful employment to pay for their needs on their own. But what can they do when their jobs are gone, their retirements are gone, their healthcare insurance is gone, their home is forclosed on due to toxic baloon mortgages which the government could have rivised instead of giving billions to the banks and investment houses which knowingly engineered this world catastrophe? How about the new tax plan which gave a tomporary token reduction to the suckers, while the 1% ultra wealthy got 85% of the tax break, permanently?
    All of this malfeasance happened quite a bit out in the open over the decades, through Republican and Democratic administrations alike, all bought and paid for. The helpless public had no strong champion to come forward to lead us in the other direction. so instead we became American Boiled Frogs. It happened gradually and with constant distractions so nothing was done. If you want to know how this has affected the psychological level of the average American mind, look at the plethora of junk/violent/immoral/ gutter movies, TV and music. Murder, vice and cruelty have become “entertainment”. All levels of “government” now use destructive “industries” such gambling, mind altering drugs, and sometimes prostitution to raise tax money. Is this a result of healthy planning, or the “American Way”? To me, this indicates capitulation to desperation, cynacism and hopelessness. Complacency is our enemy, because enough folks think they’ve got it OK, and don’t care about anyone else. History has shown repeatedly that if things are not set right for the society in general, sooner or later it will collapse horribly.
    Today, America needs a new government and business model (and probably a new moral model as well), and a TOTALLY BRAND NEW POLITICAL PARTY (NOT Republican or Democrat) built around the needs of ALL the citizens, respecting a BALANCE between the strengths of Capitalism and societal health. America should be the land of opportunity for innovators, visionaries, clean businesses, where productive ideas earn rewards for their inventors and organizers, but also a land of opportunity for folks working for a living wage, and able to support their families thereby.
    The danger is that if too many citizens feel disenfranchised, the wrong kind of political group could arise. I hope we can find the right vision and courage to change things for the better before that happens, but the first step is for everyone to see the problem.
    If we get a despotic or extreme movement in its place, it will be the fault of all the corrupt politicians and businessmen who were the real traitors to the well-being of America, NOT a few social activist football players.

    • Carol Adams says:

      If you can find a better country. John b. Go there.

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        John B is talking about making OUR country a better country, Carol. Once we were the country that pragmatically ADJUSTED, we did not follow the old rules of Europe or Russia, but carved our own way. this country was founded on trying to find a BETTER way, not remaining fixed with old molds. But now people like you don’t listen, if other Americans don’t think as you do, they should go elsewhere. Pitifully, we are the ones stuck in the old ways.

        If we are to survive and thrive, we must adjust to the changing conditions of markets and the poor. We must invest in our citizens, and face the fact that instead of working harder, we need to work SMARTER. We must invest much more heavily in education, and change our educational system from one fit for an agricultural nation, to one competitive in this high-tech world. Without the innovations of silicon valley and other advanced ideas, America would be hurting even more than it is right now.

        Pull your head out, Carol and others, we should not go back trying to recapture what America used to be and make some changes that seem to be working well in other part of the world.

        • snark says:

          USA WILL NEVER EVER SURVIVE w/ a Twisted /Convoluted
          Liberal AGENDA, Which IS Widely Mis-Interpreted. &&&
          you ARE No Help, At All. 0nly takes >1 ‘bad Apple to Spoil
          ‘the Barrel, IN Time, IF not Removed. hmm. HISTORY Tells us so. eom

        • Mott says:

          With what I have read, Our “educational system” is screwed up too, A lot of them are not even teaching AMERICAN HISTORY! What we came from has made us what we are!

      • John b. says:

        If it were up people who think like you, we would all still be British subjects.

    • Tom says:

      Sounds like another Anti-Trumper/whiner-Demorat to me.

      • Eyeball says:

        Not to me. Actually, he’s talking about Trump’s War on the Swamp! President Trump is neither a Republican nor Democrat. He’s a Patriotic Leader. He’d LIKE to work with both sides, but some re-education has to take place, as happened in Nov, 2016! We’ve allowed our nation to slide MOST of the way down the crapper. Only a little bit of brown showing. But now, we’re hitting the track again. Gettin’ in shape! Eatin’ better and actually going to CHURCH! Thenk GOD for Prfesident Trump! God Bless The U.S.A.

        • Mike says:

          Don has populated the swamp with his cronies. Look at all the ethics issues these clowns have been caught in. His tax changes benefit the wealthy disproportionately. What else has he done to help anyone?
          As for God, Don never even recognized such a Being until he realized that was good for votes. Same with his phony patriotism.

    • Robert says:

      You are a left wing welfare recipient who never served or lost a life or should shut up and go to work like a real man in our wonderful country. Blabber mouth Democrats.

    • Bing says:

      John, you should take your agenda to the libtard assholes who are trying to destroy our country. Biggest threat to our democracy are these assholes. America better wake UP. Get out and vote these assholes down

    • Don Short says:

      John,pretty longwinded way to say you are a progressive and blame Trump for everything.

    • G says:

      Blow it out your a$$,long-winded obammy lover.

  39. Ken of mo says:

    This is another dumbass owner with his head up his ass. Hope he looses his ass on this team.

  40. James P Hutchins says:

    Boycott the NFL those players are stupid jocks play ball and stand up for the American Anthem.

  41. William Glass says:

    The players ( and their apologists ) claim the right of free speech. OK. The “fans” should claim the right of non participation (aka: totally empty stadiums).

    • MAGA2020 says:

      I absolutely agree. I’ve been calling for this on numerous comment boards.
      These multimillionaire players and owners, thumb their noses at the freedoms, that allow them to rake in cash, for PLAYING A GAME.

      Football DOES NOTHING to lower the cost of living, cure diseases, solve food/water/energy issues, identify and treat the psychological issues behind random shootings, etc.
      While some of the players and owners may be philanthropic, the whole industry is predicated on making money for playing a game.

      WE are the ones who have made THEM rich by our patronage.
      Our PATRIOTS in the military and on the home from who defend our freedoms, rights and safety and all our FLAG stands for are being smugly disrespected.

      We should give them 1 year of empty stadiums.
      We should give their sponsors 1 year of no sales.
      AND every single person who is disgusted by this shameful, juvenile, idiotic display should write an email to the NFL commissioner, teams and sponsors every time they would have spent money on their products.

      These corporations understand ONLY ONE THING…..NUMBERS.
      So when they start to see thousands upon thousands of emails pouring in, that represent $10 for a pair of sock, $120 for a jersey, $200 for seats at a game or anything else you thought about or would have bought….They will start adding up the $$$$ they are losing.

      Only then will the sponsors put pressure on the NFL, owners and players to change. The owners will also see a drop in revenue and force the players to either respect the flag, country and people who defend them OR GET THE “F” OUT.

      Money is all they understand, so HIT THEM where it hurts…AND send an email each time you do.

      I OPTED out of football years ago.
      It’s just another vehicle organizations, companies and individuals use to steal your hard earned money.
      If you don’t like the kneeling, but find it hard to give up your football heros and “team loyalty” ask yourself this:

      How has all the MONEY I’ve spent over the years on football (games, concessions, TV subscriptions, food, parties, swag, time, BIG Screen TV to see “The game” and more) benefited me and my family???

      – Has it made me healthier…did it help me lose the gut and extra 50 pounds that is affecting my health?
      Did it put money in my kids college fund?
      Did it make it possible to take that long wanted/promised family vacation?
      Did it allow me to put food on the table, without going into credit card debt?
      Did it allow me to make one or two extra house payments a year and own my home sooner…AND stop paying tens of thousands in interests over the life of a 30 year loan??
      Did it help me move me or my family out of a crappy apartment/neighborhood or school district, by adding to a down payment fund for a house?
      Did it allow me to give my kids music, riding, dance or art lessons or GOOD childcare???

      You get the idea.
      Yea…it’s football…I get it (somewhat), but in the bigger scheme of things….it’s REALLY you watching and paying for a bunch of guys living the dream you may want, but never be able to….GETTING PAID millions to workout and play a game, then buy mansions, cars, planes and live a lifestyle you can only dream of.
      Think about this, many have garages, filled with cars, that is bigger than the square footage of your house…ALL THANKS TO THE MONEY YOU THROW AT THEM.

      Send this industry and their financial backers a message.
      Stand for the FLAG and our COUNTRY or suffer the consequences.

  42. joe says:

    They should get on their knees and beg for forgiveness. Our Flag stands for the men who fought and died in the civil war to win their freedom. More men died back then than all our soldiers in all our other wars. Who the hell is Kapernick ? Why even listen to that child. The stupid media should not publish his stupidity. His views are not newsworthy.

  43. joeperky says:

    I hope the panthers loose every game and send that dumb a$$ to the poor house. Would serve him right if it happens.He ia as stupid as his players that take a knee…….jinx the whole team XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  44. Ron says:

    I have no patience or sympathy for over paid prima donnas protesting the one nation on this planet that gave them the opportunity to BE overpaid prima donnas! If they find this nation so onerous and terrible they should leave! There is no Berlin Wall with armed guards keeping their sorry butts here! GO!

  45. Mott says:

    Tell these over paid babies to put on a REAL uniform! One in CAMO! The NFL has shot it’s self in the foot and the keep shooting at the other one. NFL=NO FREAKING WAY!

    • Mike says:

      Just like Don. These guys should all go into the Army for a couple years. Don was there….oops, no he dodged the draft repeatedly. The way he talks you might think he was a real patriot thats erved in the armed forces. But he isn’t. Just another politician trying to get your vote with hi BS.

  46. buckwheat says:

    Well hopefully this jerks team will tank on the bottom of the list for this season. Serves him right as he is a total jackass. So very glad that I will NOT watch any of the NFL games.

  47. Brian says:

    The players could find another way to protest without disgracing the the
    Flag and what it stands for!!!!!

    • Michael O)'Connor says:

      These player should not only be fined but given their walking papers. They have the ability and funds to express their opinions in some other venue and don’t have to disrespect our anthem and flag. Whose the boss, the players or the owners, the answer is the FANS.

  48. Michael says:

    Not only should they be fined but they should also be removed from the roster for good!! Let them find a job making minimum wage instead of millions of dollars for being ass holes!!

  49. Bruce Porter says:

    the panthers ratings just went even lower thanks to their owners big mouth (play football)

  50. Jan says:

    LOL…Holy Jeeez!!!…Only a complete LOSER would put 750K on Kasich… He should have just thrown it out the widow… maybe someone respectable would find it.

  51. Gu says:

    scum hedgefund tax cheater. Time to TAX WEALTH APPRECIATION,….not just income.
    Also a 1% tax on all stock trades

  52. Alberta Williams says:

    Hey David Tepper, why don’t you give this speech to our Veteran’s who came home with missing body parts, and watched their fellow brothers carried in coffins with that flag drapped over it. That same flag they refuse to stand for. Don’t like this country or it’s flag……..then leave please!

      • George E Schultz says:

        Agree 100%. Don’t like the USA, leave this beautiful country. Cuba is close by or Mexico.

        • Mike says:

          They don’t like the way black people are, too often, treated in the USA. They are not protesting the flag, the military or the USA although Don would have you believe that.

          • Beartrap says:

            Nice try, barn breath democrat.

          • Thomas says:

            BS The Moronic protests are against our Men in Blue. These Millionaire Hypocrites think they are victims of Police Brutality?? Police do not see color, only right/wrong. I don’t see these phony Millionaires working hard in the ghettos to help their poor Brothers/Sisters. They live in Ivory Estates isolated from all. Sad lot and the NFL can go to h ll.

  53. Rob says:

    Every player who knees for our flag knees for every American that died for our flag
    They can get out of this country and shut down football.
    Stand up for our Flag
    America Is Great

  54. n wilson oliver says:

    The interesting factor at play here is the de facto coalition between the one-percenters like at the top of the food chain, who are essentially “The Deep State” or vested interests (Wall Street, Military-Industrial Complex, CIA FBI top echelon) and the vassals at the bottom of the food chain, the “losers” and thugs and “gangstas” and illegals and third-generation welfare spawn, druggies and other slackers, the gender confused, and of course the snowflake idiots who essentially rely on the government for handouts–

    The one-percenters HATE Trump because he is exposing them for what they are–corrupt, elitist, dictatorial in their wealth and monopoly (Soros, Facebook, NitTwitter), the whore-politicians who sell their souls for crumbs from these uber-wealthy (Clintons come to mind but there are many)–and of course those who are being exposed as leeches and Anti-Americans and scum and illegals and criminals who essentially rip Americans off through welfare and otherwise, these “haters” cannot stand the Light that Trump has brought to the political stage–

    When the Uber B*tch Clinton spoke of “Deplorables,” she was NOT castigating the frauds at the bottom or the Weinsteins who paid to pinch her fat *ss, she disparaged laboring Americans who were caught in the middle, living with little security other than their jobs and some savings, who were IGNORED by the Top Tier as unworthy–why, because they were PATRIOTS, whose daughters and sons SERVED, who often came back in coffins or without limbs–

    Soros is NOT a communist–he uses communist fools to keep him at the top where he tries his best to DESTROY the freedoms and culture and heritage of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA for a one world government (with the uber elite at the top and the rest at the bottom, helpless)–

    That explains why the fools like this “owner” of the pathetic protesting Panthers use the left–Nike saw $s in using the face of a has-been quarterback who would have been on the street by now had he not taken a knee and become the perfect pawn for the manipulators at the top!

    • Mike says:

      All us 1% can do is thank Don for making income discrepancies even worse. Thanks to his great tax plan we benefit disproportionately . You suckers in the bottom 50% are really going to get a surprise when you file for 2018. Don has you all fooled with his phony patriotism. He was such a patriot that he phoned up his bone spurs five times to dodge his duty in the military. I was drafted in that era, went to Vietnam and was wounded. Don is an insult to all veterans.

      • John Flynn says:

        Quite the contrary, Mike, bonespurs are a medical deferral to protect, not only the person having those bonespurs, but the soldier in the field, YOU, cuz’ you hardly want someone who may not be physically qualified to assist you WHEN YOU ARE IN TROUBLE!!!! Medical deferments (like my epilepsy) is recognized to help the soldier in the field be safe. Dodgers are those who flee the country to avoid military service, like Billy-Boy Clinton. Patriotism is hardly phony….

        • Mike says:

          Bone spurs in that era were a convenient way to dodge the draft. There are far more cooks, clerks, truck drivers, etc in the Army than infantrymen . You would not have gotten a deferment, you would have been 4F after one visit to the draft board. Medical deferments were a draft dodging ploy. Had Don dodged then protested the stupidity of the war, I might give him some praise. But he didn’t. Just went on partying in spite of all that pain.

      • Aubie says:

        sorry to disagree Mike but you are wrong.Hope your wounds weren’t to bad. Trump is the only hope for America it is so clear the Dems are out to destroy it.The country called we went welcome home brother!!!! Viet-nam 65-66 USMS Silver star— Purple heart

        • Mott says:

          Thank you and WELCOME HOME! I know we did not get the “Welcome” that we should have and thank God that some of the children of the protesters grew a set.

  55. Frank says:

    Just another POS with lot’s of money. Hey pepper tepper, ever serve in the military? NFL thinks their ratings are bad now, wait and see what ratings will be this year after your mindless over inflated ego is going to cost the NFL after your useless comment.

  56. Audrey says:

    This is they way people work to become Dictators. Don’t think so do your research. WWII and Hitler.

  57. Liberally Disgusted says:

    It’s people like this jerk who make me glad our family will no longer have anything to do with the NFL on TV. It also make me hope that the NFL loses it’s shirt (and Tepper, too!) so these overpaid bags of wind end up making minimum wage.

  58. Marc vanic says:

    Mr tepper , did u ever do any real work ? In a mill etc for 40k a year , no , people died for the liberties you very much have capitalized on , sell the team , pack up your ill gotten gains and head to russia , ohh and take colin and the boys with you

  59. JC says:

    This guy is a complete jackass! The players have their rights to their opinions and their outspoken statements but they do not have a right to step on the toes of the fans or their owners. Liberals have screwed up everything they touch in America and the kneeling is dispicable and not becoming professional athletes. Since there is freedom of speech perhaps fans should stand up and recite on the crimes the players have been guilty of so [people will know what they really are watching on the field!

  60. Mary Allen says:

    This is just another proof why the NFL is no longer worth watching. I don’t even miss it after many years a fanatic Dallas Cowboy fan.

  61. I personally think that every owner, general manager, coaces, and players should be donating millions of dollars every season to the wounded warrior foundation, this would greatly benefit our wounded and emotionally damaged warriors, you know the people these meat head nfl players are disrecting when they take a knee. I have yet to watch an nfl game this year, I just have lost all interest in it, I really couldnt care less who wins or loses, because to me they are all losers. I am sticking to college football, because these guys are playing for the love of the game, not the multi million dollar contracts that are so ridicously paid to these losers in the nfl.

    • Tony says:

      Donate to VFW must of the money goes to the Veterans a little over 50 percent goes to the MW Vets

    • Marlene says:

      The wounded warrior eats up most donations in high salaries and parties to encourage more donations for their salaries. The red cross is the same. Research charities before giving. I think the Salvation Army is still a good charity but Goodwill is not. There are many charities, look into their business accounts before donating.

  62. Richard says:

    Upon original hiring in the past, the players were instructed that they would stand for the Flag. Yes in America you have the right to refuse and to enforce one to do so is not the answer.
    This is called Freedom to worship and free speech. I stand for the Flag, I kneel before the God of creation. From reports of many of them having many wives and many children within and without marriage, perhaps if they lowered their pants the tribute would be more like their cncerns.

  63. Rivahmitch says:

    After more than sic decades as an NFL watcher and over 50 years as a “rabid fan”, last year, after the scum started kneeling, I turned off my TV on Sundays and got rid of all my team gear (including decades old Superbowl hats, shirts flags, etc). Never Again will the NFL be viewed in my home since Goodell and asses like Tepper have decided to place both the league and their teams on the side of the leftists and communists in the domestic culture wars.

  64. Bern Qualheim says:

    Tepper is an idiot traitor

    • jim says:


  65. dlmstl says:

    Within five years these guys he now supports will be filing laws suits claiming CTE injuries suffered from their time under his employ. Insurance will cover the cost of claims while this multi-billion dollar industry rolls on. With an endless supply of replacements, these types of owners simply look at it as colateral damage that’s just part of the business.

  66. Gilbert Levy says:

    This “blubberhead” couldn’t manage a hedge fund let alone a bunch of no brain “athletes”.

  67. Joe says:

    The cowardly NFL owners should have a clause in their contracts allowing them to FIRE kneelers.

  68. Billy says:

    All the kneelers should be looking for jobs. There is a time and place to protest. During the National Anthem and at a place of business is not one of them.

  69. Leo says:

    Go ahead David Tepper dig you a hole too. You just don’t realize how many Real Americans stand proudly for that flag. Think about it.

  70. E.P, says:

    You have lowered the standard of who football players respresent. We, the people, are supposed to “pay” for their “rebellion” in public? Let them do it on their own personal time – outside the stadium where people can respond to them. Now their response is empty seats and more coming. Follow the Cowboys owner’s example and stand up to them.

  71. Richard says:

    Tepper has the right to say anything he wants, and to support, contribute, or do as he pleases politically, but he making two costly mistakes at present. First, he is opening a can of worms over his outburst that did not exist in his newly owned football team, which could create divisions in his team. Second, he is opening a bigger can of worms via underestimating or neglecting to consider the fans who support his team. Unlike the big city dwellers and their concrete living spaces, the Carolina’s are staunchly patriotic and strongly view kneeling as an in your face unpatriotic movement, the players realize this, and he should as well. Unfortunately the word is out and we will just have to wait until we see what happens from here on out.

  72. minnie says:

    They just don’t get it, It’s WE THE PEOPLE that are boycotting, our president is just standing with us. I didn’t boycott because he said to. We are boycotting in the name of our military and our flag and our national anthem. Either show respect or get the hell out of our country. And we don’t care who you are or how much money you have. We are the people that demand respect and we have a right to not watch any of you until we get it. If they want to act like idiots then do so, it is their right, but not in front of our children and any of us. I think most of us are getting tired of even hearing your names.

    • Drew says:

      I have a Idea that it doesn’t include Me or Mine.
      .SIGNED: A Viet Nam Veteran

      • minne says:

        We the people that are protesting. If your not, then that’s fine too. But they treat those of us that are like mind-less people. Our president didn’t lead us to this protest. The ones of us that are boycotting are doing so because we believe in it. If you don’t, that’s fine. Your a Vet and you have more rights then most to go either way. Just like a football player, if he wants to kneel then do it. But a lot of people are trying to teach their children to respect our country. And that just doesn’t show respect. If you and yours don’t, then that’s up to you

      • Marlene says:

        Leftist loons like you are free to voice your opinion. Free speech protected by the military persons who have sacrificed much under the flag you disparage. So blather on.

  73. Jerry Emerson says:

    yes, their are fine young men in the NFL, Their are at least 2 on your team. Olsen and Kerchie. all the fans are asking you to do as the owners of NFL teams is to FIRE THE ONES WHO DISRESPECT THE FLAG AND OUR NATIONAL MILITARY AND POLICE WHO PROTECT

  74. Carl says:

    As more and more teams are owned by liberal Jewish Democrats like Tepper….we can expect this….

  75. RODNEY ANDREGG says:

    ~ Tepper, Your opinion is just that a opinion you have …..It’s not the “Will of the Majority ” and You are wrong ……You have Colin Cancer as well as the FRICK’N NFL until you can show respect and the NFL all can SUCK OUR TOE JAM. ~

    • Jose says:

      Dame right. NFL players and owners who won’t respect the American Flag should be moved to North Korea and let them entertain the North Koreans with their FOOLS BALL.

  76. Where woud these scum bags be today if slaves were not brought to America??

    • Vet says:

      Only in America do these arrogant black things exist. The only country that puts up with it. They should be stripped of their citizenship and expelled (regurgitated) from this place they hate so much. As much as we try to accommodate them, their racist beliefs make them misfits in a civilized society. Get rid of them.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Keep cutting your own throats you ignorant jerk off’s.You have lost hundreds of millions of dollars disrespecting our flag and those who served and died for and under her.You talk about inequality,but if you look at the big picture,black is better of now than any time in history.You talk about police brutality against black.If you didn’t commit crimes,then try to run,fight or shoot the the police,and just COMPLIED with command,you wouldn’t have any problems.Another thing you never complain about is the black on black crime.There is more black on black crime and black on white crime,than cop or white on black crime.But you won’t say anything about THAT,because it doesn’t fit your DAMNED agenda,DOES IT?

    • Ralph Salvatore says:

      I could not have said it any better very accurate as most of the country sees it

    • Janet says:

      Each player should have it in their contract that they behave according to the rules, i.e. stand for the flag, in the same way they pledge to play their high priced game, ACCORDING TO THE RULES! What a terrible waste of time and money to continue to act like this! And – to DAVID TEPPER – leave our president alone; he seems to be the only leader who is a true patriot and stands for what WE THE PEOPLE believe in!

  78. Roy says:

    The fine should come immediately before they are FIRED! All NFL contracts should include the language that dis-respecting our flag and nation will result in immediate and permanent expulsion, cancellation of contract and all future monetary considerations, and no possibility of lawsuits and/or any negotiations.

  79. Boycott the NFL …tell these rich bit@@ owners to go to help if they don’t enforce the team to stand for the fla

  80. Frank W Brown says:

    It matters NOT what ANY of these idiots do. I’ve been DONE with them for over two years, my time is better spent on Saturdays, where I can watch a BETTER GAME!!

  81. Ron says:

    maybe not only fine players, but club as well

  82. Dave Meachum says:

    When I hired someone that CAME TO ME AND WANTED A JOB, they are told we have some rules, we will go over them with you, if you don’t want to follow them that’s ok, but you need to go somewhere else and look for employment.

  83. Joe says:

    Hit them in the wallet. Keep it up and go the way of the boonie bird

  84. James Dugan says:

    Good job fans. Keep it up. Make them pay for bringing politics into our love of football!

    • tgw says:

      Some owners are just so into themselves, that they think they can survive anything. We will see what they think when bills and revenue begins to cramp there life style. As well as the minority owners involved. Don’t kid our selves, all these guys are in this to make money.

  85. Steve S. says:

    They should Not be fined, they should be charged air time for a political ad, everyone else in the world has to pay to put their ad on prime time family entertainment programming. Sure, they have a right to demonstrate their view, outside the view of camera. They are in effect stealing airtime for their personal opinion ad.

  86. Stephanie Tavares says:

    I don’t really care any more if they stand, kneel, or hide during the anthem NFL is dead to my havent watched since the 1st kneel

  87. von Potter says:

    Whatsamatta David Tepper, are you losing money at the gate………..FYI its not the CIC that is causing it, but the LEGAL CITIZENS OF THE USA that are tired of the Manure that those players are doing against the USA, our military, and the Constitution of the USA……Looks like you are as empty headed as your players.

  88. Audie Jordan says:

    The owners should be fined., $1,000,000.00/ player not appearing & standing for Anthem. The players should be fired.

    His comments on what fine young men NFL players & how much they give back to their communities is ridiculous. The few that are assets to their communities can’t compete w/ the number who are into drugs, violence, dead beat dads, consumed by bling disease. That is what kids see.

  89. Bob says:

    Tepper believes he is more powerful than the president of the United States. That is his problem. He hates it that President Trump is doing the job the people voted him into office to do and little fund manager, Tepper, is not able to get the people behind him because he loves his criminal football players more than he loves he USA. President Trump is the opposite. He loves the American people more than he does the freaking football players.

  90. DJ says:

    The owners and coaches are spineless, gutless, slime that stand up for a bunch of malcontents rather than a symbol that represents this great country. Black on black crime is the problem, not the cops……

  91. Fr Tom Martin says:

    Find young men perfect role models – prison , use drugs, spousal abuse, bankrupt living beyond means, murder, robbery,

  92. Fr Tom Martin says:

    The players are the ones that created the problem and the owners were not very good business people to get in a situation where their employees are their boss. Yes, they are all young outstanding role models – how many have gone to prison.? How many caught using drugs? How many arrested for spousal abuse? Hiwmany have lost their fortune living beyond their means, etc

  93. Rick says:

    Steff thank you for your kind words
    Semper Fi… MAGA

    • DJ says:

      Thanks Rick, you are not the norm but if you were this would be a fantastic world. Your absolutely right, it’s not the color of a persons skin that makes a person, it’s the upbringing and moral character.

  94. Rick says:

    What is really sad is that my black brothers and sisters don’t even know the great contributions to this country their ancestors provided. Even though still segregated we had the 761st Black Panther Tank Battalion WW2. Patton wasn’t sure but was so excited when he unleashed them (fearless) Then came the Tuskegee Airmen. They were great pilots in the P51. So good to prevent our own people from shooting them down they had their tails painted Red. Then came one of my hero’s ,the greatest Christian Soldier
    of my lifetime Dr. Martin Luther King . What is sad that Dr. King gave me my five word bible I’ve used for
    55 years now. So when I see these young people kneel or raise their fist I’m just sad for them because I’m
    reminded again about “THE CONTENT OF THEIR CHARACTER” It was never about the color of their skin.

    • Steff says:

      You sir are a real patriot and are wise beyond belief. Thank you for your service and your loyalty to Dr. Martin Luther King. These young men should devote their spare time in educating themselves and others about succeeding in life, because unfortunately, many youngsters are driven to gangs and drugs with a lack of good education and poverty. By doing this, they will have role models and this is the BEST way to garner additional support and pay it forward.

    • trapperwv1 says:

      You are so right but let me also say after working 30 some years in the utility industry in a major city (not Chicago or LA, NY) 90 % of the black people I did work for were fine upstanding individuals and I’m talking poorest of the poor to the previous owner of BET and all loved our country. It is a small minority in ANTIFA and BLM.

  95. STEVE FLOWERS says:

    MR. DAVID TEPPER.. You sir are absolutely wrong for challenging the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! You see sir, he works for the people and the people DO NOT LIKE THE ATTITUDE OF THE NFL PLAYERS BY KNEELING DURING THE PLAYING OF OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM. I AS A VETERAN consider the players of rejecting me, presently serving Veterans and VETERANS WHO HAVE GIVEN ALL. t represents a slap in the face to us.If you can’t figure that out, the B/S…..BLAME & SHAME IS ON YOUR HEAD! All of this could have been stopped on the very first day that KO-PO-DICK decided to kneel during the playing of the anthem. It showed that there wasn’t any leadership of the owner(s) of the NFL and worst yet, the NFL COMMISSIONER WAS CLUELESS, ‘NO BALLS!’ SO UNTIL THIS ENDS, YOU SIR HAVE BECOME ONE OF THE MAJOR CONTRIBUTORS OF THE NFL. REMEMBER THIS, PRESIDENT TRUMP IS THE LEADER OF OUR COUNTRY AND THE COUNTRY IS IT’S PEOPLE! STO[P YOUR RANTING, IF YOU LOSE MONEY IT BECOMES YOUR FAULT BECAUSE OF YOUR LACK OF LEADERSHIP AS BEING THE OWNER!

  96. Steff says:

    David Tepper “hedged” his money on a losing proposition. We the people are sick and tired of the UNPATRIOTIC football players and have stopped going to games and watching games on TV. You have stuck your foot in a pile of excrement clear up to your neck!!

  97. Frank Falco says:

    That sorry worthless Kaepernick. I still think he(Kaepernick) works for the Russians dividing up the country like the Russian leader said I will never have to fire a shot, the Americans will kill themself. He (Kaepernick) found a sucker (Niki) to to support him and pay his bills. I hope the American people are smart enough to boycott Niki so that way Kaepernick would have to go find a job like everybody else has to.

  98. Grizz Mann says:

    President Trump has railed against NFL players who took a knee during the playing of the national anthem as unpatriotic over the last two years while ignoring the stated reasons for the protests. He also invited players to make known people they think have been treated unfairly and promised to look into those cases. I’m going to ask them to recommend to me people that were unfairly treated and I’m gonna take a look at those applications and if I find and my committee finds that they’ve been unfairly treated than we’ll pardon them. Or at least let them out.” Has anyone in the NFL availed themselves of this opportunity?

  99. Thomas H Mitchell says:

    Why are they not directing their focus on Rahm Emmanuelle and his cronies?

  100. Thomas H Mitchell says:

    You should never solicit religion or politics on the job or try to influence others. It’s been that way for years, of course they have feeble minds and their parents taught them nothing while most learned or retained little academically while in college.

    They need to grow up and see where their bread is buttered. They are acting like they special similar to Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters and idiots in the likes of Al Sharpton.

  1. September 28, 2018

    […] Patriot Pulse reported, Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper recently went on a public anti-Trump […]

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