This NFL national anthem kneeler is paying a big price for his antics

National anthem protests took the NFL by storm last season.

The NFL suffered a drop in ratings and major sponsors including Papa Johns fled over the protests.

Now, one of the most vocal protesters is still unsigned and could threaten to sue.

Eric Reid was one of the original players who knelt for the national anthem with Colin Kaepernick in support of Black Lives Matter.

He is currently a free agent and yet to receive any contract offers.

According to Pro Football Talk, Reid met with Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown about joining the team.

Pro Football Talk reports:

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Brown personally met with Reid when Reid visited the Bengals on Monday. Brown, according to the source, initiated discussion regarding the issue of kneeling during the anthem. The conversation almost exclusively centered on the topic, with Brown explaining that he intends to prohibit it — and with Brown at one point asking Reid for his response.

Reid, caught off guard by the line of questioning, wasn’t willing to make a commitment on the spot. Last month, Reid said he’s currently not planning to kneel or otherwise demonstrate during the anthem. But Reid, who is considering other options for bringing attention to societal issues he considers to be important, hasn’t made any final decisions, and he wasn’t willing to do so at the direct request and behest of Brown.

After the meeting with Brown, Reid took a physical and spent time reviewing film with members of the coaching staff. He developed a clear sense that the coaches (specifically, defensive coordinator Teryl Austin) were interested in signing Reid and weren’t concerned about whether he’d kneel or otherwise demonstrate during the anthem or at any other time. Late in the visit, however, coach Marvin Lewis asked Reid if he wanted to clarify anything that Reid told ownership regarding the anthem. Reid said that he had no clarifications or changes to make to what he had said, and the visit ended not long after that without an offer being made to Reid.

Now, Reid could pursue a lawsuit against NFL owners for collusion.

Under the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement, no team “shall enter into any agreement, expressed or implied, with the NFL or any other club, its employees or agents to restrict or limit individual club decision making as to … whether to negotiate or not to negotiate with any player.”

Reid’s former teammate Colin Kaepernick is still searching for a team and has filed a grievance against the NFL for colluding against him.

But after losing fans and revenue last season, NFL owners are wary of signing any player that would put their America-hating politics ahead of the team.

60 Responses

  1. Mike H says:

    The majority of these football players can barely keep any kind of conversation. Most of them still talk ghetto. And you’re trying to tell me that they got through college.? Who did their grades and how did they get through all of that. If you’re a good football player .One way or another you’re going to pass all those courses aren’t you.

  2. Rich Kenny says:

    Especially Crap-r-nut!! he is an instigator and antagonist. He makes the whole package rotten! I don’t watch the NFL any more and especially any with which these protesters are associated. They do not even deserve to live in the U.S. of A.!!!!!

  3. Godfrey Buquet says:

    Have no plans to ever watch a professional football game in the future again. College and local high school games are so much more fulfilling and the cost is minimal. Plus the young people show appreciation while the big boys show no appreciation, nor respect. I don’t understand how someone can watch professionals when they, the professionals show so little appreciation. Enjoy your money boys, I am enjoying more of mine since you forced me to make a decision. God Bless. Oh, forgot you probably don’t believe in him either. It’s o k, all about your privilege.

  4. kenneth r golightly says:

    Haven’t watched any NFL games sense they started kneeling.

  5. Dr. J says:

    Lost all respect for NFL Teams that allow players to dictate what they will do as an employee. Teams and players need to grow up if they expect to salvage what’s left of a dwindling public.

  6. Leo says:

    Not watched no nfl since & have no disire to ever watch it again I am done! Bunch of cry babies!! NFL is history!!

  7. Jarhead says:

    Gosh a couple fruitcake millionaire NFL Players who feel oppressed…..DUH !! First rule of good management : “Don’t hire troublemakers”……….idiots or morons…….

  8. Stephan says:

    If they are SO POORLY treated here. Why don’t they just GO HOME? I mean back to africa. Hey it’s where they all claim to be from

  9. NFL–NO FANS LEFT!!–That is what is going to happen the NFL if the protests continue, period!!!!….

  10. Susan Dix says:

    NFL owners need to stand up and say players need to “stand up” for our national anthem without the black
    power fist! When you work for someone, you don’t get to dictate your behavior while in their employment.
    Team players should be just that: team players. They should be playing football and leave their politics at home.
    NFL owners are too wishy washy. Stand up to your players because you are paying them an enormous amount
    of money. The players are there to play a game, not go rogue, and do as they please! Let them go to another country
    and another league.

  11. Cliff says:

    As far as I’m concerned the nfl is dead. The owners did this to themselves to make a buck. I hope the nfl goes belly up. You get what you deserve in life.

  12. Charles H. says:

    They may have a right to protest when our national authem is played, but I also have the right not to ever watch another NFL game or buy NFL merchandise again.

  13. Sue says:

    These spoiled, over-paid brats need to remember one thing: If you act like a stupid, disrespectful jerk, then expect to be treated like one!

  14. Keith G Hearn says:

    I am very proud to say, I NEVER watched a game last year, or spent a penny on NFL gear. Living just fine. Don’t need crybaby POS whining. I loved and played football myself, but these idiots can’t stand for our national anthem and what it stands for, I CAN’T STAND TO WATCH THESE PECKERWOODS!!!!

  15. Michael says:

    College football for me…I’m going to watch the kneelers who haven’t kneeled YET…those over paid adolescents in the NFL have lost my baby blues watching them on NFL game day you give a spoiled rotten kid right out of college an ungodly amount of money… They get an over inflated ego…and think wayyyyyy to much of there own opinion?

  16. Albedamned! says:

    If they are banned, the only thing they qualify for is prison.

  17. Tom Anderson says:

    Just because a suit is filed does nt mean that they automatically win, as in the White House, collusion has to be proven, So sue away you ungrateful ass holes.

  18. JLM says:

    If there were true equality, a large number of these players would not have made it into, much less through, the colleges that gave them athletic “scholarships.” Those who were admitted for the right reasons are in a minority. One should first be admitted to a college academically, and then the coaches should recruit players from the admitted group.

  19. Dianne says:

    Because Ford backed the NFL decision to stand behind these thugs we will no longer buy Ford cars or trucks, which we have always done in the past 30+ years. We just bought a new 2018 Hyundai, too bad Ford.

  20. SKULLTAKER says:

    Kapernick will NEVER play in the NFL Again, EFFF HIM, Playing in the NFL is a PRIVILEDGE, NOT a Right ! To Prove how STUPID he is, he was going around wearing a Che Guevarra T-Shirt , too STUPID to Know that Che was a Racist who HATED Blacks !

  21. James Maxwell says:

    Personally there are some players in football that are true Americans and honor and respect our
    Nation, our Flag, our Anthem, our warriors and where our nation is today. Those individuals I
    still support, but as far as any sport goes, the owners control the game and the actions of their
    players. They are the ones who have kowtowed to the millionaires and their feeble attempt
    to disrespect our Nation and our values. They can take a flying leap off a short pier and never
    come back. I turned off a sport I love to watch paint dry rather than support them or their
    owners in any shape, form and are fashion. I will spend my hard earned money in other venues
    that support the USA and our values. I stopped watching football last years when this crap
    started and nothing was done by the owners and took it a step further by refusing to support
    the advertisers of the anti American crowd. I am but one Disabled Vet who can still show
    support and am willing to fight for my Nation and fellow vets.

  22. Chsrlene place says:

    There should be a certain amount of patriotism in sports however shouldn’t rule over sports find other ways to voice your dismay with our great nation I understand these players are donating money to soros organizations which I wouldn’t brag about that but they can’t have it both ways these players have a right to do whatever they want but don’t desrespect our flag charlene place

  23. Steve says:

    Last I looked NFL teams are privately owned as such the “boss” i.e. owner can make rules of employment including “do your protesting on your own time & dime” …. if they refuse don’t hire , if the do after hire … fire them!

  24. wilbur says:

    Just don’t hire the creeps who don’t know which side of their bread the butter is on.

  25. Gay Phillips says:

    This attitude of entitlement really is dangerous. Why should any boss have to explain himself over the decisions he makes about whom to hire. Actions have consequences, and no boss wants to have a troublemaker in his organization. Politics now controls every facet of our lives. It was not meant to be that way.

  26. We the People says:

    WE want to know WHERE the inequality is.If there was TRUE in equality,BLACK wouldn’t be playing in the NFL,NBA,MLB,etc.The TRUE inequality is to the white man and in ALL but the NHL and the Hispanic in ALL sports excluding MLS..SOOOOOOOOOOOOO,where is the inequality,BLACK???????

  27. tom says:

    nothing is holding them back to migrate back to their countries if origin

  28. Mo says:

    Don’t have any sorrow for this anti-American POS. He had one good season and hasn’t been worth anything since. I get that you want to raise awareness about what you think are abuses, but kneeing during the National Anthem is not the best way to raise public opinion.

  29. Rob Driscoll says:

    If these players really felt that strongly about black lives And supposed police brutality they would’ve done something while Obama was in office. But now because Trump is an office they take a quick Knee To show their support for something? Thisnisnpurely political. Everyone knows that. If they really felt that strongly about this they could go on any TV station, any radio station, and go into their own communities to help the situation by educating young kids. But instead they take the easy way out, and take a BS 5 minute show of protest, to show their “support” for a cause. But No, instead they take the easy way out and cop a knee. Typical libtard crap and the reason I dont watch the NFL

  30. Donald says:

    Don’t LOVE Our Republic Of United States Of America Then Move to Venezuela or Middle East or Saudi Arabia!

  31. MARCO POshar says:

    DON”There that MORON,,,,,,

  32. Dave Koen says:

    Im in total agreement with the owners! The players signed up to play football NOT be in politics! These liberal rich jerks shouldn’t try to push their liberal unpopular agendas on everyone else! If their that unhappy here, let them move to a different country.

  33. ernaldo says:

    If it had been up to me, colon (sic) would have found himself on a Yemen beach, with his citizenship revoked. We should scour America of ALL muzlims, and others not happy here…..

  34. Ray Lutka says:

    God bless America and the flag it stands for. Join the service you cowards, and find out what it means to fight and sometimes die for it.

    • JonT says:

      Ray, these gutless anti American followers of Odumbo who created this with his hatred for America, wouldn’t have the balls to put on a military uniform. They are nothing but a bunch of weak minded followers, who think they can do anything they want, even disobey the law. The NFL and the owners are as gutless as they are, everyone of the low life kneelers and sitters should have been fined big time, better yet fired. This clown has a lot of balls trying to sue, if he was working a normal job he’d have been history. The NFL is dead to me since kaperdick started his disrespect for Our National Anthem and those who fought to protect Our Freedom!!

  35. Mott says:

    I am glad the NFL is FINALLY looking at and doing something about this, I do however believe it is too little too late.

  36. Jacqueline Knoblock says:

    These people are a perfect example of what sort of character building goes on in our universities. Selfish, pampered brats who think the world owes them a living. Who cares. They learned a new word “collusion”, and just have to apply it to themselves without understanding what it means.

  37. Cheryl Pollock says:

    In response to Rob Raskin. The word insignificant is so appropriate. These anti American protesters are insignificant to the USA, insignificant to its prople and obviously insignificant to the football teams. This black lives matter protest is pathetic. Because ALL lives matter no matter the color of the skin. And YES, police lives matter too.

  38. Muriel says:

    If he is so unhappy with our flag and country he has every rite to leave and play somewhere else. He has no rite to disrespect our flag and what it means and he has no rite to disrect the people who have given their lives so this baby can play a game and get paid for it. He is an ungrateful and overpaid baby.

  39. Sara Horvath says:

    They shouldn’t be allowed to kneel during the anthem. It’s disrespectful. If these guys feel they need to protest the police then they should do it either at their local police station or court house not by disrespecting our country

  40. Rob Raskin says:

    These Anti-Americans have NO IDEA how insignificant they are and how many fans they lost. I for one haven’t watched any football games, or highlights, since Kap sat, the ownership allowed it, the commissioner supported it, and ESPN and the MSM condoned it. EVERY SOLDIER who fights, fights in the name of FREEDOM, which is what our flag represents. EVERY SOLDIER who dies in battle comes home in a coffin that’s wrapped in our flag. EVERY FAMILY is given the flag as a reminder that their loved one paid the ULTIMATE PRICE in the name of our flag. Anyone who disrespects that flag disrespects our very foundation and every soldier who has ever represented our country so that we can be free. For me, there is NO MORE FOOTBALL, and nothing they can do at this point to win me back as a fan.

    • Bill Wilson says:

      These people are signed by team owners to play football. People go to stadiums and/or tune in to television broadcasts to watch football games. I suspect that 99.9% of people don’t give one little damn about their political views on any subject. The players are just like any other employee … do your job are get the hell out of the way so someone else can be hired that will do it.

    • Moma says:

      They truly have no idea. I wish they would bring back the draft. Let these idiots find out what the flag really means. My dad served in WWII and Korea. Died 40 years later from a bullet lodged next to his heart that he has had since the Battle of the Bulge. i lost a lot of friends in Vietnam. These idiots need a wakeup call. No more football at my house. I made my husband go somewhere else to watch the super bowl.

    • JonT says:

      Rob, no one could have said it better. They are nothing but a bunch of ingrates. It’s too bad those who continued to fill the stands on Sundays didn’t feel the same as the rest of us Americans, that would have really sent a message to the NFL and these sitters into unemployment. Screw the National Felon League and it’s protesters!!!

  41. Jerry says:

    It is your right to protest. It is the owners right to not hire a troublesome piece of trash. You do NOT have a right to any job, much less one that pays big money for playing a kids game. Suck it up buttercup.

  42. Paul says:

    You get paid to do a job, do your job! Protest on your own time ,Out of Uniform! Any other employer would not tolerate your bitching why should the nfl owners.

  43. Terry says:

    If you don’t like the way things are going then you should get out of sports because you are a bunch of big baby’s that make way to much money to start with

  44. Mike H says:

    They always say it’s not about the flag. If that’s the case then why do they Neal when the flag comes out.? That flag represents everything that this country is and the amount of people that died for that flag. Protest a different way because the flag is not one of them. I don’t care what race you are you stand for the flag. When I was in the military I had a lot of buddies that were from all races and we were all proud to stand and salute that flag.

  45. Tjgatto says:

    So on your day off go do your protest ! You get paid to play football NOT cheerlead NOT protest . If you work at a factory you do what the owner tells you to work on if you protest you get fired ! So play football premadonna stand for the country I fought for and do what your owner and coach tell you to do ! When I watch a game if someone kneels or rides the bike I switch to another game and so far have boycotted all products

  46. Stephen says:

    Sure, everybody has a right to protest, but that doesn’t mean you get everything going your way. Words and actions sometimes have consequences that are often not how we thought things would go. So these guys should quit whining about it and throw their energy into helping their Community.

  47. Dave Miedema says:

    You decided to bring SJW whining into NFL games, Eric, and it’s on you. You’re getting what you deserve.

  48. Cp123 says:

    Smart bosses do not hire trouble makers. Be a warrior on your own time to your own neighbors.

  49. Eric says:

    Ban them for life; they may apply for reinstatement after 25 years.

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