This new poll on Melania Trump will ruin the Democrats’ day

It’s no secret that the left despises First Lady Melania Trump.

Members of the media, elected officials, and left-wing activists have consistently attacked the First Lady, and even her son, since President Trump was inaugurated.

But this new poll on Melania Trump will ruin the Democrats’ day.

A new approval poll was just released showing Melania Trump’s approval ratings are near record highs.

The Daily Caller reports:

First lady Melania Trump’s favorability rating has rebounded after lagging during the summer months, according to a SSRS poll released on Friday.

The poll shows 54 percent of respondents viewed Melania favorably, up three points from June and down three points from her highest rating in May. Alternatively, her unfavorability rating has remained relatively consistent at around 30 percent.

Melania’s lowest rating occurred the month President Donald Trump was inaugurated in January 2017, beginning her role as first lady with 36 percent favorability, reported CNN.

She is viewed highly among Republicans and Independents, with a rating of 83 percent and 55 percent, respectively. However, among Democrats, only 28 percent view her favorably, with 56 percent of Democrats viewing her as unfavorably.

Melania has often been made an unfair target of the left.

The New York Times attacked her for her choice of footwear while visiting Texas for disaster relief.

Late-night host, Jimmy Kimmel, has attacked her for her accent, the clothes she wears, and even “joked” about her marriage.

But no one attacks her more than self-proclaimed “feminists.”

In a recent interview, Melania called out the bullies:

“I could say that I’m the most bullied person in the world. One of them, if you really see what people are saying about me. … That’s why my ‘Be Best’ initiative is focusing on social media and online behavior.”

While the First Lady remains mostly separated from the day-to-day action of the White House, she has been a public advocate for children’s health issues and an outspoken voice against the opioid crisis.

Many are unware of everything Melania Trump does for these public health issues and children.

Despite everything the left has done to attack the First Lady, her popularity among voters continues to rise.

That is sure to make so-called “feminists” very angry.


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117 Responses

  1. Jim says:

    The third Mrs Trump is a tramp she was a high price call girl a prostitute couldn’t get any worse with this man and his supporters
    is there no one who isnt white trash around Trump?

  2. james barry says:

    The third Mrs Trump was a high-priced call girl she is nothing better than a common tramp

  3. The Real M says:

    James Barry, Oh, I forgot to address your reference to “sophisticated”. What would a ignoramus uncouth idiot like you know about sophistication? Someone had to explain what it means and how to spell it, didn’t they? 🙂
    Pathetic jerk, slandering and lying about Melania because you are consumed with hatred and TDS. Good thing we pay no attention to Dems, we just consider the source!

  4. The Real M says:

    James Barry, We require proof of your accusations against the FLOTUS! Have none, have you ever heard of slander and liable laws?
    Why do you accuse Republicans of having no morals for supporting President Trump when I can name dozens of Democrats who were guilty of adultery, child molestation, and rape. I will name a few here, Bill Clinton, Lyndon Johnson, Jack Kennedy, John Edwards, etc. I can look at your picture and see that you are old enough to remember these people but, if not, you must be a young man who has had an extremely hard life! No need to explain, who cares?

  5. James Barry says:

    She’s a cheap whore who worked as a call girl.
    have you no morals?

  6. James Barry says:

    She was also a prostitute Who revived a Visa by giving false information about what she was going to do in this country.

  7. James Barry says:

    Clearly the Republicans have no morals at all
    Example the third Mrs Trump was a high priced call girl (that means prostitute to all those who are not that sophisticated. )

  8. Bonnie gates says:

    Totally agree with you on this one for sure.1000%

  9. M says:

    August, You are one stupid $hita$$ dumb Dem lib! You are trying to make a liar of MT because you have heard her speak only one foreign language? Well idiot, you were low IQ when you opened your mouth. Just leave this fight alone, there was nothing to gain by “someone” reporting the fact that she speaks all those languages. MT wasn’t the one who made her language proficiency public knowledge. How petty you lib snowflakes are. Go help your mother with some chores or get out and get a job, you know, one of the ones that DJT’s administration policy made so all you libs could recover from the BHO eight years! You better find a job, your welfare benefits are going to go away, does that scare your? What a baby, nit picking little trivial things that nobody cares about anyway. By the way, I guarantee, Melania speaks at lease 5 languages, also go research her IQ, that will shock you also, you creep!

  10. August says:

    She’s just another opportunist after big money and easy living…
    BTW how many languages does the stable genius speak?
    We have proof of only one with 10 years old vocabulary…????

  11. Keith D says:

    Hot, intelligent speaks 5b languages and loyal!! Of course they hate her! They hate all LEGAL IMMIGRANTS because they don’t vote DEMON RAT!!!!

  12. K says:

    Our gracious & humble First Lady is one of the most intelligent & beautiful First Ladies to grace the White House in decades, maybe ever! When I think of her, the thought that comes to mind is, “don’t mistake her kindness for weakness! My gut instinct, those who continue to bulky & insult her, they are simply jealous & envious of her. Her beauty is far more than skin deep. She truly is the epitome of grace & elegance. Unlike the former first “person”, (still not convinced shes a female), OUR current First Lady is PROUD to be an American. Pathetic Michael left much to be desired.
    Keep your faith Melania, we Love & Appreciate you. Haters will always exist but not a a single one has a leg to stand on!

  13. Alex says:

    Walkin O’Shea: I believe in putting out a full perspective on people – not whitewashing some parts and exaggerating others. I actually think it is shallow and unbecoming for people to whitewash facts, take others out of context and also to exaggerate facts. Let’s be fulsome and truthful.

  14. I’m a man and I love beautiful women, why would it provide me with a different perspective of Melania Trump? Do 1995 photo’s have something to do with her classy presence as the 1st Lady today? I don’t think so. I understand what your’re trying to do through your comment, but it’s rather shallow, and unbecoming of you.

  15. Alex says:

    FedUp: Joan Rivers was a comedian that had a history of saying outrageous things to get some attention in order to have people watch her shows. Her remarks about Michelle Obama were not substantiated by any information or findings. Joan Rivers statement can not be treated as credible or accurate.Many statements are made about famous people and political leaders – though totally inaccurate – in order to push for those person’s specific agendas. Joan Rivers’ statements were ceased by right-wing conspiratorial sites in order to denigrate Michelle Obama – and by extension Barrack Obama and the Democratic Party. If you want to believe these far-fetched conspiratorial sites, it is your choice. For one, I do not believe them at all.

  16. Kara Wright says:

    There is no one on the DNC side who could hold a candle to the class that our First Lady has. You disgusting people in the DNC have said some of the most nasty things against her and she taken them with the most incredible lady like way no other could, I know God is own our President and First Lady side and we will have them both for another term. After the last First Person we had, I mean Michelle the very idea that we were sold a First Lady who is actually a man, is so hard to understand. We were duped is the worst way.

  17. Lynda Y. says:

    Melanie Trump is one classy lady. She is incredibly intelligent and beautiful inside and out. The fake news and the Dems are truly jealous of her. Rightfully so, look who they have, Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, Diane Finestein, Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Waters!

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