This new poll on Melania Trump will ruin the Democrats’ day

It’s no secret that the left despises First Lady Melania Trump.

Members of the media, elected officials, and left-wing activists have consistently attacked the First Lady, and even her son, since President Trump was inaugurated.

But this new poll on Melania Trump will ruin the Democrats’ day.

A new approval poll was just released showing Melania Trump’s approval ratings are near record highs.

The Daily Caller reports:

First lady Melania Trump’s favorability rating has rebounded after lagging during the summer months, according to a SSRS poll released on Friday.

The poll shows 54 percent of respondents viewed Melania favorably, up three points from June and down three points from her highest rating in May. Alternatively, her unfavorability rating has remained relatively consistent at around 30 percent.

Melania’s lowest rating occurred the month President Donald Trump was inaugurated in January 2017, beginning her role as first lady with 36 percent favorability, reported CNN.

She is viewed highly among Republicans and Independents, with a rating of 83 percent and 55 percent, respectively. However, among Democrats, only 28 percent view her favorably, with 56 percent of Democrats viewing her as unfavorably.

Melania has often been made an unfair target of the left.

The New York Times attacked her for her choice of footwear while visiting Texas for disaster relief.

Late-night host, Jimmy Kimmel, has attacked her for her accent, the clothes she wears, and even “joked” about her marriage.

But no one attacks her more than self-proclaimed “feminists.”

In a recent interview, Melania called out the bullies:

“I could say that I’m the most bullied person in the world. One of them, if you really see what people are saying about me. … That’s why my ‘Be Best’ initiative is focusing on social media and online behavior.”

While the First Lady remains mostly separated from the day-to-day action of the White House, she has been a public advocate for children’s health issues and an outspoken voice against the opioid crisis.

Many are unware of everything Melania Trump does for these public health issues and children.

Despite everything the left has done to attack the First Lady, her popularity among voters continues to rise.

That is sure to make so-called “feminists” very angry.


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117 Responses

  1. Jim says:

    The third Mrs Trump is a tramp she was a high price call girl a prostitute couldn’t get any worse with this man and his supporters
    is there no one who isnt white trash around Trump?

  2. james barry says:

    The third Mrs Trump was a high-priced call girl she is nothing better than a common tramp

  3. James Barry says:

    Clearly the Republicans have no morals at all
    Example the third Mrs Trump was a high priced call girl (that means prostitute to all those who are not that sophisticated. )

    • The Real M says:

      James Barry, We require proof of your accusations against the FLOTUS! Have none, have you ever heard of slander and liable laws?
      Why do you accuse Republicans of having no morals for supporting President Trump when I can name dozens of Democrats who were guilty of adultery, child molestation, and rape. I will name a few here, Bill Clinton, Lyndon Johnson, Jack Kennedy, John Edwards, etc. I can look at your picture and see that you are old enough to remember these people but, if not, you must be a young man who has had an extremely hard life! No need to explain, who cares?

    • The Real M says:

      James Barry, Oh, I forgot to address your reference to “sophisticated”. What would a ignoramus uncouth idiot like you know about sophistication? Someone had to explain what it means and how to spell it, didn’t they? 🙂
      Pathetic jerk, slandering and lying about Melania because you are consumed with hatred and TDS. Good thing we pay no attention to Dems, we just consider the source!

  4. Keith D says:

    Hot, intelligent speaks 5b languages and loyal!! Of course they hate her! They hate all LEGAL IMMIGRANTS because they don’t vote DEMON RAT!!!!

    • August says:

      She’s just another opportunist after big money and easy living…
      BTW how many languages does the stable genius speak?
      We have proof of only one with 10 years old vocabulary…????

      • M says:

        August, You are one stupid $hita$$ dumb Dem lib! You are trying to make a liar of MT because you have heard her speak only one foreign language? Well idiot, you were low IQ when you opened your mouth. Just leave this fight alone, there was nothing to gain by “someone” reporting the fact that she speaks all those languages. MT wasn’t the one who made her language proficiency public knowledge. How petty you lib snowflakes are. Go help your mother with some chores or get out and get a job, you know, one of the ones that DJT’s administration policy made so all you libs could recover from the BHO eight years! You better find a job, your welfare benefits are going to go away, does that scare your? What a baby, nit picking little trivial things that nobody cares about anyway. By the way, I guarantee, Melania speaks at lease 5 languages, also go research her IQ, that will shock you also, you creep!

    • James Barry says:

      She was also a prostitute Who revived a Visa by giving false information about what she was going to do in this country.

  5. K says:

    Our gracious & humble First Lady is one of the most intelligent & beautiful First Ladies to grace the White House in decades, maybe ever! When I think of her, the thought that comes to mind is, “don’t mistake her kindness for weakness! My gut instinct, those who continue to bulky & insult her, they are simply jealous & envious of her. Her beauty is far more than skin deep. She truly is the epitome of grace & elegance. Unlike the former first “person”, (still not convinced shes a female), OUR current First Lady is PROUD to be an American. Pathetic Michael left much to be desired.
    Keep your faith Melania, we Love & Appreciate you. Haters will always exist but not a a single one has a leg to stand on!

  6. Kara Wright says:

    There is no one on the DNC side who could hold a candle to the class that our First Lady has. You disgusting people in the DNC have said some of the most nasty things against her and she taken them with the most incredible lady like way no other could, I know God is own our President and First Lady side and we will have them both for another term. After the last First Person we had, I mean Michelle the very idea that we were sold a First Lady who is actually a man, is so hard to understand. We were duped is the worst way.

  7. Lynda Y. says:

    Melanie Trump is one classy lady. She is incredibly intelligent and beautiful inside and out. The fake news and the Dems are truly jealous of her. Rightfully so, look who they have, Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, Diane Finestein, Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Waters!

  8. Gerri Dalakian says:

    The DEMORATS have the nerve to trash Melania ,who is one class act. Look who they have ,Hilary Clinton, I rest my case!!!!

  9. N says:

    Get out and vote for the GOP in Nov. to save the country from NAZI Commie Demoncrat liberal mobs!They want to make America into another Venezuela!Obama almost got us there mob! Now that America is great again because of Pres.Trump let’s keep it that way!

  10. Navy PO2 says:

    Melania is a class act. All the Democrats have is Maxine Waters!

  11. M says:

    Melania is a fabulous first lady. She is very intelligent and I am happy she has chosen children and cyber bullying as her two main projects. I admire her so much and think she, being an immigrant to the country, is remarkably poised and knowledgeable. I am very proud of her.

    • Shelly Fancera says:

      I proud of her to
      She’s a great first lady.

      • Titus says:

        I must jump in on this. I adore Melanie. Trump, our First Lady.
        When I see her, I smile. She is lovely inside and out. She portrays
        class and charm even when faced with the hooligans of the left and most of the press.

        She has set aside her own personal peace and life to fill the roll of
        First Lady of the USA and is doing a smashing job with her charity and programs for children. She represents us with grace and intelligence here and overseas.

        Melania, may you remember that you are loved by the only
        people that matter. May peace be with you and fear Barron.

  12. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Do you approve of First Lady Melania Trump??
    1 billion% and then some!!!

  13. gordon says:


  14. Mary Navratilova says:

    I’m almost thirty years old pro-life and pro-family relatively young woman and mother of six minors, six small children. I will never stay home on Election Day. I will go vote on this Election Day in November sixth too. I don’t vote pro-abortion and pro-homosexual Democrats and Republicans. I vote every election against these murders of the unborn children, sodomy, feminism, gender ideology and the Democratic Party. I’m going to vote and will vote only just pro-life and pro-family Republicans. The so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. The so-called Democratic Party wants ultra-left Neomarxist dictatorship in the USA! Politicians and supporters of the Democratic Party are Neomarxist extremists and the so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. Their pro-abortion and pro-sodomy agenda isn’t the agenda of the American people. This is agenda of the Democratic Communist Party U.S.A. and they will say or do anything to obstruct the Trump Administration. Remember this, a vote for a Democratic Party is a vote for ultra-leftist pro-abortion and pro-sodomy Communism.

    • CPO says:

      Excellent post!
      Some people are just too stupid to know the truth and their ignorant gullable minds are of the sheep nature, being more than willing to be led to a slaughter by the filthy dirty left wing liberal dogs.

  15. James P Hutchins says:

    First Lady Melania Trump is awesome and she is a role model for the young people in the United States of America and around the world.

    • Alex says:

      James P Hutchins: Yes, Melania is a beautiful, classy, educated lady who speaks many foreign language. In that sense she is a good role model for your people. However, I am not sure that I would advise my daughters to follow her example and pose naked in order to make racy erotic photos for men’s magazine just because that would pay well.

      • Julia Gurule says:

        Agree with Alex in one respect: the photos in men’s magazines. However, there’s such a thing called forgiveness. All of us need forgiving because NO one is perfect. I choose to forgive the First Lady for those photos, but it would be nice if she would say something about that not being the best thing to do.

        • Alex says:

          Julia Gurule: I totally agree with you – forgiveness is important. And, yes, it would be nice if Melania would say something to the effect that she regrets what she did some 20 odd years ago. Then, no one should hold up that mistake against her – none of us is perfect and we all regret something we did and said in the past.

      • ferrylas says:

        Look on many news papers daily and you’ll see the today ‘celebrities’…showing as much as Melania did when she was a MODEL.
        .THIS is how the ‘celebs’ flaunt their bodies and multiple partners on a daily basis…yet they are idolized by the media and leftist ‘feminists’

        Go figure!!

      • Titus says:

        After your lead sentence, I was taken aback by your unnecessary
        ending. End your comment in a classy manner and admit it was best unsaid!!!

  16. Chris S says:

    I do approve of our First Lady, I give her a lot of credit for what she has to put up with with the person she’s married to. She has claimed to have been bullied, I wonder if it could be her adulterous lying husband.

    • Red says:

      Can’t you just say you like her. No one asked about her husband.. She stated she loves him, so let it be.

    • CPO says:

      Wow! Your hatred is really showing, Just another rhino /democrat with a heart of hate.
      Get your head out of your you know what and bring a little bit of civility to yourself.

    • Pat says:

      The person Melania is married to was voted in as President of the USA by the American voters
      He is doing an excellent job as a President after having a more than enviable career as a businessman….becoming a billionaire along the way.
      Melania said the bullying she has experienced was from the press and antTrump activists…not her husband.
      From all accounts President Trump listens to and respects her council.
      Melanie says she loves him and that there is no problem in their marriage……
      Why would you doubt that since you have zero knowledge of them other than nonsense articles in antiTrump media.

      I’d love to read your resume of achievement and your relationships.

    • Rose Ann says:

      Criticize Trump but also remember B Clinton, John and Robert Kennedy and most of all, what about Ted Kennedy who let an innocent girl die in HIS CAR. All were married!

    • BigJoe says:

      Nobody needs your approval. If you approve of someone I would have to question that person’s character. Go slither back under the rock you crawled out from.

  17. Shirley Long says:

    Our first lady is truly a class act. She has brought dignity and grace back to the White House, which was sorely lacking for the last 8 years. Blows my mind how anyone can compare her to the previous occupant and not see the vast difference in demeanor, fashion, and just plain old common sense.
    God Bless Mrs. Trump.

  18. Lucy More says:

    Americas First Lady is beyond compare to others. Except Jackie.! She is an inspiration to all
    young legal immigrants who believe in American dream come true by being hard working,
    tenacious and a big heart! She is that Lady we should all be proud of her…

    • Duane Bowen says:

      Lucy, I totally agree that there is only one woman that was more treasured than Melania Trump. She was, as you stated, Jackie Kennedy! Jackie was beautiful, wise and knew how to support her president husband. I can’t say enough good things regarding Jackie Kennedy.

    • Red says:

      Agree..she didn’t run, but she is pitching in and doing s great job.

  19. Ellie says:

    The First Lady has so much CLASS Mrs Trump you are the MOST BEAUTIFUL FIRST LADY WE HAVE HAD GOD BLESS TRUMP!

  20. Thom E, Gunn says:

    The current First Lady is all class. Her immediate predecessor was all ass!

  21. Alex says:

    Mleania Trump is a beautiful classy woman. I love her naked racy photos of 1995 when she posed naked for magazines. So erotic and sexy. She has the distinction of being the first First Lady to appear totally naked in widely circulated magazines that appeal to most heterosexual men and maybe even some lesbian women. She is so distinguished. Too bad this site did not also publish these photos. The readers should check these photos out – they are widely available on the internet. It would provide a different perspective on Melania Trump

    • Shannon Rutledge says:

      Just like a man, to bring up naked pictures first thing. That is not revelent to who she is now. Yes, she was a high paid fashion model, making tons of money, but that is behind her now. Why not comment on her other endeavours and stop thinking of naked pictures like a hound dog? I know you were very complimentary but still, it was obviously the 1st thing that popped into your mind.

      • Red says:

        Better vision than naked pics of Hillary or Michelle. Can you imagine? Most feminine first lady since Jackie. Nice to see a feminine woman these days.

    • FedUp says:

      Alex, you are a real CREEP!!!

      • Alex says:

        Shannon Rutledge and FedUp: Just bringing up facts that should be also acknowledged. Let’s not deny facts just because some people may choose to be offended. Specifically FedUP: when acknowledging facts makes one a CREEP?

        • FedUp says:

          It’s kinda like peeing in public. We all pee, but we don’t bring attention to it. You may have seen her nude photos, but if you had any class at all, you would just keep your thoughts to yourself & quietly enjoy the memory.

          • Alex says:

            FedUp: Yes,we all pee – but not all of us do it public. If you are so enamored by Melania why are you so upset that someone mentions her stunning beautiful naked photos that others may enjoy?. Melania chose to pose naked – and why should this fact be denied or hidden or censored? Don’t you believe in the First Amendment and freedom of expression or do you only believe in it selectively when it is only convenient for you?

        • FedUp says:

          It won’t let me reply to your last post, so I will choose this post. Your mother has been naked many times in her life. Should we all talk about that? Some things are better left unsaid. The simple fact that you chose to only talk about Melania’s nude photos shows your total lack of decorum. She is the First Lady now! I envision you as a Bubba with your butt crack showing while holding your beer and slapping the waitress on her ass as she walks by.

          • Alex says:

            FedUp: My mother was no doubt naked when she was showering, bathing or doing her toilet business. I don’t know about your mother, but my mother never posed naked for a men’s magazine. Why not acknowledge that Melania chose to pose naked clearly in order to make money? Just because she is now First Lady that does not mean that we should choose to censor certain facts. None of the previous First Ladies ever posed naked in for racy erotic magazines. If you think my mentioning Melania’s naked photos is a lack of decorum, then posing naked for men’s magazines would that not constitute a lack of decorum? How you envision me is your choice – but let me assure you that let my butt crack show in public, I don’t like the taste of beer and I respect women way too much to slap a waitress on her behind (without her consent).

        • FedUp says:

          The previous First Lady could not pose nude since Michelle Obama is actually a man! He would not be able to hide his “junk” if he posed nude now would he.

          • Alex says:

            FedUp: We are talking about Melania posing naked and not about Michelle Obama. You are trying to switch the subject to deflect from the issue being discussed. This is a classic method that many adopt when they loose an argument but can’t bring themselves to admit it. . And as to Michelle Obama, your hatred has gotten the better of you and you are making allegations that have never been supported by facts or been proven.

        • FedUp says:

          Tell that to Joan Rivers! I was not trying to switch the subject, I only mentioned Michael/Michelle because You stated that no other First Ladies had ever posed nude. But one must first be a lady, which leaves Michael/Michelle completely out! I’m not losing any argument, as we are not arguing. I merely pointed out how classless you are by trying to degrade our beautiful, intelligent, classy First Lady, Melania Trump. Your motive was crystal clear, so don’t try to pretend you weren’t being disrespectful.

          • Alex says:

            FedUp: I was trying to be balanced and put things in fulsome context. Yes, Melania is accomplished, speaks numerous foreign languages, has poise, is articulate and is physically beautiful. I agree with all that. But, Melania also has a skeleton in her closet – having posed naked in a men’s magazine clearly for money. She is no Virgin Mary. On balance, one may still choose to admire her – but one should not claim that she is totally perfect and is totally unblemished. As to Michelle Obama, I don’t know where you got the information that she is a man – is that some right-wing conspiratorial fake news site? And, if she were a man, how could she have given birth to two nice daughters?

    • Red says:

      You must be gay..I can’t imagine any ‘man’ complaining about that. Rather see nude pics of Obama? Any thoughts on the appearance of Stormy?

      • Alex says:

        Red: I actually indicated that Melania looked good in the naked pictures of herself in a men’s magazine. Yes, I like naked pictures of beautiful women – but there is something undignified and unbecoming if they later become a First Lady, play a public role and expect to be admired. Stormy Daniels also has some merits and sex appeal. But, for a President to be adulterous, it does not send a good message, especially to those who criticized Bill Clinton for getting a blow job from Monica Lewinsky.

    • FedUp says:

      No, it is not a right wing conspiracy. Shortly after Joan Rivers outed Michelle Obama as a transgender, she died during a routine surgery. Certainly does make one wonder. And there are virtually no photos of a pregnant Michelle Obama. Just because there are two girls in the picture, in no way proves that Michelle gave birth to either one. As for Melania Trump, I don’t recall anyone trying to claim that she is perfect. But the liberals have trashed her non stop and even taken hits at their son Baron. That is about as low as you can go.

      • Al;ex says:

        FedUp: Michelle Obama did not die – unless you believe that she resurrected. As to pictures her being pregnant — many women don’t want pictures takes when they are pregnant. My wife is an example of it. Melania Trump,, as I have noted is an intelligent , articulate woman with poise – though having naked pictures of herself taken for a men’s magazine in order to make money shows questionable judgement – especially for a person who would later became First Lady and expected to play a public role. As to their son, Baron, I totally agree with you – no one should criticize a child, as all children deserve love and respect for their privacy.

        • FedUp says:

          Alex, I meant that Joan Rivers died during a routine surgery, not Michelle Obama. Joan Rivers outed Michelle Obama. She had a routine surgery a few weeks later, and died during that surgery.

        • Titus says:

          After your lead sentence, I was taken aback by your unnecessary
          ending. End your comment in a classy manner and admit it was best unsaid!!!

          Fed Up was saying that Joan Rivers died during surgery, not M.O..
          You are nasty online. Glad we don’t have to see it in person.
          Leave it and grow up.

          There is little class in your comments/replies.

          • Alex says:

            Titus: I was having a respectful conversation with FedUp – and I thanked her for her clarification. Actually, you seem to be nasty and oblivious to facts. I am glad not to have any further contact with you.

      • Alex says:

        FedUp: Joan Rivers was a comedian that had a history of saying outrageous things to get some attention in order to have people watch her shows. Her remarks about Michelle Obama were not substantiated by any information or findings. Joan Rivers statement can not be treated as credible or accurate.Many statements are made about famous people and political leaders – though totally inaccurate – in order to push for those person’s specific agendas. Joan Rivers’ statements were ceased by right-wing conspiratorial sites in order to denigrate Michelle Obama – and by extension Barrack Obama and the Democratic Party. If you want to believe these far-fetched conspiratorial sites, it is your choice. For one, I do not believe them at all.

    • I’m a man and I love beautiful women, why would it provide me with a different perspective of Melania Trump? Do 1995 photo’s have something to do with her classy presence as the 1st Lady today? I don’t think so. I understand what your’re trying to do through your comment, but it’s rather shallow, and unbecoming of you.

      • Alex says:

        Walkin O’Shea: I believe in putting out a full perspective on people – not whitewashing some parts and exaggerating others. I actually think it is shallow and unbecoming for people to whitewash facts, take others out of context and also to exaggerate facts. Let’s be fulsome and truthful.

  22. Capn Jack says:

    A beautiful and intelligent woman is something in short supply among Democrat women.

  23. Pamela says:

    OMG! How can anyone say that Melania Trump is not beautiful? She is not ONLY beautiful from the outside, but her heart is also beautiful. That is the most important part of being a beautiful human being. Sometimes beauty is only noticed on the outside, but this amazing woman has beauty inside and out and her kindness kills DEMORATS. They are just jealous because Melania is not only beautiful in/outside, but is so kind and smart. I don’t think we have seen such class and beauty since Jacklyn Kennedy who also had beauty, kindness and class. Beauty is not only measured by looks, but by the kindness and sincerity in their heart. These ladies were NEVER filled with HATE like most Democrats ladies have displayed.

    • Robin Lee says:

      Pamela, I agree. The ONLY thing UN-ladylike that I saw in Jacqueline Kennedy, even though I was only in junior and high school, while being the FLOTUS, but rightfully so occurred when she was crawling quickly on the trunk of the car in the motorcade to avoid more bullets after comforting her husband from the first bullet. Other than that, I saw her AND see Milania Trump as lady-like. Not only that, but Jackie could speak fluent French and Milania could speak FIVE languages !!! How many languages could the other FLOTUSs speak ? The only other one I know of was Mrs. Hoover who would speak limited Mandarin Chinese with her husband Herbert Hoover so that they’re staff would NOT know what they were talking about !!! I am a multi-linguist who LOVES foreign languages and can converse all day long in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Swedish, and Esperanto, studied enough Japanese and Hungarian to be able to do the same in them after enough review and practice, and have VERY limited conversations in Dutch, Italian, and Russian. So when political figures speak foreign languages, I take note of it. My real name is Joe, but my internet name is Robin Lee for anonymity.

      • Robin Lee says:

        correction : THEIR staff, NOT they’re staff

      • Sandra Kirk says:

        Sorry, but I do not consider her actions of crawling on the back of that car unladylike! What would. You do in a case like that???? I can’t even imagine how terrified she was. She was just concerned about her husband without thought to herself!!

    • Marge says:

      Oh I agree, Melania is the classieous First Lady since Jackie Kennedy. It used to really tick me off when people would compare Michele Obama to Jackie…..there is no comparison! Melania is intelligent as well as classy and way above the dumb, ugly people that criticize her, like Whoopi? She even has the nerve?

  24. Bruce House says:

    The press are nothing but Dem. Stooges! Anything to put down The Trumps! From picking on a little child Barron to picking on the first lady! How bold and fare the media is. I honestly think the press has forgotten how to give real news? It would be nice to have a real honest national news outlet. Fox cable news comes the closest at least they give both sides not just one side ” liberal “. Example CNN. NBC. CBS and ABC.

  25. JOHN DUNN says:

    Ah, Melania Trump, unquestionably the most attractive, and probably the brightest FLOTUS ever, is being picked on by the press and the opposition party (same thing). Has anyone seen the picture of Michelle ma bell, Carla Bruni, plus another foreign first lady walking up the steps to the Capitol? Michelle’s butt is so big that you can barely see the steps, while the two other ladies are quite svelt. We now have a FLOTUS that speaks five languages, whereas Obama could barely get out of the ‘hood’. There is no comparison between Mrs. Trump and any other FLOTUS, or most of her critics, for that matter.

  26. Barbara M Harris says:

    Ah, Melania! :You have brought a breath of fresh air to our White House! Just continue being who you are and spreading your love around the world! You are an example for young women everywhere!

  27. Lina says:

    Inside and out true first lady.

    • Michael Niuatoa says:

      The United States finally have a most beautiful, intelligent, respectable First Lady we ever have. No comparison to others we had, The first Lady dress very elegantly and the U. S. finally have a FLOTUS that represents us to other countries and we can be proud to callTFOTUS is # uno.

  28. Dan says:

    I will guarantee one thing. Our First Lady has too much class to bring herself to slander the next
    sitting President….as Michelle Obama has done.
    Both she and her traitor husband have disgraced
    themselves with their lying evil ways….Anyone who can vote Democratic after the antics of the left….
    The only votes the Dems can get are illegal aliens..uneducated people..and the lazy ones that
    are banking on freebies to keep them from having to work.

  29. Franie says:

    True grace and dignity will always be greatly admired and mimicked. Our First Lady Melania reflects these attributes to the nth degree. Thank you President Trump for having the wisdom to meet your match in bringing such grace and dignity to the highest office in the land!

  30. Linda says:

    One classy women,
    About time we had one in the WH
    Smart and beautiful,
    Deserves respect as does our president
    After all all look at the Dems and all their sour pusses No Class at all
    Scary, that they want to represent this country
    Go VOTE Republican


  31. Ron says:

    Melanie has more class in her little finger than the previous first lady has totally. The one positive thing about all this is the myth of the leftist/Demorats being the epitome of inclusion, benevolence, and tolerance is being exposed for what it is, a lie! At last anyone with two working brain cells can at last see for real just who and what scum the left, aka the Demorats, are!

  32. bill says:

    From: Deplorables for Trump (of Fairfax County)
    Melania is a wonderful First LADY. She is dignified and thoughtful,
    a credit to the country she has adopted as her own. It has been a
    while since the US had a first LADY who was fluent in more languages
    than English. Perhaps Melania should reply to Jimmy (The Jerk) Kimmel in each of the non-English languages she speaks.
    bill (The Deplorable)

  33. James G. Mothes says:

    Well, she is surely more classy, dignified, and far better looking than any one the Demobrats have rolled out in the past 50 years. Just take a look at he Pant suit Prostitute, Fashion Belle Michelle, or God forbid, Mad Mouth Maxine. Oh, almost forgot Nutty Nancy, and DiFi. At least the First Lady is trying to do something positive, instead of destroying a mans family and his reputation. Please get out and vote in the upcoming election. You Go Girl, MAGA!!!

  34. Gloria says:

    Melania is beautiful, kind, intelligent and a wonderful First Lady. That’s why the DEMS hate her. All they do is HATE HATE HATE. They should call look in the mirror and see how hate looks in their mirrors. President Trump and his family are trying to recover of the DEMS and Obama destroying this beautiful America. GOD BLESS MELANIA, PRESIDENT TRUMP, AND HIS FAMILY for bringing America to what our forefathers made of country.

  35. Randy Floyd says:

    She is very intelligent and beautiful a whole lot more than the ugly inside and out last President’s wife Michelle Obama which didn’t deserve the title first lady just call her the last lady

  36. johnmark says:

    Hard to believe 3% of readers do not approve of this beautiful person, our First Lady. After that hate America first lady, what’s her name Obama, Melania is a true breath of fresh air. God bless her and her husband!!!

    • Amen! Beautiful yes, but you forgot intelligent!!!! She’s as smart as she is beautiful.

      • BETTY says:

        yes indeed she is beautiful and smart!! she visits chldren all over the world, mainly the ones in hospitals!!! those dems. are soooo jealous of that lovely lady!!! just because she looks great all the time and they never look good??? OUT THERE WITH THEIR CHILDREN RIOTING GOT THOSE LIL CHILDREN CARRYING NASTY SIGNS!!! WISH THEY WOULD TAKE THEM AWAY FROM THEM!! SHAME SHAME!!

    • Dan says:

      Those three votes came from Michelle Obama..Joy Behr…Whoopi Goldberg…..They are just jealous
      and as we all know the Democrats have no agenda..
      so they rely on HATE.

  37. Tammy Farmer says:

    Melania Trump has more class in her little finger then all of the left wing idiots that has nothing better to do then to cut her down to their level of stupidity! She is incredible and beautiful and very classy and she really cares for our country and the people! I am very thankful that she is our first lady! All of those idiots that cut her down and complain about her are just jealous because they cannot compete for the elegance that she portrays as our First Lady!

  38. Martha Martin says:

    Our First Lady is a TRUE first Lady. She talks with dignity, she walks with dignity and most important of all she acts with dignity. She is a good representative of our country, does nothing to embarrass our country, and stands beside her husband our President. She does not cost taxpayers tremendous amounts of money with parties, extravagant travels with crowds of people at tax payers expense even including their clothing at time nor does she cost taxpayers a paid relative to watch her child and ask for benefits as our woman who had this title before this gracious Lady. A wonderful First Lady !!!

  39. Donald Walker says:

    What the far left need to do is take a REAL GOOD LOOK IN THE MIRROR. What they might see is true ugly in it truest form but their probably to STUPID to see it.

  40. Kate Preston says:

    She is genuine , and a REAL LADY (not like the phony , wanna-be of the LAST Administration).

  41. david says:

    Just like her husband; she is a good person and a true American.

  42. Richard Skalski says:

    She’s a thousand times better than that Michelle thingie.

    • John says:

      Melania is being attacked by Communists like Kimmel and Blowhar.They along with Soros and Obama have stated on the Internet, they will destroy the USA and Trump.

  43. Mike W says:

    It is nice to have a REAL Lady as First lady again.

  44. Shelly says:

    They have no reason to go after her. She is more dignified and intelligent than all of them put together. Thank God none of them is our first lady. If you have nothing better to do than wake up every day and find a way to hate on someone then may God have mercy on your soul.

  45. FedUp says:

    Melania Trump is an incredible, beautiful lady. Michelle Obama on the other hand, is a man pretending to be a female.

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