This Never-Trumper’s career is over after these poll results came in

Ever since he lost the 2016 primary, John Kasich has attacked Donald Trump at every turn.

Many have speculated he’s setting up for a primary challenge.

But a poll just came in that left Kasich thinking about his life choices.

Kasich recently signed with CNN as a political commentator, giving him free airtime to attack the President.

While he may be enjoying the attention the media is giving him, Kasich will be forced to reconsider his 2020 plans once he sees this new poll.

An Emerson College poll of Iowa voters revealed that voters prefer President Trump to John Kasich by 90%.

The Daily Caller reports:

The poll also finds Trump would best Ohio Gov. John Kasich in a head-to-head matchup in Iowa: 90 percent to 10 percent. Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s potential candidacy would be a death knell for Warren, according to the poll, which surveyed 831 voters with a margin of error of plus or minus 3.4 percentage points.

This is an overwhelming sign that Republicans do not want John Kasich to run for President.

The reality is, is that Kasich has lost nearly all of his supporters in the Republican Party.

During the election, he led the “Never-Trump” movement that encouraged Republicans not to vote for Trump.

And two of his last acts as Governor of Ohio were vetoing a gun rights expansion bill and a piece of pro-life legislation.

Now, John Kasich’s only friends are political pundits, members of the fake news media, and Democrats.

The chances of John Kasich winning a primary battle with President Trump zero.

If John Kasich is considering running for President against Donald Trump, he will need to secure the nomination from a different political party.

But that’s probably where he belongs anyways.


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72 Responses

  1. Jim P says:

    Kasich quickly showed himself as a liar. In the 2016 debates he raised his hand and swore to support whoever got the nomination. When trump did he broke his oath. Obviously can’t be believed or trusted.

  2. Dr. David McCoy says:

    Kasich was the first well-known politician to reveal his intense jealousy of everything about Donald Trump. He was in a state of shock for days – and still is, over Trump accomplishing so easily and that he had to admit admit he never will. He is just a little less belligerent in his envy than was Schumer. Kasich has such a huge
    self-perfect-concept that he is as far in politics that he will ever be.

  3. Patsy says:

    I was being sarcastic. I would not demean the position of the President. I was raised better than that. The Commander n Chief should be given respect at all times, even when we do not like them. I put up with that sex pervert Bill Clinton and never spoke a word against him while he sat in the Oval office, same goes for B.H. Obama. Not one word against that devious illegal President. So, please, remember, it is not the man , it is all about the position of the Commander n Chief.

  4. Mike W says:

    I have read a bunch of reports that the ships in Ohio are moving on the lake again. Something that NEVER happened on Kasich’s watch. Kasich stood on the stage with Jeb Bush looking confused throughout most of the primaries. There did not appear to be much fight in either one of them dogs.

  5. SHIRLEY says:

    Do you only publish derogatory Comments about Trump? I just wrote a good comment and gave all the information required for Posting Comment and nothing. Figures, most of the posted comments are anti Trump. I’m sure this won’t get published either. Name’s SHIRLEY

  6. Johnny Daniel says:

    Kasich is nothing but a whiner. He lost to a better candidate and better man for sure. He should just crawl under a rock and never come out.

  7. Sam Oliva says:

    John Kasich is as bad a RINO as John McCain was and
    both of them should have shared a coffin.

  8. Doc JD says:

    The good news is that I guess this site and people NOW believe in polls, because when I presented poll results in the past, you claimed they don’t matter! Since you now believe in polls and that Kasich has no chance, here are some latest results from several polls:

    New polling shows that 56 percent of Americans would “definitely not vote for” Trump. That 56 percent wasn’t just a mix of Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters. 56 percent of ALL Americans were in the “will not vote for” column when it comes to Trump.

    Trump may beat Kasich, but has no chance of winning a general election, since his polling after his disastrous shutdown showed only a 34% approval.

  9. Patsy says:

    Listen Jason, I may not say tbings people want to hear, but, the one thing I don’t do is insult or deface the position of the President, regardless of who it may be. But, just fir the record, I respect and support President Trump. If you have a problem eith that then, you are left to deal with it. I certainly do not appreciate orhers calling our President a moron. That was what I hor on my bandwagon about the do called moron just gave his salary for three months to a worthy charity. He has not kept one check since he has been in office. If you object to his being President well, that’s just too bad, because I am voting for him again in the next Presidential run.

    • Jason Casteel says:

      Patsy, my apologies. I surely thought you were referring to the President as a moron. Not Johnny. Your post was very confusing. Especially at the end when you said, he may be a moron. Because, although I am a Democrat, and I believe that they have lost their freaking minds, I voted for and support 100% President Trump. I never suggested that President Trump “may,” be a moron. Because he most certainly is not. I have actually met him and shook his hand. Back in 1985 when I lived in New Jersey. Sort of ran into him in NYC. Neither here nor there, he wouldn’t remember it. I was a young man in awe of his business savey. That’s all.

      There is no one who is a bigger supporter of Mr. Trump, than myself. So, once again, I apologize to the President, in case I had offended him. You on the other hand should proof your posts, because, now that I look at it again, I really can’t tell who you are talking trash about. I have read mine over and over again and I can’t see how anyone could think that was inflamitory to our President.

      • Patsy Martin says:

        I was being sarcastic when I said the President may be a moron. I have nothing but respect for the President, First Lady, Vice President and his wfe. I was raised to respect the position in which the person held. He is our Comnander and chief. A for thr man personally, from what I havr seen in the past two years, I only hope we can get him back for the next four years.
        Sorry if I sounded confusing. I read over my text and understood it perfectly, but, then, I am tge one that wrote it.😄 At least we agree our President is a good man and one of our best Presidents.

        • Jason Casteel says:

          Absolutely, Patty. 100% the best ever. Could you possibly fathom what he could get done with just a little bit of cooperation? Just goes to show, the Democrat Party is one of jealousy and spite.

          Then, this Bozo in California, Schiff. Now he wants to investigate him? The Senate and Bob Mueller, a seasoned investigator could not find anything in 2 years, just what does this clown think he’s going to find? I am a little pissed off that they are using our tax dollars to harass the man that we voted for.

    • Denarius says:

      Patsy…you should turn on your google spell-check….your grammar is atrocious. Or is this just a learning process as you strive to fit in with your 7th grade compadres.

      • Patsy says:

        Just for the recoed, so you will be more enlightened, I have a,BS Degree in a subject where I doubt you could compete with me in. As for my misspelled words, I have a problem controlling my motor skills are defunct, but you would not know about that because you are so perfect. But when you stand before the true Perfect one, you will not be so snip. I do not apoligize for the Parkinson’s that occassionally cause me to misspell words. I often don’t catch them until i5have hit send. But my friends understand and they just finish the sentence and figure out what I am saying. Maybe if I wrote in Greek or Hebrew you would be able to understand my writings. I do not have the Aramaic down yet. That was actuslly the language when He was here. But, maybe you do not know Him.

    • Paul Barton says:

      Patsy…you should really use google spell-check. Your grammar is atrocious. or is this just a learning experience as you strive to fit in with your 7th grade friends.

      • LOL says:

        And Patsy, you were right the first time, Trump really is a moron according to all those people who used to work for him in his cabinet. Only a moron would shut the government down for the longest period in American history to achieve NOTHING.

        • J says:

          No the REAL morons here are the Dems. The don’t give a flying eagle’s sh!t about the security and LEGAL citizens of this country. They demand we do nothing to stop the hemorrhaging on our southern border. What is so wrong with protecting OUR citizens? LEGAL imigration is, and has been, great for this nation, NOT ILLEGALS!

        • Patsy says:

          I was being sarcastic. I would not demean the position of the President. I was raised better than that. The Commander n Chief should be given respect at all times, even when we do not like them. I put up with that sex pervert Bill Clinton and never spoke a word against him while he sat in the Oval office, same goes for B.H. Obama. Not one word against that devious illegal President. So, please, remember, it is not the man , it is all about the position of the Commander n Chief.

      • Patsy says:

        Yeah, you are right,I’m just a learning 7th grader, but, at least I post my own words, although the may be misspelled, and not those of someone else. Surely you cpuld have ome up with a more oruginal quote. But, then, perhaps not. That would require thinking for yourself.

  10. David Rose says:

    Kaustic A$$ hole, part of the problem along with hi-liar-y, pignosey, max iPad waters, up chuck, pocahantis, occasional kotex, the Kenyan mobster, the top of the fbi, the Bush family, and the test of the deep state. They almost dismantled our country, but the SILENT MAJORITY finally woke up. Thank you President Trump. MAGA 2020

  11. Carlos Sanchez says:

    Kasich is just another disgruntled RINO asshole who can’t imagine how he could have gotten blown out in the 2016 primary, LOL. It’s fitting that the clown nobody listens to or takes seriously is working for the network nobody watches.

  12. h8aliar says:

    The only people who will ever see or hear Kasich are CNN viewers. He will just become a sound bite for ridiculous statements once he stars on CNN. Frankly I think he lost his hold on reality when he was so roundly defeated by the President.

  13. I would never vote for him for anything. He signed a bill to take 2/3 of our retirement off our Social Security. For every Three dollar I got in retirement they took two off my Social Security. I would like to see him try to live on what I get. We pay taxes on the money we earn, then have to pay taxes on our retirement and SS, plus we have to have Medicare and another insurance, so we are left with very little.

  14. Chrisitie says:

    Unfortunately, Mr Kasich was hurt in much the same manner as Hilly . . . Causing him to feel cheated just as she has~~ everyone handles their disappointments differently… He has become bitter and continues to lash out at the one that ”stole his job”…. instead of being angry and taking his frustration out on those that lied to him and strung him along to believe that Trump would NOT be accepted and he would be put in to trumps place by a vote in congress… and that particular back door strategy to remove trump never came to fruition leaving Kasich hurt and bitter because he had been built up to believe HE WAS THE CHOICE! and then it didnt happen!! It is always hard to be the loser in any situation! but, it is even more difficult when everyone around you has spoke nothing but how YOU HAVE WON…. and then when you believe you are the victor receive that slap in the face…. YOU DIDNT MAKE IT AFTER ALL! The can both continue to blame and hate Trump, but it was NOT trump that was leading them on assuring them they were getting what they wanted…. and then taking it from them! it is the fault of all those around them and all their political contacts that lied to them and had them believing they WOULD REACH THEIR GOAL … only to then realize … NOT JUST the washington elites get to decide some things….. WE THE PEOPLE still get to make a few choices…. at the voting booth … and that is why these two souls cant find life beyond 2016 … It is really sad if you look at it with ”heart”!! no way on as big a scale… but, if you were told you were getting a car on your 16th birthday…. and it was continually reaffirmed regularly that it would happen…. to only finally get to that day and be told NO! …

  15. Tim Shepperson says:

    Kasich went to the other side long ago.

    • JIM says:

      I’m sorry i voted for him for Governor of Ohio, but i really didn’t have any choice. He has been a huge disappointment.

      • LOL says:

        I LOT of people I know say the same thing about Trump as a huge disappointment and a liar and not being a man of his word (record liar as president).

        • Margaret says:

          Republicans demanded a pledge that unsuccessful candidates would support the Republican choice. Kasich did NOT support the Republican candidate. They also got assurance from Candidate Trump that if he was not nominated he would NOT try a third party run. Never Trumpers DID advocate for a third party. Of course, the most revolting of the lot was Mitt Romney.

    • MARY says:


  16. Patsy Martin says:

    He may be a moron, but, could you hand over you paycheck for 6 months to support a much need cause like your moron, Mr. President Trump did. In case some may have forgotten, he refused to take money to serve the people in America. He may be a moron, but, he can afford it, can you.

    • Jason Casteel says:

      Patsy, it sounds like you had a big bowl of sour grapes for breakfast. Keep talking your trash. All of this crap and the Democrats destroying our country is going to be on you and all of your whacko liberal friends.

      It will be YOUR fault. Keep watching CNN or MSNBC for more up to date, and don’t forget, extremely accurate news on this and other fake crap they report on. Good luck, Loser.

  17. EC Lewis says:

    I voted for Kasich in the primary where he managed to keep his wimpy, immature, and childish ways hidden. He won’t get my vote for anything unless, of course, it’s for most disgusting manners.

  18. Earl says:

    Kasich is a jerk RINO.

  19. Roger Arbogast says:

    I would not vote for John for a dog catcher job and yes I’m lifetime Reb.

  20. Larry says:

    Kasich career should have been over long ago.

  21. BIG BILL says:

    The President, talks while you ‘tards, or should be’s, are the whiners. Can’t stand having an American in any office. Won’t argue with you so troll away.

  22. Nat says:

    Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas. Kasich made his choice. The wrong one.

  23. Dick Robbins says:

    He became Ahab chasing the whale Trump.
    How sad.

  24. jim P says:

    Kasich established himself as a liar. At the end of the primary debates back in 2016, he raised his hand and swore along with the other candidates to support whoever won the party nomination. he Lied.

    • Helga Miller says:

      I’ll never forget how he ran over to Europe and badmouthed the Candidate Trump in the Media and they gleefully reported it while hailing Kasich as a serious statesman. My brother, still living over there, sent me many articles from the biggest news organizations over there. This man is a snake and stupid at that!

  25. william couch says:

    kadish is a ZITTT on PEELOOSIE’s donkey!!!!

  26. Jim says:

    Who are the 2% dweebs, who voted for Kasich? If brains were dynamite, old Johnny would have enough to blow his nose! A least, with Schumer and Pelosi, you know what you’re getting!

  27. gary says:


  28. Dennis Sumner says:

    CNN , where all the has-beens and never-were go to die!

  29. Bob Knapp says:

    Is there anything he won’t do to get the attention he obviously craves?

  30. FrankC says:

    McKasich needs to shut up and go home.

  31. Chris says:

    Not as much of a whiner than the moron in the White House!

  32. Terry L Earl says:

    KA-SICK is a horrible choice.

  33. FedUP says:

    Kasich was never a good candidate for anything. He is always a whiner. Whining is never a good asset. I would not watch him under any circumstances.

    • Gene says:

      Yes Yes Yes

      • Ric B says:

        Most Trumpers are whiners and cannot admit that they were beaten badly at the midterms, and they are always griping about trying to nail Hillary in the past and failing, so justice should not be applied to their new “messiah.” You gripe about Democrats, about RINOs who do not agree with you exactly 100%, of the young people, and love to assault the character of others, like Alexandria O-C or even if Fox News disagrees with you. The GOP should now stand for Gripey Old Partisans.

        • LOL says:

          Or Grimpey Old Pharts.

        • Chuck says:

          Not as bad as the dem,s normally get beat..

        • J says:

          So, in comparison, the Trumpers are whiners and regard him as their “messiah”. That’s nothing in comparison to the DNC (Do NOTHING Crybabies). You, your ilk and your puppet propaganda machine have been on a relentless, two year obstructionist tantrum.

          You have a party of molesters, rapists, repressors, criminals, anti-american, ILLEGAL immigrant loving traitors that you should be proud of.

          For over 50 years the black community was patiently waiting for to help them out of poverty, but your party just kept them there. Just like LBJ stated, “Give them just enough to shut them up”, you delivered what he said. Now, under Trump, they are enjoying the lowest unemployment rate and have the highest record of starting a small business since keeping records. They are leaving YOUR plantations because they woke up and your party hates that. So to compensate, they openly encourage illegals and create sanctuary cities and states so they will be your subservient subjects and vote for your sorry party.

          And no, I am not a demolemming or republican, I am one of those rogue independent voters. I vote for the best candidate at the time. Yes, I DID vote for Trump because he beat the H3LL out voting for that disgusting pig Hildebeast.

          Hopefully, the American people will wake up and throw your “illustrious” representatives out of office.

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