This Never-Trumper just betrayed Trump with his worst attack yet

Former Senator Jeff Flake learned the hard way that opposing President Trump is a losing position in the Republican Party.

He is now completely sidelined, with virtually no chance of ever serving in public office again.

But even out of office he is continuing his anti-Trump crusade and he just betrayed the President with his worst attack yet.

Jeff Flake is the perfect example of how to destroy a political career in the era of President Trump.

After coming out as the most vocal Never-Trump voice in the Senate, he became so unpopular in his state of Arizona he was forced to drop out of the race for reelection.

And now, in his first few months out of office, he is fully embracing his Never-Trump identity.

Speaking to a left-wing crowd in New York City, Flake declared he wants a Democrat to beat Trump in 2020, claiming that four years is too much, considering how much “damage” he has done internationally.

As reported by CNN:

Former Republican Sen. Jeff Flake would prefer a Democrat win the 2020 election than have President Donald Trump serve a second term, saying that “four years is difficult enough to unravel some of the damage” done internationally by the administration.

Flake, a longtime Trump critic who argued Thursday that the Republican Party should not support Trump in 2020, was asked if it is better for a Democrat to win the election if Trump is the Republican nominee.

“Yes … and this notion, this narrative that’s been built up, that Donald Trump is the only one that can cobble together the Electoral College and win is just a fallacy,” Flake replied at an Intelligence Squared debate in New York City.

Even for a loser like Jeff Flake, he is going further than many were expecting him to go.

Throwing his support behind the Democrats in 2020 is essentially the same as him leaving the Republican Party all together.


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94 Responses

  1. Marilyn says:

    Flake is like a fart in a skillet and popping all over the place.

  2. Flake you need a job you might start picking up drink cans along the road till
    you find work…………But with a loose mouth like yours you may not find one……
    If you had behaved yourself you might could have stayed in congress…..
    But now you may have to keep picking up cans

  3. Ernst says:

    Jeff Flake is so irrelevant; I cannot believe even Democrats would pay attention.

  4. Nathan Paris says:

    Jeff Flake has left office. Gone. Why are people recording and listening to what he has to say now? I don’t recall him having much to say before? So, why the air/blow time? Next contestant.

  5. John J says:

    No action needed, he already self destructed

    • Barbara Hoover says:

      American Patriots should be informed of what this anti-trumpster Jeff flake is doing as a Republican, going out of his way to speak to Far Left organizations, pitching for a Democrat to win 2020.

  6. Jack says:

    Anybody get feedback from the pollsters that say; ” Duplicate comment. Looks like you already said that: ? When you know you didn’t?? Although I am a stump supporter, I won’t waste my time taking another pole from

  7. Jack says:

    Lola, both you and flake are about as sharp as bowling balls

  8. N says:

    Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion and Jussie M hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

  9. Ronald Sanders says:

    Flake best served in/with milk and bananas

  10. Rae says:

    McCain’s “mini-me”, now he has the spotlight all to himself. Everytime he opens his mouth he confirms his “flakiness”.

  11. Rae says:

    Flake is a “flake”. McCain’s “mini-me”, now he has the spotlight all to himself. Everytime he opens his mouth he confirms his “flakiness”.

  12. harold Blackburn says:

    Flake needs to be investated.. Man is he crazy..Needs to move to Russia Trouble maker

    • Mickie Yates says:

      Flake should have been bumped from the Republican Party when he turned on our duly elected President, and all of the other rhino’s that turned against our president. All of these rhino’s are more Left Wing Nut Democraps than true conservative Republican’s. I am ashamed to be a member of an organization that allows this internal treachery to take place. The only reason that I continue my membership in the NRCC is the hope that the NRCC leadership will see the light and steer the NRCC back to a 100% conservative political party that will up hold our constitutional rights. Any thing less can only be viewed as non Republican.

      • Well said ! I quit donating to the republican party ,because of RHINO P.O.S. I’m not supporting them with my money ,while they work against “US”. The only reason we voted for these P.O.S.,was for them to support Trumps (OUR) agenda.

  13. Hal Lemoyne says:

    All neverTRUMP politicians should be acknowledged as US citizens

    because they aren’t!!!

  14. Harold Garverick says:

    F L A K E — he really lives up to his name !

  15. Casper's Mom says:

    Lola, you are so wrong. We have as our Wonderful President a business man, not a life long lying politician. He is building a wall to keep out drugs and thugs, not true business which will go through the correct as always doors that are open when you show a passport. Grow up

    • Dennis says:

      RicB, Lola and Scott27, you three are the problem with our country. You are ignorant, stupid and moronic, you must be millennials! Flake needs a good right hook to the other side of his nose to straighten it out.
      It has been bent out of shape cause it is so firmly placed in the democrats asses.

      • Ric B says:

        We get it, Dennis – – you are the old geezer common in neighborhoods that pisses and moans and gripes, whines all the time about how the world has gone to “hell in a handbasket.” You rant and wonder how come everyone avoids you, and how you cannot tolerate anyone who does not agree with you.

        • Barbara Hoover says:

          Nah, Dennis is an American Patriot.

          Flake is anti-American = anyone who supports Flake is also anti-American.

  16. Neubie says:

    Dumb ass flake!!! There’s a very good reason we don’t go by what the electoral college votes!! Two states can literally vote a person president. Guess that’s just to hard for flakier to understand!!

    • trapperwv1 says:

      We do go by electoral votes , that is why Trump won . Now the dems want to get rid of it.

      • JanW says:

        Of course, we know if the Dems had won, everything would be accepted with no question. As far as Flake is concerned, he has been against President Trump from Day One! Never had an independent thought in his life; just follows the mob! By the way, betrayal is usually done to you by someone you love and/or trust. Flake is not loved or trusted! So Flake’s a fake!

  17. KIROJ says:

    FLAKE = juch / tokok / SUPER JACK ASS

  18. Scott27 says:

    Better to betray the lunatic in the White House than to betray the nation, which seems the way here.

    • Donna says:

      You sound just like the lunatic that is featured here…

      • Scott27 says:

        LOL… well, I’ll bet Flake knows where his dad was born; as do I with mine. Apparently your leader doesn’t know about his.

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      You are correct Scott27, Trump is truly showing signs of dementia. He is making numerous errors – – like threatening to shut down the southern border where over $1 BILLION in trade takes place almost daily. He can’t remember people’s names (calls head of Apple “Tim Apple” rather than his real name), is constantly raving on tweets (not to mention his spelling: “Hambergers”) and makes over twenty misstatements OR LIES a day.

      • master gunny sgt USMC says:

        You must be a demogog and you arenot a Doc.Trump has done more in two years than Clinton bush and rag head obama. SEMPER FI ( m eans always faithful )

      • Chrisanne Pillon says:

        The ‘misspelling’ you refer to (which you erroneously claim was ‘hambergers’) was actually ‘hamberders’ and the error was intentional. When you subscribe to the ‘gospel according to CNN’, this is only one example of how the truth can fly right over your empty head. Reliance on the catechism of MSNBC is likely to result in similar damage to the brain, most notably ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’, (TDS), an insidious, catastrophic disease that not infrequently results in serious lapses of judgement, cognitive dissonance, and, most frequently in SJW’s, frantic virtue signaling. The etiology of Chronic Intractable TDS is unknown, but the presentation of TDS is not. The wearing of distinctive knitted pink hats, staring upward at the sky with tear-filled eyes, and the elongated wail of ‘NO’ or ‘WHY’ signals the end. Prompt, intensive exposure to alt-right media sources may open the mind sufficiently to allow the afflicted to consider alternative points-of-view, but the only ‘cure’ is comprehensive red-pilling, ideally from someone he otherwise trusts.

        This PSA has been made possible by generous grants from the Foundation for the Eradication of Fake News, and Trump supporters like you

      • Barbara Hoover says:

        Nah, Dennis is an American Patriot.

        Flake is anti-American = anyone who supports Flake is also anti-American.

    • Darrell says:

      The only one who’s betrayed the Nation and the Constitution is Obama and the rest o the Left wing liberal flakes. Flake, just a shortened term for snowflake.

      • Ric B says:

        No one was indicted from 8 years of Obama presidency, and yet almost ALL of Trump’s campaign staff has been indicted and/or found guilty of crimes. And there are another 16 investigations that are on-going!!! Trump does have some records – – longest shutdown of government in history, most time spent playing golf and reaching close to 10,000 lies or mistakes as president!

        • Neubie says:

          All of it is because the dems can’t take it that trump won, all those things you mentioned has zero things to do with trump colluding with Russia. The dems would rather continue on with bashing our president and looking for things that could get him impeached. Why not the dems just do their job and work for us, the people. Lay off trump and try and make our country better, rather than go against everything our president wants to do. Dems will find the dumbest things to attack our president, instead of working together to help all Americans. All they want to do is interfere. It’s the reason why I will never vote for the dems again, And I’m staying a registered democrat, that way, when they think they will have my vote because I’m registered as a democrat, I get the Ultimate F you and the last laugh. I use to love being a dem. But our so called leaders have changed that view. The parties have completely flipped. # walkaway but staying a dem. Just because.

  19. jack says:

    flakes name alone, gives away his intelligence level. Nobody’s gonna pay him any attention. Like all other losers, he’ll fade out of the picture.

    • Nell says:

      Jeff needs to go on & find another bar & have a few more stiff ones! They will finish making him look like a heavy boozer!

  20. Michael Galvan says:

    How’s that kool aid taste?

  21. Barbara says:

    For me he is a loser, with no guts. A yellow spine with no backbone. He didn’t stick to his convictions and be strong. ——–just another damn weasel.!

  22. Jim P says:

    Just living up to his name. He is a flake.

  23. T Curry says:

    I don’t care what he calls himself, he is out of office and we are glad. That he tries to continue with John McCain rhetoric is sad. They are both gone.

  24. Lola says:

    Yes, Flake must be stopped from telling the truth and independent thinking among the party of cult followers of Trump. Trump averages 22 lies or misinformation a day – – like LYING where he father was born – -said it was in a nice place in Germany, but it was in New York City in 1905. One day the true Republicans, who don’t verbally abuse everyone, will re-take over the party, people will awaken to the fact Trump is just a conman, and we won’t have some IDIOT propose shutting down our southern border where $1.1 + BILLION DOLLARS A DAY of trade takes place!

    • Geronimo says:

      You are as “flakey” as Jeff Flake!

    • julia says:

      You are full of crap!!!

    • George says:

      Why do democrats subscribe to this page. You just lied twice in your statement .

    • David Letersky says:

      Trump in 2020!!!!

    • Casper's Mom says:

      Lola, you are so wrong. We have as our Wonderful President a business man, not a life long lying politician. He is building a wall to keep out drugs and thugs, not true business which will go through the correct as always doors that are open when you show a passport. Grow up

    • Pat says:

      Lola, I dare you to go to the border crossing at Antelope Wells, New Mexico, and set up camp there for one week. After that weekend’s experience, get back to us. Until then, stfu. You have NO idea what’s going on at the border.

    • Scott27 says:

      Agreed, Lola. Not to mention his famous “trade wars are easy to win.” And our trade deficit with China hit an all time record last month. It isn’t China paying for it… we are.

      How can these people just continually tighten up their blinders to the real world?

    • Jack says:

      Lola, both you and flake are about as sharp as bowling balls

  25. Joel says:

    Weak, untrustworthy, unAmerican, Liar, etc etc etc!

    • Ric B says:

      You are talking about Trump, right Joel – – the guy who bows and scrapes to Putin for a Moscow Trump?

      • MG says:

        Ric B, ignorant twit!

      • Michael Galvan says:

        How’s that kool aid taste?

      • George says:

        You snowflakes are all the same . When it is found out that the Dems love Russia , you will eat your words and merde them out . lol. What does scrapes mean? Please explain.

        • Ric B says:

          Scrapes – – – like the bending of a servant. You Trumpons are all the same, won’t look up terms in dictionaries or on the internet. Snowflakes – – you mean like Nancy Pelosi who kicks Trumps ass over and over? Seems Demo leaders are opening up a big can of whoopass on Trump and his people.

          • George says:

            I have never used the word scrapes like that in my life . I heard on TV a gang recruiting word . Like get the scrape or scrapes . I bet you that 98 % of the democrats don’t know that definition of the word . Is this a way of saying you are more intelligent than the rest of us? Je pense que c’est correct lol, and that is where the merde shows it’s head. Pelosi looks as if she is going to have a nervous breakdown at any moment and thinks 4 times about the same statement before saying it . lol. You being a liberal, are just used to giving your money to the non workers or illegals instead of enjoying life and working for a living . Snowflakes form from a fly cumming on a rock and the sun hatching them .

          • Pat says:

            Only in your dreams, Ric.

      • Anna says:

        If every city & State governing official were as loyal to their USA and all Americans as president Trump has been The USA would not be in such a deficit, Americans would be in better shape, our national Security woul be up to date, our Southern border would have been closed, / the wall would have been built , and we would have a normal deal of trade with Mexico like we do with other foreign country’s . Mexico would not be destroying the USA like it has been for decades. Our neborhoods would not filled with drugs, illegal , procducts, Illegal guns, and illegal aliens would not be using Xfinity mobile phones and car radios to transmit messages onto Americans telelvisions everyday like they do and have been for decades jealous of american citizens, stalking them so they can get free stuff from the USA . Representtive Flake should have done his job llike all others should have served & protected the USA it’s National Security, border protection, and Infrastructure every year , to make America safe like it should. The negligence of our American elected & American paid members of congress, Senate , House of representatives just have not done anything to make the USA & Americans safe every year to what it should be .

  26. vistacharlie says:

    actually i think he could win in politics again but at a low level position such as dogcatcher if nobody else is running. I cannot see the GOP ever supporting him again. i might see him in CA as a democrat mostly because they have rigged elections.

  27. Arlene says:

    Well…at least he has the right name…Flake. Suits him just right. Please… just go away. He’s like a bad penny…just keeps coming back! Nobody cares what you think…snake in the grass!

  28. Gerard says:

    Jeff Flake is a Communist. He never was a GOP. He’s a traitor to out Country and should be deported. All the Communist in Congress should be deported.

  29. Mike says:

    Flack is a POS DEMOCRAT. No guts loser!! Sissy boy that’s good that he can’t serve does nothing anyways!!

  30. Naturalist says:

    One of the flake’s sons is a Racist and the other is known to have killed several dogs. The flake is now trying to destroy Trumps. Maybe he was also working on the dossier or with Mule Liar.

    • Gerard says:

      He’s a Commie. Any Congressmen who supports the Communist Democratic Party is a traitor and should be tried for treason and if convicted they should get life in jail without parole. That will eradicate these Commie bums from our Country. Just like we have to weed out the illegals, we need to weed out the Commie’s in government and our Country and indict them for treason. They have a choice either leave our Country or be tried for treason.

  31. Cerberus says:

    Flake…The name says it all… Yet another rhino with no clue.
    Where’s his cuddle-buddy, Chris Coons, when he does this crazy stuff ?
    – I could see things like this when he was still in office.
    No backboned weakling that let two phony connivers accost him at an elevator, making him bow to the left (after a quick meeting with his cuddle-buddy and other DEMOCRAT friends) to extend time, AGAINST Kavanaugh .

    But now Flake doesn’t mean a thing to anybody. Most realize him as the whiney loser he is.
    – Imagine he once speculated on running against Trump in ’20 (along with that other nut, Kasich).
    I believe most don’t CARE what this flakey guy says. Didn’t say anything intelligent when he WAS in office. He’ll be yesterday’s news by five tonight…

  32. Tom says:

    Flake? What does his name mean? I looked it up. It means dandruff.

  33. Larry Gaines says:

    Jeff Flake is nothing more than a childish loser asshole

    • kathy says:


      • Carrier says:

        People, Google the court
        Martial of john McCain.He was tried for treason and found guilty, sentenced to death by
        Firming quad, but Nixon pardoned him.

  34. Sharon says:

    I cannot believe he would say that he would rather see a Democrat in office. Obviously he does not enjoy his freedoms and he must also believe in the abortion thoughts that the Democrats have concerning late term abortions. At least we have a president who is fighting against those things. Maybe some of the left extreme thoughts and actions will impact you and your family at some point and you will regret declaring that statement. I can see why AZ don’t want him around, as well as the Republicans.

    • Old Pioneer says:

      He’s selling his house in AZ because he is so hated and despised in AZ!!! Even the DemocRAT’s can’t stand him!!! We all think he should relocate to Venezuela ASAP!!!

      • kathy says:


  35. Hey Little Flake, perhaps it’s time to get your own house in order. It’s NOW time to ask your Mother the true name of your Biological Father, you will be clearly surprised INBRED.

  36. Nancy says:

    This Flake ding-a-ling needs to join the other “flakes”……the snowflakes with a bad case of TDS.

  37. William powell says:

    He has the right name——-FLAKE

  38. carol says:

    Flake will say anything for money and attention…Az hated him which is why he decided not to run for office here again…no one wanted him!

  39. Pete says:

    I live in AZ and I would be more than happy to set-up a posse and round up Flake and his cronies. To have betrayed President Trump, Flake would have first been required to support him and that never happened. Flake learned everything he knows about obstruction and being a RINO from his mentor McLame. They both talked great games during campaigns and then forgot about their constituents completely after elected.

  40. patricia says:

    He is aptly named Flake! He is like eczema, he causes an itch that we want to scratch (out)!

  41. nils Ohlson says:

    Flake is just what he is: A giant zero and a complete flake… How would you like to spend your three combat tours in Viet Nam with him…

  42. truckman says:

    I don,t even think he should be allowed to call himself a american

  43. Neal says:

    Flake is just a FLAKE, ignore all he has to say !! PFFF and it’s gone for good.

  44. Joseph Barwinczok Jr says:

    I understand he has the same problem I had. I had been a democrat and belived D.J.Trump, when he came down the escalator . Flake belives in Shumer and he was previuosly a republican.

  45. Flake you are a cry baby…you never done anything for the people of Arizona .Lucky they did not
    throw you out……..You deserved it….All you want to do is cause trouble for Trump because you
    could not get your way………..Almost forgot you are a CROOK and everybody knows it

  46. Flake has always been just that, a flake. A rino in every way imaginable. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  47. Pauline Kasper says:

    Flake is a flake!

  48. jjofaz says:

    The only party name LEFT for Flake is “traitor”. He never did a thing for AZ or our country. It was always for the name of Flake…now we are watching the flake melt.

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