This Never Trump Senator made a threat that he will soon regret

Establishment Republicans have been trying to torpedo Trump’s presidency.

They can’t stand the fact that an outsider is draining the swamp and doing the job they failed to deliver on by lowering taxes and regulations.

Now one Never-Trump Senator just made a threat that showed his true colors.

Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) can’t stand President Trump.

He refused to endorse Trump even after he won the presidential nomination in 2016.

Now Sasse tweeted that he “regularly considers” leaving the Republican Party just because Trump is president.

The Daily Caller reports:

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, a frequent Trump critic and a part of the #NeverTrump movement during the 2016 presidential election, admitted via Twitter on Saturday that he “regularly” considers leaving the GOP.

A Twitter user said she switched her vote from “Democrat” to “no-party” to be “part of the solution” and asked if Sasse had “considered following suit.” Sasse wrote, “Yep – regularly consider it (except the ‘from Dem’ part).”

Early in 2016, Sasse became the first GOP senator to announce his refusal to support Trump should he win the Republican nomination.

“My current answer for who I would support in a hypothetical matchup between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton is: Neither of them,” he wrote in 2016. “I sincerely hope we select one of the other GOP candidates, but if Donald Trump ends up as the GOP nominee, conservatives will need to find a third option.”

Once President Trump was inaugurated and entered the White House, the country witnessed a flood of leftists experience a complete meltdown.

However, progressives and unhinged leftists are not the only ones who are having meltdowns.

These Never Trump Republicans have continued to throw a hissy fit and are retiring left and right because they have become so unpopular and don’t want to face the voters again.

Senators Bob Corker (R-TN) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) have both announced surprise early retirements.

Once Trump threatened to support primary opponents to these Never-Trumpers, they knew the writing was on the wall.

According to a recent Morning Consult Poll, Sasse has an approval rating of just 42% – in the bottom quarter of the entire U.S. Senate.

If he leaves the Republican Party it would be a career-ender.

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120 Responses

  1. Mona Hanel says:

    I never did like Sasse,even when he was running for the senate and I sure as hell dislike even more !!!!!!!!!!!!! And when you resign please don’t darken Nebraska’s door go some where else like maybe California you would fit in really well out there !!

  2. rafael says:

    I’m not from your state, but I suggest you go on a long trip, before your U.S. Citizens that like President ( and I mean PRESIDEN) TRUMP in your state make you look and feel like sh-T, if your not with us , be without us. I guess you used the Republican party to get elected to office, you are a Clitory, Bang mer, Pubixy, and that other idiot, not to mention all those dem o crates, full of mierda

  3. Chris says:

    Sasse is a RINO and part of the Deep State

  4. John Minnick says:

    Couldn’t agree more!

  5. carol says:

    we need to stand strong against those who hate Trump”and what he is dong for the AMERICAN people”lets stand strong ”’fight these hater’s””’vote to get rid of these scrumbags”’let them know we run AMERICA not them””they work for us”””” period””’lets start with this asshole””’

  6. Ernst says:

    Ben Sasse claims to be conservative, but his actions and recent claims belie this. If Sasse was truly conservative, he would support this President who has done more in a conservative direction than any President since Reagan. Sasse must be one of those fake conservatives who really just want more government control for themselves. Nebraska can do better! Throw out Ben Sasse!

  7. Bruno says:

    Scumbag Sasse needs to grow a spine

  8. DSC says:


  9. CCblogging says:

    Ben Sasse is a Deep State operative as some Republicans are and ALL the Fascist Democrats are. Nebraska, do America a good turn and vote that corrupt, lying pig out.

  10. Dorothy says:

    Sasse should resign asap so that the Governor of Nebraska can name a REAL REPUBLICAN to take his seat. We don’t need any more traitors in Congress.

  11. Laurie says:

    The question is Sasse, did you recognize Obama as president? Whether you like it or not, President Trump was duly elected president by the majority of the American people via the electoral college, which is our system. (Some people say that he did not win the majority vote by the people. Besides being not applicable, I don’t believe that it can be correctly stated as there are many illegals who illegally voted….especially in California!) There are many Republican presidents who were not really my choice that I voted for because they were the ticket that was available. Do you really have that much hate for the man that you would put this country in danger? Not supporting him, is a vote on the side of the democrats and ALL of their DESTRUCTION!

  12. Betty says:

    why is my previous not posted??!!!

  13. R ODOM says:


  14. Betty says:

    Sprechen si Deutsch Mr, Sasse? Schieskoff! Misspelled maybe, but you get the picture!

  15. Jim says:

    Sasse, like Flake, pretended to be a Tea Party conservative and both of them have proven themselves to be anything but conservative. Sasse needs to resign.

  16. Betty says:

    Best thing happening in AMERICA is a president TRUMP!!!!!!!!!

  17. SusanL says:

    I am disappointed in him. But if he can’t support our President he should move on.

  18. 9MM says:

    This i# just a Husker Coarnhead trying to make a fame name forhimself out side of the nothing but Connie corn state.

  19. N says:

    Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

  20. Just like others who threatened to leave, if there was a President Trump, he is not going to leave his cushy job and cut his nose off to spite his face. He is a crock and doesn’t have the balls to leave !

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