This Never Trump Senator made a threat that he will soon regret

Establishment Republicans have been trying to torpedo Trump’s presidency.

They can’t stand the fact that an outsider is draining the swamp and doing the job they failed to deliver on by lowering taxes and regulations.

Now one Never-Trump Senator just made a threat that showed his true colors.

Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) can’t stand President Trump.

He refused to endorse Trump even after he won the presidential nomination in 2016.

Now Sasse tweeted that he “regularly considers” leaving the Republican Party just because Trump is president.

The Daily Caller reports:

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, a frequent Trump critic and a part of the #NeverTrump movement during the 2016 presidential election, admitted via Twitter on Saturday that he “regularly” considers leaving the GOP.

A Twitter user said she switched her vote from “Democrat” to “no-party” to be “part of the solution” and asked if Sasse had “considered following suit.” Sasse wrote, “Yep – regularly consider it (except the ‘from Dem’ part).”

Early in 2016, Sasse became the first GOP senator to announce his refusal to support Trump should he win the Republican nomination.

“My current answer for who I would support in a hypothetical matchup between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton is: Neither of them,” he wrote in 2016. “I sincerely hope we select one of the other GOP candidates, but if Donald Trump ends up as the GOP nominee, conservatives will need to find a third option.”

Once President Trump was inaugurated and entered the White House, the country witnessed a flood of leftists experience a complete meltdown.

However, progressives and unhinged leftists are not the only ones who are having meltdowns.

These Never Trump Republicans have continued to throw a hissy fit and are retiring left and right because they have become so unpopular and don’t want to face the voters again.

Senators Bob Corker (R-TN) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) have both announced surprise early retirements.

Once Trump threatened to support primary opponents to these Never-Trumpers, they knew the writing was on the wall.

According to a recent Morning Consult Poll, Sasse has an approval rating of just 42% – in the bottom quarter of the entire U.S. Senate.

If he leaves the Republican Party it would be a career-ender.

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121 Responses

  1. carol says:

    we need to stand strong against those who hate Trump”and what he is dong for the AMERICAN people”lets stand strong ”’fight these hater’s””’vote to get rid of these scrumbags”’let them know we run AMERICA not them””they work for us”””” period””’lets start with this asshole””’

  2. Ernst says:

    Ben Sasse claims to be conservative, but his actions and recent claims belie this. If Sasse was truly conservative, he would support this President who has done more in a conservative direction than any President since Reagan. Sasse must be one of those fake conservatives who really just want more government control for themselves. Nebraska can do better! Throw out Ben Sasse!

    • Chris says:

      Sasse is a RINO and part of the Deep State

      • Mona Hanel says:

        I never did like Sasse,even when he was running for the senate and I sure as hell dislike even more !!!!!!!!!!!!! And when you resign please don’t darken Nebraska’s door go some where else like maybe California you would fit in really well out there !!

  3. DSC says:


    • Bruno says:

      Scumbag Sasse needs to grow a spine

    • John Minnick says:

      Couldn’t agree more!

    • rafael says:

      I’m not from your state, but I suggest you go on a long trip, before your U.S. Citizens that like President ( and I mean PRESIDEN) TRUMP in your state make you look and feel like sh-T, if your not with us , be without us. I guess you used the Republican party to get elected to office, you are a Clitory, Bang mer, Pubixy, and that other idiot, not to mention all those dem o crates, full of mierda

  4. CCblogging says:

    Ben Sasse is a Deep State operative as some Republicans are and ALL the Fascist Democrats are. Nebraska, do America a good turn and vote that corrupt, lying pig out.

  5. Dorothy says:

    Sasse should resign asap so that the Governor of Nebraska can name a REAL REPUBLICAN to take his seat. We don’t need any more traitors in Congress.

  6. Laurie says:

    The question is Sasse, did you recognize Obama as president? Whether you like it or not, President Trump was duly elected president by the majority of the American people via the electoral college, which is our system. (Some people say that he did not win the majority vote by the people. Besides being not applicable, I don’t believe that it can be correctly stated as there are many illegals who illegally voted….especially in California!) There are many Republican presidents who were not really my choice that I voted for because they were the ticket that was available. Do you really have that much hate for the man that you would put this country in danger? Not supporting him, is a vote on the side of the democrats and ALL of their DESTRUCTION!

  7. Betty says:

    why is my previous not posted??!!!

  8. R ODOM says:


  9. Betty says:

    Sprechen si Deutsch Mr, Sasse? Schieskoff! Misspelled maybe, but you get the picture!

  10. Jim says:

    Sasse, like Flake, pretended to be a Tea Party conservative and both of them have proven themselves to be anything but conservative. Sasse needs to resign.

  11. SusanL says:

    I am disappointed in him. But if he can’t support our President he should move on.

  12. 9MM says:

    This i# just a Husker Coarnhead trying to make a fame name forhimself out side of the nothing but Connie corn state.

  13. N says:

    Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

  14. Just like others who threatened to leave, if there was a President Trump, he is not going to leave his cushy job and cut his nose off to spite his face. He is a crock and doesn’t have the balls to leave !

  15. Howard Cannon says:


  16. madmemere says:

    Benji boy – -you don’t have to “stand” President Trump; you just need to GET OUT OF OUR WAY! By all means, resign and get a real job, if anyone will hire a “loafer”.

  17. Martin says:

    If we had a real Senate Majority Leader Ben Sasse would be striped form all committees.

    • Sandra Tyler says:

      I use too like &! Respect Senator Sasse, but not he needs too resign , !! Trump is who he is !! He’s not a phony Senator , he tells it like he wants , not pc all the time !! He stands up for himself , doesn’t run and hide from a fight !! If you come at him he wil come at you . Twice as hard , told too him to his father when growing up! Stand up & give them more than they gave you!!

  18. N says:

    Keep up the great work President Trump! The best President ever! Not to mention the first lady she’s the best too!

  19. Jean says:

    We have the biggest bunch dumbass senators it is time for them to all go home they have stolen all they can. They are there for themselves not us.

  20. Carl Pyzowski says:

    Get your sorry sissy a– out of our way you do nothing Republican. Go retire on your fabulous retirement plan and healthcare program which you have stolen by doing nothing of value for the state of NE and the U.S. There is an old saying, Lead, Follow or Get the hell out of the way. So Get the Hell out of the way!

    • If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  21. Timothy K. Toroian says:

    If he left and went Demcrap that would demonstrate that he’s been a liar for years. These never Trumpers are idiots anyway, what do they accomplish if they resign. If they play resister they prove they are jerks since they usually don’t cast pro votes for bills positive for the people. That starts them on a downhill slide to becoming pond scum.

  22. Susan Dix says:

    Get out now. Get some new Republicans who support our POTUS.
    These old guards are part of the problem. If they switch horses now, they were
    never really Republicans. The never-Trumpers are lilly-livered cowards who don’t
    have the guts to save our great America. Cowards!!! Go far far away , we don’t need
    traitors to our nation.

  23. Native Texan says:

    Democrats of course hate Trump because he defeated their darling Hillary. And he has been undoing much of the damage done by Obama. But many on both sides of the aisle don’t like him because he is not a member of the club. He is not a professional politician. He did not pay his dues by serving in other elected offices or other government positions prior to getting elected President. And he is proving that none of that is necessary to do a good job. For them, that adds insult to injury.

    • Jan says:

      Native Texan…Amen!..He is not an establishment crooked politician. He can’t be bought and he tells the truth… like it is… These are all things the Libtard Democrooks can’t stand. They will fight it like they always do…but again, THEY WILL LOSE.

      • gator1246 says:

        If you can not follow the American voter’s wishes , then leave congress , he told on himself at the Kavanaugh hearings , when he said that congress was not doing its job , and he is one of them who is not fore filling his .

  24. Jan says:

    TYA Sassie…and Don’t let the Door Hit You In the A$$…. Get out now before you get caught in the Drain… Low Life RINO.

  25. The Redhawk says:

    SASSE JUST cannot help HIMSELF….After making a SOMEWHAT unusual Intelligent Speech at the KAVANAUGH HEARINGS he REVERTED BACK to his NORMAL STUPID STATE OF MIND….STUPID CANNOT BE PERMANENTLY FIXED and Nebraska should VOTE THIS IDIOT OUT … he l;acks the SPINE to do the RIGHT THING >>>>RESIGN

    • Robert says:

      I am a third generation democrat who thinks President Trump is the best thing since Kennedy.

      • Roger says:

        I agree, I loved Kennedy and I’m a Republican. He made an executive order to create Green backs in June of 1963, and five months latter in November he was assassinated by the swamp, and I think everyone knows who the swamp is made up of!!!

        • Debra says:

          Yep, we do. And don’t forget about JFK.JR — his mother begged him to not run for office, she knew something we didn’t know. But she knew something wasn’t right. He was running against Hillery. For the Senate I believe. Remember when their mother -Jackie- left the US with her children after JFK was shot and killed? Roger, I am also a Republican (48 yrs) and I have always thought there was/is something very evil in the Democrat party. Remember the old saying, ‘They will even eat their own.” God Bless all our Americans and President Trump and the USA.

  26. Steveur says:

    Hey Sissie boy, don’t let the door hit you in the Sass. No one needs Flakes and the electorate can put a slimeball Corker to your caRears. Your money grubbing days of doing nothing but loading your pockets are over. TRUMP 2020 MAGA

    • Jan says:

      The ones that cry the loudest…are the most Crooked… DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!…..

  27. Rodger Shull says:

    he for sure does need to resign and quit while he is ahead, and then re-register as a demo-commie, a VOTE NO for this POS sasse , is that pronounced sassy or sissy ?? help me here. LOL LOL a sassy sissy

  28. Definitely, let the traitor resign….he is no use to us.

  29. Jim Wildrick Jr says:

    Never Trumpers like him need to be weeded out and replaced with Senators who support President Trumps agenda.We h a be a golden opportunity in November to do just t hat.

    • Jan says:

      RINO’S like Sassie are closet Libtard Democrooks and on borrowed time and they know it. They are in a panicked frenzy just like the Libtards. That have infiltrated the Republican Party and they are working against our elected President every day. Resign you RINO’S or drown in the DRAIN.

  30. Now Sasse tweeted that he “regularly considers” leaving the Republican Party just because Trump is president. YES THIS LOW LIFE SOB NEEDS TO LEAVE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, HIM LIKE SOME OTHER ASSHOLES ARE NOT WORTH THE SWEAT OFF PRESIDENTS BALLS. THEY SHOULD LEAVE AND GO TO NORTH KOREA!!!!!!!!

  31. Paul Jarrett says:

    We need to pray for Pres. Trump and family, they’re all out to get them the libicans rats

  32. Chick says:

    These guys are mad because Trump is upsetting their gravy train.

  33. Jack says:

    Let’s hope that when these Never-Trumpers time comes for re-elections, President Trump finds someone to run against them and put the final nail in their coffins…political wise.

  34. If Mr. Sasse dislikes the President so much why doesn’t he resign, and if he won’t, then the Nebraska electorate should show him the door. Nebraska wants to be on the President’s side not the Sasse side.

    • Patricia says:

      I thought the rotten POS already left the party! Good riddance, we don’t need this loser! They’re resigning because their inner polling shows how badly they would lose!

  35. Albert Witte says:

    Sasse might as well pack up and go back to Nebraska where he belongs and stay out of sight. He’s no help to this country. Matter of fact, maybe he should become disillusioned and move to another country. I hope you do, good luck!

  36. jerry bishop says:

    Well,You ,know!!I listen to him ,give congress a dressing down today ,live !!He told all,that they weren’t doing their jobs and passing their duties off to other branches!! Don’t look like a never Trump to me ,But what do I know?? I just listen !!Did sound right to me !!

  37. DENNIS says:

    sasse is a communist within the republican party ! a dirt bag at birth and a horrendous burden on the citizens of the united states , he should have been impeached the day he decided to go against the will of the people ! ” THINK GOD THIS TRAITOR IS LEAVING ” AND LET THIS BE A WARNING TO ANY OTHER COMMUNIST IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY( YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE YOUR NEXT ELECTION ) ” GOT IT ? “

  38. btaylor says:

    What do you expect from a RINO college professor.

  39. K says:

    Leave BEN leave & take your rhino kin & establishment swamp monsters with you. If he’s so conflicted, especially after all the GREAT accomplishments our President has made, he NEEDS to go. If you’re not WITH us then you’re AGAINST us. We don’t want or need your type.

  40. Ken of mo. says:

    Another dam rino! did you ever think there were this many. No wonder repubs never get anything done half of them are closet democrats.

    • Tet Vet says:

      The unfortunate truth is the closet is bigger than the people think. From the head of the house to the head of the senate. We need to be prepared for a last minute run at the polls.

  41. Ken of mo. says:

    Another dam rino! did you ever think there were this many. No wonder repubs never get anything done half of them are closet democrats.

  42. ronald fischer says:

    Another piece of the Swamp that was a member of the SS Democrat Crooked Party bits the dust,good residence Sasse and don’t let the door kick you in your rear end on the way out.

  43. Frank says:

    Need to find someone else to run against him. If senators and represenatives run as Republican and don’t follow the President’s lead they need to resign or change party.

  44. George V Rowe says:

    I consider these “Never Trump” ers to be anti-American and wish they would all resign their American citizenship (if they have one) and leave our America.
    They are part and parcel of the move to destroy our
    American Bill Of Rights Constitutional REPUBLIC, which I want to conserve.
    Read: “How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America.” (Could drop the ‘UP’.)
    “Lords of the Sea: The Epic Story of the Athenian Navy and the Birth of Democracy.”

  45. Francis says:

    May as well resign he will only suck up for the money the tax payers are required to send irs he is no good GOOD BY

  46. GeorgeMH says:

    Don’t threaten to quit, just do it. Maggot

  47. Tommy Gunn says:

    Like Sasse, I too have about had it with the GOP, but not because of President Trump, but because of Congressmen like him. Trump is our President for the reason that millions of everyday Americans agreed with what he said he wanted to do if elected, and didn’t want anymore of the Democrats’ ruinous policies It is beyond belief that now that the GOP has the Presidency and control in Congress that people like Sasse and his ilk would rather see Trump fail, than give him the backing for his agendas that the people obviously want. In my view Sasse and the rest of the “never Trumpers” are a spineless and gutless bunch who care more about maintaining their on positions than they do about what’s in the best long term interests of his Nation. Sasse and his fellow travelers are like players on a team that would willingly throw the game they could otherwise win simple because they didn’t like the coach.



    • jim says:

      What the hell is wrong with some people????? We don’t need dissenters,,,,there is enough wrong that needs corrective cooperation to heal this country, not a bunch of “PARTY POOPERS” that are “JUMPING SHIP” because they don’t approve of the results of the last election!!!!! Can they not stay in their jobs like adults and accept the fact that there is a BIG PICTURE, that we are ALL part of, and that by their childish actions, they are weakening our AMERICA? !!! If they weaken the Republican Party to the point that we could get another BIG ZERO, or EVEN WORSE,,A CROOKED HILLY, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENS THEN????? GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER PEOPLE, and PULL TOGETHER FOR A BETTER AMERICA, LEARN ONCE MORE THAT TEAM PLAYING WINS AND WORKS, WHICH BEATS THE HELL OUT OF THE SECOND CHOICE!!!!!

  50. Donna says:

    Then he is a demorat prete dig to be a republican. Did his supporter kow he was really a democrat. He is a disloyal senator and he should resign and move to the corrupt demorat party. The demorats have shown their true colors durig the Kavanaugh hearings. How can anyone support these idiots and unprofessioal free loaders. The deomrats in our government are pathetic.

  51. Vernon says:

    he doesn’t seem to have a problem collecting his paycheck.. I think the people should show him the door

  52. Liberally Disgusted says:

    Yes, the left will idolize Sasse just as they loved McCain once McCain started trashing Trump at every turn. I thought Sasse was smarter than this, but I guess not.

  53. W FLATT says:

    He needs to have his banking accounts audited to find out where all his money come from. I bet there would be a lot explaining. I also bet he did not make it all on just salary. It seems all the rats are leaving their sinking ship.

  54. Devenport says:

    The swamp encompasses Washington D. C.. it’s not as simple as just Demonrats. It’s all throughout the government. They have people in the Republican,
    party, Congress, Senate, Justice Department…. Etc.. May God be with President Trump.

  55. April says:

    Go the swamp is draining on it own now, I suppose they are getting out before they are busted for their kick back for betraying the country! These RINOS

    • Diana says:

      Oh I agree but they can jump ship I hope they still get what they deserve and all there Assets were ever they are Seized and giving back to the Taxpayers, all the millions they got selling out America and the American People, need took and put back in our programs, that they have been destroying for years, get all S S for one , Veterans another, and others , that help, not hinder

    • evelyn parks says:

      Drain that swamp, clean all of them out and see what a great job our President can really get done !

  56. Carol says:

    Flake,Corker & Sasse are all Maggots. They do not have ” We the People’s ” best interest. They have been sitting in office padding their own pockets. Now that President Trump is cleaning the Swamp they are going to run. They can’t go fast enough as far as I’m concerned.

  57. Just another operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, jumping ship.
    The’re all concerned they may be caught up in illegal actions.

  58. Robert E Jackson says:

    It’s crazy to see people wanting to jump GOP ship to join dem wits, After watching Kavanaugh, for approval and behavior of dems & GOP . I think the dems has missed some badly needed spankings. Nobody is perfect , but every time anything Trump has tried to do.. If they are so proud of what they have done, Why do they always play innocent when they have stood behind and cause riots and delay the government of the people. Ben what have you been offered?

    • Haraldur says:

      The problem Ben is a lousy Republican swamper. He should resign and leave the Senate . If the Republican cannot rely on a person to stand behind their policy he should leave. Ben who has his own left egotistical orientation as a fish in the water can make more harm than good.

    • T-pac says:

      WE Know that many are dishonest criminals who have not done their jobs and stuffed their pockets on the way.

  59. Minnie Alston says:

    If you are not doing what the people elected you to do get out

  60. OLD VET says:

    guess he can’t get enought money under the table now .do not need you get out trader .OLD VET

  61. PHIL TRIMMER says:

    If you are not going to do the job for the party that put you in, QUIT and forego any pension and or health care and monies!

    • roger domnie says:

      you got it phil, bye sasse. don’t let the door hit you on the way out, we will all survive in your absence, must be another crook??????????????

  62. Ray Miller says:

    Why would Sissy quit the Republican party and join the Demon-Crap party, He votes with them already and carries their water for them. The people in Nb. need to vote him out of office. Republicans like him, McCain, Flake have been causing mischief for years while dazzling us with BS. They are worse than the Demon-Craps, because for years we had no choice, it was tweedle-de or tweedle-dum. Now we have the TRUMP PARTY and we have real choices. That’s why the Sewer Rats are abandoning ship, the party’s over.

  63. LT says:

    Go you RINO… don’t let the door hit you on the way out.. YOU ARE THE SWAMP you roach. LEAVE.. Bye Bye….. MAGA

  64. William says:

    Leave the party you turncoat bitch.

  65. William says:

    Get the hell out, Sasse, you fake worm.

    • Jerry says:

      He is about the same as my Maryland Governor Hogan. RINO IN CHIEF. Let’em get the hell out. Hogan went out of his way to insult Trump and defied the wishes of the primary voters by not supporting the newly elected President. Maryland has already paid the price, I.e., moving the FBI out of DC to MD was cancelled. And other lesser slights to Maryland.

  66. You have free will. Just renounce your citizenship and leave the United States. Take your democrat cronies with you.

  67. Daniel Mount says:

    This so-called Republican has really been a Democrat in Republican clothing. A deep state Anti-American, Anti-Freedom, Anti-2nd Amendment Scumbag. I have a much better idea for Ben Sasse, Get out of politics because the American people do not want you at all.

  68. Ron says:

    GO! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  69. Jeff says:

    May be this guy is the OP-Ed author.

    • Deborah says:

      Could be but I don’t think so. He is entitled to his opinion……..from the other side of the Aisle. he should not be in a party that has someone he hates as the head of it. Time for a new job description.

  70. John King says:

    All RINO’s need to go . . . permanently!!!

  71. Rodney Orr says:

    HAVE A NICE DAY ASSHOLE!!!!!!!! If you can’t support your President, then get out, BETTER YET WHY DON’T YOU JUST LEAVE THE COUNTRY!!!!!then get out, B

  72. Yes senator Sasse Neb Jeff flake the worse senator even elected in Arizona and moderate Bob corker are not seeking re-election thank God Susan Collins of Maine also moderate can join Dems ben Sasse to simple fact leave our party John McCain is gone another moderate thanks fmr senator John Kyl who will do much better job with America first agenda and help GOP win pick up seats north Dakota Missouri Indiana Michigan Florida new Jersey senator Melendez is corrupt lobbyist policitian west Virginia senator moderate Democrat who will vote nay on Trump bills we have house republican that resign of scandal or not seeking re-election like Pennsylvania who are moderates or career DC insider status quo the real question is how many seats GOP will lose more than they retain or pick up the Dems have Obama the face of party they will lose some pick up some retain other seats but do they have enough get 51 and 218 be question fmr long term rep John Conyers and second term Al Franken hurt them in Midwest voters will all GOP voters come out vote we see in popular vote 2016 Trump got over 59 plus million votes and won 33 states the Democrats have nothing to run on their platform just talk they want you join their org you vote donation and sit back laugh running on Russia Democrats probe immigration open borders high taxes big government millions adding US national Debt see president Obama weak economic job growth poor foriegn policy. See Obama Ms corrupt Clinton fmr president bill Clinton I have warn voters hear this 16 month Mueller probe to try carry out crime against president perjury trap was ordered carry out and approve by Clintons top official from Obama WH Ms Lynch DOJ James come FBI secretary of state John Kerry and others from London and FBI informant as well people stay with Mr Trump like me he has chance do more than president Reagan did if he gets support from conservative independent church seniors men woman vote this is your future family children don’t vote Democrats

  73. We need 2 help our President as he tries 2 clean out corrupt govt of everyone who is working for their own gains, not concerned w/the good of the Country! We finally have s President with backbone & boldness. Thank God 4,it.

    • Scott27 says:

      Actually, you have a president who is more openly corrupt than any of his predecessors; and he has surrounded himself with cabinet members nearly as corrupt. I know from personal experience that K Street, where lobbyists hang out, is more active than possibly ever… people working your system to buy your government. You are just choosing to be uneducated

    • DeplorableLanie says:

      I agree with you 100% Ann! We must also have the same backbone and courage as our President does and we must all vote in the November election in order to make sure the Democrats do not take control of either house in the congress! The ONLY way the Dems will win is to cheat, so we all must be ever watchful to make sure they are not cheating.

  74. Cp123 says:

    Trump is not the problem. Corruption in our too big govt is the real problem. Let’s support Trump in his cleanup efforts.

    • Scott27 says:

      He IS the corruption.

      • Michael Hughes says:

        Spoken like a true blue chuckle-headed idiot! You and your fellows are no doubt the origin of the small phrase: “true blue”.

        • scott27 says:

          No. Just educated. And aware. And capable of critical thought. Your names don’t bother me, though are telling.

          • Lynn Meyer says:

            educated in what? A corrupt political system, letting our service people die, buying favors from our enemies? Corrupt is as what is being proven every day and yet you left wingers want to take down the reason our economy is doing so well and unemployment is down so low.

      • Ed says:

        If Trump was corrupt in any way, if he lied about anything, if he took one bribe from those lobbyist on k street, Mueller would have charged him with it already. Same as you, you make general accusations but have not one specific example thats proof.

        • Scott27 says:

          Really, Ed? How much money are he and his family raking in off his time in the WH? Do you really think all those foreigners are staying in his Trump facilities because they’re nice places? How about all the trademarks China gave his daughter after he supported the Chinese electronics firm? Do you like your tax dollars paying for Scott Pruitt’s “cone of silence” and a 14-person round the clock security detail? Do you like selling our public lands to the highest bidder? Have you no shame? Are you ok with paying for more golf trips in 2 years than the previous president took in 8? And I wouldn’t be so sure there aren’t corruption issues on the horizon.

      • Frank W Brown says:

        Don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you!

  75. Rick says:

    Thought he was smart. As most of the others in Congress prove everyday their not leaders
    just racketeers. Looking out for WE THE People has vanished. Nov can’t come soon enough
    and a few more Swamp weeds go to the bottom. MAGA

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